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Three weakness of Google Chinese search

search engine market in the world, Google with absolute advantage over more than and 200 competitors, ranking first. As early as the end of 2003, Google accounted for 56.1% of the global search market share, more than Yahoo of. Although YAHOO search is the originator, but Google by mentioning the search, YAHOO catch up from behind, people first thought is Google.
Chinese in the search market, Google also once lead, but with the increasingly powerful competitors, Google Chinese search has been retired, and the domestic market is weak, compared with the English search market leader status, Google Chinese is not from the heart, and with the decline of the decline. read more

Talk about WeChat precision marketing may become feasible from

I’m very excited to be praised it, this is a landmark product! (to speak so directly you have seen this PR? PR interview can not be too. It is my research) communication, advertising and media industry these years, first let me feel I am experiencing the history of products.

last week I published "why WeChat’s marketing value greater than micro-blog" one article, brought a bad rating (if Taobao stores, estimated directly to shut shop), the author also was become the Tencent public relations, 50 Fen gunmen, idiotic and fart people, some say, reason I want to kill WeChat, it’s a shame. read more

Shanghai Expo Expo lead the trend of electronic information exchange

Shanghai, World Expo, the grand opening of the moment, the world’s eyes are focused on the Shanghai River in Whampoa , and the online Expo is also known as the never ending World Expo. The official website of Shanghai, World Expo, has been a great convenience for China’s World Expo since its establishment, and has provided convenience and network support to people who want to learn about the expo.

the Internet has become an important direction of the development of enterprises, and in this economic environment, if not a good and stable support of the site of the group enterprises, will be divided into a vast network of cake. E-commerce business has been rapid development, the website to help enterprises improve efficiency, control risk, reduce costs and other aspects have a unique advantage, website construction technology is also in constant development. read more

58 city and Alipay depth cooperation to achieve satisfaction with the re payment

May 8, 2013, Alipay reached a strategic cooperation with 58 city well-known life service platform. 58 city introduced Alipay online secured transactions, user access to such services on the platform can be done "to pay satisfaction". It is reported that the service will take the lead in the second line of the channel, and will gradually introduce 58 other types of city channel.

data show that 58 city monthly independent users about 150 million. With the increasing complexity of the use of the Internet environment, false information and payment security issues have begun to bother users. In order to effectively improve the user experience, following last year’s first in the industry to launch consumer protection service, the 58 city teamed up with Alipay, launched a secured transaction service for the user. This is an important step in 58 cities to promote consumer protection services in the direction of payment and settlement. read more

Teach you what is the real Taobao brush

because most of the young people in the University, so Christmas Eve when apple is very hot, the day the school business also earned a grand slam. An average purchase price 2 dollars Apple sold six pieces of seven dollars, so high profits are also attracted to me, after I told a few people inside the team I had a talk, also joined the tide of selling apples.


is selling apples, nothing more than to sales and profits, then how to today the title of the article: Taobao brush single pull to go together? Tell me what you please listen to me carefully step by step to. read more

SP Wangzhuan latest tutorial and a SP page program Wangzhuan temptation

first thing do not please do not laugh at ah, people do SP have more than three years, basically from the beginning of the profits of thousands of yuan / day to the current downturn a day income of more than and 200 yuan, also saw a downturn in the SP industry. It’s a shame to see SP’s decline. Recently always want what to write, but lazy, today my mood is good, just write down their experiences. Of course, the tutorial is dead, people are living, I also sum up personal experience, to share with you. read more

Secret Wuhan electricity supplier female anchor one day broadcast 10 hours monthly income of nearly

many consumers found a new group of electricity supplier anchor, they try to buy clothes for the buyers, snacks, together with fans to buy buy. In the feast of the people of SHOPPING, in addition to Ma and electricity supplier sellers, these electricity providers are also a share of the anchor, the monthly income of one hundred thousand is not difficult.

"together with me to buy buy buy" – this year’s double eleven and twelve, many consumers found a new group of "electric anchor", they are buyers try clothes, snacks taste, bring fans together to buy buy buy. In the feast of the people of SHOPPING, in addition to Ma and electricity supplier sellers, these electricity providers are also a share of the anchor, the monthly income of one hundred thousand is not difficult. What are the characteristics of this group of people? How do they motivate fans to buy read more

April 2007 02 domain name deletion list


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone< br /> / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Soft report November Commission has been settled

respected alliance Webmaster:

Hello everyone.

is a good news to tell you: our November Commission has reached the amount of payment settlement, please check the webmaster. Account number is the owner of the China Merchants Bank, the Commission will arrive in a day; the account is the account of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, according to the different regions, the Commission will be three to five days to the account. If next Tuesday (December 25th) after the Commission has not received, please contact your customer service. read more

Micro VS to each other or to make up for the traditional electricity supplier fight at outrance

in the past two or three years, micro business in the viral growth, growth has exceeded the traditional electricity supplier, WeChat with the circle of friends, QQ space, micro-blog platform, micro business is still growing. But now micro-blog continues to low-spirited, so micro business mainly concentrated in the WeChat platform, a circle of friends all kinds of advertising agency. Young entrepreneurs have chosen micro business venture, and gradually abandoned the idea of a shop in Taobao, micro business fire, Taobao shopkeeper became a micro shop owner. Micro business and traditional electricity providers gradually formed the opposite, the momentum of micro business, and then over a few years its size will not go beyond the traditional electricity supplier it? read more

