The road to fame

If someone says that heaven can fall pie, no one will believe, but for the current Chinese Internet, many people believe that everything can fall, because now the Internet free lunch everywhere. From the beginning of the classover to send a registered Sohu to send Apple pretty much ice cream, from the 8d8d to send mobile phone to send the car from Albemarle, Easy Access free "Southern Tour" to Ctrip supermodel together, from a A to the dark horse investment winner quiz quiz, each big website to attract attention is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of a variety of prizes in the final analysis is nothing more than a propaganda site to attract attention, but there is a big difference between the various activities, whether it is the mode of operation or activity. In this paper, the author divides them into six categories. read more

The webmaster website should combine online and offline

webmaster in the enjoyment of advertising revenue, have you ever thought about their currency upgrade? 2009 – an easy to make people angry in the 2009 year, the webmaster has more than half the time of the drum or pocket is flat, either "drum" or "flat", the webmaster should exert their own advantages, hard-working rich, here to share with you my own pocket upgrade experience.

first, to explore the advantages of upgrading pockets.

a lot of old webmaster rely on advertising to earn a lot of money, in addition to the daily update information, the other time you may go to the CS, but the chance to get rich, but too lazy to do, this is a pity. I stood for a long time advertising alliance earn not less, but the overall feel is still a "hero of Liangshan" "there is a large distance from the regular army, in a variety of thought, try the" alliance "+" marketing idea for sale ", is the combination of online and offline, made a very good effect. Webmasters have network publicity, planning advantages, combined with product sales is a good choice. In addition, the main according to their geographical advantages, such as my cool zone except my own independent burdock network design website, web site promotion is most important with our local industries (burdock is our local specialty), whether this is the quality of the product is also the price advantage. Even if there is no local product advantage can also be agents, sales profit is sometimes less than the alliance advertising. Sales are sometimes the most is to examine the degree of diligence and the level of sales of our owners, such as the purchase of products are generally more in the evening or weekend, then this time if the loss on the large offline. Registered Taobao brand shop and then use their own station, want to do, don’t just want to go into practice and do all the "dream" of the poor guy, the courage to put their own ideas into practice, is a successful person of outstanding quality. read more

China’s advertising alliance must pass the three pass

      in fact about ADMIN5 has for a long time, but it is not registered, today China advertising alliance in the development of the phenomenon to be comment, talk about ideas, we encourage each other.

      three pass are: credibility, face and speed.

      first pass: reputation. Reputation are aware of, is certainly a line of life and death line, the same type of alliance, enterprise alliance, or even know the importance of these two words. I am a station the traffic increased quickly, also love to hang a few regular pop, earn a few money, ask how much a pop-up rate, three or four. I am confused, not to say that super pop code, YAHOO XP2 can be solved, can only play this, do the user has installed iron bastions? Isn’t that a slap in the face? Or some customer service chat, simply come to our union will not be deducted, the results of the day, 30% less than? Angry curse, ask customer service with you how to scold him no longer speak. read more

Only CPL advertisers horses and maxima officially launched!

. The advertiser names: horses and maxima (

* advertisers: horses and maxima – for you to find your own dream career opportunities! Provides a broad platform for human resources,

quickly help businesses and job seekers to solve and meet their needs. This promotion is limited to the Jiangsu area,

please match the site a lot of


type: CPL

on.The definition of

. The effective registration: the registered users only for Jiangsu. And check the registered IP for Jiangsu, need to confirm whether the phone exists, read more

Alliance YOK super search tool to install advertising expires

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

ad number: 55. Advertising content: YOK super search tool installation. Effective since August 2006 7, will expire on in 00:00:00.

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date (ie before March 1st) remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. End of the contract at the end of March 1st, the effective user generated within 0 hours, will still be normal billing. March 1st 0 when the effective user generated will no longer charge. Your statistics in the contract can be found in the "advertising information" – "statistical report" – "advertising statistics". read more

Internet venture the closed loop or open

first network enterprise competition, is dependent on a single product, such as instant messaging service with the Tencent, to provide advertising services for small and medium-sized enterprises of Baidu, and communication both Alibaba, or do the game and game agency of the NetEase, such as. Today’s network bigwigs are made from a good product development, but when they become big brother, the expansion rate began to accelerate. In particular, apple, Samsung demonstration effect, one day they suddenly became aware of: they already have enough of all kinds of products and the strength, they can make a closed loop. As a result, we have seen a closed loop system, Ali department, Tencent, Baidu, 360 series. From the forefront of marketing to the final payment, each is trying to create a closed loop. read more

Flash purchase can also make $1 billion scale Fab prepare new round of financing

IT Sohu news according to foreign media reports, many sources of creative products, flash sales site Fab is a new round of financing, the amount is expected to exceed $100 million, the company’s valuation will reach $1 billion.

Fab had previously raised $171 million. After the completion of the last round of financing, Fab valuation of about $600 million.

experienced the initial transformation, the number of Fab users has increased to 12 million, the company continues to develop rapidly. Last year, Fab revenue reached $150 million, the company disclosed in February this year, sales in January 2013 compared with the same period last year, an increase of nearly 300%. From the data, in January this year is Fab in the third highest ever sales. read more

Some problems and Countermeasures on the beginner

kiss Xingmin mixed in this business are often Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice looking for long-term, kiss Xingmin exchanges, through their chat and found all sorts of ideas of the new friends, today we list some out for your reference.

first, the network is difficult to make money.

in college friends, graduated from the University of friends, friends, not the status quo of the unemployed friends, work very easy friends trying to find a profitable business channel, but do not know where to start, like headless flies around in the network, most of these friends are seen some speculation free or fudge projects, meet what to do, busy busy from east to west, even did not earn a penny, so that it’s hard to make money online. read more

