Health supervision to protect the cultural exchanges between China and South Korea during the major

began in mid August, the city has held the "Cultural Exchange Week", "the IFSC climbing World Cup", "the national earthquake relief commendation" and other major events, food safety work well during the event, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau careful arrangements, health supervision departments at all levels to carry out health supervision a series of security work, during the major activities and major events in our city without the occurrence of food safety incidents.
in security work, health supervision departments at all levels with the stage of the "five small" industries focus on remediation work, the advance supervision, between the search mode, with national characteristics of guest activities during the event and the staff of hotels, venues and surrounding all kinds of snacks, night city catering service units to carry out supervision and inspection work. Focus on the procurement of food raw materials, food and beverage industry in the use of food and raw materials required for verification, the catering units used must be fresh, non operation and corruption, deterioration, the use of expired meat, cold dishes and other semi-finished products. At the same time the catering units should strengthen the health management of its own, maintain the operation between the internal and external environment clean, timely cleaning and disinfection tableware to do cleaning work; flies, dust, rodents, cockroaches and other protection facilities in place, disposable tableware use must comply with the hygiene requirements. During the event, city, district two level hygiene supervision departments also dispatch business ability of the health supervisors on activities and events during the reception task "Sports Hotel", "Huitong Hotel" the two hotels were in supervision, the supervision and protection of all-weather Hotel disinfection and food service safety of public places. Appliance, combined with provincial and municipal, district three level health supervision department of the new "Saline Lake mansion" in public places and food safety risks in a timely manner to correct guidance, and put forward rectification opinions. The activities during August 12th to August 22nd, the city dispatched health supervision personnel 550 passengers, vehicles 50 times, inspection of all types of food service units and more than 2600 times. The presence of food safety hazards 60 food and beverage units to give warning and ordered to rectify, suspend business for rectification of 5, a fine of $39, a fine of $46200. Through the inspection and after the statistics, "Cultural Exchange Week", "the IFSC climbing World Cup", "the national earthquake relief commendation" and other major activities during the catering industry in our city without the occurrence of food poisoning and major food safety incidents.

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