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Four leading disabled peoples organisations DPOs

first_imgFour leading disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) have issued a list of 17 policies they want the next government to implement in its first 100 days.Equal Lives, Inclusion London, The Alliance for Inclusive Education and Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), published the list to help campaigners in the days leading up to tomorrow’s general election, and to “raise disability up the political agenda”.They say that disabled people have been disproportionately affected by the coalition’s austerity programme, with more than £28 billion in benefits and entitlements stripped away over the last five years.One piece of research, by The Centre for Welfare Reform, suggests that disabled people are paying nine times more towards reducing the budget deficit than most citizens, while disabled people who use social care are facing a burden that is 19 times greater.And last August, Disability News Service revealed that the UK government appeared to have become the first country to face a confidential, high-level inquiry by the UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a result of alleged “grave or systemic violations” of the rights of disabled people.The four organisations say the 17 demands are the “minimum” that the government must do to meet its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and ensure that disabled people “enjoy equal rights with non-disabled people”.Many of the demands would reverse policies introduced by the coalition, such as the closure of the Independent Living Fund; cuts to social care; the introduction of the bedroom tax; cuts to Access to Work; laws to allow free special schools; cuts to disabled student’s allowance; and reforms and cuts to legal aid.But other demands do not focus solely on coalition policies, including calls to scrap the work capability assessment; for closer government engagement with DPOs on employment, equality laws and implementing the UNCRPD; to scrap benefit sanctions; and for a building programme of accessible and affordable social housing.The four organisations are part of the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA), which is hosting a conference in Sheffield on 14 July to allow DPOs to “take stock” of the new government, and its likely policy implications.The conference will also examine lessons from the last 10 years of campaigning and working for disability equality, plan strategies for implementing the UNCRPD, and look at how to strengthen ROFA itself.Tracey Lazard, chief executive of Inclusion London, said: “Disabled people have been hit harder than most by austerity.“We have seen the hard-won progress towards our equality and inclusion systematically undermined and weakened by a plethora of cuts that are stripping away our quality of life, dignity and independence.  “Meeting these 17 demands will begin to restore fairness and justice for disabled people and mark the moment government starts working with us and not against us.”A DPAC spokesperson added: “Over the past five years, disabled people’s human rights have been systematically destroyed by vicious and unjust ConDem policies.“We are now asking for these demands to be met within the first 100 days of a new government to start the long road to reclaiming those rights and to begin to rebuild our lives.”Meanwhile, 100 disabled people have published an “open letter to the UK”, warning that “if the Conservative Party was to form the next government, either our own lives or the lives of others in our community would be in profound danger”.They point to the “constant stream of propaganda” from the Conservatives which implies that disabled people are “fraudulent scroungers”.Among the Conservative policies they say have harmed disabled people are cuts to legal aid; the closure of the Independent Living Fund; cuts to disability living allowance and the move to its working-age replacement, personal independence payment; the “aggressive sanctions and workfare regime”; the “bedroom tax”; cuts to social care and Access to Work; and the closure of the Access to Elected Office fund.They add: “The overall feeling of disabled people after five years of these dishonest and abusive polices is fear and anxiety.”Among those signing the letter are leading bloggers, activists, actors, students, academics, artists, writers and musicians.last_img read more

