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f you can not see the success of entrepreneurs will continue to adhere to it

recently, for entrepreneurship, I have special attention too, there are successful entrepreneurs who have failed. For the majority of webmaster friends, now is in a difficult period of entrepreneurship. However, in this era of rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet, some small and medium site webmaster friends, can not see the dawn of the future under the premise, you will continue to adhere to it?

recently on the Internet business failure cases meet the eye everywhere, have the wedding platform media broke the news of a website’s stop service; a commercial website due to funding strand breaks money owed to suppliers and was on the verge of collapse and so on. There are many reasons for the failure, due to funding strand breaks, product sales is not good, not fully prepared, merchants settled in groups on the insufficiency, lack of management experience and so on are likely to cause the failure of entrepreneurs. Although the entrepreneurial success and failures, but if failure lessons can be have the courage to stage a comeback have successful charm. Here are some of the reasons why I mentioned the case of entrepreneurial failure, because I personally believe that the failure of the experience of entrepreneurs can be more aware of some of the mistakes to be paid attention to. read more

The Spring Festival holiday notice mop com Alliance

respected webmaster, Hello everyone!

First of all I wish all members of

alliance 2008 happy New Year! Family reunion! Rat! During the Spring Festival, the most favorable auspices! Alliance staff vacation time: February 6, 2008 to February 12th, February 13th official work. If you need to apply for an alliance or consulting customer service, it is recommended that you work in February 13th with the union customer service contact.

during the holidays each business audit will be affected, please forgive me! read more

What are the ways to make money

said I have little talent and less learning is not very good, perhaps, for the old station is a pediatrician, but for the novice can learn about.

network to make money a lot of ways, not just through the site to make money, other ways can also be. Of course, as a webmaster, through the site is the most direct profit. If your site is not very influential, we usually find some advertising alliance to do. Baidu about advertising alliance, the results may also show you very happy and very confused: read more

WeChat emerged from the media to make money restless

WeChat opened a public account, write analysis or gossip about the industry, WeChat users back and forth interaction, this is a very easy thing. Right now, WeChat seems to be getting heavier and heavier.


can persist in a year from the media, since the media is very rare; people can persist for 10 years, was a great man". Operation ghost foot seven WeChat account, Taobao search in the inauguration of the 2 said.

in the past year, the size of WeChat users soaring. WeChat public platform itself to reach the precise characteristics, making WeChat a natural media platform. More than one, since the broadcast, a lot of people from other platforms, such as micro-blog migration, WeChat started from the media. read more

How to be a Taobao guest from the perspective of tailoring

in the UK, this is a story that is known to every family, a street in London, there are three tailoring shop, fame is not small, in order to attract attention, attract more business, three tailoring shop owner, in his shop front lit a billboard. At that time, that billboard first hung, emblazoned with the words: "this store has the best tailor in london". Another boss, for fear of falling price, billboards, immediately hang out a similarly sized letter: "this shop has the best tailor". read more

Discuz free space provided by 5d6d can also play Google Adsense

now find a good point of the virtual host is really not easy, the recent study of the discuz forum system based on the free program, I feel very good.

1, free unlimited space

2, free use of two domain name, you can also bind their own top-level domain name

3, can be modified to add advertising code

is said to be flexible, because the 5d6d program provided by Discuz is closing the advertising settings. However, we use a little bit of skill, or can put ads in the forum.

go to apply for a 5d6d free space and two level domain name, do not spend a penny can also open a website, Why not??
in free space, free forum system: 
read more

60% entrepreneurs first venture to borrow money younger age become the norm

"I know that the youngest entrepreneur in Beijing is 16 years old, I am now all over the age of 18, I feel a lot of pressure." Dressed in a black suit, with a red tie and hair. Deliberately mature face look jerky shape and contrast, and the words, is to let people hear a shock.

