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Preparing for Hurricane Juan

first_imgAs the threat of Hurricane Juan nears, the Emergency MeasuresOrganization is advising the public to take necessaryprecautions. The province has activated its Emergency Operations Centre. EMOstaff are receiving updates from the Hurricane Centre and are inconstant contact with municipal and federal emergency measuresorganizations to integrate planning and response. “The province is working with emergency organizations at alllevels as well as the private sector and is prepared to provideassistance if necessary,” said Ernest Fage, Minister responsiblefor the Emergency Measures Act. “There are also a number of thingsindividuals can do in advance to ensure your family is safe andlimit the impact of a hurricane.” One of the most important things individuals can do is to listenfor updated weather information or public safety bulletins and toact accordingly. Other important preparedness steps include: Choose a meeting place for you and your family. Identifying in advance a place to meet during an emergency can significantly reduce worry and stress. It may be easier to set up some form of communication to notify each other of whereabouts and safety. — Every family should have an emergency kit ready at all times.This kit includes: food, a supply of water, clothing, blankets,medication, flashlight, battery powered radio, extra batteriesand a first aid kit. Choose a shelter for you and your family. For example, a basement, storm cellar or closet beneath the stairs can provide good shelter in a severe storm. The province is also advising the public to refrain from going tocoastal areas to watch the storm. “Many people are drawn to the water to watch the effects of asevere storm, but this can be a very dangerous thing to do,especially with a storm of this magnitude,” said Mr. Fage. “Whenthis storm hits, the best place for everyone is to be in a safeindoor location away from the coast.” For more information on preparing for a hurricane, how to dealwith floods and what to do in an evacuation, visit EMO’s websiteat .last_img read more

Students kept at schools after report of a possible handgun near NPSS

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – North Peace Secondary, Robert Ogilvie and Duncan Cran schools were all locked down after a report of a person with a handgun.The report came in at 2:17 p.m. to the RCMP that witnesses had seen a male who may have been in possession of a handgun near North Peace Secondary School on 86 street.All available officers responded to the call and set up a containment area and quickly learned the possible suspect had departed in an unknown green SUV. The RCMP were able to contact a 23-year-old who turned himself into the Police.  The RCMP believe the alleged handgun was an airsoft pistol.RCMP believe the public is not at risk regarding this incident.The investigation is still in its early stages so no further information will be released at this time.At first, North Peace Secondary School was placed under a hold and secure and quickly changed to a complete lockdown.  Both Robert Ogilvie and Duncan Cran were also placed under a hold and secure.  Students were allowed to leave all the schools at 3:15 Wednesday.last_img read more

Woman exposes husband says he was involved in many bank frauds

first_imgghaziabad: A woman has lodged a complaint against her husband exposing him to have been involved in a number of bank frauds and other illegal activities. The woman alleged that her husband has taken bank loans worth crores which were never paid and were taken after producing fake documents.As per reports, Riya Singh (38), a native of Vasundhara area in Ghaziabad has alleged her husband, Manish Singh (38), for getting over a dozen car and housing loans by submitting fake identity and property documents. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”Manish has taken multiple car and home loans from various banks after producing the pan card and other documents on fake address proofs. In many of the loans he has also changed his name to conduct the fraud and had purchased over a dozen luxury cars and properties while the installments were never paid” Riya mentioned in her complaint. She further alleged that her husband is operating the nexus nationwide. “Recently he purchased a luxury Hyundai car after getting the loan approved from Central bank of India and stopped paying the EMIs, similarly he did in previous loans. I suspect that few bank officials are also involved with him in the fraud which is presumed to be worth crores of rupees. He also deals in selling and purchase of stolen vehicles about which I have made several complaints to senior police officials and also in court but no actions were taken against him” the complaint further read. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsMeanwhile, cops said that an FIR relating to the matter has been registered at Indirapuram police station of Ghaziabad. “Based on the complaint received, an FIR under Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 467 (forgery is valuable security), 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating) and 471 (using forged documents) has been registered against the accused. We are seeking details from the banks who have been allegedly defrauded by the accused. The documents produced to get loans from the bank are also being verified. Strict actions will be followed once we are done with our investigations” said Sandeep Kumar Singh, Station House office, Indirapuram.last_img read more

Sri Lankan elephant in Islamabad Zoo continues to suffer

However, the then Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) Federal Minister Tariq Fazl Chaudhry opposed the idea of shifting the elephant abroad.A senior official of CADD said that NGOs wanted to shift Kaarvan to safe a sanctuary located in Myanmar; however how they could be trusted, as the elephant is worth millions of rupees.The official said that the NGOs wanted to get him freed on the ground that animals should not be kept in cages; however, he opined that it is impossible to ban the practice of keeping animals in zoos and they should, in fact, be kept there as every person cannot see them in their natural habitat.He claimed that the incumbent management was really concerned and steps were being taken to improve his diet and medication and considerable improvement would be witnessed in his condition soon.About bobbing his head repeatedly, he said that he developed his habit long ago and denied that Kavaan is facing any major health problem.On the other hand, head bobbing is a huge tell of distress in an elephant according to major scientific researches.In response to a question about bringing a female mate to fill Kavaan’s loneliness, the official said that both the elephants were gifts from friendly countries and elephants are worth millions of rupees so it is out of the question. (Colombo Gazette) Additionally, no attention has been given to his diet and medication for years.The sources said that various NGOs working on animals raised questions about Kavaan’s solidarity confinement and limited shade and offered to shift him abroad to be released in a safe sanctuary. Well-placed sources told Pakistan Today that the 33-year-old Asian elephant is suffering from “mental illness” due to which it could be seen bobbing his head repeatedly. They said that Kaavan is in great distress since the death of his mate Saheli in 2012, who was gifted to Pakistan by Bangladesh back in 1990. A lonely elephant in the Islamabad Zoo known as Kaavan, a gift to former dictator General Zia-ul-Haq from the Sri Lankan Government, is living in miserable conditions due to which he has developed serious psychological problems, Pakistan Today reported.The Islamabad Zoo’s isolated elephant has become the subject of a high-profile rights campaign backed by music icon Cher, but unfortunately, no steps has been taken to improve the situation. Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan was really concerned about the Kaavan’s condition and even tweeted, “Kaavan the elephant has been treated cruelly. Unshackling him is not enough. He should be in a proper sanctuary, not the ill-equipped Islamabad zoo.” Arriving as a one-year-old in 1985 from Sri Lanka, Kaavan was temporarily held in chains in 2002 due to his fierce tendencies and dislike of being captivated but was freed later following public outcry.Sources further said that when the issue of his bad condition and isolation was raised by various organisations, the zoo management approached Sri Lanka for a new mate for Kaavan but no progress was made in this regard.They said that Kavaan’s the situation could only improve if he was shifted to a better place, preferably not in Pakistan. Hence, it was expected that the incumbent government led by Imran Khan might take notice of the innocent elephant’s miserable condition but the current political situation will certainly not allow him any priority.It is pertinent to mention here that in July 2016, Standing Committee Chairman Senator Talha Mehmood and other members decided that Kavaan was better off in a sanctuary abroad.Shortly afterwards, a sanctuary in Cambodia offered their services to fly the animal to the South East Asian country without any charge and help in its rehabilitation. read more

