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Gov’t Allots $132.17 Million for Relocation of Foreign Affairs Ministry

first_imgThe process to relocate the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade to downtown Kingston is to continue this fiscal year, following an allotment of $132.17 million. This is contained in the 2013/14 Estimates of Expenditure, currently before the House of Representatives. This relocation project seeks to provide customised office space to adequately support the Ministry’s needs in terms of accommodation of staff, meeting and conference facilities, and waiting areas for diplomats and other visitors. The process is also expected to contribute to the re-development of downtown Kingston by virtue of moving the Ministry to that area; and to obviate the cost to Government arising from the high rate of office rental in New Kingston, where the Ministry is currently located. Up to February this year, feasibility and storm surge studies have been completed, as well as bathymetric, topographic and geographical surveys. In addition, a schematic design of the proposed building has been reviewed. For this fiscal year, it is intended that the procurement for land acquisition will be completed; designs and working drawings for the office building will be undertaken; and the construction of coastal revetment carried out. Other targets under the project for the period include: undertaking land preparation inclusive of clearing, removal of palm trees, relocation of earth drains and installation of water and sewerage facilities. After several extensions, the project, which began in April 2008, is scheduled to end in December 2016. It is being funded by a grant from the Government of the People’s Republic of China. By Alecia Smith-Edwards, JIS Reporterlast_img read more

Government Collects $160 Million Under Traffic Ticket Amnesty

first_img The Government has collected $160 million from unpaid traffic ticket fines, under the Traffic Ticket Amnesty that started on August 2. Story Highlights The three-month amnesty which will conclude on October 31, affects tickets issued between September 1, 2010 and July 31, 2017. For more information on the traffic ticket amnesty, persons may call 948-0406 or 948-0411. The Government has collected $160 million from unpaid traffic ticket fines, under the Traffic Ticket Amnesty that started on August 2.This was disclosed by National Security Minister, Hon. Robert Montague, during the sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (October 3).The three-month amnesty which will conclude on October 31, affects tickets issued between September 1, 2010 and July 31, 2017.Under the amnesty, persons are able to pay outstanding tickets without penalties or additional fees.“I want to use this opportunity to urge all members of the public who believe they may have an outstanding ticket to make that call before the new Road Traffic Act comes in with harsher penalties,” Mr. Montague said.Motorists may pay outstanding traffic tickets online, using Tax Administration Jamaica’s website – – or at any Tax Office islandwide.Presently, the data show that the outstanding traffic tickets in the courts total $2.283 billion.Additionally, the records of the Inland Revenue Department (indicate) that there is $565.92 million in outstanding tickets as at December 31, 2016.For more information on the traffic ticket amnesty, persons may call 948-0406 or 948-0411.last_img read more