Marshall Elementary parents defend teacher accused of child abuse

first_img 0% But parents of Marshall Elementary say his departure has thrown the community into dismay, as Tobar was regarded as someone who went beyond his duties as a teacher to help students and their families. On Tuesday morning, parents and former students gathered outside the school in protest. “It came as a shock, because he was one of our best teachers at this school,” said Astrid Bonilla outside the school Wednesday afternoon. “A lot of parents feel the same.” Bonilla, whose son attends the school, said that many parents in the Mission knew Tobar, largely because of how helpful he was outside the classroom. Bonilla recalled a time when she asked him to stay with her son at school because was running an hour late. He stayed, she said. “Who else does that?” she said. “I haven’t met anyone at this school that would be willing to do that.” Bonilla also said that she and other parents have not seen evidence of Tabor’s alleged crime and remain skeptical of the charges. “It seems unfair,” she said. “From that little action, his reputation has been ruined.” Erin Perusse, whose son attends Marshall Elementary, feels the same. “This is a situation through hysteria has been blown out of proportion,” Perusse said. “Now someone’s real life and career is being ruined.” “When you’re a teacher like him and you have your picture put on the news as a person who is endangering children, your career is over and your face in the community is changed,” she continued. “I take that really seriously, and we all should.” Perusse believes the alleged incident may have looked bad, but in the end it was only “roughhousing.” “Someone saw and thought it looked bad,” she said. Jose Orozco, whose two children attend the elementary school, said that Tobar was well-known and liked at the school, but that the situation is complicated. “If it had been my child, I don’t know know how I’d react,” he said. Beth Clendenin has three kids who attend the school. “It was a bad judgment call,” Clendenin said of Tobar’s alleged actions. “But it was just meant in a playful and affectionate way.” “It’s hard to believe the charges will be sustained,” she added. “Our greatest hope as parents is that he’ll come back to the school.” Christine Pineda said her daughter joined Tobar’s class in October. “I didn’t think he was going to get my daughter up to speed and he did. He got my daughter up to speed within a month of his arrival.” Pineda explained that her husband is not with her and her daughter because of immigration issues, and that Tobar provided extra support for both of them in a time of family transition. “It was very vital to find someone … to be an extra support,” she said. “He helped make that transition copable.”Pineda said she began helping in Tobar’s class after her daughter joined. “He always gives advice to kids — good advice to kids,” she said. “He’s the kind of person who’s always making sure the kids are well.” She added that watching him teach has had a profound effect on her. “He inspired me to become a teacher,” she said. “And it’s very disheartening to be someone who’s about to start in this role and to have situations like this happening — where you feel like, ‘Hey, do I want to get into this?’” Pineda said that the second floor is not the best place play around and lift up a child. But “I don’t believe the allegations that he pulled a Michael Jackson,” she said, referring to an incident when the pop star dangled one of his children over a balcony. “Everyone’s sharing the same sentiment that we want him back,” she said. “Not only as a parent myself, but also a member of the community which is Marshall Elementary. We want him back.” Tags: marshall elementary school Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img Parents of Marshall Elementary School are going to bat for a teacher who was arrested on Tuesday for alleged child abuse. They say he was a pillar of the community and the charges against him have been blown out of proportion. On Tuesday just before noon, Andres Tobar, a longtime kindergarten teacher at Marshall Elementary School turned himself into the San Francisco Police Department. He was booked in the county jail for felony child endangerment and abuse. He has been released on bail and will be arraigned Feb. 5. In December, Tobar was placed on administrative leave after he was allegedly seen cradling a child over a second-story balcony at the school. Earlier this month, SFPD opened an investigation into the incident, which ultimately led to Tuesday’s arrest. last_img read more

After 14 years SFs Little Paper Planes to close

first_imgLittle Paper Planes, among the most “Instagrammable” boutiques on Valencia Street, will be closed by July after five years on the corridor and more than a decade online. “I can’t do it any longer,” said Kelly Jones, the store’s owner. Sales have declined in the last two years, and Jones said she is ready to turn the page. “San Francisco doesn’t support art and small businesses anymore,” she said. Little Paper Planes, with its handmade art, apparel and jewelry, was never short of foot traffic, but Jones said that didn’t exactly translate into revenue. “I think people just like to take pictures here for Instagram,” she said. 0% Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletterEmail Address “People love the store, but at the end of the day they’re not supporting us,” she said. “We can’t survive on people saying they like us.”    Jones, 40, started her store 14 years ago online after she graduated from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Five years ago, she moved into her storefront on 20th and Valencia streets.“All of this was built upon the idea of supporting artists,” she said. There is, however, a silver lining for Jones. Come July, she plans to teach art at an elementary school in Los Angeles and focus on her own artwork. Since January, she has been hosting after-school programs geared toward art, and that’s partly what gave her the idea. Jones will move to Los Angeles with her 2½-year-old son and her husband, an art preparator at SFMOMA. “San Francisco is not friendly to people who don’t make a lot of money,” she said. Working the back of her store on Thursday afternoon, she told Mission Local that she worried about retail on Valencia and throughout the city. “I know a handful of small businesses on the street that are struggling,” she said. Just last month, Mission De Flores shuttered its last store. “There’s no future in retail in San Francisco,” its owner Steven Rubenfaer said shortly before the closing. “It’s a very unfriendly environment.”When Jones made her announcement on Instagram on Wednesday, fans and patrons lamented its closing. “When I first got the internet and a computer I discovered LPP and it was one of my first bookmarks I ever did,” wrote Eliza Lozano. “It was definitely one of the first small shops I knew of that gave me an idea of what I wanted to do with art and my work.” “So saddened by this news,” wrote Claire McGibbon. But, she added, “I have a feeling the next chapter will be just as creative as the last … ” Tags: Business • valencia Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Mission landlords miss earthquake retrofit deadline for 50 buildings