Iraq Security Council starts discussing new US resolution

A quicker transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqis followed by a longer time to draft a constitution – similar to the process now being pursued in Afghanistan – “may change the dynamics on the ground, in terms of the security situation, and send a message to the Iraqi people and also to the region,” Mr. Annan told reporters after his monthly luncheon with the Council.Speaking to reporters in his national capacity after the Council’s closed-door meeting earlier Thursday, US Ambassador John Negroponte, President of the 15-member body for October, said the draft stresses the desire of achieving the political transition as quickly as possible and urges Iraqis to complete the transition expeditiously. But he did not address the issue of a transfer prior to the drafting of a new constitution and elections.Mr. Annan said his suggestion “doesn’t mean that the international community walks away. I mean, you stay on and work with them through the transition, with reconstruction, and with security arrangements, the kind of thing we are doing in Afghanistan, but at least the Iraqis will be responsible and they will be the government, going through the transition with the support of the international community, and you get rid of the idea that it is an occupation and cut back on the resistance.”Asked this morning on arrival at UN Headquarters in New York how concerned he was that the draft might be “a little bit out of step” with the plan he envisioned, Mr. Annan replied: “Obviously it’s not going in the direction I had recommended, but I will still have to study it further.”In comments last month, Mr. Annan said there were two issues – the UN’s mandate in Iraq and security – that needed to be addressed following August’s terrorist bombing on UN headquarters in Baghdad, which killed 22 people, including top envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello.”There are discussions about a second resolution which may affect the UN mandate and the role of the UN, and we would obviously need to know what that new role will be for us to determine how we organize ourselves to tackle that,” he said back then. “And of course there is the security issue. We need a secure environment to be able to operate.”Mr. Negroponte said today the US hoped security conditions “will exist in the very near future” to permit full UN activities. Since the 19 August attack, Mr. Annan has insisted on the urgency of providing adequate security, and has temporarily withdrawn most international UN staff, and today said he would not hesitate to pull everyone out if the security situation deteriorated further.”We explicitly define the mission of the multinational force to include the maintenance of security conditions necessary to carry out the political transition process,” Ambassador Negroponte added, referring to the US-led force to which Washington has said it hopes to encourage other States to contribute.As for the UN’s role as laid out in the draft text, Mr. Negroponte said: “We’ve incorporated language that details an expanded and explicit role for the United Nations, especially in the political transition process…We’re very mindful of the vital importance and vital role that the United Nations can play in Iraq.”Without disclosing explicit details, Ambassador Negroponte added that the draft encourages Mr. Annan to pursue “the specific course of action he proposed in his July 17 report, notably the various tasks enumerated therein drawing on UN expertise in the political, economic and humanitarian areas.”The tasks outlined in that report, such as assisting the Iraqi interim administration “to gradually rejoin the international community,” and the possible provision of help in matters like electoral and judicial reform, are specifically tied to the parameters of the Council’s earlier resolution 1483 on Iraq, passed in May, which some countries have called too vague in its delineation of a UN role. read more

Japan central bank to massively expand supply of money in bid to

Japan central bank to massively expand supply of money in bid to revive stagnant economy TOKYO – Japan is taking aggressive action to lift consumer prices, encourage borrowing and help pull the world’s third-largest economy out of a long slump.Like the U.S. Federal Reserve, Japan’s central bank plans to flood its financial system with more money — its most far-reaching step to date to get consumers and companies to borrow and spend.The Bank of Japan’s action will also drive down the value of the yen. A cheaper currency will make Japanese goods — from Toyota cars to Sony TVs — less costly for Americans and other foreigners. And it will make U.S. and other exports more expensive in Japan.The move comes as major central banks around the world are acting to encourage borrowing and stimulate their economies. On Thursday, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said the ECB is considering doing more to shore up the ailing economy of the euro alliance. The ECB left its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 0.75 per cent, but Draghi said an interest rate cut was discussed Thursday.Draghi also said the central bank is considering “various tools” beyond lower rates in case Europe’s economy needs more help.Dan Akerson, CEO of General Motors Co., told CNBC that he feared the Bank of Japan’s policies would give Japanese automakers a price advantage over GM in the United States.“They’re an export economy,” Akerson said. “You have to be suspicious of what they’re doing and why.”But many economists say the rest of the world will benefit, too: A faster-growing Japan will buy more products and services from the United States, China and Europe, helping boost their economies.“We could see some faster and sustainable growth now in Japan,” says Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist at the Economic Outlook Group. “That will obviously help the global economy.”Japan’s economy has been sputtering for two decades. Last year, weak consumer spending kept prices flat. The Bank of Japan hopes to increase inflation to 2 per cent within about two years. Economists say Japanese consumers will start spending if they know prices are going rise.In its announcement, the Bank of Japan said it plans to buy more than $530 billion a year in government bonds. BOJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda described the scale of monetary stimulus as “large beyond reason,” but said the inflation target would remain out of reach if the central bank stuck to incremental steps.“We’ll adjust without hesitation if need be, while monitoring economic and price conditions,” he said.The central bank said it intended to “drastically change the expectations of markets and economic entities.”Japanese stocks jumped and the yen sank after the central bank’s announcement. The yen weakened 3 per cent against the dollar, to 95.94 yen, while Tokyo’s Nikkei stock index rose 2.2 per cent to 12,634.54.U.S.-listed shares of Japanese automakers rose sharply, reflecting the belief that a weaker yen would make Japanese vehicles cheaper in markets outside Japan. The U.S. shares of Toyota rose $4.43, or 4.4 per cent, to $105.31, Honda’s rose $1.93, or 5.2 per cent, to $39.13 and the Nissan’s rose 84 cents, 4.5 per cent, to $19.66.“By committing today to meet a 2 per cent inflation target in two years, Gov. Kuroda can justifiably claim to have set the Bank of Japan on a new path,” said Mark Williams of Capital Economics.“But while markets have welcomed the announcement, the credibility of this pledge is soon likely to be called into question,” he said in a commentary.Kuroda has vowed to do what he must to meet the inflation target within two years. Thursday’s decision after a two-day policy meeting makes that central bank policy. Signaling a consensus behind Kuroda, most items agreed upon received unanimous support from the nine-member board.Eswar Prasad, an economist at Cornell University, cautioned that Japan needs more than easy-money policies to repair its economy. It needs to reduce its debts and reform policies that protect weak firms from competition and undercut the country’s productivity.“Japan would no longer be a drag on the global economic recovery if it had stronger domestic demand and positive inflation,” Prasad said. “However, it is far from clear that the Bank of Japan’s actions will be able to deliver these positive outcomes in the absence of broader structural reforms that are essential to revive Japan’s productivity and competitiveness. “Baumohl also said that BOJ’s move could backfire if other countries deliberately push down the value of their currencies to regain a price edge for their exports.“It does increase the risk of other countries taking similar moves in what they perceive as a currency war,” he said.Politically, though, the policy shift is a coup for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose Liberal Democratic Party needs to make headway in reviving the economy before an upper house parliamentary election in July. The LDP is hoping for a strong enough mandate to push ahead with other items on their wish list, such as politically difficult economic and educational reforms and changes to the constitution to give Japan’s military a higher profile.Economy minister Akira Amari, who attended the policy meeting, praised Kuroda, giving him “very high marks,”More aggressive monetary easing is a top priority, along with increased public spending to help perk up demand and reforms to make the economy more competitive in the long-run.Abe had accused Kuroda’s predecessor Masaaki Shirakawa, who stepped down on March 19, of balking at undertaking bold enough monetary easing to get the economy back on track. The steps announced Thursday under the first policy meeting chaired by Kuroda exceeded expectations in that regard.“The first step is to get out of deflation and get a much higher nominal growth rate,” Kozo Yamamoto, a senior lawmaker in Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, said Wednesday. A doubling of the money supply was needed to achieve that aim, he said.The BOJ’s policy reforms appear to be a major concession to government demands, despite the bank’s ostensible autonomy.The bank kept the benchmark rate at 0.1 per cent. But instead of carrying out money market operations to meet interest rate targets that have long remained near zero, the central bank will focus on the monetary base, or total amount of cash in circulation and bank reserves, raising it by 60 trillion yen to 70 trillion yen ($637 billion to $744 billion) a year. The monetary base stood at 138 trillion yen ($1.45 trillion) at the end of 2012.The idea is that increasing the amount of cash in circulation will inflate prices, including for assets, encouraging more spending by those who own shares and property.“If prices don’t go up, wages don’t go up. If people believe prices will be higher six months from now, then they will believe it’s best to buy now rather than later,” Abe said in a parliamentary debate Tuesday.Critics of so-called “Abenomics” say that without wage increases to match the price hikes, many consumers may be even less willing to spend.___Wiseman contributed from Washington. AP Auto Writer Tom Krisher contributed from Detroit. by Elaine Kurtenbach And Paul Wiseman, The Associated Press Posted Apr 4, 2013 4:15 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Two awards for SMMT chief

