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Please make your copy title, bring the headlines attributes!

said WeChat public number operators must not copy in a good copy, even if your previous promotion is not too strong, but it can still bring communication ability! Since ancient times, all cannot do without the marketing copy, but also can not copy from the brand, Hefei talent network think any an operator needs to do is to let everyone remember our brand and our customers


remember, each copy is not purely aesthetic language, we must with the purpose of sales to write copy, but you must remember: please copy before using the word "hypnosis" others, first pass it yourself! Take heart, into the drama, not only is our chase drama when the mentality a good copywriter can also give us the same feelings, so write well, the key to see if there is no direct heart? read more

Melon used car announced the completion of the A round of financing over $250 million

news September 13th, second-hand car business platform to sell second-hand car straight seeds in Beijing held a new network on the anniversary of the conference, the meeting, the seeds of second-hand car made a summary of the achievements made in the past year, also announced that the seeds of second-hand car more than $250 million A round of financing. Entrepreneur & I dark horse does not endorse the amount of financing authenticity.

March 30, 2016, the seeds of second-hand car announced the completion of $204 million 500 thousand A round of financing, the investor is Sequoia Capital, capital, capital, optical signal line light cloud venture capital, Angel Fund etc.. From the seeds of second-hand car data released today, in the last six months, the melon used car in the original A round of financing on the basis of access to more than 40 million U.S. dollars of financing. read more

Eliminate user doubt is the foundation of successful marketing website construction

marketing website construction has repeatedly been mentioned by many companies, many of the network companies have begun to summarize the experience from practice, expand the theoretical study of the marketing website construction. Put aside the form of marketing website construction is not to talk about, because there are many forms of expression, e-commerce sites are marketing sites, such as Jingdong mall and Taobao. Ordinary corporate Web site and even personal blog or some BBS forum, because it can bring help to sales, from this aspect to understand, but also marketing. Therefore, marketing is a very broad definition of the site, as long as it can bring help to the sales through the web site, which can be defined as a marketing site. On the contrary, those who do not help the sale or no positive role of the site, there is no reason for the marketing of the site. Web site in order to play the marketing effect, to win the trust of users and visitors is the first step, and the elimination of user concerns is the foundation of the successful marketing website construction. read more

Discussion on how to break the bottleneck of shopping mall

is now the electronic commerce development has been very mature, especially the B2C of mall website profit effect is very strong, but in the process of operation, always meet all kinds of bottlenecks, which greatly restricts the development of the B2C mall site, here we come to analyze how to break the bottleneck of website operation from the Mall two aspects of


one: optimize the operation of the mall website to enhance their own strength to break through the bottleneck

mall websites offline operations the main target is the product quality, customer service service and perfect operation mechanism, we have the following simple analysis from the three aspects of how to enhance the advantages of the line read more

QQ website through the promotion of alternative methods

originally a lot of website promotion methods, here only introduces a method of promotion through QQ alumni, but also a moment of thought, don’t mind is bad. Since the birth of happy net, the network began to cover over the imitation station, similar to the happy net beyond count in play at the same time, but you have not thought of the way to promote your website? Tencent, very Niubi, user coverage billion, a lot of people in order to let my QQ Alumni upgrade faster, steal more so, it is not quite the same with friends, to fill up my QQ alumni at least 800 friends, 800 people think ah, not much, but also many, but why don’t we use these SNS to publicize their site by the way? Of course there are a lot of similar plugins, if adding a website promotion is not a good use of plug-in and read more

Make use of QQ space traffic start all make

QQ how to do space flow and I think many people know, is to give others the space to the message, the master and the visitors have come to your space; all make everyone knows, start after power is quite large. The problem is that the QQ space flow do very hard, and many of the advertising code cannot be applied directly to the space inside, and make all the most difficult is to start (the appropriate temptation is important), so we can combine the two together with will have new effect.

