Airport shuttle passengers Shuyun 899 thousand

As of August 31st, the 62 day Qinghai airport Shuyun ended the work of. During the 2013 summer, Qinghai Province as the air gateway of Xining airport shuttle passengers 899 thousand people, flights to record high.According to statistics, from July 1st to August 31st, a total of airports in Xining to protect the transport flight of 7418 sorties, passenger throughput of 899530 passengers, representing an increase of 29.2% over the same period last year, 22.6%. Since Shuyun sorties reached 112 vehicles, the average daily passenger throughput of 14509 passengers. August 8th single day throughput for 3 consecutive days, the number of visitors reached more than 16500 passengers, in August 10th, on the 15 day, the average daily to maintain 140 sorties, reaching the highest level in history. Since entering Shuyun, Xining, Dunhuang, Beijing new airport in Shijiazhuang, Nanyuan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Ningbo, Taipei and other 7 navigation points, the newly opened Ji’nan to Xining, Wuxi to Xining, Tianjin to Xining and other 10 routes, Xining airport navigation point increase to 37, the route was increased to 48. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanchang, Changsha, Qingdao, Ji’nan, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Urumqi, Xiamen flights have different levels of encryption, to effectively meet the growing needs of the aviation market. (author: Rong Lijun)


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