Second Session of the 59th General Assembly Speech From the Throne

first_img OUR ENVIRONMENT, OUR ENERGY, OUR PEOPLE, OUR PRODUCTS My government will make the environment a priority. We will demonstrate that a sustainable economy is a globally competitive economy. We will show how smart choices add up to real savings, lead to innovation, and improve quality of life. We will lead by example. Nova Scotians know that the quality of life in our province is directly linked to the quality of our environment. My government will renew the Smart Energy Choices program to help Nova Scotians make better energy choices, lower their energy bills, and reduce our province’s reliance on fossil fuels. We will also support efforts to generate electricity from renewable resources such as wind power and low-impact tidal-power technologies. My government will continue to implement and build on the Green Plan: Toward a Sustainable Environment, which makes a key link between green values and economic opportunities. My government believes that every Nova Scotian should have access to clean drinking water. We will build on the Drinking Water Strategy with additional supports over the long term for people with well water and on-site septic systems. We will further provide capital infrastructure to improve and upgrade Nova Scotia’s septic treatment facilities. My government will lead by example through the Environmental Management Policy, which requires departments to incorporate environmental considerations into all policies, including a focus on procurement practices and energy efficiency. And because my government knows the value and importance of preserving land for future generations, for supporting wildlife habitat, and for promoting eco-tourism, we will add five new nature reserves to Nova Scotia’s diverse land base, thanks to the generosity of private land owners. My government will aggressively market our province’s unique advantages. We will foster and promote sustainable business and environmental practices. And we will practise what we preach. My government will seize growth opportunities, build on Nova Scotia’s strengths, and eliminate obstacles. We will govern with the right balance of traditional values and new ideas. And, together, we will build a more modern, more competitive, and greener province. BETTER RELATIONS … BETTER RESULTS My government knows that we can better respond to the needs and aspirations of Nova Scotians when all levels of government work more co-operatively. We look forward to a productive partnership with the new federal government and to building stronger relations with all of our municipalities. Our goal is to ensure that the federal government treats Nova Scotia fairly, and that it recognizes and supports the priorities of Nova Scotians. My government will provide municipalities with more assistance in addressing the infrastructure needs of their communities. My government understands that meeting the needs of Nova Scotians is a responsibility of all levels of government, and we will lead by example. CONCLUSION In conclusion, my government looks to the future with optimism: enhancing the provincial income tax credit for parents whose children participate in organized sport and recreation programs implementing Nova Scotia’s first Food and Nutrition Policy for Public Schools piloting a new program to strengthen physical activity leadership at the municipal level and we will begin discussions with school officials to make physical education a mandatory high school credit beginning in the 2007-08 school year Confident in the knowledge that, together with Nova Scotians, we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Confident in the knowledge that Nova Scotians are resilient and resourceful, caring and compassionate. Confident in the knowledge that our sense of community is strong and our pride in what it is to be a Nova Scotian is unquestioned. The following is the speech from the throne read today, May 4,2006, by Lt.-Gov. Myra A. Freeman at the opening of the second session of the 59th General Assembly of Nova Scotia: INTRODUCTION Mr. Speaker, Members of the Legislative Assembly, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the second session of the 59th General Assembly. It has been just over three years since my government tabled its last speech from the throne. My government comes here today proud of the progress Nova Scotia has made in those three years. And we come here today to share with Nova Scotians how, with their help, we will build on that progress and overcome many of the social, economic, and environmental challenges we know we still face. We come here, as well, to pay tribute to our former premier, John Hamm, a good friend to every member of this house, and a great champion of Nova Scotia. In the six and a half years the Honourable Member for Pictou Centre served as premier, Nova Scotia witnessed many firsts, many milestones. While many will remember his success in getting Nova Scotia’s fiscal house in order and in bringing a new level of economic prosperity to our province, many others will remember him for all that he did to support families in need. The members of this house also express our gratitude to the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, in our military. While the Year of the Veteran has passed, our deep appreciation for what they have sacrificed remains constant. We know it was their courage and sacrifice that have guaranteed our right to take our place in this house today and to freely debate the issues of concern to Nova Scotians. We thank them and the men and women who continue to put their lives in harm’s way so all of us can continue to enjoy our peace and freedom. My government also notes with sadness the passing of many Nova Scotians who enriched their province in the service of others. Among them, the Honourable Robert Lorne Stanfield, the Honourable Terence R. B. Donahoe, Senator Calvin Ruck, Shirley Elliott, Charles Keating, Lieutenant Chris Saunders, Doctor David Rippey, Corporal Paul James Davis, Rear Admiral Desmond Piers (retired), Robert Shaw, Private Braun Woodfield, Captain Derek Nichols, Sherman Zwicker, Sandy Cameron, and Sister Peggy Butts. And it is with deep regret that all members of this House express their condolences to our friend and former colleague Danny Graham, who just this week lost his wife Sheelagh after a hard-fought battle with cancer. Our hearts and prayers are with him, his sons Patrick, Andrew, and Colin, the Nolan family, and Sheelagh and Danny’s many friends. MY GOVERNMENT’S FIRM AND FULL COMMITMENT My government acknowledges the tremendous contributions that those who came before us have made in service to their fellow Nova Scotians, and we are determined to serve their memories proudly by building on their legacies. My government recognizes that the decisions we make today will have an impact on Nova Scotians well into the future. To that end, we remain firmly and fully committed to the following: Our decisions will help Nova Scotia families reach their full potential and make our communities stronger, safer, more caring, and better connected. Our decisions will promote the health and well-being of our citizens and preserve and protect our valued quality of life. Our decisions will create a climate of greater optimism and bring increased investment that will lead to greater prosperity that all Nova Scotians can share. Our decisions will strengthen — never jeopardize — Nova Scotia’s fiscal health and well-being. And every decision we take will respect the values and the principles that contribute to our pride as a people and our pride in our province. They will recognize government’s rightful role, value diversity, be based on fairness, and always be made with the greater good of Nova Scotians at heart. SUPPORTING FAMILIES, STRENGTHENING COMMUNITIES, BUILDING BRIGHTER FUTURES The health and well-being of Nova Scotians, their families, and communities is crucial, not just to an individual’s quality of life, but to Nova Scotia’s overall prosperity, with many factors coming to bear on each. Education levels, income levels, housing standards, and the quality of our air and water are just a few. Government’s role is not to intrude on an individual’s decisions, but to give them the knowledge and means to make the best possible choices for themselves and their families. And government’s role is not to tell communities what they must do to achieve greater prosperity, but to help them acquire the information, tools, and support they need to find their own ways to thrive. My government knows that, despite the considerable fiscal, economic, and social progress Nova Scotia has witnessed in recent years, too many Nova Scotians are in need, too many families are under stress, and too many communities under pressure. That is why, through whatever avenues are open to us and with whatever resources we have available to us, we will work to make life easier. It is why we will introduce a new children’s Pharmacare program for working families of modest means — a measure that will improve the health of many Nova Scotia children, reduce the financial pressures on their parents, reduce demands on hospital emergency services, and further support our government’s efforts to keep working families working. It is why we will provide more Nova Scotians with affordable housing and more parents with the child-care options they need and deserve. My government will increase funding for senior and low-income housing repairs and do more to assist families who provide love and support to our foster children. It is also why we will enhance post-adoption services for children with disabilities, extend the bursary program for children in care, and raise the shelter allowance for Income Assistance recipients. And it is why we will continue to provide financial help so low-income diabetics can better manage their disease and, once again, raise the shelter allowance for Income Assistance recipients. My government is working to lighten the load for individuals and families in need. COMMUNITIES … THE BACKBONE OF NOVA SCOTIA My government knows that caring, dedicated volunteers are the backbone of our communities. Volunteers are tireless friends who believe in human dignity and giving back to their communities. They know that to rise above adversity and to be the very best that we can be, we need each other. Nova Scotians volunteer more hours per year than any other province