The first batch of college students entrepreneurship class in Yiwu

went to the graduation season again. When the students are busy for employment, some students in Yiwu business school is the destiny in their own hands, early when the "boss": 120 graduates of the first Taobao entrepreneurial class, a total annual income reached 63 million yuan. In this way, the per capita monthly income of more than 40 thousand yuan!

in June 1st, at the Yiwu business school graduation ceremony held at the 2012 graduates, college leaders specifically for the "outstanding graduate" honor of the students awarded a certificate of honor of the 15. read more

Taiwan nternet business legend godfather of people from the media to the electricity supplier nouve


he was behind the 80s Taiwan culture of the last century, the record and he sang Luo Dayou’s successful planning; the wave of the Internet, he set up Taiwan’s largest Internet service provider PChome, also the founder of Taiwan’s largest women shopping platform Payeasy. Today, he has become the godfather of the Internet in Taiwan, he is Zhan Hongzhi. Dark horse brother sharing it with the world network operators of the article, look at his legendary story, a media person to business legend Nouveau riche. read more

60% entrepreneurs first venture to borrow money younger age become the norm

"I know that the youngest entrepreneur in Beijing is 16 years old, I am now all over the age of 18, I feel a lot of pressure." Dressed in a black suit, with a red tie and hair. Deliberately mature face look jerky shape and contrast, and the words, is to let people hear a shock.

Xu Dechen, co-founder of chat network, a year ago, he made the first important decision in life: to give up the college entrance examination, start business.

today, like Xu Dechen is less than 30 years of age to start a business more and more young people,’s founder and CEO Chen ou, cool disk CEO Gu Zhicheng, force the United States interactive advertising CEO Shu Yi, Meitu Xiu Xiu CEO Wu Xinhong, Xu Le CEO matrix game. These are in the age of young people 30 years of age, to gather their companies and products to many users, entrepreneurs began to play the influence. read more

Alternative ways to do Taobao

is now very popular to do Taobao, many webmaster friends are registered in Ali mother account. Although the network of Taobao customers advertising everywhere, but few people really make money, I often heard some owners complain about their Taobao off without the turnover, some even think that income is flashed Amoy drag son Ali mother.

can not make money who are anxious, this can be understood, but if you deny the results of others, I am afraid there is something wrong. I don’t doubt for those high income screenshots, because the author side with this expert. read more

What is the soul of martial arts martial art is the soul of the website

but I’m going to put these two unrelated things together today.

in the martial arts, both in home and abroad, or Shaolin, Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua, our practice is emphasized a personal hobby, follow the physical fitness, but in practice we know that in fact is the soul of martial arts martial art, practice is required to have no eyes like hand one by one, is also embodied in martial art, not a martial art, martial arts lost soul.

why not? At present, with the popularization of network and rapid development, entertainment, news, download, forum and other major sects sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like by grassroots Webmaster Help, the fundamental purpose of the establishment of the webmaster do not have to say, are not engaged in what welfare projects, is the site of profit the soul! Buy advertising, membership, online shop, no matter what form reflects the fundamental purpose of profit, no profit will lose interest. read more

The use of Taobao to make money to marry a beautiful wife of the ten rules

Ma Yun’s ability is really not covered, Taobao began only 2 years or so, but now there are hundreds of thousands of people for it crazy. My classmates some time ago earned three digit by Taobao, he is very happy and said to me: "I want to use Taobao money off, to marry a beautiful wife!" he is 23, have not talked about love, please forgive his naive… As my guest Taobao veteran, Taobao has been set off from until now, has accumulated a lot of experience, I summed up the ten rules below Taobao off the success of money, bring a little help for those who want to engage in this industry novice. read more

How to use the lure of the prevailing wind of foreign space profit

as everyone knows, now Wangzhuan industry temptation in vogue, SP, CPS, CPA, the temptation to emerge in an endless stream. So for this event to enrich our pockets?