Xu Dechen, co-founder of chat network, a year ago, he made the first important decision in life: to give up the college entrance examination, start business.

today, like Xu Dechen is less than 30 years of age to start a business more and more young people,’s founder and CEO Chen ou, cool disk CEO Gu Zhicheng, force the United States interactive advertising CEO Shu Yi, Meitu Xiu Xiu CEO Wu Xinhong, Xu Le CEO matrix game. These are in the age of young people 30 years of age, to gather their companies and products to many users, entrepreneurs began to play the influence. read more

Baidu K station guest can go far

Tao is very profitable, it is synonymous with "new era" Amoy off Taobao, "after the" Amoy era has said of an aged person (since Baidu K Tao station after I called Amoy era) the main reason is Baidu, and Taobao’s competition leads to the innocent – Amoy sorrow, Baidu continues to ban Tao station, the original by tens of thousands of pages of Baidu K station is the only home page, in the face of Baidu K station is

webmaster can only endure in silence?Baidu

continuous K station guest can go far? Many webmaster is doing API call station, Baidu reached the point that, the large-scale API station are banned, can be said that this type of station can not success Amoy dream of making money, so what can Amoy road continue? The answer is yes the station has abandoned API distinctive content sites can also survive, even farther below the author sum up how to do after the guest time: read more

Fully tap the site resources to enhance the profitability of the site

I do

station has been 3 years, but the profit is nearly two months, has been unsuccessful. But after summing up, not the wrong site, but their money will not earn!

below to focus on everyone to talk about my consciousness

I do a website at the beginning of this year, belong to the software download, download the software in the webmaster Trading Forum but it is very hot. Take my download station to say, the average daily flow of 3800 in March, the daily traffic in May was $3500 in revenue in March was $800 in revenue in May was $1200. Why?? flow down, instead of increasing the income?? the reason is this, I began to do only express station advertising alliance, is less and less, and now I’m on the download page with GG ads (Reference: Note that the GG ad should be hidden in the content of the site, but also to highlight, so I put the GG ad into bright red. That’s $2 a day. read more

Fifth vision mportant Notice


alliance advertising popups routine maintenance, the maintenance period of 08.2.13 15:00-18:00.

will ask you to do a good job of the corresponding adjustments to the impact caused by the apology.

Union address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445

Admin5 alliance channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. read more

China’s advertising alliance must pass the three pass

      in fact about ADMIN5 has for a long time, but it is not registered, today China advertising alliance in the development of the phenomenon to be comment, talk about ideas, we encourage each other.

      three pass are: credibility, face and speed.

      first pass: reputation. Reputation are aware of, is certainly a line of life and death line, the same type of alliance, enterprise alliance, or even know the importance of these two words. I am a station the traffic increased quickly, also love to hang a few regular pop, earn a few money, ask how much a pop-up rate, three or four. I am confused, not to say that super pop code, YAHOO XP2 can be solved, can only play this, do the user has installed iron bastions? Isn’t that a slap in the face? Or some customer service chat, simply come to our union will not be deducted, the results of the day, 30% less than? Angry curse, ask customer service with you how to scold him no longer speak. read more

Only CPL advertisers horses and maxima officially launched

. The advertiser names: horses and maxima (

* advertisers: horses and maxima – for you to find your own dream career opportunities! Provides a broad platform for human resources,

quickly help businesses and job seekers to solve and meet their needs. This promotion is limited to the Jiangsu area,

please match the site a lot of


type: CPL

on.The definition of

. The effective registration: the registered users only for Jiangsu. And check the registered IP for Jiangsu, need to confirm whether the phone exists, read more

Blue net Geng Le do website might turn from Comrade public starting ablation dispute

if you know your son is a comrade, how will the parents react? Look at the recent fire story collection @ people in New York, the father said:

"for many years we have been feeling. Then one day, his sister, who had known about it, laughed at him like a boy from the same school. Then I heard him say, ‘well, maybe it is.’ So I said, ‘son, we’ve never talked about this, are you gay?’ he was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, but he bent over my lap and cried and cried. And that’s the most beautiful moment of my life." read more

