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Alternative pet business should pay attention to what

alternative pets in the current market began to become increasingly popular, not only won the favor of more and more people, at the same time, has also become a lot of operators who get rich means. However, the operation of such a special pet, want to succeed, naturally there are more attention. So, what kind of pet business should pay attention to?

now young people like to do something unconventional, even keeping pets is also different. Therefore, in recent years there has been a kind of "pet" – including scorpions, centipede, spiders, lizards, etc., have become their favorite thing. read more

Entrepreneurs need to master the marketing skills Daquan

no matter what business needs from many aspects to think more, even a small business, do not do things no matter what, most probably it did not actually happen, are the need to have a plan and planning, especially in business, do not plan, then the entire business process will be lacking spirit of cooperation. Some people think that small business is very simple, do not have to master marketing skills. That’s a bad idea! Business size, marketing must be less.

1, dress up your face". Shop appearance, such as people’s faces, that is, the shop is face". Good decoration is very important. read more

Open tea chain stores need to pay attention to all promotion techniques

tea chain stores, has been very popular choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, choose their own to open a tea chain stores, can be a very good choice. Tea chain store? Worth choosing!

tea shop is successful, whether money is affected by the location, orientation, management, regulations, source, taste, service and other factors, many tea shops or friends about tea business ended in failure, a lot of problems, the main problem is more of a tea shop promotion.

waiter should provide a variety of suggestions from the guests in an active guest tea, which makes the quantity of guest consumption increase or higher consumption value of desserts, drinks, tea promotion techniques generally use the following measures: read more

How to open a pet shop publicity

with the rapid development of the pet industry, pet shop is now open more and more, but each pet store operating conditions vary, including the ups and downs of the owner only know. Shop owners want to improve the turnover, and attract customers is the first step, this time promotion is essential, so, how to promote it? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

pet shop in the promotion of the existing problems are: advertising investment generally less. Even some boutique specialty stores, too. read more

Car beauty franchise store – how to upgrade the whole

car beauty franchise business prospects, but the competition is gradually increased, if you want to do business work shop, need to constantly keep up with the pace of development of the market, constantly upgrade themselves, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, to do service work. What is the specific implementation of the work? Xiao Bian provides a few points of analysis, interested can look at.

A, improve the image of the store, to the high-end car beauty franchise development

read more

Chicken row shop business success was the age of 40

believe that many diners eat chicken, chicken shop also has a lot of entrepreneurs, and not many successful, the young chicken shop a lot, but at the age of 40 and the uncle began to venture, but the harvest is not small.

was born in a poor peasant family, at the age of 15 early into the society, and worked as an apprentice chef, opened the snack shop, fruit shop…… But until the middle-aged man Wang Lincai, Dawu finally found the golden key to success — joined the Royal chicken. read more

Entrepreneurship inventory

What are the venture capital projects worth investing in

? All the people are business, the choice of investment projects are different, as long as the market demand, the future has good prospects for development, natural investment. If you want to take a lot of reference to the recommendations, Xiaobian summary of the following hope can help you, you can not miss.

read more

Cool chairman Guo Deying entrepreneurial thinking

mobile phone brands, some of the more popular but not much cool is one of the well-known brand, every successful enterprise is from the beginning of the small enterprises gradually grow up, cool cool is no exception, chairman Guo Deying, for a walk to the road of entrepreneurship difficult, he has a lot of think, today Xiaobian bring everyone together to listen to the great entrepreneurial experience.

