Sogou alliance take what to love you

      and Sogou cooperation for a long time, look at my website now mostly other advertising, but Sogou advertising still occupies an important position, a position of the content page under the title. But today I looked at the background, can not help but think: Sogou, I take what to love you!
      and do not say Sogou advertising alliance business from Sohu to Sogou, I personally think is a mistake, but think that is of great benefit to improve Sogou, it can improve his ranking of the most homogeneous and let many webmaster remember Sogou name. And our website is the main value of money, and this is a very common thing. But now, a month can have 8-15 of remittances, I am depressed Sogou how so much money also to engage in remittances. I’ve been collecting it for two months. Can I bring afraid only so much, think about a month ago, there are 200-400, I still have a little, and now how so few?
        Sogou: a talk about the advertising content today is here, generous, because I saw this several days of advertising revenue was only 0.02, a look at the website advertising is mostly Sogou Sogou input method   image search, search dog products. All yes! It’s not good to get the code again. The launch of the Google and Yahoo is much richer. I do not know how the contents of the search now so little? Before most or sexual content now (but also engage in a filtering illegal advertising content, feeling… A normal website.. otherwise there are what men did not root what… Things), now those who are not, is advertising? Promotion push software you, you let me how to push open, Kaba, Jiangmin, rising, I know all the police, who would dare to use?
two or about their income, although the website is not too high, but also more specialized are engaged in education, advertising revenue of Google a day on average in the $2-3 Yahoo in the 6-12 yuan, while Sogou didn’t their change so much!
Sogou is not to think of a way. The 163 was not done, the search was not done, the next is Sogou read more

Website content is still in the webmaster but no trace

said the website content, website content input keywords in the search engine, you can see a lot of skills of website content updates, website content and method, today I talk about the update is a website maintained the original update for nearly a year, and 80% will be included in Baidu, and now the site is deserted. Enter the website content of the article title to the search engine search is still visible, but the site update time frames in the final article! Although there are site visits, but the site has no management read more

How to network marketing to the extreme

if you really go online marketing, then you are likely to succeed!

There are a lot of potential customers on the

network, and they have a real need for your product. However, when the network marketing to build this work becomes simple, the whole market will be full of competition, the growing competition will require you to pay more investment and efforts. Remember, it’s a tough job to develop a successful marketing network.

customers are sitting in front of their computers. However, they are not waiting for you! As an Internet marketing expert, you must take the initiative to develop a market for them, and attract their interest and desire to purchase and release their distrust of the product, which will be your potential customers into loyal customers. read more

Online education company eats grass root make burst

it is the founder of grass root, grass root, the user is also a teacher of grass root, 20 years old teacher has been signed, millions of annual salary.

Xing Shuai how can not forget the first day in YY lecture situation. Although only 10 students, but he is still shy, nervous, speaking in a thick Shandong accent, speaking class also faltered. "People do not understand, 10 students have 9 fathers eight generation to Aguirre, scolded again." Online students emotional expression is so direct, slightly impolite students will directly on the public screen shouting". Xing Shuai has been hit, but he was pleased that: the only one who did not swear to become partners. read more

Talk about the three key elements of the success of the Taobao store

is currently the mainstream way is to make money through the network website and open shop, in case the technical threshold is still a little high, and more people joined the Taobao or pat open shop to make money, when everyone is subject to a lot of people confused, said open shop technical requirements is not high, feel very easy to be able to earn million yuan, but we really added in time, most of the time is not an order, occasionally a list or profit of the thinnest kind, so many people sigh, open shop to do Wangzhuan, want to make big money, too hard, a lot of people is in a hurry to leave the shop, do not adhere to the indeed, it is not difficult to do what things? But not because it is difficult to easily give up, so that no matter what they do not succeed, here I come with you a summary To open the Taobao store in order to succeed must have the three elements! read more

A few years do stand experience several Wangzhuan method

owners are most concerned about is the site to do it, how to put ads, to maintain the survival of the website, here I summarize some experience for your reference.

to be honest, this number is not counted. However, in order to subscribe to the blog to recommend the main to the flow of the site to live based on the main reason, which is self-evident. Recommendation is a troublesome thing, the general business will not allow you to get the money, you need to do after-sales work. That is, if a user registered through you, you have the opportunity to help you register here to increase the user’s skills to earn money, so you can get the recommended u.s.. In order to flow the website, copied to copy, only short-term behavior, once the search engine K out, his Wangzhuan life will end. That kind of flow down a few years, and there seems to be no ranking site. Overall, a blogger or webmaster in the current network environment to make the house and car, the beauty of the condition is not too mature, I estimate the bold: two years on average earn 6000 yuan per month to master class website or blog is the arena in the. But this kind of people can generally operate the site to this extent, in real life, the salary will not be less than 5 digits. read more