A few years do stand experience several Wangzhuan method

owners are most concerned about is the site to do it, how to put ads, to maintain the survival of the website, here I summarize some experience for your reference.

to be honest, this number is not counted. However, in order to subscribe to the blog to recommend the main to the flow of the site to live based on the main reason, which is self-evident. Recommendation is a troublesome thing, the general business will not allow you to get the money, you need to do after-sales work. That is, if a user registered through you, you have the opportunity to help you register here to increase the user’s skills to earn money, so you can get the recommended u.s.. In order to flow the website, copied to copy, only short-term behavior, once the search engine K out, his Wangzhuan life will end. That kind of flow down a few years, and there seems to be no ranking site. Overall, a blogger or webmaster in the current network environment to make the house and car, the beauty of the condition is not too mature, I estimate the bold: two years on average earn 6000 yuan per month to master class website or blog is the arena in the. But this kind of people can generally operate the site to this extent, in real life, the salary will not be less than 5 digits. read more

Prince talk about Google AD optimization

on one of my posts, about 2 years of network life (earned 3W wrote me how I started doing my debut, station, some do stand experience, although I am still a rookie, but now I am the slow need to start early. flying higher, I hope this article. Many friends have seen someone in scold my website, but I’m here to say, although you do not love the works of others, if you don’t respect the views of others, then you shut up, please respect some people. As a webmaster should have at least moral, read more

Again Xiong Xiaoge passion intensive and meticulous farming 90 business projects

founded IDG capital 23 years later, Xiong Xiaoge once again stand on a new starting point.

August, IDG capital announced the establishment of a $100 million scale 90 venture fund. Xiong Xiaoge look forward to find a Chinese entrepreneur after 90 Zuckerberg. On the second day of the celebration, Xiong Xiaoge sang a song "on the road", which makes the presence of 90 entrepreneurs sun Yuchen was very moved, he said: "I think a big brother can do."

the baby face, returnees background, tenor comparable professional venture capital heavyweights of the "financial" reporters to sing what song which mountain, 90 played, IDG should also follow this help the kids to start again. read more

[Ali effect] and [to Ali] why do we have to thank Ali while escaping Ali

in Hangzhou is already entrepreneurial Xindu, Internet entrepreneurs third city banner was high in the battlements, retaining the standard bearer, is the only 20 future unicorn. And they themselves, the interpretation of the key words of Hangzhou Entrepreneurship: "pragmatic", "Ali", "sexy", "finance", and "the next Silicon Valley".

we are looking for 20 future unicorns in Hangzhou (click on these three words). Hangzhou is the business metropolis, Internet entrepreneurs third city banner was high in the battlements, retaining the standard bearer, is the only 20 future unicorn. And they themselves, the interpretation of the key words of Hangzhou Entrepreneurship: "pragmatic", "Ali", "sexy", "finance", and "the next Silicon Valley". read more

How to create the life of the first pot of gold

I am an Dongsheng, I am very pleased to talk with you about the topic of financial management. Before 2013, my credit card, P2P and other investment banking platform no interest, think only do business is the only way to create wealth.

remember in 2011, I came to Xi’an with 20 thousand yuan, rented a single room of 20 square meters to start a business, the establishment of the Dongsheng information. The establishment of the company at the time, I made a vow: "for 10 years, the Dongsheng information become a well-known brand of education; 30 years, make Dongsheng become the world’s great information company; eventually Dongsheng has become the information handed down the significance of cultural brand." read more

Most in need of care of female breast beware of bad habits destroy the chest health network wo

office abuse: a lot of working women, premenstrual and menstrual period often have severe pain, which is due to sedentary and lack of normal exercise, so that the blood circulation disorder. The lack of blood is the main cause of breast aging, when you breathe more and more shallow, blood circulation gradually slowed down, the breast will lack the sense of inflation and inflation, gradually sagging. There is desk, breast often squeezed the edge of the table, great harm to health of the female breast. read more

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