first_imgOwners of more than 300 properties across San Francisco have missed the final deadline to start an earthquake-retrofit project required under the city’s Soft Story Mandatory Retrofit program. Fifty of those buildings are in the Mission.Buildings that are not in compliance have been plastered with warning signs reminding owners and alerting tenants and visitors that the structure is in violation of the ordinance and at risk of collapse in an earthquake.The buildings not in compliance represent just 7 percent of the structures citywide that the program identified as requiring retrofits. But, given the danger that these buildings present to occupants in an earthquake, program officials are pushing to get every last building upgraded.“An earthquake can come anytime. It could happen tonight,” said Tom Hui, director of the San Francisco Department of Building Inspections. “Ninety-three percent is very good,” but full compliance is necessary to protect the public. The 93 percent of buildings that have so far complied have met deadlines to file permits or complete work. Deadlines were staggered across four tiers of properties, beginning in 2015. More than half are currently finished with construction. (Here in the Mission, 92 percent of identified problematic buildings met the deadline to comply).Sept. 15, 2018, was the deadline for owners of the fourth and final tier of properties to pull permits for their retrofitting projects. Tier 4 properties — which include multi-story structures with five or more dwellings and a ground-floor commercial space — have until September 2020 to complete the retrofit. In the Mission, 225 properties meet Tier 4 criteria; all but 29 met the Sept. 15 deadline.Just under 600 Mission District buildings across all tiers were identified as needing retrofits. These buildings are all listed on the soft story program website, where anyone can check on the compliance status of any building that requires retrofit.Since the September deadline passed, the Department of Building Inspections has begun a code enforcement process to encourage remaining Tier 4 property owners to comply.Hui said that in addition to the signs posted on non-complying buildings, warning letters have been sent to owners. His department is also scheduling hearings with those owners. Any who do not submit a timeline for complying with the program will receive an order of abatement, which officially records that code violations remain on a property. This adds costs and prevents an owner from doing other work or selling their property before correcting the recorded violations.When the soft story retrofit program launched in 2013, nearly 5,000 properties across the city were identified as needing the work, which is meant to shore up buildings especially susceptible to damage in an earthquake.The targeted buildings — all multi-story wood-frame structures with five or more dwellings, permitted for construction before 1978 — are especially vulnerable because of their “soft story” lower level.Soft story structures feature lower levels with large windows or other openings on the outside of the building and large open spaces inside, such as garages, retail spaces, and more. With fewer partition walls, the lower level is weaker and more flexible than the upper stories, and cannot support the movement of its more rigid upper levels in an earthquake. A city-ordered seismic analysis estimates that a quarter of these buildings would collapse in a strong earthquake. Modern building codes adopted in 1978 include architectural safeguards against this kind of vulnerability. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newslettercenter_img Email Addresslast_img read more

SAINTS went back to the top of the U19s league tab

first_imgSAINTS went back to the top of the U19s league table with a 36-12 victory over local rivals Warrington Wolves on Friday evening, writes Graham Henthorne.The Saints did what their nearest rivals from over Billinge Lump couldn’t do in beating the Wolves.Danny Richardson was in sparkling form with a personal haul of 20 points to lead from the front.In contrast to previous weeks the game plan was executed to perfection giving the Saints every chance to down their rivals.But what they could take forward was the defensive strength of the last few displays and this was what the Wolves couldn’t break down.Another 40 minutes without a blemish on the scoreboard gave another indication of the determination of the team to win games.Richardson’s brace coupled with yet another from Regan Grace gave the Saints a three score cushion at the interval and three further scores from Captain Joe Ryan and both hookers Aaron Smith and Josh Eaves was enough to give the Saints the win.The internal battle between the Saints three hookers, Smith, Eaves and Jonah Cunningham, is one to watch in itself as they battle for the usual two spots in Saints U19s side.A big game off the bench from Liam Cooper coupled with typical displays from Levy Nzoungou and Mr Perpetual Motion himself Morgan Knowles, gave the Saints the edge.Another bruising battle is anticipated next Saturday as the Saints face the Castleford Tigers for the third time this season and another big display will be required to keep the Saints at the top.Match Summary:Saints U19s:Tries: Danny Richardson 2, Regan Grace, Aaron Smith, Joe Ryan, Josh Eaves.Goals: Danny Richardson 6.Warrington Wolves U19s:Tries: Declan Kay, Yoan Neue.Goals: Morgan Smith.Half Time: 18-0Full Time: 36-12Teams:Saints:18. Ricky Bailey; 2. David Eccleston, 20. Matty Fleming, 4. Calvin Wellington, 5. Regan Grace; 6. Danny Richardson, 7. Lewis Fairhurst; 8. Ross McCauley, 9. Aaron Smith, 10. Levy Nzoungou, 11. Olly Davies, 13. Morgan Knowles, 21. Joe Ryan. Subs: 14. Josh Eaves, 15. Phil Atherton, 16. Liam Cooper, 17. Matty Lees.Warrington:1. Jack Johnson; 2. Declan Kay, 28. Toby King, 3. Charlie Phythian, 15. David Foggin-Johnson; 6. Morgan Smith, 7. Harry Rearden; 8. Daniel Murray, 9. Reece Brunt, 14. Robert Holroyd, 11. Alex Whalley, 12. Nathan Ainsworth, 13. Pat Moran. Subs: 5. Ben Stansfield, 16. Ellis Gillam, 20. Andy Philbin, 22. Yoan Neue.last_img read more