Prince talk about Google AD optimization

on one of my posts, about 2 years of network life (earned 3W wrote me how I started doing my debut, station, some do stand experience, although I am still a rookie, but now I am the slow need to start early. flying higher, I hope this article. Many friends have seen someone in scold my website, but I’m here to say, although you do not love the works of others, if you don’t respect the views of others, then you shut up, please respect some people. As a webmaster should have at least moral, read more

As long as the product can still do the guest

today is National Day third days of holiday, although said that many people are enjoying the holidays bring atmosphere, but he did not do what, but also a long time did not write the article, the A5 came to write an article, today in the group, I made my 8 single harvest today, this just want to play you, because only 2 dollars of income.

suddenly had to know my friend asked, are you still doing Taobao off? I heard these words, there are not very nice, I think.

yes, I’m still working on Taobao. read more

Free Wangzhuan can do for a long time can do

Wangzhuan in recent years has made more and more people are familiar with, but also have a lot of friends still earn Wangzhuan caught in the head, confused. What kind of projects. Make a lot of friends feel free Wangzhuan too little money, are not willing to do, the fact is that so? Of course not, if free Wangzhuan can’t earn money, that day will be out so many people involved in Wangzhuan?! an apple, an ordinary man can only see the ripe apple, and Newton was from an apple discovered the law of gravity in classical physics. read more

Hangzhou expo plast Marketing Alliance for PV

professional media:

job responsibilities:

1, the purchase of personal site advertising, network advertising cooperation;

2, establish and maintain long-term cooperative relationship with personal Adsense;

job requirements:

1, a certain understanding of the Internet, with a certain degree of knowledge of online advertising, personal website operators have a certain understanding of

2, there is a certain relationship between the webmaster circle, do a personal website priority;

3, good learning ability and professionalism, good communication and coordination ability, have the ability to negotiate; read more

Wei Wu swing Mobile nternet users or customers first

who said that the mobile Internet business model it is because they do things away from the money.

"entrepreneurship" magazine article / Wei Wu

columnist introduction:

Wei Wu Hui College of Shanghai Jiaotong University lecturer:

media and new media observers, design

, a marketing industry referred to the two sets of data in his blog post: first, a seller with another Taobao WeChat do graphic push, click rate can reach 4%, after calculation, covering about 1 million of WeChat users to buy, 500 single; second, from a camp tourist class public account, click rate reached 11.5%. WeChat seems to do good marketing. read more

How to improve the Taobao customer income and single conversion rate


as a guest Wangzhuan, welcome by many webmaster, the reason is because the threshold is very low, the strategic vision of Ma Yun is very sensitive, all Taobao customers has become reality, this strategic shift as Chairman Mao led the Reds to go to the Great Wall, historic, the KMT encirclement of the Red Army, the Red Army and so while the more powerful; Baidu screen Taobao, Taobao and so more brilliant, because Taobao has a level one hundred thousand Red Army: Taobao guest.

to ask Luoping to do the feelings of Taobao customers, I first thanks to Taobao, because Taobao let me learn how to shop online, but also learned how to use the site to bring more business to the store. I love quiet, because the more quiet, thinking more clearly, a lot of time during the day did not think of that night will shine out, so I was better at this time, today to talk about how to improve the Taobao customer income and a single conversion rate. read more

Let your Google ad 90% is not a public service advertising method

put Google ads on a page,

the name of the page makes a meaningful English word. For example, the word.htm

then uses the framework to call

in the page to be advertised

F: after the ad has been launched, you can view the income at any time through an online report in your account. Please note that if any of the following contents of
contains your site, there may be unable to obtain the maximum income from AdSense:
* />* />* frame form and the dynamic content
* over image
/>* requirements read more

Taobao station promotion points you choose the right place

Hello everyone, today we talk about the promotion of new Taobao station outside the flow of access, click on the basic principles of the transaction.

