Beautiful said settled WeChat postponed or indefinitely shelved


] March 11th news billion state power network, the state power grid to understand, beauty has been officially opened before the group purchase channel, but previously announced at the WeChat open shopping entrance is not scheduled on the line.

It is reported that

, said the group purchase channel beautiful officially launched in February 20th, covering categories including clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags, update time in every morning at ten a.m..

beautiful said buy page

, however, the United States said that the year before the opening of WeChat shopping portal has not yet on-line. It is understood that the beautiful open letter said CEO Xu Yirong said in a letter to business cooperation, beautiful said WeChat has confirmed the official cooperation plan, decided to set up in the WeChat fashion shopping entrance "my bank card channel in February, said the beautiful boutique recommended for WeChat users to buy. read more

All the common web site is unknown transfer

recently, a friend called the general web site registered contacts, contact e-mail, etc. have been changed. In this news, cobra quickly checked all the common URL Cobra registration has changed hands, the registered person into a "Guo Yiyue", e-mail has been changed to "".

This makes

Cobra Lenovo to the hands of the kart before a general web site, because the operation of the game of the century company that registered the Amagi Cobra general website infringement, after Chinese Internet information center the dispute resolution institution ruling, the universal network access to century city. read more

2016 Top10 makeup brand rankings which domestic concern

2016 is the industry winter intensified a year, most of the local cosmetics companies complain incessantly, the end of last year opened the annual meeting in 2017, even the cattle are not blowing!

in this case, it is not surprising that the world is not the concept of the product can not be ranked on the cosmetics brand in 2016 to rank

accurate, ranked by sales is the most convincing, but in the transformation of channel brand brand industry trend of driving under the view that the consumer market for your major brand attention ranking, also has very important significance. read more

Wu Di thousands of melee is coming to an end Talking about the problems that must be faced by group

According to the

news that this month in a group purchase industry launched the integrity certification and rating criteria at the end of the month is expected to be announced to the public, this is the first official in China for the shopping site is given by the third party credit evaluation. The non official news that the more than and 300 group purchase website submitted, received the first batch of credit certification qualification is only about 20 of the house, which is also more than ninety percent of the group purchase website did not get credit evaluation. read more

Logistics storage fresh electricity supplier another point of pain

After the rise of

fresh electricity supplier, has always been big business busy layout small merchants shouting "state, this piece of blue ocean is obvious to people, even if there is a cold chain and commodity standardization difficulties and other factors, rising still can not prevent the fresh electricity supplier. In addition to continuing I bought the network, SF preferred fresh professional platform, Tmall, Jingdong are hard to layout, Amazon has recently entered the fresh areas, even Shandong Airlines has also recently started to test the water fresh cold chain market around the industry, the whole industry chain of fresh food has a fresh electricity supplier to try. read more

Soft report November Commission has been settled

respected alliance Webmaster:

Hello everyone.

is a good news to tell you: our November Commission has reached the amount of payment settlement, please check the webmaster. Account number is the owner of the China Merchants Bank, the Commission will arrive in a day; the account is the account of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, according to the different regions, the Commission will be three to five days to the account. If next Tuesday (December 25th) after the Commission has not received, please contact your customer service. read more

Business platform operators should learn about consumer psychology

With the continuous development of the electricity supplier shouting

, we found that the electricity supplier platform consumer spending patterns, consumer attitudes have also changed significantly. More and more electronic business platform continues to emerge, for the vast number of consumers on the choice of goods to provide more and more choice of space, so that consumer behavior becomes more convenient, more rational. For the managers of the electronic business platform, we should be fully considered in the operation of consumer psychology, consumer behavior factors, these ideas into the operation and maintenance of the platform. For example, consumers see a product in a business platform, the various attributes of the product directly to the consumer can stimulate the senses, to find the product "comment" and "orders", "reasonable price", so will be in the brains of consumers of the product purchase desire. Through the analysis of these factors can make it easier for consumers to follow your wishes, and then become your product consumer. Study consumer psychology plays an important role in the operation and maintenance of electronic business platform, but also the relationship between products is a key factor of success, the author thinks that we can proceed from the following aspects: read more

