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Horse Racing Tips

first_img       CVM TV                TVJ                   IRIE FM               POWER 106                                              —————-      —————-      —————-      —————-                                                               1.  MY COMPANION          WILL IN CHARGE       #WILL IN CHARGE       #MY COMPANION                                                                   2.  MAN IN BLUE           SUPERTRONICS          SUPERTRONICS          MAN IN BLUE                                                                    3.  BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE            COME DANCE WITH ME                                                             4.  SPROUTING WINGS       SUB STRUCTURE         CLASSICAL TRAIN       SUB STRUCTURE                                                                  5.  AQUILO               #AQUILO               #AQUILO                CLEARLY OURS                                                                   6. #SOY EL SENOR         #GOLDEN GLORY          GOLDEN GLORY          SOY EL SENOR                                                                   7.  OUR CREATION          BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR          STAR NEW VISTA                                                                 8.  OPTIMUS               CHEXIMAKIT            OPTIMUS               PLAY BACK                                                                      9.  HOVER CRAFT           SHINING LIGHT         COMMANDING CHIEF      COMMANDING CHIEF                                                               10. #CHIEF SECRETARIAT     CHIEF SECRETARIAT     GENUINE FRIEND       #CHIEF SECRETARIAT                                                                    NEWS TALK 93          WESTERN MIRROR        STAR                  KLAS                                                   —————-      —————-      —————-      —————-                                                               1.  AWESOME DESTINY       WILL IN CHARGE       #WILL IN CHARGE        MY COMPANION                                                                   2. #SUPERTRONICS         #SUPERTRONICS         #SUPERTRONICS         #SIR LEYLAND HALL                                                               3.  ANOTHER BULLET       #BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE            COME DANCE WITH ME                                                             4.  SUB STRUCTURE         SUB STRUCTURE         CLASSICAL TRAIN       SUB STRUCTURE                                                                  5.  AQUILO                TURBULENT VELOCITY    AQUILO                CLEARLY OURS                                                                   6.  SOY EL SENOR          IAN LINKS             CLASSY AVIATOR        CLASSY AVIATOR                                                                 7.  BOLD AVIATOR          DOC HOLIDAY           BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR                                                                   8.  OPTIMUS               CHEXIMAKIT            OPTIMUS               SONG ON TRACK                                                                  9.  EDISON                SHINING LIGHT         COMMANDING CHIEF     #HOVER CRAFT                                                                    10. #NATASHADONTPLAY       LUCKYBEGOOD           NO MONEY FRIEND       NO MONEY FRIEND                                                                CAYMANAS TRACK LIMITED TIPSTERS’ COMPETITION       Racedate : 05/03/2016                                                     CABLE SPORT NETWORK   TRACK & POOLS         RJR                   DAILY GLEANER                                          —————-      —————-      —————-      —————-                                                               1.  AWESOME DESTINY       AWESOME DESTINY       AWESOME DESTINY       AWESOME DESTINY                                                                2.  SUPERTRONICS          SUPERTRONICS          SUPERTRONICS         #SUPERTRONICS                                                                   3.  COME DANCE WITH ME    BIG GEORGE            ANOTHER BULLET        BIG GEORGE                                                                     4. #POWER OF THE CAT     #GRAND TRAIN           SUB STRUCTURE         SUB STRUCTURE                                                                  5.  CLEARLY OURS          TURBULENT VELOCITY    CLEARLY OURS          BATTLE SONG                                                                    6. #SOY EL SENOR          CLASSY AVIATOR       #GOLDEN GLORY          GOLDEN GLORY                                                                   7.  BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR          BOLD AVIATOR         #BOLD AVIATOR                                                                   8.  OPTIMUS               OPTIMUS               OPTIMUS               OPTIMUS                                                                        9.  COMMANDING CHIEF      COMMANDING CHIEF     #COMMANDING CHIEF      COMMANDING CHIEF                                                               10.  NO MONEY FRIEND      #CHIEF SECRETARIAT     NO MONEY FRIEND       NATASHADONTPLAY                                                                      JAMAICA OBSERVER      SPORTS GLOBE                                                                                                     —————-      —————-                                                                                                           1.  AWESOME DESTINY       WILL IN CHARGE                                                                                                             2.  BIMINI                MAN IN BLUE                                                                                                                3. #BIG GEORGE            BIG GEORGE                                                                                                                 4.  REAL VIBES MACHINE    SUB STRUCTURE                                                                                                              5.  CLEARLY OURS          CLEARLY OURS                                                                                                               6. #SOY EL SENOR          GOLDEN GLORY                                                                                                               7.  BOLD AVIATOR         #BOLD AVIATOR                                                                                                               8.  LITTLE PRINCE         LITTLE PRINCE                                                                                                              9.  COMMANDING CHIEF     #HOVER CRAFT                                                                                                                10.  CHIEF SECRETARIAT     LUCKYBEGOODlast_img read more