5 inches large screen phone is becoming popular grassroots webmaster to make money in advance to pre

industry recognized mobile Internet has four congenital defects: 1 screen is too small. 2 network is too slow. 3 life is too short. 4 input inconvenience. With the popularity of 3G networks, WIFI, a variety of input methods, such as the birth of voice input method, several defects have been getting smaller and smaller, but the screen and life is still the largest mobile Internet short board. The screen is too small defects topped the list, mainly because the mobile phone screen is small, crowded, nowhere to put advertising, and mobile phone screen size will inevitably affect the users feel and use habits and ideas. read more

The network need to beware of scam money

is now the Internet is very lively, make money online training blossom everywhere, the reason is because there is no market demand. Many people want to learn the network to make money, want to learn network money mainly has two kinds: one is to make money through the Internet, the first to do their own occupation; the other is no hope on the Internet by spending a few minutes, earn a little part-time income.

is precisely because of this strong demand for the network to make money, it caused the proliferation of network money training. Fish is very mixed, uneven. There are some network to make money training is really true, but there are semi formal, but there are fraud. As a result a lot of people want to learn to make money online, not only did not make money, but also cheated a lot of money, so a lot of people on the network to make money projects have lost confidence, very sad. read more

I love a mule why is your site does not make money

webmaster circle in a few years, every day there are a lot of new friends I asked that question, I am willing to help them, after all, I am also one step by step, once day and night do stand but not a dime of income, through a lot of detours, it can experience of novice webmaster hard, so I contacted a couple very much, we generally do not make money, who is so few people.

one, less than three months to enter the

most people, often seen in the group, do not stand a month to make money, do stand two months have not made money…… And I want to say is, started less than in March, to technology, no technology, no experience to experience, and understanding of this industry are not thoroughly the case, what to take to make money, as one of the new recruits, the focus should be on learning, if really what will not be able to make money the whole earth, people have to do the Internet. read more

How to add multiple ad units to your web site

and advertising code to copy and paste to the HTML source code, to the site to add more advertising unit is also very simple. Use " ad layout code " options on the page can be customized for each ad unit:

through the login to your account click the Settings tab >
select advertising format and any options required for advertising.
the advertising copy and paste the code into your opinion, plus a group of advertising will be more help "HTML source code.
read more

Several steps to do a single page Taobao guest


do Taobao off, the flow does not mean income, only high-quality traffic, also known as directional traffic is the real traffic.

With the departure of Google

, the small owners to the survival of Adsense alliance income decline, while Ma timely launch of Taobao alliance, has attracted a large number of small owners in the eye, but how many people really make? For incomplete statistics, in the higher industry, only 2% of the profits, the rest of the loss is not guaranteed. I then go to their own site experience, share a little of their own Taobao promotion experience. PS: if you need to see my income, you can give me a message. read more

Wangzhuan Post Bar 2010 Wangzhuan novice should pay attention to the illegal financing trap

2010 Wangzhuan is colorful, the increase of Wangzhuan owners the opportunity to make money at the same time Wangzhuan friends into more and more, from the 20click to the network last year this year, the fund, the Singapore investment, make money to steal food and so on, operation mode are all so much alike; project developers in the project before the first launch as a financing budget, let you invest 100 yuan, 1 weeks after you return 130 yuan, then the project loss of 30 yuan, and this week can have a number of 100 yuan of income, this is a profit and loss ratio; financing will be calculated by a data, the data is the peak of financing when the earnings amounted to the peak of the time when the project run away. read more

An electricity supplier entrepreneurs ordinary way

note: This article from the WeChat public, "the bear" (micro signal: daxiongisabug), for the August 16th Business Forum speech transcripts bear Gong wenxiang.

one, do not go to business

first, entrepreneurial success itself a close call, belongs to a small probability event. Most of the start-up companies have great pressure to survive, no accident will affect the physical and mental health, family harmony, quality of life, friends and other important parts of life. So, I suggest you try not to start. Especially those in big companies how high wages and benefits are very good occupation managers. read more

Frequently asked questions _Google Adsense ad Click statistics

is not all people can use the system
how to start after statistical advertising information registered
advertising copy code is not complete or you modify the statistical code, statistical code cannot make any modifications to the statistics to the data
you click advertising advertising has a problem, if you put through JS or other illegal means, the statistical system may not work normally when a
why click statistics the multiple click data
why statistics total number of hits and Google report inconsistent read more

Discussion on whether to do Wangzhuan full-time person

want to do Wangzhuan full-time, there are many of my friends have this idea. But for full-time do Wangzhuan can solve the problem of uncertain life. You can do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan full-time? In the previous article also mentioned the problem more or less. Here to talk about some of the views of the site.

do Wangzhuan, nature can be used as a full-time to do, according to the knowledge, many do Wangzhuan friends are doing a full-time. The proceeds can completely solve the problem of life, and even make life very moist. But the overall proportion is not high, most do Wangzhuan friends income is not enough to solve the problems of life. So for a novice friend, or in their spare time to do wangzhuan. The more you also familiar with all aspects of the conditions and Wangzhuan (including technology, knowledge, experience, etc.) are to a certain extent, nature can be full-time to do wangzhuan. When your ability to make you do Wangzhuan full-time. read more

The P2P video advertising system to boost the profitability of new inflection point

P2P broadcast technology has been more and more perfect, and in 2007 the first year P2P will become mature and promotion on demand technology, with the overall P2P on demand live streaming media technology constantly improve and mature, non profit era or the end of video website.

It is reported that

three characteristics of a new round of advertising to meet market demand: read more