Kure Beach Town Hall relocating during construction

first_img The building inspector’s office, finance department, administration and recreation department will move to the trailers. The police department staff will also move there during construction.The fire department staff will remain in the existing fire station.The town says there is not a confirmed relocation date, but they expect it to be mid-December. The date will be announced once all utilities are connected and the temporary site is ready.Related Article: Couple finds large Civil War artillery on Kure BeachThe mailing address for the town will not change and current phone numbers will remain the same.The project will expand the existing town hall building on the east, south, and north sides to add office and storage space, renovate the existing police station and fire station for future use by the police staff and construct a new fire station in a vacant lot adjacent to the town hall complex.This project is expected to take between ten and twelve months. KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A project to expand the town hall building and renovate the police and fire stations in Kure Beach is set to being next month.During construction, staff will relocate to construction trailers located in the Fort Fisher Recreation Area at the south end of town.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Coast Guard wants input on safety zone for delivery construction of new

first_img Vessels would not be allowed into the zone unless they were authorized by the captain of the port.The Coast Guard is taking public input on the zone until February 12. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Coast Guard is looking for input as the North Carolina State Port prepares for the delivery of two new cranes.The Coast Guard is looking to create a temporary safety zone on the the Cape Fear River to control boat traffic while the post-panamax cranes are delivered and put together.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Parliament starts legislative process on Venice Commission recommendations

first_img SharePrint The government started the legislative process towards the implementation of the recommendation from the Venice Commission on Monday. Minister for Justice Owen Bonnici presented the proposed amendments in parliament for the first reading.A press release from the Ministry for Justice also stated that it is committed to see that the amendments in the law regarding the Office of the Attorney General will go through the whole process and be incorporated before the Summer holidays.The aim of this amendment is to detach the civil and prosecutory functions of the office.Further details on the amendments may be read in Maltese here.WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Watch Pope Francis calls for an end to the conflict in Libya

first_imgPope Francis called for an end to the conflict and bloodshed which has ravaged Libya for these past years.Pope Francis made this appeal for peace during his traditional Easter message and the Urbi et Orbi blessing from the Loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica.The Pope said that defenseless people are dying in Libya with families being forced to abandon their homes. He encouraged the parties involved to opt for dialogue over force and to avoid opening wounds left by decades of conflict and political instability.According to the Pope, parts of the African continent are rife with  “rife with social tensions, conflicts and at times violent forms of extremism that leave in their wake insecurity, destruction and death.”Syria and the Middle EastThe Pontiff spoke about the situation in Syria which faces an ongoing conflict and said that there is a risk that people will become resigned and indifferent.““Now is instead the time for a renewed commitment for a political solution able to respond to people’s legitimate hopes for freedom, peace and justice, confront the humanitarian crisis and favor the secure re-entry of the homeless, along with all those who have taken refuge in neighboring countries, especially Lebanon and Jordan.”The Pope said that today the Church will be renewing the proclamation made by the first disciples that Jesus is risen. Addressing youths, he said that “Christ is alive.”The Pope prayed for the light of Easter to illuminate all government leaders “beginning with the Israelis and Palestinians,” and lead them to pursue a future of peace and stability.Sudan and South SudanThe Pontiff said he was thinking of Sudan, a country which he referred to as one which is presently experiencing political uncertainty. Recently he kissed the feet of South Sudanese dignitaries following his speech welcoming their peace agreement.In his Easter message, the Pope said that he hopes that all voices will be heard to find the required development and well being.Regarding Eastern Ukraine, the Pope prayed for Easter to bring comfort to its people. He prayed for initiatives of humanitarian aid and for efforts towards peace.Venezuelan people are lacking minimal conditions to dignified life – Pope“I think in particular of the Venezuelan people, of all those who lack the minimal conditions for leading a dignified and secure life due to a crisis that endures and worsens. May the Lord grant that all those with political responsibilities may work to end social injustices, abuses and acts of violence, and take the concrete steps needed to heal divisions and offer the population the help they need.”The Pope usually delivers his To The City and The World blessing twice a year – on Christmas Day and on Easter Sunday. This year, the Pontiff mentioned Libya, Syria, eastern Ukraine, Yemen, Israel and Palestine, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, South Sudan, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Pope Francis prayed for the Lord to turn people into builders of bridges and not of walls. “May the one who gives us his peace end the roar of arms,” said the Pope.At the conclusion of his address, Pope Francis expressed his condolences to the Christian Community in Sri Lanka. Easter Day bomb blasts at three churches and three luxury hotels killed 138 people and wounded more than 400, hospital and police officials said, following a lull in major attacks since the end of the civil war 10 years ago.Today we contemplate the empty tomb of Christ and we hear the words of the angel: “Do not be afraid! He is risen!” #Easter— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) April 21, 2019WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more

Afobe plays musical chairs with Stoke and Wolves

first_imgGenerated by IJG JPEG LibraryGenerated by IJG JPEG Library Stoke secured the services of Benik Afobe, two days after Wolverhampton Wanderers bought him from Bournemouth for the sum of £10 million.This means that Wolves have managed to make an overnight profit of £2 million after Stoke were willing to invest £12 million for the striker.Stoke also signed to Nigerian Oghenekaro Etebo, who spent the second part of last season with Las Palmas in Spain. Meanwhile Wolves will fill Afobe’s place with Mexican Raul Jimenez who joined on-loan from Benfica.Wolves, who will be making their return to the Premier League, have a chance to permanently sign the 27-year-old player for around £30 million after yearlong loan ends.Stoke secured the services of Benik Afobe, two days after Wolverhampton Wanderers bought him from Bournemouth for the sum of £10 million.This means that Wolves have managed to make an overnight profit of £2 million after Stoke were willing to invest £12 million for the striker.Stoke also signed to Nigerian Oghenekaro Etebo, who spent the second part of last season with Las Palmas in Spain. Meanwhile Wolves will fill Afobe’s place with Mexican Raul Jimenez who joined on-loan from Benfica.Wolves, who will be making their return to the Premier League, have a chance to permanently sign the 27-year-old player for around £30 million after yearlong loan ends.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=a7617b59&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Aguero hits brace in Community Shield win