In fact, we can think of

and colleagues to do Wangzhuan temptation, then obviously not foreign space, if you don’t know why? Please use Baidu Search.

so we can check the information, and then you can know like Godaddy, LunarPages, HostMonster, and so some of the old u.s.. They provide the general capacity of the host is large flow, can be assigned to a number of FTP accounts, and generally free of charge for IP. So we can know a way to make money. Buy a whole space, and then use the allocation of multiple FTP can be divided to sell. Of course, when we want to support monthly sales. read more

How to do the crisis and how to deal with the middleman

: I live in a city that has been hit by a major flood and everything is in a state of emergency. Sales are a big part of our company. What is the best way for me to run my business at a critical time,


answer: in case of emergency, there is no "business model to follow the prescribed order". If the product with your eyes the crisis might focus to bound together in a common cause, how to use the service and people you have appropriate methods on the link, do not let you look like an opportunist. Develop a crisis management plan for an important tool or service that outlines how your sales team is running when a disaster occurs. Either way, please remember, even if you are a part of the sales coverage area not affected by floods or tornadoes, but you may also be regional customers because of concerns surrounding friends and family while distracted. You have to be sensitive to this. read more

Google ADSense Commissioner AdSensePro answer questions

1. asked a friend on behalf of the past, because the policy does not understand. To do GG advertising, K GG advertising account, now want to start " ", can you? Is there any way?

AdSensePro: if the account is not valid because it is not able to re join.

2.Yunyouyou asked: Pro bother to ask ah: I bought a station of someone else, but heard that his GG account was K, the site now use my new account can also put GG ads? Would you like to close my account? Thank you!

The meaning of

AdSensePro: association is a direct economic relationship, such as a person, or immediate family. Google will be judged by a number of factors related to the account, the same site is only one of them. You don’t have to worry about it if you don’t have a real connection with your previous account. read more

Dark horse Chinese music network price 50 yuan 1000P

Dear members of alliance

hello! Chinese music network, is based on the "China pop music billboard new cross media entertainment portal.
site covers the latest global Chinese music, Chinese music fans, Chinese star, Chinese record company etc. the core of Chinese music resources, is committed to become the most influential Chinese music circle and the largest new media entertainment portal.

read more

Baidu K station guest can go far

Tao is very profitable, it is synonymous with "new era" Amoy off Taobao, "after the" Amoy era has said of an aged person (since Baidu K Tao station after I called Amoy era) the main reason is Baidu, and Taobao’s competition leads to the innocent – Amoy sorrow, Baidu continues to ban Tao station, the original by tens of thousands of pages of Baidu K station is the only home page, in the face of Baidu K station is

webmaster can only endure in silence?Baidu

continuous K station guest can go far? Many webmaster is doing API call station, Baidu reached the point that, the large-scale API station are banned, can be said that this type of station can not success Amoy dream of making money, so what can Amoy road continue? The answer is yes the station has abandoned API distinctive content sites can also survive, even farther below the author sum up how to do after the guest time: read more

85 after the beauty of his spare time to open shop earning 50 thousand off their wealth or inspirati

85 after the beauty off their wealth or inspirational

after a 85 foreign white-collar workers, some use of spare time, Taobao opened a toy shop, now a monthly income of 50 thousand, bought two luxury cars. A good photographer took the picture down onto the Internet with the beauty of tushuo, attracted hot friends: what is the shopping website to fry as its own propaganda, or really worth learning after the 85 generation of


stunning beauty shop online show

29 reporters in the CCTV forum found this is similar to the comic post. The landlord "Sun Stone" claimed to be a photographer, because of the need for regular interviews with the entrepreneurial dream, the girl’s ordinary looking, but she passed his struggle has two cars, a Audi accord, her low-key self-confident and lovely. read more

Network Entrepreneurship VC is the water moon

In many business sites or forums, there will be about how to attract VC, investors are becoming more rational in the case of duhugu believes that for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, especially Internet entrepreneurs, the less concerned about some of the aspects of things, why? Because VC find your probability, and the probability of the five million prize is almost small, from a mathematical point of view, is a small probability event, for you personally, the probability is zero".

tiger Valley personal view: read more

Fully tap the site resources to enhance the profitability of the site

I do

station has been 3 years, but the profit is nearly two months, has been unsuccessful. But after summing up, not the wrong site, but their money will not earn!

below to focus on everyone to talk about my consciousness

I do a website at the beginning of this year, belong to the software download, download the software in the webmaster Trading Forum but it is very hot. Take my download station to say, the average daily flow of 3800 in March, the daily traffic in May was $3500 in revenue in March was $800 in revenue in May was $1200. Why?? flow down, instead of increasing the income?? the reason is this, I began to do only express station advertising alliance, is less and less, and now I’m on the download page with GG ads (Reference: Note that the GG ad should be hidden in the content of the site, but also to highlight, so I put the GG ad into bright red. That’s $2 a day. read more

Spicy comments advertising alliance to encourage garbage

advertising alliance because it looks beautiful, so "perfect" rapid development. When the perfect occurs in the lack of integrity of the Chinese Internet, but also began to perfect the production of garbage.

