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Walking the kitchen how to use the Internet thinking 5 months to run the farm 100

5 months, using the Internet thinking to operate the 100 farms, my name is Shao Zhengjia, from the kitchen production team walking.


won the October Zhejiang province entrepreneurial wealth contest prize 2, walking in the kitchen has gradually surfaced, the major provinces and cities by the media reports, many people in China know such a struggle for agriculture in the first line of the Internet business team, a lot of people are not optimistic, but we are really doing, thinking of using the Internet the management of Hangzhou City home to 10 large and medium-sized agricultural base, flower base, fishing grounds, help them to open up the Internet market, with authentic products, lower than the market price, the ultimate interactive experience to the user. These farms add up to more than 1 lines of water every year, we hope to use the model in the next year in the operation of the kitchen to operate each of the 100 origin. read more

Customs consolidation of small foreign trade Amoy Japan and other online shopping platform hit

"due to the adjustment of Japanese business, to suspend the sale of digital cameras, cameras and watches products." This is Taobao’s online shopping platform for Japanese goods, Amoy Japan, recently published a notice on the home page.

A customer service officer

taojapan told reporters on the phone, due to the recent customs policy tightening, "Amoy" Japan had to suspend the Japanese sales of digital products.

associated with this, the Amoy Japan, another announcement shows: recent changes in customs clearance policy for personal items…… Taojapan has caused multiple goods piled no entry warehouse in Hongkong." Notice of the link to the customs new regulations 43". read more

Ali marriage Suning established cat Ning supplier Ali to leveraging Suning win Jingdong logistics

Ali Tmall and Su Ninggou together.

Su ningyun announced on the evening of 18, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanjing and related party Chinese Alibaba intends to jointly invested 1 billion yuan to set up Chongqing Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "cat cat Ning Ning supplier). Since last year, investment Alibaba and become its second largest shareholder, again to build electricity supplier brand cooperation mode.

in the proportion of investment, Nanjing invested 510 million yuan, holding the cat Ning electricity supplier 51% stake, Chinese Alibaba invested 490 million yuan, holding 49% stake in the electricity supplier cat ning. read more

The Yanghe River was banned liquor electricity supplier retaliatory price 1919

last weekend, the Yanghe River, a notice about the supply chain of 1919 liquor chain supermarket, the outflow of the letter, the contradiction between manufacturers and modern channels once again put on the table.

deliberately to protest

May 2015, the Yanghe River issued a "ban" 1919 notice in the liquor business, requires its distributors and channel 1919 not to supply, otherwise should be severely dealt with". The "ban", it is in 2014 in the new three board listing, to join the country’s rapid expansion of liquor chain 1919. read more

If the rights of the 66 Wang Sicong Jingdong is not so quick to apologize


writer 66 buy rotten fruit in Jingdong, refused to compromise, as long as the fair. After Wang Sicong micro-blog said Jingdong disclose their privacy has not given a response at the same time, behind the 66. Yesterday, @ Jingdong spokesman micro-blog released a letter of apology to Wang Sicong. According to the contents of the letter of apology, the event originated in third party sellers secretly leaked Wang Sicong shopping records, and Jingdong did not deal with the matter in a timely manner. In this regard, Jingdong has asked the store to delete the relevant information, and its corresponding penalties. At the same time, Jingdong said it would further improve the management of the third party platform business, and strive to enhance the user experience. read more

Popcorn League is becoming more and more rubbish

      I am popcorn advertising alliance number 112, to join the League earlier, playing for more than half a year, received 2 times the money, the recent K.
      at the beginning of the alliance can also, transparency is relatively high, then is not crazy, buckle quantity, when my day IP increased 5 times, but only the first 50% hits, you say strange not strange.
      the following is a dialogue after the closure of the
      corn bloom 10:31:00 my account 112 how to look at it? I’m not sure about ID ID:112
      popcorn alliance 10:52:44 you cheat by the title of your station is composed of
      corn flower 10:54:26 right? I was the first to join, my website is advertising, but users still have to content, it should not be a reason for the title? From last year to now my site is now in style, why only now title? All of my visitors through the search, and the contents of my web page can be included in the search, and how it is possible that your station is composed of advertising it? Do you have to say what the difficulties?
      in fact, popcorn alliance has been frantically titles, tens of thousands of individual stationmaster one by one cheat, ten thousand K owners can save 1 million of the advertising fee.
      if I have problems, look at the 7 "Star Alliance site" popcorn themselves, now no one in advertising or popcorn, popcorn feeling is not worth doing, either by K,
      now there are tens of thousands of people webmaster to join, they pay advertisement fee is only 1000 when 1/10.
      cannot play website do not play, why this shame? read more

How to network marketing to the extreme

if you really go online marketing, then you are likely to succeed!

There are a lot of potential customers on the

network, and they have a real need for your product. However, when the network marketing to build this work becomes simple, the whole market will be full of competition, the growing competition will require you to pay more investment and efforts. Remember, it’s a tough job to develop a successful marketing network.

customers are sitting in front of their computers. However, they are not waiting for you! As an Internet marketing expert, you must take the initiative to develop a market for them, and attract their interest and desire to purchase and release their distrust of the product, which will be your potential customers into loyal customers. read more

Breast deformation The culprit is a bad posture and health network female underwear


is about nine to thirteen years old little girl began to develop, a high concentration of estrogen, so breast feel mild pain, until menstruation came after the pain will disappear naturally.

girls in certain periods of time, breast pain is normal

Since There are many reasons for

breast pain, most of which are related to the swelling of the breast tissue during the menstrual cycle. Because the menstrual cycle hormonal changes, a large number of estrogen and progesterone into the breast, so that the breast tissue becomes larger, at this time the nerve fibers on the breast will be caused by pulling pain. Most of the swelling of the breast tissue is uncomfortable, and does not require too much treatment. Next, we enumerate the women in their lives, each period may encounter breast pain during the period of reference. read more

25 year old woman after eating mung bean Lily can blemish ‘s health network

    many women after the age of 25, a good skin suddenly appeared chloasma, and many girls tend to focus only on external treatment, in fact, there is also the cause of endocrine disorders. The body of the The new supersedes the old. coupled with hot up, difficult to sleep, female endocrine disorders are more likely to occur.

has a very simple prescription from the internal conditioning, help freckle, the specific method is: mung bean, red bean, Lily 15 grams, wash, with some water for half an hour after the fire to boil, to boil until cooked beans, beans, can eat soup seasoning salt or sugar. Red bean protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, the benefits of water swelling, detoxification of pus and heat dampness, promoting blood circulation; mung bean fat, protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, lecithin, detoxification, diuresis and detumescence, freckle effect; Lily contains nutrients, such as fat, starch, protein and vitamins, can moistening lung, soothe the nerves, blood and body fluids, can be moisturizing, nourishing skin, skin. Three have the effect of removing plaque. read more