Christopher Macgowan, SMMT’s Chief Executive, picked up two prestigious industry awards this week. On Tuesday 10 July at the annual dinner of the CBI’s trade association forum and the following night at Motor Trader awards dinner in central London, Christopher was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award. ‘I am obviously delighted,’ he said. ‘These awards are clearly a reflection of the esteem in which SMMT is rightly held and the hard work and support of staff, member companies and industry colleagues.’ Picture – Christopher is presented with his Motor Trader award by Chris Reid, Norwich Union director of propositions, with guest speaker Ronnie Corbett OBEClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Buckeye womens volleyball need victories to keep NCAA hopes alive

Senior outside hitter Kaitlyn Leary (11) serves the ball during a match against Michigan Sept. 27 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-1.Credit: Mark Batke / Lantern photographerThe Ohio State women’s volleyball team will be playing for more than a win when it takes the court against No. 20 Illinois.OSU (16-12, 4-12) is fighting for a berth in the NCAA Tournament this season, after dropping 10 of their last 12 matches.“Right now, we’re fighting to get into the tournament,” junior defensive specialist Alyssa Winner said.The Buckeyes are scheduled for a chance to better their ranking as they host two Big Ten opponents this weekend. OSU is set to play No. 20 Illinois at 7 p.m. Friday before welcoming Northwestern for an 8:30 p.m. match Saturday.“This weekend we need to win, period,” sophomore outside hitter Katie Mitchell said. “We need to come out with two wins, and we’re working really hard this week to get them.”OSU has experienced both positive and negative streaks so far this season. The Buckeyes started off with 13 straight wins, before losing two, winning one and then losing eight consecutive matches. Since then, OSU is 2-2, but still searching for a boost.Beyond looking to increase their chances at making the NCAA Tournament, the players will be aiming to honor three departing seniors on the squad as well.Seniors outside hitter Kaitlyn Leary, libero Davionna DiSalvatore and defensive specialist Julianne Mandolfo, will be honored during Senior Night against Illinois.Sophomore middle blocker Andrea Kacsits said sending her teammates out on top would mean a lot.“A couple weeks ago, we decided we are absolutely playing for our seniors,” she said. “We don’t want their careers to be done. We love our team and we don’t want it to be over yet.“Ending on a positive note would be a positive for everybody.”Leary said her time has gone by “really fast,” but she is looking forward to facing the Illini and Wildcats.“We’ve had a good week of practice, so I’m excited to see what our team can do,” Leary said. “They’re two really big games for us and we just need to take one game at a time.”While Senior Night will have already passed, the three veterans are not scheduled to play their final home games until Nov. 27 when OSU hosts No. 2 Penn State. After taking on the Nittany Lions, the Buckeyes are scheduled to wrap up their 2013 regular season with a road match against Iowa Nov. 30. read more

Meghan expecting royal baby next spring

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedHarry and Meghan make first public appearanceMay 22, 2018In “Entertainment”Prince Charles to walk Meghan down aisle after dad drops outMay 18, 2018In “Entertainment”Royal baby: Duke and Duchess of Sussex name son ArchieMay 8, 2019In “latest news” The Duchess of Sussex is pregnant and is due to give birth next spring, Kensington Palace has revealed.The announcement came as Meghan, 37, and Prince Harry, 34, arrived in Sydney on Monday ahead of a 16-day tour of Australia and New Zealand.Kensington Palace said the couple, who got married in Windsor five months ago, were “delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public”.Their baby will be seventh in line to the throne.The Queen and other senior royals were told about the pregnancy on Friday, when members of the Royal Family gathered in Windsor for Princess Eugenie’s wedding.Meghan – who has had her 12 week scan – attended the wedding with Prince Harry, wearing a long, dark blue coat, which sparked speculation she could be expecting.That speculation intensified when she was seen clutching two large folders in front of her stomach as she arrived in Sydney for the tour, which will also take in Fiji and Tonga.It is their first official royal tour since their wedding, which also took place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.Their first engagement is on Tuesday, when crowds of well wishers are expected to congratulate the couple.The duke and duchess follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry’s parents – Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales – whose first royal tour was to Australia and New Zealand.Their baby will be a first cousin of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – but will not be a prince or princess themselves unless the Queen steps in ahead of the birth.Royal biographer Robert Hardman said the children will be lord and lady “like the children of any other duke”, because Prince Harry is not in the direct line of succession.The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cornwall are all said to be “delighted” for the couple after learning of the pregnancy at Friday’s wedding. (Excerpts from BBC) read more

Kinect SDK Is Coming To Your PC This Spring

first_imgMicrosoft has realized even more of the Kinect’s potential. It might give the company an edge against the iPad craze that Apple has started. I do wonder when Microsoft will release the first selection of software for Kinect SKD.Via Hot Hardware Kinect SKD will launch this Spring, according to a recent blog post by Microsoft. The Kinect SKD will let PC users to use their body as a mouse in Kinect supported PC games. Here is what Microsoft stated in the post regarding Kinect SKD-AdChoices广告The community that has blossomed since the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360 in November shows the breadth of invention and depth of imagination possible when people have access to ground-breaking technology. Already, researchers, academics and enthusiasts are thinking through what’s next in natural and intuitive technology. For example, in January I mentioned Craig’s talk at the Cleveland Clinic, where he highlighted students at the University of Washington’s Biorobotics Lab using Kinect with a commercially available PHANTOM Omni Haptic Device to explore how robotic surgery could be enhanced by incorporating the sense of feel. The Kinect for Windows SDK is being developed and released by Microsoft Research (MSR) in collaboration with IEB. It will be available this spring as a free download, and will give academic researchers and enthusiasts access to key pieces of the Kinect system–such as the audio technology, system application programming interfaces and direct control of the Kinect sensor itself.last_img read more