Medical Matters: How can I stop snoring?

first_imgThis week Dr Ciarán Roarty of Scally McDaid Roarty Medical Practice looks at the troublesome problem of snoring.Snoring is a noise that is made when we breathe while asleep. Not everyone snores.In fact, sometimes the snorer may actually be oblivious to it. But it may cause considerable distress to the person who shares a bed with a snorer. There are a lot of lifestyle factors that can contribute to snoring and thankfully we can make changes which will help. So how do I stop snoring?There are many proposed solutions to snoring. One thing that is generally accepted to help is weight loss if you are overweight. Even a small increase in weight can exacerbate snoring. Alcohol intake can contribute to snoring also so it makes sense to reduce intake in an attempt to reduce snoring. Sleeping on your back can put pressure on your throat and increase the chances of snoring so lying on your side may help.I’ve heard there is this great device that cures all snoring Doctor?There are a lot of devices out there but unfortunately, the research or evidence for their effectiveness is somewhat lacking. It is probably wise not to spend a fortune on any device you try and don’t forget the basics – weight, alcohol and sleeping on your back. Nasal dilators may help if the snoring noise mainly comes from your nose. There are devices which advance your lower jaw and tongue which may help if your snoring mainly emanates from the base of your tongue. It is probably best fitted by an experienced dentist. Chin straps may help by forcing you to breathe through your nose, particularly, if mouth breathing contributes to your snoring. Do any medicines work?If you have a head cold a short course of a nasal decongestant spray may help, though using them for too long may cause problems also.Are there any operations Doctor?Surgery is usually not the answer. But if you are at the end of your tether all things are considered. Nose operations may be tried for polyps or deviated septum (the middle of your nose). Surgery to remove the tonsils may help children who snore.. Operations on the soft palate or uvula (the dangly bit at the back of your throat) may help, but unfortunately there is very little evidence on the long term benefit of surgery.The above information is intended as advice only and should you have any concerns please contact your own Doctor.Dr Ciarán Roarty MB, BCh BAO MICGP DRCOG Grad. Cert. Obst. Ultrasoundis a full-time GP at Scally McDaid Roarty Medica Practice, Scally Place, Letterkenny, Tel 0749164111 http://www.scallys.ieMedical Matters: How can I stop snoring? was last modified: November 8th, 2019 by Scally McDaid RoartyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Dr Ciaran RoartyMedical Matterssnoringlast_img read more


Foundation believes in the healing power of dreams

first_imgFor more than 26 years, the Reach for a Dream Foundation has brought hope and joy to severely ill South African children. The foundation, a non-profit organisation, believes in the power of dreams and in encouraging children to use their dreams to fight their life-threatening illnesses. It seeks as far as possible to make these children’s dreams come true. (Image: Reach for a Dream)• Reach for a Dreaminfo@reachforadream.org.zawww.reachforadream.org.za Melissa Jane CookFor more than 26 years, the Reach for a Dream Foundation has brought hope and joy to severely ill South African children. The foundation, a non-profit organisation, believes in the power of dreams and in encouraging children to use their dreams to fight their life-threatening illnesses. It seeks as far as possible to make these children’s dreams come true.It fulfils the dreams and ambitions of children between the ages of three and 18 years who have been diagnosed with terrible sickness. Children from all income groups are helped, and there is no discrimination of any race, colour, culture, creed or financial status. Life-threatening illness includes, for example, all forms of cancer, blood disorders, cystic fibrosis, and kidney failure, among many others.The organisation does not refer to the children as terminally ill or dying. It rather uses the term “life-threatening” because many of the children do survive their illness – possibly as a result of the “power of their dreams”.It believes that no child should live without hope. Childhood can be the most magical time of life, filled with dreams, aspirations and most of all, fun. Unfortunately for many children with a life-threatening illness, the magic of childhood may be lost in the emotional, physical and financial strain of dealing with their illness. The foundation tries to alleviate some of this strain, which often affects the whole family, by creating a different environment for the child – one that is not focused on her or his illness. It would like the children to find their laughter again and therein find the strength to live beyond their illnesses.But there are some parameters: Reach for a Dream fulfils dreams that in no way pose any threat or harm to these already compromised children. Also, rather than fulfilling dreams for financial assistance, educational support or medical assistance, it encourages the children to stretch their imaginations and dream beyond their greatest expectations.Reach for a Dream FoundationDream projectsIn addition to fulfilling individual dreams, the foundation works on projects with groups of sick children. On such event is “Queen for a Day”, during which the foundation spoils young girls lavishly for a day. There is also “Captain Courage”, on which young boys are taken to do activities that they enjoy, such as deep sea fishing and on helicopter rides. For those who are able to be away from home or hospital, there are weekend camps for large groups of children called “Camp Sunshine”. For those who are too sick to leave hospital, there are clown entertainers called “Jabulani” who visit the children in hospital.The inspiration to start Reach for a Dream came from an article on the American group, Make – A – Wish Foundation. Owen Parnell, a former president of the Randburg Rotary Club, was struck by the opportunity to establish a similar venture in South Africa. On 7 July 1988, the organisation made its very first dream come true. And so the journey of dream fulfilment began. Its first dreamer, JC Steinman, was treated to a wonderful birthday party with rides on a pony and a motorcycle.Officially named the Reach for a Dream Foundation in 1991, the organisation defined its core purpose as “fulfilling the dreams of children of any race, colour and creed between the ages of three and 18 faced with a life-threatening illness”. It truly believes that it is contributing to creating the future of this country: if you can beat a life-threatening illness as a child, imagine what you can achieve as an adult.last_img read more