station promotion is a easier said than done things, not because of what the post is difficult, but because Taobao about a commodity platform online shopping website, we as a seller, go to other sites (generally not is similar to Taobao’s trading network) publicity directly or indirectly for way of advertising. To other IP can enter the store, the best result is the conversion rate of direct purchase, certainly not to say, is to look at the way, anyway, no matter what, from increased traffic ranking based on this purpose it is easier, if the general website can add a link to the effect, as can be imagined, but if you want to, will your work most effectively to show up, or to have the skills, especially in today’s state of the industry competition is saturated, every corner of the Under the conditions of diligent can not make you reach the top, wisdom and creativity is king, we have heard a saying "genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration", heard of it, but then I saw a revision, "genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, and achieve a genius the point is more important than 1% inspiration 99% perspiration". I don’t know which genius changed. I almost made it a motto. read more

On the role of the chain in the promotion of Taobao to make money

now many webmaster joined Taobao off the army, which is Taobao off the huge money effect has attracted the attention of many people, it is said that some Taobao – to achieve monthly earn tens of thousands, this is really enviable, but why most Taobao customers can not earn money, or just to earn a little money a lot! Of course, the reason causing this phenomenon, I just introduced one of the key points, that is for the construction of the chain is not enough attention, which leads to a lot of Taobao off site traffic is very small, mainly due to low weight, let the author to introduce some of the construction of the chain read more

Morgan Stanley managing director of China’s nternet investment in the three key steps of entrepren

China’s Internet industry, should be the most competitive industry in China, if you leave a little one or two years, then you will not be able to keep up with the latest concept. In recent years the ups and downs of the video, SNS, group purchase, the electricity supplier to the mobile Internet business, the army fought.

According to the statistics of the

of Morgan Stanley, the Chinese Internet is about 230 thousands of websites, and risk investment in China hot money, about half of all in the Internet industry, a number of the most intelligent young man, also in the Internet business. read more

am on the road am network marketing practitioners

I don’t have a college degree, no professional training, no very good family background. All my network knowledge comes from the network, all the network skills come from the network, all the jobs from the network. I am not the first person to contact the network marketing, I was in the era of network marketing competition outbreak, of course, is also in the era of network marketing knowledge outbreak.

and a lot of people, I started from the webmaster. And a lot of people are not the same, I started from the cell phone. At that time, I was a senior high school, a full-time school, few opportunities to use a computer, I often use the mobile Internet, half a day to go to the Internet bubble. 2005 QQ first heard QQ Ding Dong voice thrilled. Later know computer there is a tool called "drawing", when excited by a night bubble Internet bar, in order to use "drawing" tool to a few pictures of the background with the eraser, and then download a GIF animation software, the synthesis of a flash animation, often see a unique sense of accomplishment! "Computer", although it cannot read a lot, but still enjoy the. Because of this, know what is called the code, what is the HTML page. Often use the phone on the Internet, at that time on several large mobile portal, many of them are personal sites. read more

Again Xiong Xiaoge passion intensive and meticulous farming 90 business projects

founded IDG capital 23 years later, Xiong Xiaoge once again stand on a new starting point.

August, IDG capital announced the establishment of a $100 million scale 90 venture fund. Xiong Xiaoge look forward to find a Chinese entrepreneur after 90 Zuckerberg. On the second day of the celebration, Xiong Xiaoge sang a song "on the road", which makes the presence of 90 entrepreneurs sun Yuchen was very moved, he said: "I think a big brother can do."

the baby face, returnees background, tenor comparable professional venture capital heavyweights of the "financial" reporters to sing what song which mountain, 90 played, IDG should also follow this help the kids to start again. read more

Tencent 15 anniversary Ma Huateng pointed out that the future of the road 7

November 10th, a day before the 15 anniversary of the Tencent, the Tencent held a WE conference in Shenzhen, the CF TED conference conference, to talk about business, not to talk about the competition, only talk about a powerful and unconstrained style idea ", after the media lamented the" far "from the TED Conference, but did not one of the company’s 15 anniversary celebration and the industry into the stereotypes of the founder zaoshenyundong, is also a kind of progress. read more

What is blog marketing

Blog marketing, in simple terms, is the use of blog network application form to carry out network marketing. The blog has knowledge, autonomy, sharing the basic characteristics, is a blog which is determined by the nature of the blog marketing is based on personal knowledge resources (including thought, experience and other forms) form of information transmission network. Therefore, to carry out blog marketing is the basic problem of a certain area of knowledge, learning and effective use, and through the dissemination of knowledge to achieve the purpose of marketing information transmission. read more