can do this: read more

B2B content marketing should be how to do

by Nene: 13 years experience in marketing communications enterprise B2B old driver Wanhua, currently working in leading global Sandvik B2B group has 150 years of history. This is his participation in the evolution of the chief content officer after the experiment, from the road, law, the level of technology on the content of the official B2B marketing carding and thinking.

as a B2B marketing old driver, I usually work to shape the brand and generate sales leads, before the establishment of brand mainly depends on a series of media and public relations activities, generate sales leads mainly by participating in the exhibition industry conference, advertising in the media industry and customer activities held vertically. However, it is now more and more people find that the press release, the quality and quantity of sales leads collected in the exhibition are also declining year by year, the online and offline advertising is expensive and the conversion rate is very low. read more

Less than two times a year sued! Because of the connivance and selling luxury brand by Alibaba sued

Abstract: Alibaba for conniving at Friday when selling, by French Open Cloud group and a number of luxury brands in the United States litigation claims, mainly around the Alibaba intentionally counterfeiters selling its products to create the possibility in the world.

[Changle] titanium Media Editor / song according to Reuters, Alibaba because of connivance and selling on Friday when he was attacked by the French Open, a number of luxury brands cloud under the group litigation in the United States, claims mainly around the Alibaba intentionally for the counterfeiters in the world to sell its products to create a possibility. read more

Zheng Boguang, chairman of the Commission to promote the development of e-commerce to adapt to the d

Zhejiang online January 19th (reporter Li Li) not long ago, a courier company violence sorting items on the network crazy video. The sorter in the video will be one of the east of the delivery package thrown West, or thrown in the air, or stepped on the foot. How can such a courier company reassuring?

today, the provincial CPPCC members, Provincial Taiwan Association vice president Zheng Boguang said, now the e-commerce era has arrived, more and more transactions can be completed online, and with the support of the express business but the uneven levels of service can not keep up with business development. read more

About Taobao shop decoration experience sharing

no matter what industry you are doing, what to do, you have to put their own facade to the decoration, only a good appearance to give customers a comfortable environment for the selection. So how do we usually need to decorate our shop? How do we need to design our shop? Today we will share our experience.

first we must first confirm our shop is the basic edition or professional edition, Taobao is free to use the professional version store to drill the following drill after users, want to continue to use the professional shop to charge Oh, if you do not want to pay if you can only use the basic version store. read more

All the common web site is unknown transfer

recently, a friend called the general web site registered contacts, contact e-mail, etc. have been changed. In this news, cobra quickly checked all the common URL Cobra registration has changed hands, the registered person into a "Guo Yiyue", e-mail has been changed to "".

This makes

Cobra Lenovo to the hands of the kart before a general web site, because the operation of the game of the century company that registered the Amagi Cobra general website infringement, after Chinese Internet information center the dispute resolution institution ruling, the universal network access to century city. read more

Individuals registered CN domain name is protected by law

as individuals and enterprises in order to belong to a CN domain name arbitration wrestling, whether because of personal identity and eventually lost? It is understood, including the recent case, recently, many registered in the personal identity of the CN domain name registration procedures are resolved to victory in the dispute. In the Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center award,,, and other personal registration and business litigation cases, personal registration are keep your domain name. read more

Method for checking domain name resolution

there are times when the site is not open, some people suspect that the domain name is out of order, although the possibility of the existence of domain name failure, but the probability is very small, it is generally difficult to hit a.

URL forward, then the major domestic registers are occasionally problems, there are few very stable.

if parsing to space, want to check the domain name MYDNS is effective.

if PING get your domain name, get the IP, such as you do in the analysis of the point of the IP, it means that the resolution took effect, or that is not valid. read more

Free remittance Adsense Chinese to Western Union instructions

      National Day has released a message, said Google Adsense launched the Western Union payment, and not fee charge station. But many owners because the page is not found, do not believe this fact. Today, Adsense China official blog has published detailed statement.

