A 22-minute sports mascot video is a terrifying addition to the horror genre

first_img2. 12-box frameAt the 11:30 mark, 12 mascots are fit into the frame silently dancing and staring into the camera. Genuine nightmare fuel right there.1. Reggie the Purple Party Dude speakingA human host would have made the video far better; after all, the worst thing a mascot can do is talk. Reggie does a lot of speaking with no one else to answer his weird jokes, a dynamic that leads to strange moments of silence as he gazes into your soul.Perhaps the worst Reggie moment comes at 6:20 when he tells a bat joke to The Coyote of the Spurs and waits for a full three seconds before continuing. Mascots are the cousins of clowns in terms of kid-oriented beings that seem to get more unsettling the older you get.In their natural environment at a stadium, they’re at least easy to tune out. They generally blend into the scenery. They don’t speak. But a 22-minute video from the virtual 2020 Mascot Hall of Fame induction ceremony Sunday was terrifying. Absolutely horrible.Host Reggie the Purple Party Dude tells cringy jokes, and the large cast of mascots stare into the camera with their dead eyes throughout the showing.MORE: Kid writes letter to Babe RuthIf you’re wondering, Oriole Bird, Blue, Boomer and Youppie! were inducted.Here’s a breakdown of the worst things from this addition to the horror genre. We watched the whole thing so you didn’t have to.3. Tommy HawkBird mascots are at least in our opinion the most reliably troubling form of mascot (although Oriole Bird actually isn’t too bad). Something about the cartoonish eyes and beak suggest murderer. Chicago Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk is one of the most scary bird costumes out there. So when Tommy Hawk entered the room at about the seven-minute mark and made an aggressive gesture with his beak, we weren’t feeling it.Tommy Hawk is already a member of the Hall of Fame and made an appearance in the video as an apparent show of support for new entrants. last_img

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