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A brief analysis of the website operation of product bundling marketing

bundled marketing may be a lot of people who have some strange, or do not understand this deep. However, in the actual enterprise in the diversification of marketing tactics, the bundling as a marketing strategy, has been the concern of many enterprises and the use of.

China Mobile every year sales promotion activity, and each time the promotion will have some gifts, such as recharge reach, send what oil, these are actually a bundled marketing mode, these products are equipped with China Mobile’s the national network, so as to realize a product sales. read more

Hanting inn for Ji Qi to take the size of the low-end Inn

home since listing, has become the undisputed leader of the Econo Hotel, Jiqi became the first person to eat crab. Another brand "at the same time Ji Qi founded the Han court" has been specious free at the Econo Hotel on the edge of the "price" of Chinese front strictly speaking is not the real meaning of the Econo Hotel, some of the hotel prices be roughly the same with three star hotels. From the world travel network ( news: Recently, "Han court also launched" Hanting inn "for the low-end price positioning, full price of 99 yuan! So far," Han court "strategy has begun to significantly exposed!" Han court "in the upper and lower ends clamped home, to defend the home position on the one hand, on the other hand can play the intention of size fits all strategy read more

Expose the professional Taobao seller is how to get money

Liar on the

network a lot, you accidentally cheated, for some small really difficult to distinguish. It can be said that the network which has not been cheated in order to make everyone less affected by some of the deception, Shao Lianhu blog today to expose a deceptive way, and do is more professional.

a few days ago, I spent 99 yuan to buy a WeChat marketing software to my blog Shao Lianhu VIP members. Because now more than micro business, WeChat marketing is also a lot of people want to do, so WeChat marketing software can be said to be the best. read more

Guangzhou 1 billion 400 million play electricity supplier the concept of the concept of low frequenc

electricity supplier project just approved down, has not yet formally established, is currently preparing." August 14th, Guangzhou Iron and steel group electricity supplier preparatory group insiders on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said.

July 31st, Guangzhou Automobile Group announced that the Board considered and adopted the motion on the Guangzhou Automobile Group’s Internet ecosystem project, agreed to the implementation of the GAC automotive Internet Ecosystem project. read more

Love to win a new boom boom boom environment must use speed and efficiency to win the value war

love of fresh bee: O2O community business platform, through the line of community convenience stores, fresh snacks, braised meat, dairy products, seafood, fresh food, drink coffee and life necessities 1 hours to flash. May 2014 on-line, currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 16 cities nationwide distribution services, the amount of users reached about 10000000. Love fresh bee in the establishment of a year to complete the $70 million C round of financing, investors include Hillhouse capital, venture capital, tripod sky map capital and Sequoia Capital, C round of financing after the launch of the "love of fresh bee bee storm", the arrival time from 60 minutes up to 30 minutes, allowing users to enjoy real flash delivery service. read more

Leveraging the opportunities and risks of traditional electricity supplier outsourcing enterprises.

rapid development of e-commerce in 2011, according to iResearch consulting statistics show that 2011Q3 China’s e-commerce market transactions amounted to 1 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 47.6%, an increase of 9.1%. The Ministry of Commerce in "electronic commerce" 12th Five-Year "during the development of guidance" clearly pointed out that by 2015, China’s above scale enterprises e-commerce application ratio of more than 80%, retail sales network is equivalent to the total retail sales of social consumer goods more than 9%. Under the dual stimulation of market demand and the government, it is necessary for enterprises to develop e-commerce. However, this road is not easy for traditional enterprises. read more

Amoy new shopping scene panic buying late night special will be on the line

Abstract: as a normalization of the Amoy panic buying of panic buying program, "late night special" will focus on quality products to limit users to create panic buying, "grab" atmosphere, and bring the concentrated exposure and efficient shipping for business cooperation.



network operators in the world by Zhu Yueyi

editor / Zhou Lin

February 21st, Amoy panic buying will launch a new column for the night, the main limit good panic buying.