      the following statement ( we can go to the official blog to see.):

      we are very pleased to announce that Google AdSense from this month, a new mode of payment, the remittance business!!! For the end of October 2007, you need to send the payment, you can choose to use the remittance way more convenient to receive your payment. The remittance business is China postal and Agricultural Bank China and the western United States joint Nationwide Financial Services Inc (hereinafter referred to as the Western Union Company) established in collaboration with international express personal remittance business, is a few minutes to reach the international remittance. At present, the country has 31 provinces (area / city) more than and 500 China postal outlets and Agricultural Bank Chinese outlets in the capital city and the main city opened the remittance business. read more

After 90 CEO Qi Junyuan I work at least one hundred hours a week

August 16th, Tencent products Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special held in Hangzhou, this article is to share the contents of Teambition CEO Qi Junyuan.

project collaboration tool Teambition, to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurial team, R & D institutions, educational institutions or student groups to reduce communication costs and improve work efficiency. Starting in June 2013, there are hundreds of thousands of projects on the current platform, and access to tens of millions of venture capital in Gobi A round of financing and a new round of u.s.. read more

Wangzhuan reflection Why are you poor on the Internet

and a few friends talking about problems we all think Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, very difficult. Discussion to discuss, this problem has become a problem without results. Then we narrowed the subject: (on the Internet) why are you poor?.

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan do manual work

there is no disrespect for people who do manual work. I’m just talking about the fact that low paying jobs are mostly repetitive physical activity.

so-called repetitive physical activity, that is, anyone can do, there is no qualitative difference between people only the amount of difference. In real life, the construction site is the most obvious and most typical physical activity to gather. On the network, the most typical form of repetitive physical activity is to click on advertising to make money. read more

Google ADSense Commissioner AdSensePro answer questions

1. asked a friend on behalf of the past, because the policy does not understand. To do GG advertising, K GG advertising account, now want to start " ", can you? Is there any way?

AdSensePro: if the account is not valid because it is not able to re join.

2.Yunyouyou asked: Pro bother to ask ah: I bought a station of someone else, but heard that his GG account was K, the site now use my new account can also put GG ads? Would you like to close my account? Thank you!

The meaning of

AdSensePro: association is a direct economic relationship, such as a person, or immediate family. Google will be judged by a number of factors related to the account, the same site is only one of them. You don’t have to worry about it if you don’t have a real connection with your previous account. read more

The network need to beware of scam money

is now the Internet is very lively, make money online training blossom everywhere, the reason is because there is no market demand. Many people want to learn the network to make money, want to learn network money mainly has two kinds: one is to make money through the Internet, the first to do their own occupation; the other is no hope on the Internet by spending a few minutes, earn a little part-time income.

is precisely because of this strong demand for the network to make money, it caused the proliferation of network money training. Fish is very mixed, uneven. There are some network to make money training is really true, but there are semi formal, but there are fraud. As a result a lot of people want to learn to make money online, not only did not make money, but also cheated a lot of money, so a lot of people on the network to make money projects have lost confidence, very sad. read more

Wangzhuan Post Bar 2010 Wangzhuan novice should pay attention to the illegal financing trap

2010 Wangzhuan is colorful, the increase of Wangzhuan owners the opportunity to make money at the same time Wangzhuan friends into more and more, from the 20click to the network last year this year, the fund, the Singapore investment, make money to steal food and so on, operation mode are all so much alike; project developers in the project before the first launch as a financing budget, let you invest 100 yuan, 1 weeks after you return 130 yuan, then the project loss of 30 yuan, and this week can have a number of 100 yuan of income, this is a profit and loss ratio; financing will be calculated by a data, the data is the peak of financing when the earnings amounted to the peak of the time when the project run away. read more

Next to the street to share the data the box filled with data waiting to be opened

domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, mobile Internet companies to study the actual case, will be able to practitioners and people involved in this field to a certain reference.

Street co-founder Yang Yuancheng (Tencent technology plan)

business is like riding a broken bicycle, constantly going forward, but also a free hand to repair all kinds of problems, and you can’t stop to repair, once the stop may be apart." Yang Yuancheng, co-founder of the street cited the words of (micro-blog) summed up their entrepreneurial process. read more