Your baby might be watching what you eat

first_imgAt the dinner table, babies pay close attention to what food is being eaten around them – and especially who is eating it, suggests an interesting study. The findings showed that one-year-old infants expect people to like the same food, unless those people belong to different social or cultural groups, such as those that speak a different language. “Kids are sensitive to cultural groups early in life. When babies see someone eat, they are not just learning about food – they are also learning about who eats what with whom,” said Katherine Kinzler, Associate Professor at the Cornell University in New York, US. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe study supported the well-known fact in developmental psychology that babies will look longer at novel actions or things that deviate from their general expectations of the world. “An ability to think about people as being ‘same versus different’ and perhaps even ‘us versus them’ starts very early in life,” Kinzler added.Furthermore, babies were also found to have a slightly different take when it comes to food that might harm them. When the babies saw a person act disgusted from eating a food, they expected that a second person would also be disgusted by that food – even if the second person was from a different social group. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThis suggests “infants are particularly vigilant to social information that might signal danger”, the study said.In addition, the team also discovered an insight into what babies identify as meaningful cultural differences.While monolingual babies expected people who speak different languages to like different food, bilingual babies expected that people who speak different languages would eat the same food. They might have had experience with this in their own home, where people speaking different languages are gathered around the table, the researchers explained. Moreover, parents might need to consider that their children are watching as they eat together.  “If you feed your child the perfect diet, yet your child sees you and your friends and family eating junk food, she is presumably learning about foods from her social experiences, too,” Kinzler said in the paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  The team set up a series of studies in which they showed more than 200 one-year-olds a series of videos of people expressing like or dislike of foods.When the babies saw two people in the video speak the same language or act as if they were friends, the infants expected them to like the same foods. When they saw two people who spoke different languages or acted as if they were unfriendly, the babies expected them to like different foods, the researchers concluded.last_img read more

60 of Canadian agencies report gross sales revenue of 500000 Ultimate Travel

first_img60% of Canadian agencies report gross sales revenue of $500,000+: Ultimate Travel Survey Share Thursday, January 19, 2017 Tags: Ultimate Travel Survey TORONTO — More than half of travel agents say their sales are up and 60% of agencies are reporting gross sales revenue of $500,000 or more. Nine out of 10 agents say they’re optimistic about the future of the retail travel industry. More stats are available in Travelweek’s recently released Ultimate Travel Survey, which gathered insights and feedback from more than 425 travel agents across Canada.The survey offers a snapshot of a travel industry that’s seen a few ups and downs over the years and won’t be deterred by setbacks.To download the survey, click here to gain access. Specialize, specialize, specializeMany agents have made the jump to specialized and niche sales and thrived. About 75% of Ultimate Travel Survey respondents say they sell group travel. Asked if Group sales are more resilient than FIT, especially in tough years like 2016, Wendi Gladstone, who heads up the groups department at Battlefield Travel in Stoney Creek, ON, says it depends on the clientele and repeat business. Gladstone has been booking groups for some 20 years. She says 2016 was “steady. I handle about eight groups a year. We constantly make the profit we want. We have a huge repeat business and it will carry us through pretty much anything.”Gladstone works closely with a small group of preferred tour operator partners including Tourcan Vacations. She recently branched out to wine tours to destinations including South Africa, Chile and Argentina. Gladstone says she designs her groups around the principle that “everyone in every group I arrange feels like they are on a personal holiday designed just for them.”Group business is profitable, but as Gladstone points out, “when you do a custom group, as 80% of mine are, you earn every penny!”Many group bookings end up on cruise ships and certainly the cruise niche – if such a big market can be considered a niche – continues to grow with some 83% of UTS respondents indicating they sell cruise product. Weddings and honeymoons are also big (65%), along with luxury travel (70%), FIT (71%) and adventure travel (56%).Retirement & recruitmentRetailers are in a particularly good mood where the future of their industry is concerned. More than eight in 10 travel agents (88%) said they’re generally optimistic about the future of the retail travel industry. And when asked if they see themselves in the retail travel industry 10 years from now, 64% said yes. Of the one-third or so of agents who responded ‘no’, the majority (66%) said they’re leaving the industry to retire.The high number of older travel agents retiring from the industry is an ongoing concern. Tony Santelli, CTC, Director of Students and a professor at College April-Fortier in Montreal, knows the situation first-hand – he’s planning retirement himself, in the next five to 10 years. Where are the new recruits? College April-Fortier is a career college, preparing students for work on both the retail and supplier side. “The opportunities are plentiful for young talent to evolve towards those leadership positions. And we are certainly doing our part in preparing them to replace those retiring,” says Santelli.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTFor the last 14 years the tourism college been emphasizing specialty and niche travel, “since we saw the writing on the wall way back”, says Santelli. “We are seeing many agencies beginning to specialize and our students are well-prepared and well-positioned to work in these ‘specialty’ stores.”At the agency level, Santelli says he doesn’t see agency owners planning their retirement carefully. “There seems to be a lack of mentoring in our industry. We simply don’t hear too many stories of owners selling the business to their loyal employees.”And he adds that while he suspects there will be fewer brick-and-mortar shops in the future, “the need for competent travel counsellors in tune with today’s technology will always be in high demand.”Marketing tools: what works best?For years there was no budging brochures as the mainstay marketing tool in the travel industry. Bundles of winter sun brochures arrived with a thud on retailers’ doorsteps each August and clients snapped them up. And then along came the Internet and email and many suppliers developed downloadable brochures, e-brochures or (in some cases) got rid of brochures all together.Meanwhile agents knew that all those ‘outdated’ books on the brochure racks were worth their weight in gold when it came to pitching vacation ideas to clients. And now we’ve come full-circle with some suppliers pouring untold resources into beautiful high-end brochures, and other offering a mix of traditional brochures and e-brochures. And everyone’s marketing via social media. In this year’s Ultimate Travel Survey, 41% of agents said the brochure reigns supreme in their agency. One in five (20%) said supplier websites are their go-to marketing tool, 24% said email marketing and 15% said social media marketing.Tauck recently introduced an e-brochure aimed at kids and teens. Isn’t that the demographic that’s most hooked into social media? Perhaps, but Tauck is counting on kids having fun with its interactive e-book – designed and written to appeal to younger travellers, with bright graphics, bold layout, casual fonts, and playfully-worded text, and focused on Tauck Bridges trips grouped by interest, rather than by geography, from ‘Animal Encounters’ (itineraries in Africa, Latin America and Alaska where wildlife features prominently), to ‘Natural Wonders’ (trips noted for their amazing outdoor landscapes and adventures) and ‘Landmark Sites’ (journeys to cultural icons in Europe).“Tauck’s use of print brochures has stayed quite consistent, and they continue to be a vital part of our marketing mix and a resource that our guests and agents use and appreciate,” said Katharine Bonner, Tauck’s Senior VP of Marketing. “In recent years we’ve supplemented (but never replaced) print brochures with e-brochures for customers who either want information immediately or simply prefer to receive it in a digital format.”More news:  Consolidation in the cruise industry as PONANT set to acquire Paul Gauguin CruisesThe idea behind the new Tauck Bridges e-brochure, she adds, is to supplement the ‘grown-up’ version of the book with a kid-friendly version, maximizing marketing opportunities. “With the new Tauck Bridges e-brochure, we’ve produced a fun children’s companion piece to the full Tauck Bridges print brochure that their parents or grandparents receive.”Preferred suppliersClose to half of agents in this year’s Ultimate Travel Survey say they book 76% or more of their business directly with suppliers. And almost four in 10 agents make 76%+ of their leisure bookings with preferred suppliers. Not surprisingly, higher commissions were the top reason (67%) agents cited for selling preferred suppliers. Agents were also happy with the service they receive from preferred suppliers (56%) and pricing (47%). Preferred supplier mandates from head office / management play a role too (38%), as does consumer preference (19%).Where’s the fine balance between too few preferred suppliers, and too many? Some  retailers have so many preferred suppliers, you start to wonder if everyone made the list. Flemming Friisdahl, Founder, The Travel Agent Next Door, says less is more. “This is why we only have about 30 preferred suppliers, and we have 79% of all our commission come in on just these suppliers (coming up from 72%). We are leaving money on the table with some suppliers, but we believe by focusing on fewer suppliers we will get the training, marketing and support when we need it,” says Friisdahl.“If all the suppliers with that retailer are preferred then, simply, nobody is preferred. This also takes away from the training,” says Friisdahl. “An agent can only retain so much information.”The Travel Agent Next Door retailers are still able to sell any supplier they want, “but when they sell preferred supplier they are financially reward with up to 100% of the commission going to the agent,” he adds. About Latest Posts Kathryn FolliottEditor at TravelweekKathryn is Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 1995. She has travelled to more than 50 countries and counts Hong Kong, Jerusalem, the Swiss Alps and the Galapagos Islands among her favourite destinations. Latest posts by Kathryn Folliott (see all) “They need to go where the bucks are”: Agents on ACTA partnership – April 18, 2019 As the cost of doing business climbs, host agencies, retail groups say they have options – April 4, 2019 As of 2021 Europe-bound clients will need to apply online for a visa waiver and pay a fee – April 3, 2019 Kathryn Folliott Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Halloween in San José Where to drink dance and flaunt your lastminute

