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Solve the problems of DNS hijacking and DNS pollution at the same time through open source programs

we know that some network operators have some operations on DNS for certain purposes, resulting in the use of ISP’s normal Internet settings and not getting the correct IP address through the domain name. Commonly used means are: DNS hijacking and DNS pollution. About the difference between DNS hijacking and DNS contamination, please find relevant articles. The way to deal with DNS hijacking is very simple, just need to change the system’s DNS settings to foreign DNS server IP address can be solved. But for DNS contamination, there is no other way than to use proxy servers and software such as VPN. But by our understanding of DNS pollution, or can be done without the proxy server and VPN software such as DNS can solve the pollution problem, to visit some websites originally can not access without using a proxy server or VPN case. Of course, that doesn’t solve all the problems, and when some inaccessible web site itself is not caused by the DNS pollution problem, you need to use proxy servers or VPN to access it. read more

Shopping search cut into the online shopping market online shopping prospects mixed

online shopping, I believe everyone is not strange, basically all young people have had online shopping experience. Online shopping products and patterns are becoming more and more rich, and gradually become a young group of fashionable lifestyle. Especially in recent times, "swine flu" global range of influence, online shopping is more popular, but also to promote the development of online shopping industry. Since the buyer’s market demand for online shopping is growing, the seller’s market naturally continues to increase the scale, which is the inevitable result of market supply and demand. read more

To do business well we must know the two principles and four major methods of writing

writing a title is one of the basic qualities of running a dog. A good title means an interest in reading. Writing a title at the same time also means that you have a good idea of how the whole article is written. The tone starts with the title.

recently circle of friends turn fire an article is written by Li Jiaoshou "why would you write from hi type copy", is mainly written copy in the said people often stand in the perspective of self to write a cold "Mandarin", rather than standing in the user perspective to write a "person words". read more

Spend less time on promotion and spend more time doing content

now many webmaster is for how to improve the flow of their own website and distress, and now summed up the station a year of website promotion experience: less time to do promotion, more time to do content.

from the start station should have " content is king " thought, we should do what kind of website, which is mainly for the people, what kind of information they can end our website, this information is what kind of visitors…… These are all we do in front of the station should be considered, then we have to do a website to know whether the industry or is versed in, because if we do not understand their own websites, which have come true read more

Network marketing must recognize the brand effect only the user participation is the promotion of k

for network marketing, the network on similar articles is also very much. But for network marketing show has its own idea. Show son think, for network marketing is not simply keyword ranking. To tell the truth, it’s too narrow. If you think keywords ranking is network marketing. Can only say that for network promotion, you only know the fur. Perhaps some people listened to very unhappy, said: "do not do what rank?" yes, network promotion does not do rankings, what this can be said to be a lot of people’s doubts. Show Zi contact the Internet for more than a year, the case is not many hands, for the search engine for ranking, I believe that many webmaster friends are unable to say when the difficulties. Show son in this put forward network promotion can’t rely on keywords ranking to support the family, there is a certain reason. The following show son to analyze. read more