in Canada. My government is proud of Nova Scotia’s strong culture of volunteerism. And we will make it a top priority. My government has made volunteerism one of the key principles of Nova Scotia’s Community Development Policy. We will provide clear leadership for this important work by appointing a minister responsible for volunteerism and will take concrete actions to respond to the recommendations of the Nova Scotia Canada Volunteerism Initiative Network. The needs of communities and the needs of volunteers are intrinsically linked. Responding to the needs of one will positively impact the health and well-being of the other. My government will grow and support our vital voluntary sector. My government recognizes that sustainable communities are crucial to the future strength and prosperity of Nova Scotia. That is why we will continue to support the development of collaborative approaches with communities that build on our combined skills, resources, and resourcefulness. My government is committed to addressing the challenges facing many of our communities and will act on every opportunity to help them thrive and prosper. My government knows that our schools are much more than places for our students to learn. They are very often the local meeting spot for community groups and the substitute for the local community theatre or recreation centre. Parents, municipal representatives, and other community members have expressed concern about the process used when considering permanent school closures. My government is reviewing this process, to ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of students, parents, communities, and the education system. Additionally, recognizing that all schools are a vital community asset, but not accessible because of the high cost of liability insurance, my government will make these costs more affordable and make our schools a more welcoming place. Nova Scotia is known as a safe place to live and raise a family. But my government recognizes that there is growing concern that our quiet streets and peaceful neighbourhoods could be in jeopardy. My government also knows that only a small percentage of offenders are responsible for the majority of criminal offences. We will take concrete action. We will establish a Youth Attendance Centre that requires young Nova Scotians in conflict with the law to participate in a range of programs designed to keep them from becoming re-offenders. Additionally, my government will reintroduce the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, introduce the Criminal Notoriety Act, and Crystal Meth Restriction legislation. We will also enhance resources to more closely track potential serial offenders, and continue to improve on-the-ground intelligence in the fight against organized crime. LEARNING … THE GATEWAY TO SUCCESS My government knows that learning doesn’t begin in grade primary and doesn’t end at graduation. That is why my government will soon announce increased funding for early childhood learning through to adult learning. We will also carry through with the commitments outlined in Learning for Life II, which focuses on the fundamentals, further reduces class sizes, expands supports for students with special needs, offers more advanced courses for gifted students, and calls for greater accountability throughout our public school system. These measures, combined with more teachers and resource specialists, more books and teaching aids, will help more of our students find success in school and in life. But my government knows that far too many Nova Scotians who are eager to learn continue to fall through the cracks. My government has introduced a number of initiatives to reach out to these students to keep them in school, to keep them learning, and to provide them the opportunity for a better future here at home. But more needs to be done and will be done. We will expand existing programs to encourage trades training. We will place greater emphasis on career counselling and introduce more hands-on training and composite programming in our high schools and in our communities. My government will also support the diverse needs of our students and will take further actions to implement the recommendations of the Black Learners Advisory Committee Report. Nova Scotia is fortunate to be home to 11 degree-granting institutions, a number of which have been recognized as the best in the country. We also have a first-rate community college system that offers a broad range of trades and technical skills training to thousands of Nova Scotians throughout the province. My government recognizes the important contribution both make to our academic success as well as our economic prosperity. That is why my government signed Nova Scotia’s first multi-year funding agreement with our universities and made a 10-year, $123-million commitment for the modernization and expansion of our community colleges. And while there is no question that a post-secondary education increases an individual’s employment and income potential, the cost of a university education remains daunting for most Nova Scotia families. My government’s goal is to make the cost of obtaining a typical undergraduate degree in Nova Scotia comparable to the national average within five years. In addition, my government will further enhance and more aggressively promote Nova Scotia’s student loan forgiveness programs and take measures to help more students of middle-income families access student loans. We will reduce the parental contribution threshold, and the payment schedule will take into consideration the student’s ability to pay as they enter the work force. PROMOTING GOOD HEALTH … PROTECTING PUBLIC HEALTH Nothing is more important to Nova Scotians than their health, and the health of their families. Unfortunately, Nova Scotia has among the highest chronic disease and disability rates in the country, and far too many Nova Scotians still make lifestyle choices that compromise their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Three years ago, my government demonstrated its commitment to help Nova Scotians become healthier by creating Canada’s first Office of Health Promotion. Recently, we brought the offices of Health Promotion and the Chief Medical Officer together with the Population and Public Health division of the Department of Health. The integration of these vital services not only strengthens our ability to implement healthy public policies, it better prepares Nova Scotia for emerging health threats. My government wants Nova Scotians to become healthier and to live longer, more productive lives. That is why, for the third year in a row, we will increase funding for health promotion activities. We will move forward with a number of important strategies already under way to prevent Nova Scotians from making lifestyle choices that come with consequences: smoking, excessive drinking, drug use, and problem gambling. And we will continue our work to prevent injury and falls. My government will also continue to actively promote — in our classrooms and boardrooms, in our doctors’ offices and restaurants — what Nova Scotians can do to become more healthy. We will advance strategies that promote healthy eating, healthy sexuality, and increased physical activity, particularly as it relates to children and youth. As well, my government will undertake a number of other important measures designed to help our children lead healthier, more active, more fulfilling lives, including: Our goal is to make every generation of young Nova Scotians healthier than the one before it. Our goal is to slow the growing pressures on a health-care system under stress. MEETING NOVA SCOTIA’S HEALTH-CARE NEEDS Like all Canadians, Nova Scotians want to know that when they need health care it will be there for them. My government is determined to see that it is. But more than that, my government is determined to see that it is faster care, better care, care that is closer to home. To that end, we will once again be making significant new investments to ensure that Nova Scotians get the care they need when they need it. These investments will enable us to train and recruit the right mix of health-care professionals, to pay for the increased cost and utilization of cancer and other life-saving drugs, and to provide more vital services, such as dialysis and palliative care, in more communities throughout our province. The most recent federal budget guaranteed shorter wait times. My government will work hand in hand with Ottawa to reduce wait times in Nova Scotia. SHAPING THE FUTURE OF CONTINUING CARE Nova Scotia’s aging population, combined with some of the country’s highest chronic disease and disability rates, brings with it increased demand for in-home and long-term care services. My government recently concluded extensive consultations involving 1,400 Nova Scotians to better determine Nova Scotia’s needs and to develop an insightful approach to respond to this challenge. We are responding. We will shortly release a long-term strategy that sets the course for putting Nova Scotia on the right path to provide the right level of care, at the right time, and for all of the right reasons. Through our Continuing Care Strategy, Nova Scotians will see that when it comes to making sound policy investment decisions, we are a government that creates long-term, sustainable, community-based solutions that result in better care. Sound policy decisions, based on thoughtful planning, will also guide us as we look toward Nova Scotia’s economic potential. A MODERN, COMPETITIVE, GREENER PROVINCE My government will act decisively. We will advance fresh ideas for building a modern, competitive, greener province. My government’s updated economic growth strategy moves our province in an exciting new direction. Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity 2006 demonstrates an understanding of Nova Scotia’s place in a rapidly changing world and recognizes that sustainable competitiveness is about more than healing the split between economy and environment. It’s about uniting the best interests of Nova Scotia—business, ecology, and social development. It’s about capitalizing on global trends, eliminating waste, and encouraging innovation to achieve sustainable growth and international competitiveness. This year, we will support the conversion of the system that heats the Nova Scotia Hospital, the Dartmouth General Hospital, and the Nova Scotia Community College. Currently it burns high-sulphur oil. Soon it will be fuelled by natural gas — environmentally friendly and cost effective. The most competitive economies today are those that make the best use of their natural resources, of the skills and ingenuity of their people, and of their geographic advantages. Nova Scotia offers the best of all. Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity builds on the spirit and intent of the Come to Life initiative. My government will continue to promote our province’s distinct quality of life. We will continue to spread the word about Nova Scotia as a great place to live, invest, do business, get an education, and visit. And we will continue to enhance Nova Scotia’s pride of place and global presence by emphasizing our best qualities — our people, our products, and our province. The Come to Life initiative will also implement an expatriate recruitment program to attract information technology workers back to the province to ensure we have the workforce needed to further grow our IT sector. And while we are promoting our competitive advantages to the world, we will be strengthening our global connections at home. My government is embarking on a bold vision to ensure that, by the year 2010, every Nova Scotian will have broadband access to the Internet — in many cases, through wireless connectivity. Achieving broadband access to the Internet in every community throughout Nova Scotia is as important today as electricity and telephones were in the past. In the not too distant future, Nova Scotians will be able to access information and make connections wherever they are. This will not happen overnight. But we will move ahead rapidly to implement wireless connectivity pilots. We foresee a day when we will look back at this initiative as the critical step we took to secure Nova Scotia’s place in the future. BUILDING OPTIMISM, BETTER BUSINESS CLIMATE My government will respond to the concerns of Nova Scotians. We will reduce taxes and regulate gas prices. We will enhance business competitiveness, grow our cultural industries, and seize trade opportunities. We will expand tourism marketing and improve our highways, roads, and bridges. My government knows that achieving and sustaining prosperity requires the right mix of consumer choice and market stability, the right balance of business freedom and regulatory protection, the right blend of investment in marketing and infrastructure improvements. We will strive to achieve balance to ensure we strengthen families and build a better business climate. To that end: My government also recognizes the importance of our tourism industry, which accounts for $1.3 billion annually and employs 32,000 people. With a clear goal to increase tourism revenues, we will implement the key priorities of the 2006 Tourism Plan. Developed by the Nova Scotia Tourism Partnership Council, the plan recommends enhancing signature attractions and strengthening tourism marketing efforts in both existing and new markets, as well as improving transportation access to Nova Scotia. Whether we are sending products to Dallas or bringing tourists to Digby, this government knows there is a vital link between infrastructure and a strong economy. Since 2000, capital funding for road, highway, and bridge improvements has more than tripled. My government will continue to twin major 100-series highways and improve our rural roads. We will continue to make the safety of our motorists, the enjoyment of our visitors, and the efficiency of our trade routes a government priority. My government will also launch Nova Scotia’s Infrastructure Strategy, Route to Prosperity, to identify challenges, priorities, and the broad linkages between capital infrastructure investments. My government knows that infrastructure is the means by which our communities are connected to each other, and our province is connected to the world. Infrastructure is vital to the economic expansion of our communities and the quality of life of our citizens. During the past seven years, the province lived within its means, creating budget surpluses, lowering debt, and improving our credit rating, so taxpayers pay less for ongoing debt. We will continue to do this, and we will also meet our debt-reduction targets in 2007-08. We are now in a position to begin reinvesting more in our infrastructure, to make life better for all Nova Scotians. While continuing to balance competing priorities, we will build a foundation for business success and international competitiveness, and meet the needs and improve services for people across the province — wherever they live. That is why my government will invest more than $1 billion in infrastructure renewal over the next four years. This investment will translate into new schools, new hospitals, new and upgraded roads, and new communications technology. Together with our partners, most notably, the government of Canada, we will ensure that, instead of being an obstacle to growth, our infrastructure will be a catalyst to new, sustainable social progress and economic growth. NOVA SCOTIA’S RESOURCE INDUSTRIES … ADAPTING TO CHANGE Agriculture, fisheries, and aquaculture remain the economic heart of many Nova Scotia communities. These industries have consistently demonstrated that adapting to change in a modern, competitive economy requires risk, resourcefulness, and a willingness to learn. My government created a separate ministry for agriculture to ensure a continued and renewed focus for this important industry. And we will continue to support the efforts of agri-food and seafood operations by helping businesses develop value-added products and adopt innovative new technologies and processes. My government’s new aquaculture development strategy, which includes a new federal/provincial aquaculture framework agreement, will help propel this promising sector forward over the next five years. We will also work with the agriculture sector to review opportunities that move them to greater sustainability. My government believes a prosperous future also depends on the careful management of our natural resources. Collectively, our forests, parks, minerals, and wildlife are a rich natural bounty that contributes to our identity, quality of life, and employment throughout Nova Scotia. This year, we will ask Nova Scotians to help us define a comprehensive natural resources strategy: to participate in creating a vision for the future. We will consult with them in the months ahead on four key topics: bio-diversity, forests, parks, and minerals. We will listen carefully, mindful that there are many varied interests in the stewardship of our natural resources. The public consultations will ensure that our strategy reflects the Nova Scotia we want today, and the Nova Scotia we want for our children and grandchildren. NOVA SCOTIA, A PROVINCE THAT VALUES DIVERSITY My government knows the more diverse Nova Scotia becomes, the stronger it becomes. To this end, my government will We will lower taxes to help our families and our businesses. We will remove uncertainty at the pumps by providing more stability in the retail gas industry, in an environment that ensures flexibility and timely response to radical price shifts. We will implement our Better Regulation Initiative to eliminate over-regulation, duplication, and unnecessary paperwork. We will not compromise public safety, the environment, or our communities, but we will relieve the burden that unnecessary regulations put on Nova Scotia businesses. We will take concrete steps to ensure that regulations make sense and achieve the desired results in a way that supports business growth. We will continue to support our artists and artisans, musicians, and museums to more fully realize the economic and cultural benefits of our wealth of talent, creativity, and heritage. We will launch the Gateway Strategy to ensure that Nova Scotia is positioned to capture a significant share of the surging growth in trade traffic between North America and Asia. continue to implement the objectives of the Immigration Strategy, including work that increases the number of immigrants that are settling in Nova Scotia, helps newcomers adjust to their new lives, and supports the vital work that settlement organizations do to help immigrants feel welcome and at home continue to provide funding to not-for-profit organizations, community groups, and schools to help immigrant children succeed and to help their parents learn to speak English or French so they can find meaningful employment and more fully participate in their communities continue to advance and support programs in support of the French-Language Services Act to ensure that Acadian and francophone Nova Scotians receive government services and business-related information in their language of choice through the new Minister Responsible for Gaelic Affairs, celebrate the influence and rich contribution the Gaelic language and culture have made to Nova Scotia’s heritage and work to meet the goals of the Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia expand the work of the Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs by opening a satellite office in Cape Breton — the first of future regional offices planned for South West Nova, the Valley, and Central regions continue to work with the Mi’kmaq and other partners to advance the Mi’kmawey Debert, which aims to protect valuable and unique archeological resources, while developing opportunities to share the history and culture of the Mi’kmaq continue working towards the signing of a framework agreement to establish a negotiation process on matters related to Aboriginal rights, including Aboriginal title and treaty rights continue to work with the federal government and the Mi’kmaq to close the gap between the quality of life experienced by the Mi’kmaq and other Nova Scotians increase the diversity of the public service to ensure that government better represents the people it serves implement the Racial Equity Policy in elementary schools and develop a provincewide Heritage Strategy. My government looks to the future with optimism, knowing that the values we share, the vision we embrace, and the course that we have set will lead to a better, stronger, more prosperous Nova Scotia. -30- NOTE: The speech from the throne is available at the Vital Statistics Office, 1609 Hollis St., Halifax and Access Nova Scotia Centres throughout the province, or on the website at .last_img read more