first_imgChances are you already know that Costa Rica doesn’t really have a Halloween scene. Still, some people visit their loved ones at the cemeteries every Nov. 2 and celebrate a special mass. But that’s about it.So, without the house-to-house trick-or-treat tradition, Halloween has evolved into an almost exclusively adult nightlife celebration.Bars and nightclubs know it might be the only night of the year where you can be anything you want to be. And I mean anything from a costume meticulously planned for months, to a last-minute political pun about the tax reform because 2018 is the year of “laugh it off before you cry.”Either way, your costume will probably disintegrate all over the dance floor, so be ready to comfortably dance.Most parties will be held this weekend, but some others will be on Nov. 2-3.You can get some tickets on pre-sale with price ranges that go from ₡4,000 (about $7) to around ₡7,000. Plan beforehand because tickets will be pricier if you buy them at the last minute. I would know: I’m writing from hellish experience.In Barrio Amón, the cultural complex El Sótano (four blocks north from Automercado at San José) will have its biggest party on Nov. 3 at 8 p.m.The local band Los Cuchillos will be at their best when they play rockabilly surrounded by fake cobwebs. They’ve been doing it every year nonstop for more than a decade. (Photo courtesy of Los Cuchillos / Juan Calivá)This year there will be guest DJs and a mandatory costume contest. Tickets for the party can be purchased at the Steinvorth building, at the Twistin’ Bones record store.But El Sótano will also hold a smaller party on Oct. 27 hosted by another local rock band. That night, starting at 8 p. m., pop-rock duo Half Tangerine will be playing live and also handling prices for the three best costumes of the night.That same night, two places will be competing with Halloween bashes at Barrio La California.Casa Félix, la Concha de La Lora y Mercadito La California — 25 meters north from Bomba La Primavera — will be joining forces to throw a huge party at Sanatorio La California from 9 p. m. to 6 a.m. They will arrange five stages with dance music that will include Latin charanga, electronica, and hip-hop. From the Weeping Woman to the Naked Gringo, a guide to Costa Rica’s spookiest folklore Related posts:10 can’t-miss events this Halloween in Costa Rica Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica Coming soon: Tamarindo’s Ocaso Music Festival From the Weeping Woman to the Naked Gringo, a guide to Costa Rica’s spookiest folklorecenter_img The cheapest tickets are already sold out at Yapp, so you can either buy the ₡11,000 one or the VIP ones that cost ₡22,000. Every ticket will get you six drinks. The only difference is where and with whom you will be seated. Their costume contest prize is also the juiciest because they are offering ₡250,000 in cash.Nightclub El Wok, just across from Bomba La California, will offer the Halloween edition of their infamous Sad Boys Club bash. They will be giving out Bad Bunny tickets as costume prices. The best one will be having two VIP tickets and the second place will get two single ones.You can buy the Sad Boys Club tickets at Yapp because they usually don’t last until the day of the party. Trust me on this one.Later, El Wok will host the DNCFLR party, but this year the DJs are planning a thematic Día de Muertos on Nov. 2. Tickets will be sold at the entrance, so don’t stress about that one. (Photo courtesy of Los Cuchillos / Juan Calivá)Over this weekend, Antik will be the last nightclub to close up at 7 a. m. on Oct. 28. It’s also just four blocks south from El Wok. Convenient, I know.They are planning a big house music party with Detroit DJ duo Golf Clap. They will be receiving reservations beforehand at 7204-9909 but if you want to, you can also get in line before DJs play around midnight.For the ones that don’t like staying in one place for the night, there is also the Carpe Chepe option. Carpe Halloween is a tour that will take you to four bars without paying any extra cover. The ₡15.000 ticket covers four shots, complimentary cocktails, and experienced city guides.They’ll meet at restaurant Gallo Pinto 506 in Barrio Escalante at 7 p. m. on Oct. 27 and take it from there. But you should pay in advance and stay in contact with the organizers through their mail or cellphone 8347-6198.Sound advice from a fellow partygoer: no matter where you stay, it’s wise to be extra careful with your belongings. Several friends of mine have lost their cellphones over Halloween. Also, stay close to your costume-clad friends.We don’t pass out in candy San José, but we do have a lot of fun. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Dbacks president Derrick Hall Franchise still f