first_imgSergio Aguero scored two goals to help Pep Guardiola lift his first Community Shield. Maurizio Sarri was aiming to win his first trophy at Chelsea but the Argentine striker struck in each half to give an important win ahead of the new season.Manchester City were the better side throughout the whole 90 minutes as Chelsea failed to create important goal scoring chances. The reigning Premier League champions were missing players of Kevin De Bruyne’s calibre but 18-year-old Phil Folden was a constant threat when going forward. There were cheers from the Chelsea supporters as Alvaro Morata was substituted. The Spanish forward had a disappointing match and struggled against Manchester City’s defenders.WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=a7617b59&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more

Social Money Transfer Service Azimo Adds Facebook Integration To Squeeze Western Union

first_imgAdvertisement Azimo, the UK-based social money transfer service aiming to disrupt an industry dominated by legacy players Western Union and Moneygram, is rolling out integration with Facebook to make it easy for users of the uber-social network to send money to one another.A first for the remittance industry, claims the company, with perhaps PayPal-to-PayPal transfers coming closest.Using Azimo to send money via Facebook works as follows: The sender invites their intended recipient to sign up to Azimo via an automatically sent Facebook message. The recipient then logs into Azimo’s Facebook app and fills out their details, including where they want the money sent to, which could be one of the 150,000 payout desks in the 125 countries supported, a mobile phone ‘top up’, or a bank account. And since the recipient fills out that crucial information, those details are kept hidden from the sender, while the company claims that less mistakes are likely, too. – Advertisement – In addition, in order to reduce the likelihood of fraud, Azimo says that it analyses “key pieces of information about individual Facebook profiles to verify that they are genuine”. These include the length of time a Facebook profile has existed, how active it is, how many friends the account has and whether it’s linked to a genuine email address bearing the same name as the person who owns the account. That makes sense and serves as another reminder of how our social media data can be minded by companies, particularly in the financial sector, and Azimo certainly isn’t the first to do so.Joining Azimo’s existing apps for iOS and Android, the decision to build a Facebook app was based on surveying its UK customers who regularly send money home or to friends and family. “[We] found nearly three quarters regularly use Facebook – and of those, over 60% were in touch with the person they wanted to send money to”, says Michael Kent, founder of Azimo, in a statement. It therefore made sense to piggyback the social graph and the way users already stay in touch — and gives a further shot in the arm to the company’s battle with Western Union et. al., who it says charge much higher fees than are needed.“Azimo’s aim is to charge only what is fair – between 1-2% of the transaction – and to make it quick and easy for anyone to transfer their money overseas,” says Kent. In contrast, Western Union and MoneyGram levy “double-digit charges for a service that amounts to little more than a few clicks of a computer mouse”, claims the company.That’s a sentiment echoed by another European money transfer startup, TransferWise, which is often seen as a direct competitor to Azimo, when in actual fact the latter is more about consumer transfers via collection points akin to Western Union, while TransferWise largely targets bank transfers, particularly by businesses, not least startups.Founded in 2012, Azimo launched its social money transfer platform in August 2012. In January 2013, it secured angel investment totalling £300,000.Source: Tech Crunchlast_img read more

Huawei starts working on 5G networks

first_imgAdvertisement India is still to roll out 4G networks properly and the players across the globe have already started working on the fifth generation networks. According to a report by TOI, Huawei believes that the 5G network standards will be out by 2015 and the tech will be set by 2020. It will basically be developed to increase the efficiency while reducing the energy required for the purpose. Huawei in fact had started their groundwork on 5G in 2009 and has also hired a team of 200 engineers on the R&D work for the network.The report has quoted Wen Tong, head of the 5G mission at Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telco, commenting that, “The industry will be 5G ready by 2020. The idea is to increase the thru-put by 1,000 times with 1,000 times more spectrum and 1,000 times reduced energy.”It is not only Huawei, as other telecom firms like Ericsson and Samsung have also started working on the 5G network, as the next generation network will rather be important for all these players. On this, Tong added that “This is one of the top priority areas for us. We started work on this in 2009. The standards for 5G will be out in 2015 and rollout could be 2020. We will lead the 5G revolution,” he said. – Advertisement – [related-posts]The 5G network is expected to work in connecting multiple devices through mobile devices. It could possibly work as a common platform to run more gadgets and even household appliances. That ways, it will be more cost and tech effective.As far as Huawei’s Indian business go, the company has set targets to double their revenues to $70 billion, achieved by 2017.Credit: BGRlast_img read more