Manmohan files RS nomination from Raj

first_imgJaipur: Former prime minister Manmohan Singh filed nomination papers for the bypoll to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan on Tuesday.Singh filed four sets of nomination papers in the chamber of returning officer in Rajasthan Assembly and expressed gratitude to the Congress party for nominating him. He condoled BJP leader Madan Lal Saini’s death in June, which has led to the vacancy in the upper house. Singh said he will do whatever is possible to promote the cause of the people of the state. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”I am very grateful to the Congress party and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and all members of the Congress party for nominating me to this vacant seat in the council of states,” he told reporters after filing the nomination. Saying he recognised there were circumstances in which the vacancy was created, he conveyed his condolence to Saini’s family. “I express gratefulness to the people of Rajasthan and the Congress party for giving me this privilege for serving the people of Rajasthan in the council of states. I will do my very best to do whatever is possible to promote the cause of the people of Rajasthan,” he added. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KSingh, 86, was accompanied by Gehlot, Pilot, AICC general secretary in-charge of Rajasthan Avinash Pande, state Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal, chief whip Mahesh Joshi, state Health Minister Raghu Sharma at the time of the nomination. Pilot said the Rajasthan Congress will benefit from Singh’s experience. “I am happy that the Congress party has made former prime minister Manmohan Singh its candidate for the vacant seat in Rajya Sabha. Manmohan Singh’s personality and experience will benefit us all.” “I am happy that all of us Congressmen from Rajasthan, Congress MLAs will get a chance to make a former prime minister an MP.” The Congress has a majority in the state assembly and Singh, thus, is likely to win the bypoll.last_img read more

Tory Leader Doug Ford combats criticism to fight for election win

first_imgTORONTO – The Ontario election would be Doug Ford’s to lose.At least that’s what polls and pundits suggested when the newly minted Progressive Conservative leader kicked off his campaign at a rally in Etobicoke, a Toronto suburb and the epicentre of so-called Ford Nation.The former Toronto city councillor— mostly known to the rest of Canada as the handler of his late brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford — was lauded by his staunch supporters as a political outsider sure to shake things up at Queen’s Park.Quickly positioning himself as a defender of the “little guy,” Doug Ford’s campaign message consisted of a simple, light-on-detail promise of putting money back in people’s pockets by lowering taxes, cutting hydro rates and eliminating the province’s cap-and-trade system.But over the course of the campaign, the wealthy businessman has been slammed for not releasing a fully costed platform, prompting his political rivals to warn of massive cuts to public services under a Tory government.Ford has dismissed those warnings.“Don’t listen to the scare tactics,” he told a cheering crowd at a recent rally in Ottawa, calling criticisms against him “dishonest.” “Change is coming to Ontario.”The lack of a Tory plan, however, combined with controversies involving several candidates appears to have taken a toll, with recent polls showing Ford in a close race with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath for the keys to the premier’s office.“(Ford) is not particularly likable. He’s not seen as particularly efficient. He’s not a communicator,” said Barry Kay, a political science professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, noting Ford started the race with a significant lead.“They’ve blown it in the space of a month.”But for all the criticism Ford has received, and the slide in support suggested by polls, he could still take his party to victory, said Kay. The question now, he said, is whether the Tories can still mobilize their core support and harness people’s desire for change.Ford has railed against so-called “elites,” although he comes from a wealthy political family.He’s the second son of Diane and Doug Ford Sr., a provincial politician for one term in the late 1990s. He has spoken about his family on the campaign trail and launched his bid for the Tory leadership from his mother’s basement in west Toronto.He was thrust into the national spotlight because of his championing of his scandal-plagued brother, whose admission of using crack cocaine made international headlines. He stepped in as a Toronto mayoral candidate when cancer forced his brother to give up on running for a second term.The Ford family was back in the headlines this week, after Rob Ford’s widow launched a lawsuit alleging Doug Ford mishandled the estate of his late brother, causing financial harm to her and her children. Ford has denied the claims.The Tory leader’s relationship with the media has been tense over the course of the campaign. He has generally made himself available to reporters just once a day, limiting the number of questions journalists could ask, and opted not to have a media bus.Ford, who declined requests for an interview, has insisted that he has been open.“Every single day I see the media, I talk to the media,” he said on Tuesday. “I’ve had probably more media access than both the candidates combined.”Observers say the reduced media access limits scrutiny of Ford’s pledges. Questions about his promises to cut government waste by finding “efficiencies” of some $6 billion dollars often go unanswered.“Doug’s a pretty casual guy. He throws numbers around,” said Paula Fletcher, a left-leaning Toronto city councillor who often squared off with Ford when he was in municipal government. “That deep, thorough knowledge of a subject — he didn’t have to engage in that in the city. I think maybe he thinks that’s what politics is like.”Fletcher is skeptical about Ford’s oft-repeated claim that he and his brother saved Toronto taxpayers $1.16 billion over the course of their term.“Everyone has found efficiencies,” she said. “(The Fords) developed a deficit when they were there.”Fletcher also said the tightly regimented role of the premier, with a party system at the legislature, may not easily mesh with Ford’s shoot-from the-hip style.“Don’t get me wrong, I had a great relationship with Doug,” she said of their four years serving together on council. “But the fact is, (being a city councillor) is a vigorous job, which I think he took kind of lightly.”Ford’s longtime friend and former Toronto deputy mayor Doug Holyday, however, paints a different picture.Holyday said he thinks Ford will have no trouble acclimatizing to Queen’s Park and downplays criticisms that his friend is a “one-man-band” who doesn’t work well with others.“I’ve never, ever seen any evidence of him being a bully,” said Holyday. “He’s not opinionated or rude or anything like that at all. He may have a point to make and he’ll make it as forcefully as he can, as the rest of us did (at City Hall).”Holyday also said Ford and his brother did find efficiencies at city hall through the elimination of 1,500 redundant positions. Those savings were achieved through attrition, transfers, voluntary buyouts and early retirements, not layoffs, he said.“Doug is a hard-worker,” he said. “I think he has the best of intentions to make Ontario a better place for all.”last_img read more