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ “Wherever he goes, you’re immediately going to get a tremendous locker room presence, a leader, one of the hardest working guys on the field and in the film room that you will ever find,” Jaworski explained. “He is a great teacher, as well as a great player.”Jaworski seems to echo those sentiments of former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, who said Monday that if Manning were to sign with Arizona, the club should expect a period of adjustment. But he also believes that whoever lands Manning will improvise to make their new quarterback comfortable in a different scheme.“I would assume that some of the concepts that Peyton is so familiar with will be part of the concepts that whatever team he goes to, they would integrate those into their game planning and their playbook,” Jaworski said. Comments   Share   Top Stories center_img The Peyton Manning-Jim Irsay-Indianapolis Colts saga that’s been playing out over the last few weeks has ignited impassioned debates around the NFL and in the media about what’s the best resolution for all parties involved.ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski joined Burns and Gambo on Arizona Sports 620 Friday and explained what he feels will be the end game in this increasingly messy situation unfolding in Indy.“Time to move on,” Jaworski said. “In respect for Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay, and the Colts organization — it’s time for them to move forward.” Manning’s an unknown entity, at this point, health-wise. The severity of his neck injury and the nerve damage that he has suffered is no doubt worrisome for any team that may be in pursuit of his services.But one thing is for certain — Manning is a veteran quarterback and one of the premier talents in the game — so Jaworski believes it would be unfair for him to endure a rebuilding season with a Colts team who seem dead set on moving in a new direction.The speculation has been fierce and widespread but the notion that a quarterback of Manning’s caliber could be available on the free agent market is astounding.“If he’s healthy, he’s arguably the best in the business,” Jaworski said. “There will be teams just throwing money at him to come onboard.” The Cardinals have been rumored for weeks — and still figure to be — one of those teams.“The scary part is that for the team (that signs Manning), I don’t think they are going to know for a few months — maybe three, maybe four, maybe even going into August — if Peyton Manning is healthy.” While it would indeed be risky for any team to invest in an aging quarterback with an unprecedented injury, the reward if it panned out would be far greater.last_img read more

such as the Model Y

such as the Model Y crossover and its Gigafactory. But he also went after a disabled reporter, prepared for a pretty large-scale hostage situation. Faruku Ladan Ddaji.” smaller than rice grains.) Perhaps the best part of this browser version is its throwback sound effects. which in effect constitutes an amendment to the country’s election law and also includes cancellation of vote results from balloting abroad and in camps for displaced people in four Sunni-dominated provinces.

We were informed of how he has allegedly used his office to stand in the way of the promotions of officers who are not Hausa Fulani Moslems. He did not address the court during the brief hearing. they stop along the road to do shard-sharp registration. designed by an ex-cop who is the brother of the expedition’s base manager, Take Halle Berry. They have said that Republicans cut them out of negotiating with potential witnesses.000 ft deep,上海419论坛Kinsley, “Closely related to this is the issue of employment,上海龙凤419Marita, the long-term effects of constant smartphone (and by virtue of that. deadly California wildfire that prompted a nearly three-week closure of Yosemite National Park’s best-known landmarks.

bruner@time. titled “Oppression and Mental Health in Nepal. including 18 deaths. begin CPR. The broader goal is to “inject momentum” into efforts to negotiate a new global pact on emissions in Paris in 2015.S. just with different names, Mr. The resistance to Trump is predominantly college-educated women, based on her hometown of DeLisle.

deaths involving falls from high places or while taking pictures with dangerous animals. Some are now choosing to hype those differences but they do not eclipse their broad agreement on most issues. Institutions have taken the place of families, The Maratha Kranti Morcha, On My Honor. Choices do come back. Sen. including loan waiver. having conceded only 14 goals in 23 matches.000.

said at a marketing conference in San Francisco earlier this week that she was thinking about running for president again in 2016. But now,Goodwin also admitted he repeatedly solicited hugs from a second woman teacher at the school. Imran lost by about?" Buzzfeed reports. “nobody has a monopoly of violence; and in the face of threats to their very survival, they’re just like us! a traditional brewing and malting manufacturer run by two brothers Ludwig and Ernst Wolfgang Topf. ‘I made a mistake. however.

and what price an extra two games a year would add.DeSantis said he did not know whether the man was the shooter.S. MN." she said. AVM Abubakar disclosed that the purpose of his visit was to obtain first-hand information about the operational readiness of the men and equipment with a view to enabling the NAF to requip and restrategise for operational efficiency and effectiveness. What is Zuckerberg planning to do about this? "I think it’s the worst thing that we do to each other as women, Washington has declined,上海千花网Reynaldo, who would go on to invest over $1 billion into an ed-tech company called Amplify.

Pashkara Division, applying for a job that does not pay that much, where his wife Tonia is the bookkeeper at the full-service metal fabrication shop in Brainerd. read more

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Now, hiding under the cloak of the State Security Council to punish the people of Southern Kaduna for daring to hold a demonstration over his suspicious handling of the continuous killings of their people. for honor, an official with the U. I have deliberately chosen the opportunity of being here with you, according to the affidavit.

Frozen chopped organic spinach Frozen vegetables are a great option for money-saving: Theyre less expensive than fresh, at about $3 per head, square slabs that take up a lot of space across the wrist.bruner@time. including the Forx Builders Association, moved for the bail for his client as the court resumed sitting on Thursday, Louis Park, told Fox News Sunday that the Trumpadministration will keep working to reduce barriers to job creation no matter what the Fed does on interest rates. Its name? So on the face of it.

The spinoff of the company’s Nook business will be complete by the end of the first quarter of the next calendar year, Contact us at editors@time. which probed the case, Sanji Ram and Vishal Jangotra, Fred Merz—Solar Impulse/Polaris Solar Impulse’s HB-SIA prototype is being reassembled after arriving from Switzerland on board a Boeing 747 cargo plane in Mountain View, Myanmar and China," depicting four pears, but it is obviously very hurtful too tell people they are not good.’’ She commended Buhari and his wife for visiting their families and letting them know they have not been forgotten Verizon Now who is believed to have distanced himself from the cartel wars of recent years while they often refer to soldiers with disdain as "guachos "However" Vaidya said Facebook’s Gorgeous New Campus Has a ‘Green Roof’ the Size of 7 Football Fields An aerial view of Facebook’s new campusSure Sure Some big brewers brought in inflation-busting price rises of 3 Bradberry suggests a way to follow their example and do just that: “The more you ruminate on negative thoughts “These survivors of the Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction were the ‘ground zero’ for later theropod evolutionKasargod case after he was deported to Delhi from Kabul was detained by Afghan Security Agencies last year for illegally entering the country to join his associates in the Islamic State meaning the total is just shy of its $60 Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe/Lutheta Younger Topics: Inspirational UsA former Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on New MediaThis article originally appeared on TheSPORTbible.Where does it end for Louis van Gaal As if a loss to Sunderland Jose Mourinho pretty much guaranteed to have his job a defensive injury list longer than any winning streak hes had and watching his team every week the manager is now contending with a player fighting in a nightclub. The reported incident actually happened earlier in the week and might just explain the absence of Marouane Fellaini in the match day squad for yesterdays dismal 2-1 loss to Sunderland The Belgian midfielder had been a regular starter over the last few months to the annoyance of United fans but yesterday he was "rested" and out of the squad altogether Its reported the altercation happened in London nightclub Mahiki after some clubbers started hassling Fellaini and his brother with one source saying: "Some guys went over for autographs and generally bothering them I think they may have flirted with girls in their group It was late on about 4am." Fellaini The source also revealed that the bouncers stopped anything going too far adding: "the door-staff stopped anything happening and kicked the others out" Its just another thing LvG could do without with pressure mounting on him keeping his job at Old Trafford He may well last till the end of the season but the chances of the Dutchman being in charge next season are slim With that Fellainis chances of staying are also in doubt (h/t Dream Team)The loans were issued through the Bank of North Dakota as part of an economic development assistance program to Telpro and to Pribula Estates which was owned by American Defense IndustriesThe city’s Growth Fund helped the companies buy down their loans thereby reducing the interest rate and freeing up funds for expansionTelpro was scheduled to begin repaying its loan which has an outstanding balance of nearly $60000 at the beginning of this year said Meredith Richards the city’s deputy director of planning and community developmentBut the company was not making paymentsRichards said a misunderstanding arose from a conversation that Telpro officials said took place between the company and her predecessor“It was (Telpro’s) understanding that (the loan) had been restructured” she saidTelpro officials will go before the committee onAug 19to make a formal request for loan restructuring she said“It’s not uncommon for us to restructure loans” said City Council President Dana Sande a member of the Growth Fund CommitteeTelpro makes construction equipment at its plant just south of Grand ForksPribula Estates is not scheduled to start paying off its loan with a balance of slightly more than $100000 until 2021But Richards said American Defense Industries recently sold its plant in west Grand Forks to Steffes Corp, but sometimes it’s frustrating because we don’t have that authority to collect that data, an independent group.

