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Method for checking domain name resolution

there are times when the site is not open, some people suspect that the domain name is out of order, although the possibility of the existence of domain name failure, but the probability is very small, it is generally difficult to hit a.

URL forward, then the major domestic registers are occasionally problems, there are few very stable.

if parsing to space, want to check the domain name MYDNS is effective.

if PING get your domain name, get the IP, such as you do in the analysis of the point of the IP, it means that the resolution took effect, or that is not valid. read more

Free remittance Adsense Chinese to Western Union instructions

      National Day has released a message, said Google Adsense launched the Western Union payment, and not fee charge station. But many owners because the page is not found, do not believe this fact. Today, Adsense China official blog has published detailed statement.

      the following statement ( we can go to the official blog to see.):

      we are very pleased to announce that Google AdSense from this month, a new mode of payment, the remittance business!!! For the end of October 2007, you need to send the payment, you can choose to use the remittance way more convenient to receive your payment. The remittance business is China postal and Agricultural Bank China and the western United States joint Nationwide Financial Services Inc (hereinafter referred to as the Western Union Company) established in collaboration with international express personal remittance business, is a few minutes to reach the international remittance. At present, the country has 31 provinces (area / city) more than and 500 China postal outlets and Agricultural Bank Chinese outlets in the capital city and the main city opened the remittance business. read more

After 90 CEO Qi Junyuan I work at least one hundred hours a week

August 16th, Tencent products Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special held in Hangzhou, this article is to share the contents of Teambition CEO Qi Junyuan.

project collaboration tool Teambition, to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurial team, R & D institutions, educational institutions or student groups to reduce communication costs and improve work efficiency. Starting in June 2013, there are hundreds of thousands of projects on the current platform, and access to tens of millions of venture capital in Gobi A round of financing and a new round of u.s.. read more

Wangzhuan reflection Why are you poor on the Internet

and a few friends talking about problems we all think Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, very difficult. Discussion to discuss, this problem has become a problem without results. Then we narrowed the subject: (on the Internet) why are you poor?.

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan do manual work

there is no disrespect for people who do manual work. I’m just talking about the fact that low paying jobs are mostly repetitive physical activity.

so-called repetitive physical activity, that is, anyone can do, there is no qualitative difference between people only the amount of difference. In real life, the construction site is the most obvious and most typical physical activity to gather. On the network, the most typical form of repetitive physical activity is to click on advertising to make money. read more

Google ADSense Commissioner AdSensePro answer questions

1. asked a friend on behalf of the past, because the policy does not understand. To do GG advertising, K GG advertising account, now want to start " ", can you? Is there any way?

AdSensePro: if the account is not valid because it is not able to re join.

2.Yunyouyou asked: Pro bother to ask ah: I bought a station of someone else, but heard that his GG account was K, the site now use my new account can also put GG ads? Would you like to close my account? Thank you!

The meaning of

AdSensePro: association is a direct economic relationship, such as a person, or immediate family. Google will be judged by a number of factors related to the account, the same site is only one of them. You don’t have to worry about it if you don’t have a real connection with your previous account. read more

The network need to beware of scam money

is now the Internet is very lively, make money online training blossom everywhere, the reason is because there is no market demand. Many people want to learn the network to make money, want to learn network money mainly has two kinds: one is to make money through the Internet, the first to do their own occupation; the other is no hope on the Internet by spending a few minutes, earn a little part-time income.

is precisely because of this strong demand for the network to make money, it caused the proliferation of network money training. Fish is very mixed, uneven. There are some network to make money training is really true, but there are semi formal, but there are fraud. As a result a lot of people want to learn to make money online, not only did not make money, but also cheated a lot of money, so a lot of people on the network to make money projects have lost confidence, very sad. read more

Wangzhuan Post Bar 2010 Wangzhuan novice should pay attention to the illegal financing trap

2010 Wangzhuan is colorful, the increase of Wangzhuan owners the opportunity to make money at the same time Wangzhuan friends into more and more, from the 20click to the network last year this year, the fund, the Singapore investment, make money to steal food and so on, operation mode are all so much alike; project developers in the project before the first launch as a financing budget, let you invest 100 yuan, 1 weeks after you return 130 yuan, then the project loss of 30 yuan, and this week can have a number of 100 yuan of income, this is a profit and loss ratio; financing will be calculated by a data, the data is the peak of financing when the earnings amounted to the peak of the time when the project run away. read more

Next to the street to share the data the box filled with data waiting to be opened

domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, mobile Internet companies to study the actual case, will be able to practitioners and people involved in this field to a certain reference.

Street co-founder Yang Yuancheng (Tencent technology plan)

business is like riding a broken bicycle, constantly going forward, but also a free hand to repair all kinds of problems, and you can’t stop to repair, once the stop may be apart." Yang Yuancheng, co-founder of the street cited the words of (micro-blog) summed up their entrepreneurial process. read more

Online education company eats grass root, make burst!

it is the founder of grass root, grass root, the user is also a teacher of grass root, 20 years old teacher has been signed, millions of annual salary.

Xing Shuai how can not forget the first day in YY lecture situation. Although only 10 students, but he is still shy, nervous, speaking in a thick Shandong accent, speaking class also faltered. "People do not understand, 10 students have 9 fathers eight generation to Aguirre, scolded again." Online students emotional expression is so direct, slightly impolite students will directly on the public screen shouting". Xing Shuai has been hit, but he was pleased that: the only one who did not swear to become partners. read more

Talk about the three key elements of the success of the Taobao store

is currently the mainstream way is to make money through the network website and open shop, in case the technical threshold is still a little high, and more people joined the Taobao or pat open shop to make money, when everyone is subject to a lot of people confused, said open shop technical requirements is not high, feel very easy to be able to earn million yuan, but we really added in time, most of the time is not an order, occasionally a list or profit of the thinnest kind, so many people sigh, open shop to do Wangzhuan, want to make big money, too hard, a lot of people is in a hurry to leave the shop, do not adhere to the indeed, it is not difficult to do what things? But not because it is difficult to easily give up, so that no matter what they do not succeed, here I come with you a summary To open the Taobao store in order to succeed must have the three elements! read more

Do you want to be a woman ‘s health network

second, when to sleep, when to get up, to form a habit, and long-term adherence.

fifth, to develop a good standing, sitting chest containing the greatest damage to the breast, because it oppresses the growth of the chest tissue, occupied its living space, easily lead to sagging breasts.

(internship editor: He Lili)

is one of the fastest growing parts of the body. In addition to the body’s natural aging, stay up late, not the law of life will also affect the The new supersedes the old. and blood circulation, can also cause hormone disorder, affect breast health, so the normal daily routine is the prerequisite of ensuring the health of the breast. read more