La Senza parent L Brands pursuing alternatives for Canadian lingerie retailer

first_imgMONTREAL – The parent company of La Senza says it is pursuing “alternatives” for the beleaguered Canadian lingerie retailer after about a decade of ownership.News of L Brands Inc.’s possible search for a buyer boosted its shares by 11.7 per cent to an intraday high of nearly US$32 Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange. By Friday morning, the Ohio-based company was trading above US$31.L Brands, which also owns Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, forecasts La Senza will post an operating loss of US$40 million and sales of about US$250 million this year.The company has been battling competition from American Eagle Outfitters’ Aerie as well as newer lingerie retailers such as Adore Me. Its shares have plunged by about 68 per cent since October 2015, when they hovered at around US$96.L Brands bought La Senza, which was founded in Quebec, for about US$700 million in 2007, when the brand had more than 300 stores in Canada and more than double that number abroad.L Brands currently has 119 company-owned La Senza stores in Canada and five in the U.S., along with 188 non-company-owned international outlets.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version said there were 140 non-company-owned international outletslast_img read more

FinMin asks all depts to hold review of govt guarantees to CPSEs

first_imgNew Delhi: The Finance Ministry has asked all departments to undertake a review of government guarantees given by respective ministries to their CPSEs or entities. The review should undertake aspects like the discharge of repayment obligations or interest obligations as per terms of the loan agreement and covenants and conditions met, the Finance Ministry said in an office memorandum. Besides, the details of CPSEs or entities due guarantee fee paid on time to the government should also be submitted. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe Finance Ministry has extended date for submission of these details to April 30 from April 10. Guarantees are contingent liabilities have the potential to impact the financial performance of the government. In another circular, the ministry said FRBM Rules stipulates that government cannot guarantee more than 0.5 per cent of the GDP of the respective financial year to CPSE/entities. All ministries and departments are requested that prioritised guarantee requirement for 2019-20 may be worked out to include only such proposals where the loan agreement can be signed and guarantee agreement can be executed during the year.last_img read more

2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship kicks off in Marrakech

first_imgTaroudant- In an announcement of the FIA, the FIA World Touring Car Championship will kick-off in Morocco for the first time, starting on April 6th in Marrakech.Marrakech, the first African tourist destination, will host the season kick off.The 12 rounds for the 2014 WTCC season will take place in Morocco, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Belgium, Argentina, the USA, China, Japan and Macau, with the provisional dates unveiled by Motorsport-Total. Mehdi Bennani, 30, from Fez, is a Moroccan racing driver who currently competes for the first time in the World Touring Car Championship with Proteam Racing, an Italian auto racing team based in Arezzo, Italy.The 2014 World Touring Car Championship season will be the eleventh season of the FIA World Touring Car Championship.Following is the 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship draft calendarApr 6th – Marrakech, MoroccoApr 20th – Paul Ricard, FranceMay 4th – Budapest, HungaryMay 11th – Slovakiaring, SlovakiaMay 25th – Salzburg, AustriaJun 8th – Moscow Raceway, RussiaJun 22nd – Spa-Francorchamps, BelgiumAug 3rd – Termas de Río Hondo – ArgentinaSept 14th – Sonoma Raceway, USAOct 12th – Shanghai, ChinaOct 26th – Suzuka, JapanNov 16th – Macau, Chinalast_img read more

Opposition members withdraw

Earlier the opposition members in the PSC had put forward a set of conditions to the chairman of the PSC Minister Anura Priyadharshan Yapa. The four opposition members in the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) investigating the allegations raised against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, withdrew today after  the chairman of the PSC refused to accept a set of conditions put forward to the committee.Meanwhile the entire opposition staged a walkout from parliament saying the PSC on the Chief Justice was not fair. Lawyers representing the Chief Justice had said yesterday that she had also walked out of the PSC proceedings saying she had no confidence in having a fair hearing. The opposition members had wanted Yapa to agree to the conditions but he had refused to do so resulting in the four opposition members of the 11 member PSC walking out. read more

Swiss politician wants Lankans sent back

Noting “chaos” on the Greek island of Kos, where thousands of migrants mainly from Syria and Iraq have turned up in recent weeks, Mueller said Switzerland needed to refocus on the issue of migrants.He said too many people have been granted permanent refugee status in Switzerland in recent years and not nearly enough have been ordered to return home. “People displaced by war should still be taken in but only with the aim of sending them back later when the situation in their country of origin allows it,” Philipp Mueller, leader of the influential center-right FDP party, told the Schweiz am Sonntag paper. Switzerland, known for its tame political climate, goes to the polls on October 18.As in the rest of Europe, migrant and refugee policy has increasingly become a source of debate in the country.Justice minister and current Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga earlier this month said it was “unthinkable” that Switzerland would return people to Eritrea, which is led by authoritarian regime. A leading Swiss politician has called for the return of Sri Lankan asylum seekers in Switzerland as the island is now at peace, the AFP news agency reported.He said people fleeing conflict should only receive temporary protection in Switzerland, calling for a rethinking of the country’s approach to asylum seekers in an interview published today. He specifically cited Sri Lanka, where a 25-year civil war ended in 2009.“Asylum-seekers are still not being sent back there although the country has become a tourism destination for Swiss people. That is absurd,” Mueller said.In a review of Switzerland concluded this week, the United Nations Committee against Torture voiced concern that the federation “is not sufficiently considering” circumstances in the country of origin before sending migrants home. The U.N. panel specifically noted two reported cases of ethnic Tamils being subjected to torture after being forcibly returned to Sri Lanka. “People attempting to enter for economic reasons must be rejected,” Mueller added. She was responding to criticism from the right-wing Swiss People’s Party that the government’s handling of Eritrean migrants was too lenient, a complaint echoed Mueller. read more