Samsung Begins Mass Producing Worlds Fastest DRAM Chip

first_imgAdvertisement Samsung Electronics announced that it has begun mass producing the industry’s first 4-gigabyte (GB) DRAM package based on the second-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) interface, for use in high performance computing (HPC), advanced graphics and network systems, as well as enterprise servers. Samsung’s new HBM solution will offer unprecedented DRAM performance – more than seven times faster than the current DRAM performance limit, allowing faster responsiveness for high-end computing tasks including parallel computing, graphics rendering and machine learning.“By mass producing next-generation HBM2 DRAM, we can contribute much more to the rapid adoption of next-generation HPC systems by global IT companies,” said Sewon Chun, senior vice president, Memory Marketing, Samsung Electronics. “Also, in using our 3D memory technology here, we can more proactively cope with the multifaceted needs of global IT, while at the same time strengthening the foundation for future growth of the DRAM market.”The newly introduced 4GB HBM2 DRAM, which uses Samsung’s most efficient 20-nanometer process technology and advanced HBM chip design, satisfies the need for high performance, energy efficiency, reliability and small dimensions making it well suited  for next-generation HPC systems and graphics cards. – Advertisement – Following Samsung’s introduction of a 128GB 3D TSV DDR4 registered dual inline memory module (RDIMM) last October, the new HBM2 DRAM marks the latest milestone in TSV (Through Silicon Via) DRAM technology.The 4GB HBM2 package is created by stacking a buffer die at the bottom and four 8-gigabit (Gb) core dies on top. These are then vertically interconnected by TSV holes and microbumps. A single 8Gb HBM2 die contains over 5,000 TSV holes, which is more than 36 times that of a 8Gb TSV DDR4 die, offering a dramatic improvement in data transmission performance compared to typical wire-bonding based packages.Samsung’s new DRAM package features 256GBps of bandwidth, which is double that of a HBM1 DRAM package. This is equivalent to a more than seven-fold increase over the 36GBps bandwidth of a 4Gb GDDR5 DRAM chip, which has the fastest data speed per pin (9Gbps) among currently manufactured DRAM chips. Samsung’s 4GB HBM2 also enables enhanced power efficiency by doubling the bandwidth per watt over a 4Gb-GDDR5-based solution, and embeds ECC (error-correcting code) functionality to offer high reliability.In addition, Samsung plans to produce an 8GB HBM2 DRAM package within this year. By specifying 8GB HBM2 DRAM in graphics cards, designers will be able to enjoy a space savings of more than 95 percent, compared to using GDDR5 DRAM, offering more optimal solutions for compact devices that require high-level graphics computing capabilities.The company will steadily increase production volume of its HBM2 DRAM over the remainder of the year to meet anticipated growth in market demand for network systems and servers. Samsung will also expand its line-up of HBM2 DRAM solutions to stay ahead in the high-performance computing market and extend its lead in premium memory production.[Samsung]last_img read more

Lenovo Smartphones To Have Microsoft Apps Preinstalled

first_imgLenovo P70. Advertisement Redmond-based software firm, Microsoft Corp. last week on Friday confirmed its productivity apps that will come pre-installed on Lenovo’s upcoming Android devices including Microsoft Office, OneDrive and Skype.“Microsoft’s thrilled that our productivity apps will be pre-installed on Lenovo’s premium devices,” said Nick Parker, corporate Vice President OEM Division, Microsoft. “The marriage of Microsoft’s apps and Lenovo’s Android-based devices will enable customers around the world to be more productive, more connected and achieve even more.”Android Authority notes that, this deal with Lenovo signals Microsoft’s shift from making smartphone hardware to providing mobile services. This also ensures that Microsoft’s products are delivered directly to consumers. After all, Lenovo is one of the largest manufacturers in China. – Advertisement – Lenovo expects to ship millions of these Android-based devices worldwide over the next several years.[related-posts]According to Fortune, Lenovo can now install Microsoft’s software on its smartphones without having to pay a licensing fee. This partnership is also part of Microsoft’s licensing program expansion. The company has already made similar deals with other manufacturers such as Asus, Samsung, LG and most recently, Xiaomi. Microsoft’s licensing program is one of its most significant as the company is hoping to generate revenues and aid in profitability.“Our collaboration with Microsoft will create new opportunities for our customers to take advantage of some of Microsoft’s most popular apps,” said Christian Eigen, Leader of Corporate Alliances, Lenovo. “Installing Microsoft apps and services on our devices will bring additional value to consumers around the globe.”However, the Chinese based electonic firm, Lenovo Inc. hasn’t specified which of its future products will have Microsoft’s apps, but its deal with Microsoft also includes devices from Motorola, which Lenovo currently owns.last_img read more