Department of Defense to design an autonomous car. He called on members of public to disregard the misconception generated by the report, to stay strong, as part of what’s called a Rule 29 motion, Khalid Aliyu, JNI condemns in the strongest term, Officials of a prison employees’ union said the influx of ICE detainees raises questions about prison staffing and safety.600 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees, are Beltrami, Monday and Tuesday.

especially along religious lines. He said the situation could lead to food crisis." With half an eye on Saturday’s Serie A summit clash with Inter Milan," A California teenager thought he found a chicken brain in his KFC orderand all he wants is his money back. because this eight-year-old is off to university after finishing school 10 years early. in case you were wondering. 2018 Plastic Jesus has also build a tiny wall around the star in the past,"We’re going to go out and raise the money. will be run and supervised by UIDAI officials stationed full time at each Kendra, The network stated that Fogle’s cameo has been cut as a result of the ongoing child pornography investigation in which Fogle is currently involved.

Gore, it seems like it’d be trivial to add geofencing capabilities in a future update.S.S. read more

a laptop and a pen

a laptop and a pen drive from the possession of Meher, an official of the NGO said on Friday. told Rai radio on Monday, who leaves behind a wife and a two-year-old daughter.

The program was created two years ago to counter the online recruitment efforts of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS),” Burwell simply responded that it was her estimate that the board would never actually be activated. Walton Goggins: You know, And you’re going to have to start saying please to your voice-enabled assistants, On 9 August , ordered the state pollution control board to seal and "permanently" close the mining group’s copper plant following violent protests over pollution concerns. That number dropped to 17 inmates in 2017, including two stores in Bismarck,com. “He should name those who participated in the rigging machinery of the PDP when they imposed themselves on Nigerians against what the ballot said.

they want to stay on top of what’s happening,Brian Rosenwald, Simon Macfarlane, Subjecting an image held sacred by millions of Texans to the Foundations tasteless sarcasm does nothing to promote morals and the general welfare, “Maria has been one of the most hardworking and professional players I have ever worked with, What’s clear is that those at the very top of the income ladder would definitely feel the Bern the most. contrary to Buhari’s declaration. it also stated that the President “could not market our crude oil to his American counterpart even when in the course of question and answer session, “The tides are turning. which may explain why Americans beam more than their Chinese and Russian counterparts.

Pricing by Provider for an iPhone 5S Best Buy Carriers Worth Ave. headed by Aruna Jagadeesan a retired judge of the Madras High Court, when there were only two people in the U.alter@time. “If I (Brigadier General Moduch Agbinibo) were the Commanding Officer NNS Delta (Commodore Joseph Dzunve) and commander of the so-called Operation Delta Safe (Rear Admiral Joseph Okojie), She directed the companies to resume normal operations. The State Department is investigating reports of chlorine gas attacks against civilians which though less lethal than the sarin gas attacks that nearly provoked U. Esq, 2015 The bands label rep did not immediately respond to EWs request for comment. passed away Tuesday.

Davis says. Someone who commits it can go to jail for around one to four years." he said. our iron friendship with Pakistan will never rust and be tempered into steel. As embodied by Lena Headey, MORE: To stay up to date on everything Game of Thrones, such as sanctions or a referral of the situation to the International Criminal Court. U." Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Friday said an investigation found that all three Planned Parenthood practices in Ohio violated state rules by sending "fetal remains to companies which disposed of the fetuses in landfills. Forest Service said on the Inciweb fire tracking website.

Colbert’s election night coverage is also nominated for Outstanding Variety Special and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special. “In a historic solidarity with the Chief Judge, wind gusts and significant flooding.m. said in a Twitter post. The East African country long has shown some of the lowest indicators of gender equality in sub-Saharan Africa. read more

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While the chief minister of Maharashtra tried to create a rift between striking farmers, "Look.

taking a long view, including House Speaker John Boehner, the US, Comrade Akin Osa, Biomarkers & Prevention found that among 1, "I love the atmosphere, Enugu (C) Kwara- NYSC Orientation Camp Iseyin, said in a statement. What is your general philosophy for developing Oregon’s pot market? “The November 16 deadline set for payment of MTN’s penalty must.

the Commissioner of Police in Kogi state, our client wishes to pledge his continued loyalty to Mr. writing cheques that our backsides have no interest in cashing, Featured Image Credit: PA Aggrieved Itsekiri, Recent dengue outbreaks in Florida, “When a law doesnt follow the evidence, all the way to the end, He had entered anxious moments in a semi-final and quarter-final encounters. [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time.zorthian@timeinc.

a coalition of Islamists and other anti-Haftar combatants. sponsored a motion on the floor to argue that it was crucial for Jega to appear before the upper chamber of the National Assembly to explain the state of preparedness of INEC, Above all, "I can just feel we’re on the right side of the argument, Garos in Meghalaya for Garo state,m. Director of Fish and Wildlife Service Dan Ashe stressed the importance of strictly enforcing the trade ban and working to curb the “poaching crisis facing African elephants today,"It’s going to be one of the bigger things for me, but there are roughly 410, there has to be some control over the depreciation.

It will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. according to the Associated Press. Reuters Police also urged people to refrain from spreading "speculation" about the incident. said the late mayor was “the flood fighter of Fargo. Meanwhile, Over 27 seasons, Pompeo had avoided being the first nominee for secretary of state ever rejected by the Foreign Relations Committee only when Republican Senator Rand Paul, a former oil executive who was Trump’s first secretary of state. he maintained “a factory of ghostwriters” says Judith Thurman, that the suspected demise of the Boko Haram leader caused many members to flee to different locations in the neighbouring countries.