Britains rarest birds are being put at risk by Natural England decision

Curlew conservationist Mary Colwell said that the license being revoked puts them in even graver danger of extinction.She told The Telegraph: “You couldn’t have chosen a worse time to revoke the general license than this week really.”We completely welcome a general license review, it needs tightening and more rigour, but to time it with the peak start of laying is really terrible. It’s caught us all by surprise.”Crows eat both the eggs and the young of curlews. Their eggs are quite large so they don’t take them away but they intimidate the birds off the nest, smash the eggs up and eat them in situ.”If we had time to prepare, people could have applied for individual licenses, no one would have minded if it happened at a different time of year.”Curlews don’t often re lay if they lose a clutch. So we have lost a season and that’s bad news for birds in such trouble.” “That is why we have so many songbirds now. Wintertime, as many magpies as you like, I couldn’t care less. During this critical nesting period we do need to be able to trap them.”Tim Palmer, the Chairman, Martin Down Farmer Cluster, based in Salisbury, takes care of rare turtle doves on his land. He said in a letter to The Telegraph: “The decision by Natural England to revoke General Licences to control certain pest bird species such as Crow and Magpie with immediate effect comes at a time of year calculated to do maximum damage to the prospects of a number of endangered species whose nests these predators attack. In my own case, I chair a group of farmers who surround the National Nature Reserve at Martin Down, Hampshire, with one of the last remaining breeding populations of Turtle Dove in the country.”In pandering to ‘Wild Justice’ in this way, in the middle of the breeding season, Natural England has not only damaged the Turtle Doves’ chances of survival but has also damaged, perhaps seriously, the trust that we had been building in recent years.” Curlews are threatened by crowsCredit:JONATHAN AYRES / Alamy Britain’s rarest birds are being put at risk after Natural England’s decision to revoke shooting licenses, farmers have said.They have argued that the decision to make shooting pest birds including magpies and crows without an individual license unlawful means that conservationists will no longer be able to protect the nests of songbirds from being plundered.Landowners have argued that this has come at the worst time of year, as it is when birds are beginning to lay their eggs, and those taking care of the rare species have had no time to prepare or apply for new individual licenses.Chris Packham has been the subject of anger for many farmers and rural organisations, as it was his organisation Wild Justice which forced Natural England to revoke the general licenses.On Thursday, his house was targeted by angry protesters, who left dead crows tied to his gate. He tweeted that he had informed Hampshire Police, who are investigating.However, the decision has not just been criticised by farmers and gamekeepers – conservationists have also spoken out against it.Curlews, a shy grassland bird with a distinctive long bill, are steeply in decline and are endangered in the UK. In some part of the British Isles, their numbers have declined by 90 per cent in the last 20 years. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Peter Hall, who runs Target Farm in Marden, Kent, grows cereals and fruit in fields fringed by hedgerows. These house some of Britain’s rarest birds – yellowhammers and linnets, which are dangerously in decline and listed as “red” by the RSPB.He said: “Had this happened in December it would have been fine – we would have applied for individual licences, but 36 hours warning at this critical time of year is not a great deal for all the landowners throughout the countryside.”While oncee we only had a pair of yellowhammers on the farm, we recorded 196 in one site in the course of the 12 months. There are flocks of linnets, thousands of linnets. We are looking after these birds right through the winter, we provide a lot of hedgerow for them to nest in through the summer.”It’s depressing, we’re not into slaughtering or the extermination of anything, but in our particular case we control our magpies using traps which was absolutely legal until today. We did this annually for a scant two months.”This gives songbirds the chance to have one uninterrupted clutch without it being plundered by the magpies. Curlews are threatened by crows read more

Anglo American South Africa top of community development ratings

first_imgAnglo American South Africa, part of Anglo American – one of the world’s largest mining and natural resources group – has been voted by non-profit organisations (NPOs) as the company contributing most effectively towards community development in South Africa for the eighth year running.The rating, released by Cape Town-based analytical Trialogue, is published in its annual corporate social investment (CSI) handbook and is based on a perceptions rating of 100 leaders of South African NPOs. The South African subsidiary is also rated as the mining company making the most effective contribution to development by 102 private sector CSI practitioners in South Africa.“Being recognised for excellence in our CSI activities eight years in a row for our contribution to community upliftment by leaders of NPOs is particularly gratifying. Anglo American views CSI as a core part of its mandate in making a real and permanent contribution to the development of South Africa and its people,” says Kuseni Dlamini, Head of Anglo American South Africa and Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund.Anglo American invested R288,5 million in CSI activity in 2007, making it South Africa’s largest investor in this type of work. The majority of these efforts take place through the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund (R69 million), established in 1959, which operates as an independent fund with its own Board of Trustees. It undertakes sustained community interventions over an extended period of time to create an environment in which ordinary people are able to assume greater control of their lives. While interventions in education and health form the largest proportion in Anglo American’s CSI effort, substantial funding is also made in the fields of welfare, entrepreneurial development, and the environment.last_img read more

Android Security Team defend rooting as openness

first_imgThe launch of the Nexus S was met with great enthusiasm by the Android community, yet a recent comment made by one of Engadget’s writers (and fueled further by additional comments from its followers) caused Nick Kralevich from Android Developers to get a little defensive:“Nexus S has been rooted, let the madness commence!” proclaims Engadget. “This is only possible because Android’s security is crap and it’s exploited easily to gain root priviledges [sic]” adds a commenter. Nick counterbalanced these comments with his own statement:The Nexus S, like the Nexus One before it, is designed to allow enthusiasts to install custom operating systems. Allowing your own boot image on a pure Nexus S is as simple as running fastboot oem unlock. It should be no surprise that modifying the operating system can give you root access to your phone. Hopefully that’s just the beginning of the changes you might make. Legitimately gaining root access to your device is a far cry from most rooting exploits. Traditional rooting attacks are typically performed by exploiting an unpatched security hole on the device. Rooting is not a feature of a device; rather, it is the active exploitation of a known security hole. Google admit that there has been security holes and the Android team actively fix them, but until carriers and manufacturers provide an easy method to legitimately unlock devices, there will be a natural tension between the rooting and security communities.Read more at Android DevelopersBrett’s OpinionPersonally, when I see a new Android handset my first thought is not to root the device, far from it, but then again I normally buy my smartphones sim-free so I have never had the need to root. However, I have to agree with Nick, rooting is just another way to utilize your phone, and in the right hands it can produce some nifty programs, such as Titanium Backup.Unlike Jailbreaking on the iPhone rooting is not actively deterred by the manufacturer, so it’s hardly the voodoo or spectacular breakthrough that people want you to believe. In fairness Android’s open standards will normally produce more security holes as a direct result, but would you rather have a rigid control structure in place or the Android compromise that its OS provides? We know which we prefer.last_img read more