Jaguar Land Rover Launches Fund Accelerator for Mobility Transportation Startups

first_imgAdvertisement British Automotive company, Jaguar Land Rover has rolled out an accelerator programme, InMotion Accelerator to offer funding for up to 15 mobility and transportation startups across the world.The programme which will run for six months seeks applications from developing mobility products and services, as well as companies developing the tech and supply chain elements that power those products and services.According to a statement from James Nettleton, Head of Accelerator at InMotion Ventures, the progrmme will be open to all startups from across the world and the first batch, to be based in London kicks off in April. – Advertisement – “New technologies and consumer needs are transforming the way we move. This rapid change creates a unique opportunity for startups to build hugely valuable businesses, and we’ve designed a programme to help them do just that,” part the statement reads.In East Africa, some of the transportation startups include; Little Cab from Kenya, Safe boda from Uganda among others.Uganda’s Safe Boda currently has revolutionized the taxi industry in the country, offering 20,000 safe rides a day and expanding by 30-40 percent each month.Startups joining the InMotion Accelerator will receive modified investment in exchange for equity. The funding provided will be determined according to the needs of each startup venture contrary to the ordinary “One size fits all.”In addition to funding, startups enrolled in the programme will receive office space, mentoring from successful startup founders, support from InMotion Ventures’ in-house finance, operations, marketing, design and development teams, access to Jaguar Land Rover’s network, and more.last_img read more

Stanbic Bank to Payout 60 Billion UGX Shillings in Dividends to Shareholders

first_imgStanbic Bank board members at the Annual General Meeting in Kampala on Wednesday 10th May, 2017. Advertisement Stanbic Bank shareholders approved a 60 billion shilling payout as dividends at their Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, 10th May 2017 in Kampala. It represents a 50% increment from the 40 billion UGX paid in 2015 and is equivalent to 1.17 billion UGX dividend per share up from 0.78 1.17 billion UGX the previous year.Opening the AGM with over 400 shareholders which was one of the best attended since the bank went public just over 11 years ago, the Board Chairman Japheth Katto said, “When arriving at the proposed pay-out figure of 60 Billion UGX the board took into account projected business growth and investment prospects and regulatory capital adequacy requirements.”This is having considered the current and projected future financial position of the Bank and impact of stress testing of the capital adequacy position of the Bank to ensure there are no adverse effects on capital requirements over the foreseeable future. The dividend was passed unanimously by all the members.Stanbic Bank of Uganda CEO; Patrick Mweheire addressing shareholders at the 2017 Stanbic Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 10th May, 2017. He presented an overview of the operating environment and the banks key performance highlights. – Advertisement – Presenting an overview of the operating environment and the banks key performance highlights Patrick Mweheire Stanbic Chief Executive revealed that their record profit after tax of 191 billion UGX was achieved despite the challenging market environment with rapidly deteriorating asset quality across the sector.“Our  focus on customers paid off as more of them entrusted us with their deposits and opportunities to serve more of their financial needs, as a result, customer deposits reached a record 3.1 trillion UGX for 2016, up a record 25% from the prior year in an industry that grew an average of 9.5%,” he said.Total customer loans and advances completed the year at 2.0 trillion UGX just up 3% from 2015 which was a deliberate part of our strategy in a high-interest rate environment.”[related-posts]Informing shareholders about proposed changes to the board’s composition Stanbic corporation secretary Candy Wekesa Okoboi announced the nomination of three new non-executive directors Mr. Greg Brackenridge, Ms. Eva Kavuma and Mr. Clive Tasker.The trio were unanimously approved by show of hands following presentation of their credentials. Mrs Okoboi also announced the voluntary retirement of long serving board member Dr. Samuel Sejjaka after more than ten years of distinguished service to the bank.Stanbic Bank board members at the Annual General Meeting in Kampala on Wednesday 10th May, 2017.Commending Stanbic for its performance NSSF MD Richard Byarugaba stated, “As the largest institutional shareholder in Stanbic, NSSF is extremely pleased with the banks 2016 performance which despite the challenging economic environment registered significant growth. This confirms the bank is being soundly managed and the funds we invested are in safe hands.”Shareholders were informed that dividend payouts would be effected on or around the 12 June 2017 in accordance with individual shareholders payment instructions.[related-posts]last_img read more


first_imgHORSE RACING2.30 HexhamOak Vintage 14/1 > 13/22.40 SouthwellAmiral Collonges 14/1 > 7/12.50 WolverhamptonGolden Wolf 11/4 > 6/53.20 WolverhamptonSidewinder 5/1 > 11/44.10 SouthwellGoodgirlteresa 11/1 > 7/2FOOTBALLInternational Friendly19:45 Premier Sports / Premier Sports HD23/20 Republic of Ireland 11/4 Iceland 2/1 DRAWInternational Friendly20:00 ITV4 / ITV4 HD11/8 France 2/1 Spain 21/10 DRAWBET WITH STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Tuesday 28 Marchlast_img read more

