Titanfall is never coming to the PlayStation 4 but the sequel might

first_imgThere were plenty of next-generation console games shown off at E3 back in June, but one of the most impressive was Titanfall. This first-person shooter was announced as an exclusive for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Gamers planning to lay their hands on the PlayStation 4 have been hoping Titanfall would come to their platform at a later date, but that appears to be a pipe dream. According to publisher Electronic Arts, Titanfall is never coming to the PS4.Titanfall is a fast-paced FPS, which isn’t that unusual. The twist is that you aren’t just carrying around a gun — you’re in the gun. Titanfall puts you in the driver’s seat of giant, heavily armed combat exoskeletons called Titans. You can call it a mech if you want, but the developers would prefer that you didn’t.You’re not always in the Titans, though. There’s plenty of gameplay where you’re on foot completing objectives, just to spice things up. There’s plenty of wall running and acrobatics to give you a chance against the Titans, or you can suit up in a Titan of your own and blast away. The demo video looked stunning, but the gameplay was also incredibly impressive. It’s easy to see why PS4 buyers would want to get in on the action.While Titanfall is definitely not coming to Sony’s platform, the developer, Respawn Entertainment said that future games — even a Titanfall sequel — could be multiplatform. So there is at least a little light at the end of the tunnel.Titanfall is currently slated for a March 2014 release.last_img

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