LaCie unveils Little Big Disk with Thunderbolt support

first_imgThe standout feature on the new MacBook Pro range announced earlier today is Thunderbolt: a new I/O tech developed by Intel and Apple that was originally codenamed Light Peak.With Thunderbolt, file transfers get a major boost due to the 10Gbps connection speed. But in order to use that lighting-fast data transfer tech, you need supporting hardware. That MacBook Pro may already be paid-for, but what can you transfer via Thunderbolt to? Storage company LaCie has you covered with its first Thunderbolt storage solution.The LaCie Little Big Disk will provide users of the new MacBook Pros, and any other machines when they become compatible, the ability to transfer multiple HD streams at once, or backup gigabytes of data in just a few minutes.For the moment LaCie is not divulging what the storage options will be, or how much Little Big Disk will cost. They have kindly provided some images, though, and told us the new drives will be available this summer from the LaCie and Apple stores.Read more at the LaCie press releaselast_img read more

Harmanis strikes it lucky

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Nickel rich-lister Kerry Harmanis pocketed close to $1 million this week, when shares in resources minnow Talisman Mining rose 52.4 per cent on Monday after the company acquired the Sinclair nickel project from Glencore.The Sinclair project in Western Australia, which has been mothballed since August 2013, was scooped up by Talisman for $8 million plus a deferred payment of $2 million.Mr Harmanis was the founding director of Jubilee Mines, a nickel miner acquired by resources giant Xstrata in 2007 for $3.1 billion.The former barrister made about $500 million from the sale, which was sealed as global nickel prices rose to record highs.Source: WA Todaylast_img read more

Google deux écoles chinoises démentent la responsabilité de la cyberattaque

first_imgGoogle : deux écoles chinoises démentent la responsabilité de la cyberattaqueÉtats-Unis – La NSA enquête sur la cyberattaque qu’ont subi Google et d’autres entreprises américaines. Pointées du doigt, deux écoles chinoises nient leur responsabilité.Victime d’une cyberattaque en décembre, Google avait accusé la Chine d’avoir perpétré cet “attentat”, lequel visait des comptes Gmail de représentants de la Ligue des droits de l’Homme. Enquêtant sur cette affaire, la NSA a identifié les deux probables auteurs des faits : l’université de Shanghai Jiaotong et la Lanxiang Vocational School. Les enquêteurs ont constaté que l’attaque avait transité par des serveurs taïwanais avant de remonter vers ces deux établissements. L’université de Shanghai Jiaotong a récemment battu Stanford et d’autres prestigieuses écoles à lors du challenge “Battle of the Brains”, organisé par IBM. De plus, la Lanxiang Vocational School entretient des liens étroits avec l’armée chinoise. Cependant, les experts ne sont pas encore certains de leurs accusations, l’attaque pouvant venir des autorités des établissements, d’un élève isolé ou encore de hackers ayant détourné les adresses IP. Google s’est refusé à tout commentaire pour le moment.Le 22 février 2010 à 11:47 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Bald eagle found injured on Highway 14 recovering in Portland

first_imgA bald eagle found injured on state Highway 14 on Tuesday was treated in Portland at a wildlife care center.The bald eagle has a fractured wing and damage to one of its eyes, said Lacy Campbell, manager of the care center at Audubon Society of Portland.Campbell said the injuries appear consistent with what typically happens in eagle-versus-vehicle collisions, and they appear to be recent.“Fractured wings are not too problematic,” she said. “But we don’t know if there’s internal damage.”Washington State Patrol responded to reports of the injured bald eagle walking on or near the highway around 9:30 a.m. The eagle was unable to fly, troopers said.Passers-by guided the eagle off to the shoulder of the eastbound lanes of the highway near Southeast Ellsworth Road. The Audubon Society picked it up.The wildlife caretakers in Portland wrapped the eagle’s damaged wing and gave it pain medication. For now, they’re trying to leave the bird alone.last_img read more

Penalty hero Ter Stegen It wasnt possible to move out of

first_imgBarcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen conceded a late penalty against Sevilla, but later made amends by saving it from Wissam Ben Yedder in injury-timeGoals from Gerard Pique and Ousmane Dembele had given Barcelona a 2-1 lead over Sevilla, after Pablo Sarabia’s ninth-minute opener, on Sunday’s Supercopa de España encounter.But the Catalan squad’s good work in Morocco appeared to have come undone when Ter Stegen conceded an injury-time penalty that could have forced the game into extra-time.However, the German made up for the error by saving Ben Yedder’s spot-kick to ensure that Barcelona got their season off to a winning start.And, speaking after the win, Ter Stegen revealed that he was never going to miss the penalty.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“I think it’s a penalty, but I can’t move out of the way either,” said the 26-year-old, via Marca.“I’m happy to win this title, the important thing is to win.“We are a team that knows how to win and we must always prove that.”Barcelona will next begin the defence of their La Liga crown against Alaves next weekend.last_img read more

Rodgers knows tomorrows match is a mustwin

first_imgScottish Premier League giants Celtic will play against German Bundesliga club RB Leipzig in the UEFA Europea LeagueScottish Premier League club Celtic needs a win tomorrow in the UEFA Europa League if it wants to have any hope of advancing to the next round.And manager Brendan Rodgers knows the importance of a victory against German Bundesliga side RB Leipzig.“I think it’s one where people will look at it as a pressure game, but not every pressure situation is a negative,” Rodgers told Sky Sports.rb leipzig, bayern munichReport: Bayern are held by Leipzig George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Bayern Munich was held to another draw, this time by RB Leipzig.Bayern Munich finds themselves in the unfamiliar position of sitting third in the…“I think we see the pressure moments as opportunities for you to go and show your qualities. In the first game, I think for the first half an hour we looked fine in the game but when we conceded we didn’t play well after that, both with and without the ball.”“Tomorrow night is obviously a different game at Celtic Park. Our supporters are everything for us, they really push us on and help us, and of course we know we are playing at a much better level and we know need to play at the very highest level to get a result,” he added.“The team is really confident and playing well, scoring goals, defensively strong.”“We know it’s a tough game for us but we love playing at Celtic Park and we know – if we are to progress or have any opportunity to progress into the group stages – it is a game we have to win,” he explained.last_img read more

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