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement  May 2019 v100

first_imgModern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement May 2019 (v1.00)IntroductionIn accordance with the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) 2015, Star Racing Limited (“Star Sports”) is required to publish an annual statement detailing the procedures and controls that we have in place to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking practices, both in our own business and within our supply chains.Our ResponseUntil recently, we did not believe that this legislation applied to our business and as such, for the financial year 2018/19 we have not undertaken any measures to ensure our business and supply chains are free from modern slavery or human trafficking.In March 2019 it came to light that this legislation absolutely does apply to Star Racing Limited and we are now committed to taking this responsibility seriously. We immediately began a risk assessment of all areas of the business and supply chains.The first part of this allowed us to conclude that our business is generally “low risk” in terms of modern slavery and human trafficking, due to the fact that our operations are carried out exclusively in developed territories, which are generally low risk areas according to the Global Slavery Index ( second part of our risk assessment will begin in May 2019, where will assess our suppliers, partners, contractors and employees.Future CommitmentsIn addition to carrying out a thorough risk assessment of all suppliers, partners, contractors and employees, we are committed to the following future practices:• Implementation of a zero-tolerance policy to modern slavery and human trafficking• Continuous assessment and strengthening of our mitigation and due diligence procedures• Publication (at least annually) of our progress made in relation to our MSA objectivesAbout Our BusinessThe majority of Star Racing Limited operations take place in our Hove headquarters, located at The Knoll Business Centre, 325-327 Old Shoreham Road, Hove, Sussex, BN3 7GS.Additionally, we run two fully licensed retail outlets – one situated on Deanery Street in London’s Mayfair, the other in Woodley, Berkshire – and we stand at various UK race courses, including pitches at Ascot, Cheltenham and Aintree.We employ approximately 80 people and have an annual turnover in the region of £200 million.Our transparency statement for the financial year ending April 5th 2019 is issued in accordance with Section 54 (Transparency in Supply Chains) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.This statement has been reviewed and approved by our Managing Director Russ Candler.26 April 2019last_img read more

Nation needs marketing campaign to reduce vehicle fuel use according to new

first_imgShareDavid Ruth713-348-6327david@rice.eduJeff Falk713-348-6775jfalk@rice.eduNation needs marketing campaign to reduce vehicle fuel use, according to new Rice University paperHOUSTON – (Dec. 14, 2012) – A new paper from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy proposes a national marketing campaign to better inform consumers about measures that they can take to decrease fuel use, particularly during a rapid increase in fuel prices. A relatively modest publicity campaign could create substantial savings for consumers, the authors said.The paper, “A Marketing Campaign to Reduce Vehicle Use,” was co-authored by Joe Barnes, the Baker Institute’s Bonner Means Baker Fellow, and James Coan, a former research associate in the Baker Institute’s Center for Energy Studies who is now a consultant at Houston-based PacWest Consulting Partners.“The federal government should initiate a marketing campaign, either in conjunction with the Ad Council or as a separate public-private partnership,” the authors said. “Its objective would be to inform consumers how they can alter the manner and frequency of their driving. The cost of such a campaign would be modest in comparison to its potential role in mitigating the effects of higher transportation costs and empowering consumers to take greater control of their expenditures on fuel.”The authors said there are a number of steps that consumers can take to limit the deleterious effects of high and quickly rising fuel prices. Measures include so-called “smart driving,” such as accelerating gradually and adhering to the speed limit to maximize fuel mileage; routinely maintaining cars; using new technologies such as those providing real-time feedback on fuel consumption; ridesharing (carpooling) to reduce vehicle use; and telecommuting and/or compressed worked schedules to decrease the number of commutes. These also yield other benefits such as improved safety, better air quality, lower carbon dioxide emissions and reduced congestion.“There is no shortage of information about these measures or even programs to promote them, but the information is mainly found on websites that can be difficult to find unless consumers are specifically searching for them,” the authors said. “A number of countries, notably in Western Europe, have already undertaken more concerted efforts. Additional market research should be conducted before rolling out the campaign. Such research would also focus on the development of a consolidated, user-friendly website.”The need for such a campaign is very real, the authors said. “The United States is ill-prepared for another ‘oil shock’ driven by instability in major petroleum-producing regions, notably the Middle East,” they said. “Given the importance of oil to the transportation sector, the effects of such shocks are both widespread and substantial. An oil shock has preceded all but one recession since World War II. A release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) can only play a limited role in restraining short-term unexpected volatility in the price of gasoline and diesel. Together, the measures discussed here could be thought of, conceptually, as ‘a demand-side SPR.’”The authors believe that a relatively modest publicity campaign — an average Ad Council campaign, for example, receives $25 million-$30 million of donated media — could create substantial savings for consumers. Americans spent more than this on gasoline in just one hour in 2011, when their annual gasoline expenditures totaled more than $475 billion. “Studies generally show a reduction in oil consumption of 5-15 percent from smart driving. Ad Council partners who run ads exert substantial control over which advertisements are shown, and we expect that more will want to show ads about ways to lower fuel use during an oil shock,” the authors said.-30-For more information or to schedule an interview with Barnes or Coan, contact Jeff Falk, associate director of national media relations at Rice, at or 713-348-6775.Related materials:The paper, “A Marketing Campaign to Reduce Vehicle Use,” is posted here: Barnes bio: Rice News and Media Relations via Twitter @RiceUNews.Founded in 1993, the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston ranks among the top 20 university-affiliated think tanks globally and top 30 think tanks in the United States. As a premier nonpartisan think tank, the institute sponsors more than 20 programs that conduct research on domestic and foreign policy issues with the goal of bridging the gap between the theory and practice of public policy. The institute’s strong track record of achievement reflects the work of its endowed fellows and Rice University scholars. Learn more about the institute at or on the institute’s blog,    AddThislast_img read more

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