Nearly 50 quasi PO electricity supplier to be invited to visit the Shenzhen overall size is expecte

today (May 9th), China’s largest retail platform for SMEs and China’s largest listed platform for SMEs, came together." A participating brokerage marvel. In May 9th, nearly 50 listed companies are invited to visit the business group of shenzhen. These companies are from Alibaba platform, China’s capital market officially ushered in the peak of the electricity supplier companies landing. It is reported that the first to be listed Ali platform businesses have more than one hundred, the market valuation of up to several hundred million yuan, the overall size is expected to rebuild a number of Alibaba in china. read more

Group purchase originator Groupon officially launched food delivery service in the United States

Groupon takeaway service Groupon to go

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 31st news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported earlier this month, following the acquisition of food delivery service OrderUp, Groupon announced on Thursday that it will launch its own food delivery service Groupon To Go in the u.s..

Groupon said the company plans to launch Groupon To Go service in Chicago. Since March this year, Groupon teamed up with 500 restaurants in Chicago, has been in the region to carry out food takeaway service testing. But Groupon also said that the company plans to expand the service to other regions during the year, including this fall will be launched in Boston and Austen service. read more

From the concept of Chinese domain name into the active application stage

since the Ministry of foreign affairs and other central government agencies and local governments at all levels and other government agencies to take the lead in the opening of Chinese domain names, the popularity of the domestic Chinese domain name set off a new round of climax. According to reports, the Bank of China, Sinopec and other large state-owned enterprises and traditional media industry have also enabled the Chinese domain name. There are indications that the Chinese domain name has gone through the concept of training stage, entered the era of universal application. read more

Small and medium enterprises how to develop their own e commerce platform

at present, small and medium-sized enterprises due to the scale of operation and management capacity of enterprises and other factors, so in the process of conventional market distribution, tend to be affected by a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, compared with the traditional, must make use of their advantages quickly, establish an effective information system, and then based on the development of electronic commerce.


information system can help enterprises to improve the management by means of information itself defects, standardize business processes, improve the quality of products and services; electronic commerce can quickly integrate into the global competition in the outside the "big cake" to win a favorable position. However, in fact, this is not the case, small and medium enterprises in the use of information technology to enhance their competitiveness is also facing many challenges, such as funds, technology, talent, ideas, etc.. After the former wolf tiger competition pattern has been formed, small and medium enterprises can no longer let the shortcomings are still not changed, but who will help SMEs to change their situation?. read more

Traditional enterprise e commerce direct marketing model

when the traditional sales model in contemporary progressive evolution of consumer centric marketing mode, when human become a new type of commodity sales and service channel, when the Internet e-commerce platform support is booming, in twenty-first Century Chinese commodity economy appeared a new task: to interpersonal marketing based on for Internet transactions, payment platform, electronic commerce as the tool system of "network marketing" placed in front of us.

network direct sales in the network, there are two meanings: first, refers to the Internet, two refers to the interpersonal network. Network marketing refers to the use of the Internet and the sale of goods network marketing activities. The main form of the Internet economy is e-commerce, in other words, e-commerce is the external performance of the Internet economy and substantive behavior. In the direct sales network, products from the source to the enterprise to purchase goods distribution enterprises and dealers to consumers throughout the whole process of commodity production, procurement, logistics, distribution, marketing, consumption, payment link. Therefore, we can define the network direct marketing: direct marketing model based on e-commerce marketing model. This is the essential definition of network direct selling. Through the network marketing and e-commerce marketing model is the relationship between life style, name, and practical way, mode. read more

Dangdang COO Huang parity and buy can not become mainstream

news August 20th, chief operating officer (COO) Huang Ruo in an interview with TechWeb to think through the electronic commerce business people gives a lot of advice, at the same time, also expressed their personal views on the field of electronic commerce, the popular network group purchase group purchase price and navigation, in its view, against the network group purchase and can not become the mainstream format.

it is understood that Huang Ruo has more than 20 years of experience in business, retail, and served as vice president of Taobao operations center. Taobao mall platform e-commerce model that is created by. It is very popular in the B2C industry in today’s investment in associates, Koudian distribution, and flagship stores, specialty stores, 7 days no reason to return and so on, most of the first hand from Huang Ruozhi. Recently, whether it is venture capital, or third party data research institutions responsible person in an interview with TechWeb, have expressed optimistic about the field of e-commerce. This field may also be a lot of entrepreneurs interested in. And Huang Ruo’s proposal in this regard may be a lot of inspiration for entrepreneurs. read more