The electricity supplier for ten years people pay homage to the Martyrs Pei film Hero


The history of the development of

business in Chinese ten years, like a company’s fresh business history, from infancy to adulthood, to experience various pains and rebirth, eventually the Phoenix Nirvana rebirth. Left is the hero, the fall is up after the fall of martyrs, rebirth, has become today’s hero. Throughout the history of the development of the electricity supplier, there is a very interesting phenomenon is that in today’s electricity supplier hero most fall and rise the number of martyrs martyrs after rebirth. This paper reviewed the development course of business for ten years, those who have memories of the electricity supplier website and business people become fashionable for a time. As I sent in generation of network marketing competition declaration: touch business for eight years, tide to change radically. Now the business expert are old parents, new baby, people or those who do not have those things. read more

Twitter venture years

reviews some of the company’s early stories on twitter IPO.

critical moment: the Internet is low when the twitter network service products to A new force suddenly rises., minimalism and the ultimate win attention, win the market. At this time, the competition is fierce, the opponent is strong, twitter sometimes thrown into the air in the competition, and sometimes fall into the valley.

key choice: Twitter and apple iPhone complement each other, the young people become the Internet’s love. It is a center with the user, for the user to solve problems, the frequent downtime as the main obstacles to overcome, not only to overcome the difficulties, but also won the heart of the user. read more

Finally know how to make money

    the station first started, we chose the GG advertising, because of the low threshold, high conditions like Baidu. The sweetness of GG is also good, just the beginning of the click, give you a few dollars or something, and now good, just a traffic up, TNND, more than and 100 clicks also 0.15$, extremely depressed. Is GG doing business like this?. I don’t know if there’s any webmaster.

stopped today for a day of electricity, very depressed, with the dog and smoke, to climb the mountain, lying on the rock that moment, only to know how much money is difficult to earn. Some people will say that money is very good, you will not earn, do not say that others will not earn! Well, I’m not, my friends had been tens of millions, it is normal. But there is always a way to make money. And I, now confused! read more

China’s 7 owners worth looking forward to in 2009

1, Google Adsense

reduce the price, promotion, cancel to break the $seven not shake the GGAD status, although the Google from each advertising is divided into about 20%, but few people know that it does not deduct the amount is still a killer.

2, Baidu theme

there are signs that a lot of people in the recent acquisition of Baidu theme account, we can see that Baidu is doing better and better. The threshold is difficult to audit a high problem, but the industry and regular station station owners, Baidu is worth a try alliance. read more

Alternative ways to do Taobao

is now very popular to do Taobao, many webmaster friends are registered in Ali mother account. Although the network of Taobao customers advertising everywhere, but few people really make money, I often heard some owners complain about their Taobao off without the turnover, some even think that income is flashed Amoy drag son Ali mother.

can not make money who are anxious, this can be understood, but if you deny the results of others, I am afraid there is something wrong. I don’t doubt for those high income screenshots, because the author side with this expert. read more

What is the soul of martial arts martial art is the soul of the website

but I’m going to put these two unrelated things together today.

in the martial arts, both in home and abroad, or Shaolin, Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua, our practice is emphasized a personal hobby, follow the physical fitness, but in practice we know that in fact is the soul of martial arts martial art, practice is required to have no eyes like hand one by one, is also embodied in martial art, not a martial art, martial arts lost soul.

why not? At present, with the popularization of network and rapid development, entertainment, news, download, forum and other major sects sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like by grassroots Webmaster Help, the fundamental purpose of the establishment of the webmaster do not have to say, are not engaged in what welfare projects, is the site of profit the soul! Buy advertising, membership, online shop, no matter what form reflects the fundamental purpose of profit, no profit will lose interest. read more

Flash purchase can also make $1 billion scale Fab prepare new round of financing

IT Sohu news according to foreign media reports, many sources of creative products, flash sales site Fab is a new round of financing, the amount is expected to exceed $100 million, the company’s valuation will reach $1 billion.

Fab had previously raised $171 million. After the completion of the last round of financing, Fab valuation of about $600 million.

experienced the initial transformation, the number of Fab users has increased to 12 million, the company continues to develop rapidly. Last year, Fab revenue reached $150 million, the company disclosed in February this year, sales in January 2013 compared with the same period last year, an increase of nearly 300%. From the data, in January this year is Fab in the third highest ever sales. read more

If you want to sell disruptive products, you have to subvert the buyer’s thinking mode

Abstract how entrepreneurs will be creative and their products to the market? How to deal with the sales promotion blocked, the phenomenon of weak? This view is: if you want to sell your ideas to the managers, purchasers and users, so you have to do is not only to change their thinking, but also to change their thinking the way.

everyone knows such a story: a team to develop a breakthrough innovation products, but this product has been discussed in the company for a long time, but has not yet listed. Later, it was finally launched, beginning in the first buyers set off a sales boom; but the cruel reality of weak sales in good times don’t last long, followed. Although the first customers ebullience of a wide range of products, but the promotion is slow, even to provide customer support and training are of no avail. The team made every effort to achieve "disruptive innovation" and "across the chasm" technical breakthrough, but the results are very frustrating. In the end what is not enough to do it? read more