4 LeT terrorists in Mumbai to carry out strikes, warns police

first_imgFour members of Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba(LeT) have sneaked into Mumbai recently to carry out “violent” attacks with the aim of causing “destruction”, police said on Thursday night.Police also released the photograph of one of them and issued an advisory to the citizens of this metropolis to remain alert.”The four were identified as Abdul Kareem Moosa, Noor Abu Ilahi, Walid Jinnah and Mahfooz Alam. The four recently sneaked into the city to carry out extremely dangerous activity,” Joint Police Commissioner (Crime) Himanshu Roy told a news conference. Roy also released a sketch of Jinnah.The strikes were being planned in connection with possibly the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s festivities, he added.Roy said he had no information on the nationalities of the four persons.On Tuesday, the Centre had sounded a terror alert for Mumbai and Ahmedabad following specific Intelligence inputs that the LeT teams may have entered the two western cities to carry out strikes.The four persons are in the age group of 20 to 30 years, Roy said.”The four persons are planning violent attacks that is going to cause destruction,” the JPC (Crime) warned.The information of the plans by the terrorists are “fairly specific”, he said, adding “We believe the threat is serious.”Roy also said Mumbai Police has formed Special cells in a bid to “neutralise” the four terrorists. He did not want to speculate whether more than four LeT men have entered the metropolis which witnessed the country’s worst ever terror strike in November 2008 killing 166 people.advertisementThe police have set up dedicated phone number — 022-22633333 — to enable the people pass on information about the militants and in the event of an emergency.”Citizens can call up at the dedicated number or at 100, if they spot the one whose photo was released,” Roy said.In September, police released photographs of two suspected foreign terror suspects–a clean-shaven Kalimuddin Khan alias Rameshwar Pandit (28) and bearded Hafij Khijir Ulla Sarif (25) sporting a skull cap–on the eve of Eid and Ganeshotsav festivities. But the duo could not be traced.A Crime Branch source said that Kalimuddin was a Pakistani and Sarif was from Bangladesh and both were suspected to be members of terror outfit HuJI.Police were taking utmost precautions and massive deployment of police have been made at all sensitive locations, worship places and crowded places to ensure safety of the citizens, Roy said.Several police teams have been formed to track the four who are believed in aged between 20 to 30 years, police sources said.”On the eve of Ganesh festival, we had released the photographs of two terror suspects and alerted the citizens.The ten-days of the festival went off peacefully. Now also we feel that the citizens will remain and help us in all possible way and we hope everything goes fine,” Roy said.Asked if it was the same input given by Central agencies two days back, Roy said, “We are not in a position to reveal our sources.”Asked if security agencies lost track of the four due to which they had to issue advisory and release the photo, Roy replied, “We have not lost their track. But we want to keep the citizens alert as well.” He refused to divulge as to how the LeT men entered the city.Security forces launched “house-to-house” searches in some specific areas in Mumbai, sources said.A three dimensional security apparatus– land, air and water — has been put in place, particularly around the Taj Mahal Hotel, one of the sites of the 26/11 carnage.Roads near the iconic Taj remained closed from today for 15 days and the area is under complete surveillance.Similar security arrangement was in place near Taj during the visit of US President Barack Obama, who stayed in the plush hotel, in early November.Parking on the roads around Taj has been banned for the same period and the cars of guests of Taj and residents around the hotel would be allowed but only after thorough checking.The residents would be soon provided with security stickers for their cars to avoid inconvenience.Colaba area, particularly the places, including the Gateway of India, where large crowds are expected during the festivities, would be under complete surveillance through high resolution CCTVs.The sea-front up to five nautical miles was being guarded round the clock by police armed with advanced boats and sophisticated equipment, police said.Police are also co-ordinating with Navy and Coast Guard officials who are conducting air surveillance.last_img read more