La Real will return to Zubieta with the entire squad in full

first_imgThe month and a half of hard confinement has come, paradoxically, well to the Royal Society, than You will have the entire squad of your first team to return to training in Zubieta. We will see whether to be able to complete the rest of the season, or simply to regain the sensations of exercising in their usual place of work. Because it is not at all clear that soccer will be able to be played in the coming weeks, no matter how much LaLiga, the Federation and the CSD are taking all the steps to try it. Be that as it may, when the txuri-urdin team returns to the Zubieta facilities, something they have not done since March 13 of this year, Imanol Alguacil will not have any player occupying a space in the infirmary.And is that the coach from Oriotarra was awaiting the final recovery of his captain, Asier Illarramendi. And the Mutriku midfielder has taken advantage of this time without being able to leave the house to finish completing his recovery and is ready to return to work with guarantees with the rest of his teammates. Actually, before all the events with this coronavirus crisis precipitated, ‘Illarra’ had already started training under Imanol, entering part of the sessions, doing exercises of less impact and requirement, to gradually increase the intensity of their work. His feelings with his boots on, playing the ball and working to the rhythm of the rest of his teammates were quite positive. At home he has completed his recovery, and is ready to return, as he himself recently said. In a time full of bad news, this may be one of the best for Real fans. Why Imanol has not been able to play any day of this season with all his staff in good condition. And if football resumes at the end, he will be able to face the demanding final stretch of LaLiga, with eleven games presumably in just a month and a half, with all his players in good condition, an aspect to take into account, assuming that all will be necessary the possible rotations to be able to confront with Eda guarantees the final straight of the championship in order to secure the European place that he has today in his hands, with eight points of advantage with respect to the eighth classified.Yes, They still don’t know in the realistic dressing room when they will be able to start the individual training sessions in Zubieta, something that the players are looking forward to. At Real they are waiting for the League meeting with the clubs this Monday to start making decisions and organizing. The forecast marks that on Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th of May they will test the Covid-19 to the players, coaches and the rest of the first team staff, so that at the earliest until Friday they cannot start exercising in Zubieta following the protocol set by the CSD and that in the Real they have it more than advanced. Remember that 48 hours must pass to know the test results. Before, the players had to sign a consent written by the club doctor, because the tests are done under medical prescription, and permission to return to training can only be done by the head of the medical services of each club.last_img

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