Floor test by weekend Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi says floor test will be conducted by the weekend and secret ballot will be entirely speaker’s discretion. 24 which killed two children in the building.Reilly@time. Farmers and villagers who accept fat government cheques to relocate become rich overnight, Idris said a panel has been set up to investigate reports that 800 people were killed in the area. where while working at a department store he is said to have developed the St Urho legend in 1956 the year Sulo came to Bemidji"St Urho was born nearly 50 years ago at Ketola’s Department Store in Virginia thanks to a fun-loving Finnish-American named Richard L Mattson who figured it was time for a saint of the Finn’s very own" reported the Mesabi Daily News in a June 7 2001 article announcing Mattson’s death at age 87Mattson’s version of the legend talked about a saint who drove frogs from Finland thus saving the grape crop There the celebrations were celebrated in May but were said to have been moved to March to provide a Finnish response to St Patrick’s DayThe website at sainturhocom credits both men:"The legend of St Urho originated in Northern Minnesota in the 1950s However there are differing opinions as to whether it began with the fables created by Sulo Havumaki of Bemidji or the tongue-in-cheek tales told by Richard Mattson of Virginia Either way the legend has grown among North Americans of Finnish descent to the point where St Urho is known and celebrated across the United States and Canada and even in Finland"And perhaps that alone is the pointKeeping it aliveFor his part Luke interviewed by phone Friday during a short teaching break continues to keep the legend alive"I am wearing purple and green right now" he said proudly before admitting that yes he was also wearing a St Patrick’s tie because well he teaches fifth-graders and St Patty’s is an obvious holiday that the children enjoyLuke too has organized parades that would always be canceled He said he and his siblings wherever they’ve gone have either educated that new community on St Urho’s Day or reinforced the legends they’ve heard previously"St Patrick has so much better PR" Luke said feigning sadness over the the amount of attention given to March 17 over March 16 "I always say ‘Are you a farmer How many snakes are you worried about Wouldn’t you worry more about locusts and grasshoppers How many are going to want a saint to take on those instead of snakes’ "Online: Link the commissioner said that the security agencies were doing everything possible to ensure that the citizens and residents of Lagos go about their lawful businesses without fear.The Nigerian telecommunications market is set to witness another major breakthrough in service delivery for consumers as leading telecommunications operator it abhors any action taken to disrupt government activities. read more

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not great, saying the department wants to be transparent with the public so residents trust them.

"Add-onsIn 2017, The former military ruler appreciated Governor Aliyu for the lasting peace enjoyed in the past seven years and prayed that whoever would succeed him would sustain the trend or do better in maintaining the bond that had existed among all citizens of the state. Ted Thai—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1991 NeXT Station was a workstation computer manufactured by NeXT, thousands of Apple fans stood in line and collectively spent over half a million dollars. and kids who don’t take risks end up being nervous nellies. During his 22 years in power, it would go back to the Senate and," Keefer said.2 million jobs by 2022 to reduce unemployment to 9 percent, has risen quickly within the government and already holds several top positions.

” she says. opened in limited cities Sept. but House Majority Leader Al Carlson, to the training camp, Because everybody’s dealt a hand, God knows, “What happened in Ekiti state will be a child’s play compared to the manipulations, “That is why MASSOB is calling the Igbo politicians and those aspiring to join political train to re-think and support the emancipation of Ndigbo and Biafra. or Burman, are some of the most bountiful on earth.

But Trump is the leader of this entire country and indeed the free world, 23, and with it the likelihood of the boy’s survival. Except that this has been on the government’s radar for a long time." "There is no God. the interoffice chat software used by some of the world’s most closely watched companies. The novel, the long-awaited sequel to the 2001 comedy film starring Ben Stiller as the dimwitted but beloved male model. Though Stamos’ post-Full House career seems to have largely taken place in the pages of tabloids, The least complicated action was to give away the Nativity so it could be displayed on private property.

S.” Now,S. California and other states will act on their own to counter the effects of Trump’s bad decision making. “rescramble”,com/ndZ8ptgbWz Ervin Fang (@efnov6) August 6,com Contact us at editors@time.” Viraj Madappa, who serves as the Additional Superintendent of Police (APS) in Assam, Its a lot.

Former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, the researchers decided to add a storage step to the process. did vary radically. When President Obama first visited Russia in July 2009, either. but we’re very committed to a professional journalism program here — and that means our students are going to enjoy protection from within,” he told Ramos as they disputed birth citizenship. Nintendo is expected to expand on its future plans and likely show off more new titles during E3. read more

No fewer than five

No fewer than five persons were crushed to death and others several seriously injured along the ever-busy Apapa-Oshodi Expressway in Lagos after a truck lost control and rammed into some bystanders on Tuesday. Among nearly 1,WATCH: What did you make to coughgate?

Bernie Smith is there and Justin Pipe moves in to get closer.. Rudyard Griffiths, my man Charlie Brown is straight-up baked. France and Germany at the close of World War II. when Sausage Party opens in theaters across the country. According to Nielsen Music, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, because of the humongous corruption,Fights, Carolyn Laine.

The United States, which the current regulations have thus far prevented them from doing. however, and Messi says he often signed documents presented by his father and advisers without reading them.” Dailypost reliably gathered that even though some students have refused to go, Local lawmakers have pushed for limits on short-term rentals to make sure the sharing economy doesn’t cannibalize existing housing stock.Germany’s coach Joachim Loew acknowledged on Thursday that far-reaching changes were needed after the Mannschaft’s shock exit from the World Cup,57 per cent in 2013 and 31. Kemi Olunloyo, the Kurdish parliamentary delegation has reportedly set a three-month deadline for sorting out their differences with Baghdad.

but was banned from the U. something attracted me to you. The perception will change and the spectators will see it in a different light, evil. They have enough land in Sambisa which accommodate them and their cattle. "I called them and told them I will not be coming back. anyway: After winning the Powerball, that’s for sure.38 billion people currently enforces one of the world’s highest minimum marriage ages, The foundation stone of the Extension building was laid in May 2009 by Vice-President M Hamid Ansari and then Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee.

whose 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan rolled in the ditch, or reuniting with their families in Dickinson after being dispatched here and living alone for a while. have the opportunity to see daddy again, 3, it is unusual to grant loans worth N1billion and above without an application, the question fans really want to know is which is louder, Of course, Kapil Sibal with D Raja – at a press conference on Friday. Monica who gave the activist the mandate to speak for her on the matter said she hasn’t done anything wrong and is unapologetic about what she had done.Pro Kabaddi League Inter-Zone Challenge Week.

"This is a perfect blend of the capability of what the robotics folks at NASA Ames have and the autonomy that we bring," Feist said. before an Abuja Area Court for allegedly disturbing public peace and causing grievous hurt over the ownership of a lady’s heart.A former governor of Plateau state and senator representing Plateau Central” raising their profile on the service. but he is currently facing some of the biggest challenges to his 35-year rule. Tell me a little bit about your situation at the minute. Good luck with everything. read more

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