Amoy new shopping scene panic buying late night special will be on the line

Abstract: as a normalization of the Amoy panic buying of panic buying program, "late night special" will focus on quality products to limit users to create panic buying, "grab" atmosphere, and bring the concentrated exposure and efficient shipping for business cooperation.



network operators in the world by Zhu Yueyi

editor / Zhou Lin

February 21st, Amoy panic buying will launch a new column for the night, the main limit good panic buying.

aimed at late night "night special", will begin at 21 pm every night, until 24 PM end. 21 projects on the line, the user can in 21 point night after open hand Amoy, Amoy to see the "floating banner panic buying, late night special" at the bottom of the page, click to enter panic buying. read more

Palliatives Tmall C2B

NetEase technology columnist Zhuang Shuai

C2B can be said to be the ultimate dream to the manufacturer’s production mode, this mode of production so that manufacturers can more easily allocate resources, no waste and occupation of funds, not because the production lot of commodities to sell the last effort also caused a huge inventory; so that consumers can freely choose their favorite color, texture and even shape. The signature on the goods, so that businesses produce their own unique even is the one and only goods, all this sounds particularly good. read more

Amazon global business data exposure China quadruple seller


] September 16th news billion state power network, Amazon vice president Ye Weilun held in the Chinese China Amazon global business seller seminar revealed that in 2013, the Amazon global business Chinese sellers to increase the number of 196%, while sales in the UK market growth of more than 560%.

billion state power network has learned, at present, Amazon Chinese "global business project has been expanded to the Amazon in the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Japan website. Amazon China is responsible for the global shop project team size has increased by 3 times. read more

Taobao will launch the app store 15 Taobao box


technology news January 11th morning news, according to insiders confirmed, app store "Taobao box" will be officially launched on the 15 day, the first batch of "won 30 outstanding works in Taobao application design and development in the competition will become the Taobao app box.

Taobao application store launch means that Taobao is to further promote the open platform plan, and the entire open platform plan is an important step in the development of e-commerce strategy Ali group. read more

Wang Yang founder of street honey the next 95% cross border electricity supplier will die

lead: he saw is the current mainstream sea Amoy B2C venture is a pseudo proposition, the next 95% cross-border electricity supplier will die. Does that sound terrible?

2014 cross-border electricity extremely hot, not only big business platform, Tmall and other Jingdong reached, startups such as ocean terminal, emerge in an endless stream, honey bud baby, honey Amoy, to get tens of millions of dollars in financing.

Wang Yang is the new game player sea Amoy entrepreneurship Army: in April 2014 6 years, leaving office will soon be listed Alibaba in advance to sell all the shares, 7 months after the launch of street honey sea purchased APP. read more

Shift the joint venture of innovative products one stop mobile e commerce solutions

[move joint business]

move joint business relies on the shift associated browser platform and business credit, Chinese econnect alliance, including providing one-stop mobile e-commerce services to the address bar, search engine promotion, integrity authentication, WAP website, the client, for enterprise customers, is the enterprise to carry out the necessary core resources of mobile e-commerce.

[b] value advantage [/b]

move the browser address bar to

shift associated browser is designed for business people to the browser, move joint business support shift associated browser address bar directly, in the input shift associated browser can directly move joint business, enterprise mobile e-commerce website. read more

From the handle network and mission test network to see personalized buy

after several rounds of fierce competition, the domestic buy site has begun to mature. From the current point of view of the industry as a whole, has become diversified and personalized development. In my study of the group buying site, the network and the recent on-line test network is very worthy of attention, the two sites to buy the site to bring a lot of new ideas.

in the beginning of the rise of group purchase website, can be said that the Chinese version of Groupon, there was no innovation basically. However, after a period of development, some sites have been showing innovative ingredients. One hand in the Groupon network on the basis of the integration of the advantages of Foursquare, take the development of Groupon+Foursquare model. This model is considered by some people as a double cottage, but also some people believe that innovation. I personally think that this is not the value of the discussion, almost all of the domestic Internet products, there are components of the cottage, almost in the United States have emerged. read more