‘s first venture: teaching

dates back to 1993. That year, Bruce Lee’s son, Li Guohao, died unexpectedly, Beyond member of the accidental death of…… These events are sensational, but they have nothing to do with today’s story. That year, Guo Deying left the teacher for many years at the Shenzhen University (admire his courage), mind to venture into the sea, creating the Yulong Computer Telecommunication Technology Co. Ltd., officially started selling the stock beeper, encoder, paging base station transmitter, fixed wireless PDA of no return, operating system he has also worked with CISCO development of call center. At that time, China Unicom headquarters is the use of this system, is Asia’s largest call center based on read more

Several elements – jewelry stores sales all holidays

every holiday time, all kinds of brand promotion let our eyes confused, which is also the main way to determine sales, with the coming of the holidays, people are intoxicated in the festive atmosphere, tourism, shopping, delicacy, for our holiday life Zengguang luster, but in the body and mind relax at the same time. People pocket is more deflated. It is taking into account the holidays on the contribution of revenue, businesses are thinking about how to make use of holidays to make their sales can be sustained and rapid growth. So a variety of promotional tools came into being. How to stand out in such a fierce competition? The following content may give you a jewelry store or self store some useful inspiration. read more

The number of cars increases – Beijing new energy

new energy electric cars, can bring great convenience to people’s lives, to win people’s recognition. For the majority of people, Beijing adds 29858 demonstration application of new energy vehicles to apply for personal. In 2017, Beijing individual new energy vehicle indicators only 10672.

Beijing 2017 second passenger car index Yaohao will be conducted in April 26th. Minibus indicators regulatory management office announced in April 9th this license-plate lottery application number: as of April 8th 24, the cumulative receive a personal demonstration and application of new energy passenger car configuration indicators confirm the extension of the application and a total of 26362. read more

Entrepreneurship contest does not seem so fire

entrepreneurship competition emerge in an endless stream, just two days ago, a grand meeting of entrepreneurial innovation competition day final competition in Guangzhou. But for the entry of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship contest does not look so hot, so beautiful.

in a "winter capital" argument sound, entrepreneurship competition has chosen "counter" line, still emerge in an endless stream state. In the past month, Guangzhou has held at least seven major business competition. read more

Entrepreneurial choice automotive industry, Wuhan automobile production and sales over the national

in the current market, the number of cars in a growing trend, the total production of the car is certainly rising. A lot of entrepreneurs in the face of the current business environment, want to engage in the automotive industry, then, how to choose the auto industry? Wuhan automobile production and sales over the national level, is a good time to start a business.

recently, the reporter learned from the Wuhan Automobile Dealers Association was informed that the first half of this year, Wuhan automobile production totaled 790 thousand units, an increase of 33%, higher than the national average of 26 percentage points; the cumulative sales of 610 thousand vehicles (excluding SAIC GM Wuhan base), an increase of 13%, higher than the national average of 5 percentage points. read more

Fourth returnees Innovation Summit held in Guiyang, 28

The development of

regions need to rely on some talent strength can be reached recently in Guizhou city of Guiyang province held such an association of students in the China open up a fresh outlook, but also attracted a lot of successful returnees arrived.

28 day, in the returnees innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, many returnees to return to entrepreneurship, especially in the western region has a strong interest in entrepreneurship. With advanced concepts at the same time grounding gas, adapt to the changing times to seize the opportunity is the consensus of many returnees. read more

What is your elegant pie franchise

Chinese pie to join the project has a lot of brands, of which you are a very good pie pie project, if you are interested in pie, you can join the brand.

is the first Ji’nan guiya pie Catering Management Consulting Co. Ltd., under the brand name, headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Ji’nan, after nearly ten years of development, the company office area of more than 3 thousand square meters, amounting to more than 5000 people business cooperation. The company is committed to the development of food and beverage, food and beverage management, catering operations, chain operations of the four core business. To the beginning of 2016, the company co OP stores all over the country 31 provinces and cities, the number reached more than 1800. So how do you join? read more

Cosmetics store location guide

shop location is always a topic of discussion, on the cosmetics store location, you know how much? Many novice on this issue is very strange, need to master a lot of business skills. If you want to learn, just follow the small series to see it, I hope the following suggestions will be helpful to you, you can not miss.

first, cosmetics stores have a great deal of attention in the site, people can choose to place a bit more. It is easier to improve the visibility of the cosmetics store, such as the white collar in a relatively large number of places to open a cosmetics point, the white-collar workers pay more attention to their makeup appearance, the quality requirements of cosmetics is relatively high. This will give you a lot of profit space. read more