Public procurement process is being manipulated by political directive

first_imgDear Editor,The public procurement system was established by PPP government in 2003. The procurement process was establish to maintain accountability, transparency, fairness, and equal access to opportunities.While competition was an essential ingredient in achieving and promoting effectiveness in procurement, it also discouraged monopoly situations and avoided favouritism.  Can we say that the APNU/AFC coalition government is upholding the procurement process? Definitely not! I am confident that this Government is compromising or disregarding the procurement process and Act to ensure that their cronies, friends and families benefit.There are various methods of procurement, tender boards can choose from open or restricted procedure wherein request for quotation can only be used in clearly defined circumstances. Also the single source procurement for particular supplier can be used. The most effective method should be used to ensure Government have the best value for money. The open tendering method is the most effective, and should always be used in order to have maximum competition. It is deemed being able to offer the most economical results.  Instructions are given through permanent secretaries to various ministerial and regional tender boards to use a method that the Government can manipulate in order to ensure activist supporters, friends and families benefit. The AFC/APNU coalition government do not have any system in place to promote transparency and accountability in public office, and have total disregard for the Public Procurement Act. There are many projects that fail the procurement process, eg Durban Park, rental or drugs bond, the East Bank Berbice public road etc. This Granger government is the worst Government when it comes to transparency and accountability. They ensure that the Government officials manipulate the public procurement process for personal and political gains.Respectfully,Zamal Hussainlast_img

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