New Doom contains old Doom levels and textures as easter eggs

first_imgid Software has been showing us quite a bit of Doom gameplay lately. First we had the multiplayer beta, and now we’re getting extensive gameplay videos of the single-player experience as the release day draw ever closer. The game looks great, plays fast, and thankfully has a ton of options to tweak to your liking. But it also has a very cool easter egg buried throughout the single player missions.In the video below, Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin from id Software demonstrate how each mission in the game will have a hidden lever. Pulling the lever opens a door somewhere else in the level giving access to a new area. The cool thing about these areas are that they use original Doom level textures and follow the layout of those original levels, too.You can see one of the original Doom level reveals in this video:As well as unlocking these areas, you also unlock the full old Doom level they are taken from to access and play from the menu. However, while the level may look like the old one, the enemies they contain and the weapons you use are from new Doom. If that’s not to your liking then it’s not exactly hard to go play any of the old Doom games on a service such as Steam.Finding all the level unlocks is apparently going to be very tough, but I’m sure dedicated players will make short work of locating them all and creating a guide. And we don’t have to wait long before that happens as Doom is set to release on May 13.last_img

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