aimed at late night "night special", will begin at 21 pm every night, until 24 PM end. 21 projects on the line, the user can in 21 point night after open hand Amoy, Amoy to see the "floating banner panic buying, late night special" at the bottom of the page, click to enter panic buying. read more

Network cooperation agreement

in order to work with partners across the country, forming a strong industry alliance on the basis of equality, ____ in network and agents around the country rely on each other and common development principles, to outstanding agents across the country to provide a common development and growth stage; common advertising, and reached the following protocol:

common rights and obligations


agreed to advertise in confirmed by the media, and can recognize the "______ group" on behalf of the joint advertising in major newspapers. read more

Convenience store under the impact of electricity providers four models which can help

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text / ant bug

in recent years, the rapid development of the electricity supplier to form a strong impact on the line retail channels, large business performance decline, closing stores have heard the news. But the small channel is an exception, its revenue and market share does not fall or rise.

survey data from the "Nelson report" shows that the FMCG industry, small supermarket sales accounted for an increase of 13.1% from 2013 to 2015 15.3%; and convenience stores are increased from 2.6% to 3.2%, the growth rate reached 23%. Convenience store’s stunning performance, on the one hand, and its consumption scene can not be replaced, to adapt to the rhythm of modern life, on the other hand is to benefit from the opportunity to bring the Internet channel sink. read more

The most beautiful flowers by the Tencent million investment website enable Shuangpin domain name si

renamed China ( February 12th news, recently, the electricity supplier brand "the most beautiful flowers flowers" won the exclusive investment Tencent of millions of dollars, the website domain name enabled station.

query China renamed whois information, "flowers" suffix domain name huakai. net/.cn has been registered. Online flower shop business is hot, and even flower domain names are hot. Online florist’s domain name and flowers are related, such as ivy flower network enabled domain name site. Online florist roseonly also had seven digits from the domain name investors to buy the domain name read more

Predict Taobao off a huge profits

do Taobao off most of the time, if we can predict some profits, then you will step faster than others to profit the end point, but there are too many friends will not use this technique, always to these profits to the surface of the water, just follow suit to do this when you actually have a lag behind others a lot of, the number of competitors is rising sharply!!! Today, I give this product to share with you, personally think that Taobao will be off profits products next, because of various signs show that this is a worthy of our guests to Taobao for a piece of cake! read more

Entrepreneurial story Dwolla do not take the unusual way to subvert the payment industry

Dwolla founder Ben · Milner (left) with investor Ashton · (right)

Apple has a well-known advertising "think different" (Think Different), advertising words Steve · Jobs (Steve Jobs) tears: "to those crazy guys they salute their whimsical, their personal independence of conduct, promote reform, promote people to move forward. This classic copy is not only a portrayal of Jobs’s life, but also inspire all entrepreneurs continue to open up new dreams. read more

The first task is difficult, the good leadership should do 9 things

the world has been changing, the market is constantly adjusting. China has a saying, "thirty years Hedong, Hexi in the past thirty years." But now the strength of the number of years has been far less than thirty years. Even if the enterprise in the growth, it will encounter challenges, and leadership in the face of challenges, but also highlight the true colour of a hero.

recently American journalist and entrepreneur Bill Murphy Jr. has seen a retired 26 year old lieutenant. They talked about what the lieutenant learned during the 82 days leading the 40 soldiers. Maybe a lot of people don’t lead a platoon through the fire, but applying these principles, no matter what challenges you face, you can greatly enhance your effectiveness as a leader. read more

Born four perfect breast respiratory health network female arch rival

free breast before bedtime.

2, the incidence of breast disease to a minimum. With the numbers above clinical statistics.

to breast health, please also let freedom is what breast breast breast not free? As we added many women charm since Needless to say, let us also breast torture the undeniable fact. Unlike other organs, we have a high demand for breasts. She wants her to tall, plump, CLEAVAGE, beautiful teardrop shape…… When the breast disease repeatedly captured our health fortress women remembered ask yourself a question on our breast is not too harsh? read more