I do do stand, however, the alliance doesn’t give me on ads, everywhere. In fact, I did not expect it to earn much money, but do not hang an ad, the site is not white water, but, so I struggled to get nearly 2. Union garbage into the 2, they get free. Baidu does not pass, GG not to pass, not through the record… Depressed dead. Others do pure garbage station, a lot to make money, I? Why is this? Some stations and even the station is garbage, not a word is transparent! Pain removed from your heart later learned that the original, must do the dumpster. read more

The opposite way do not take the unusual way website promotion

In competition intense today, financial strength than YAHOO, Google, MSN, Alibaba, etc., and to fight for a world of their own in the network, there are few tricks, tips are difficult to achieve, a surprise move quickly. Today, the more common recruit a way to do the opposite".

the opposite has a lot of knowledge, such as differentiated positioning and so on, theoretical stuff is not detailed talk. Combined with today’s biggest trend, I say a practical.

today network business ideas, so far no one has done, you now to do is NO.1, this idea is called "catch the purchaser" sounds scary, but spoke almost all small and medium-sized enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises generally worry about the truth, what is difficult to sell! Product sales are sluggish! The product can not find buyers, this is my dream, sent a spider man quietly on the Internet and OK walk, look all the purchaser’s whereabouts, and all of them will be brought to justice, and then waiting for looking for their suppliers. I was caught by the buyers, suppliers do not step on the threshold of my strange! This is the opposite of the application of e-commerce website construction. Why is it called "the opposite way"? Because according to our long-term observation, many e-commerce sites in the construction and operation of thinking basically is positive, they saw the supplier difficulties, but did not see the essence of the problem, they know that the supplier is their users, but do not know the supplier is not their marketing object. Just think of a seller’s e-commerce website and how long? And a buyer gathered platform, suppliers and how often do not patronize?

and has been on the site for free, free is actually quite critical, profit model, free website is the source of profit, it should also be act in a diametrically opposite way, if I want my web site to make money, I’m going to maximize my free website, not only free to all users, and also there is reward, someone surprised me so? Oh, a very simple truth, what is the wealth of the site is the user! You should be free to your users, and

read more

Miracle secret gray auction reverse bidding project

yesterday to buy a project before a friend to find me, told me he wanted to buy a so-called gray auction, reverse bidding project, to help me see. The launch of the project and the project sales page here I will not disclose, to avoid unnecessary trouble. We later see a similar concept of the project to know this model can be.

first of all, I give you to explain what is the so-called reverse auction or gray bid? In fact, we are usually talking about all the people earn. Visitors to help promote the site through the promise of some benefits to visitors. We can make any search under the national people can learn about the content. This is not a bad idea, but there is a very attractive point set, enough to allow users to help you to promote. The real price is only through search engine advertising, it is called bidding. In order not to consider the premise of the promotion of direct money to buy traffic. If you really have any gray bidding or reverse bidding can achieve the effect of Baidu, GG auction, then these do not master the auction will be tens of millions of advertising. The people will think about it. I didn’t see the attraction of the project, but he was sure to exaggerate the effect of the publicity in the material. In fact, all the people are making the most difficult to operate a network promotion means. read more

My site is how to do a monthly income of 30 thousand

a lot of friends just to make money, Wangzhuan, then work hard, some even behind closed doors, to higher, health is not, the body also not, life is no, that day was breaking, still hard work, really eat worse than pig, get up earlier than chicken.


brothers and sisters, all know Wangzhuan is for money. However, a lot of people do every day and every night, only a few tens of dollars a day to earn it, it is estimated that a few days to earn a lot of money, if you look at this article has earned a few cents a day, then I advise you to say more on Admin5. read more

Mobile nternet business you want to really happy or fake orgasm

Abstract: the so-called hot field is usually a fake orgasms, so entrepreneurs do not fall to drill


once a year the entrepreneurs conference ended, around the topic of business across the country still The tune lingered in the room. entrepreneurs, have to get together, entrepreneurial experience and Inspiration of the mobile Internet era. Different from the previous entrepreneurship conference, this time almost all of the topics are related to the mobile Internet, both Tencent executives Tangdao Sheng speech, or Hu Yanping’s mobile internet report, are full of temptations and opportunities. read more