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European Commission OKs Crystal Nordic JV

first_imgzoom The European Commission has approved a chemical tanker merger between the Marshall Islands-based Borealis Maritime and Danish tanker operator Nordic Tankers.Through the joint venture company, Crystal Nordic AS, the companies would combine some of their stainless steel chemical tankers business in Europe, with focus on North-Western Europe and the Baltic region.The JV will control a fleet of fifteen 4,000–11,400 DWT stainless steel ice class 1A/1B chemical tankers, totaling close to 100,000 DWT and performing in excess of 600 voyages yearly.As World Maritime News reported in November, the new company is expected to commence trading in the first quarter of 2016.According to the European Commission, the proposed acquisition would not raise competition concerns given the moderate market positions in the tramp shipping sector resulting from the transaction.last_img read more

Démocratie 250 célèbre la fête du Canada à Ottawa Halifax et Hull

first_imgDémocratie 250 sera en vedette à Ottawa et à Halifax alors que les Canadiens se réuniront pour célébrer la fête du Canada, le mardi 1er juillet. À Ottawa, le co-président de Démocratie 250 Russell MacLellan, participera aux cérémonies officielles du lever du drapeau sur la Colline du Parlement, et le groupe 33rd Pipes and Drum d’Halifax portera la bannière de D250 dans la parade de lancement des célébrations de la fête du Canada. « Il s’agit d’une occasion idéale de parler à des milliers de Canadiens au sujet des célébrations marquant une fière première pour notre province, » a dit M. MacLellan. « Nous espérons que notre présence encouragera un plus grand nombre de gens à visiter la Nouvelle-Écosse et à découvrir tout ce que la province a contribué au Canada, faisant de ce pays l’un des plus respectés et admirés au monde. » Les jeunes ambassadeurs de Démocratie 250, Jordan Croucher et Stephanie Hardy, transmettront le message de D250 et se produiront devant le public au parc Major’s Hill à Ottawa et au parc Jacques-Cartier à Gatineau (secteur Hull), Québec. À Halifax, le co-président de Démocratie 250 John Hamm participera à une cérémonie de lever du drapeau à la Citadelle. Le concours « Battle of the Bands » de D250 aura également lieu à 15 h au Events Plaza, Alderney Landing, sur le front de mer de Dartmouth. Dans l’esprit de la démocratie, les membres du public auront la chance de voter pour le groupe qui remportera prix du choix du public de D250.last_img read more

Nova Scotia Removes Barriers to Interprovincial Trade

first_imgNova Scotia is making it easier to do business, reach new markets and increase consumer choice as a result of significant measures announced today, Dec. 7, by Premier Stephen McNeil. “Trade is critical to Nova Scotia’s economy. We are well positioned to play a leadership role in removing interprovincial trade barriers and that is exactly what we are doing,” said Premier McNeil. “I look forward to having further discussions with my colleagues during today’s meetings and to working with the federal government to generate national change.” Premier McNeil, the other premiers, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with the three leaders of the national Indigenous organizations today in Montreal. Following that meeting, the premiers and the prime minister will meet to discuss mutual priorities. Nova Scotia is taking concrete steps to eliminate barriers to interprovincial trade in five areas, including alcohol, business registration, occupational health and safety, transportation and technical safety. These actions build on significant regulatory reductions and cost savings achieved through Nova Scotia’s Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness. Alcoholic beverages: Effective immediately, Nova Scotia will remove personal exemption limits for alcohol being transported into the province for personal consumption. Business registration: In 2019, Nova Scotia will waive extra-provincial business registration and renewal fees for businesses formed in another province or territory. By doing so, the province will become the only jurisdiction to join Ontario in ending the practise of charging businesses extra to operate outside their home province. Occupational health and safety: Next year, Nova Scotia will also finalize work to recognize common standards in specific areas of occupational health and safety, including first aid kit contents, eye, face, foot and hearing protection and personal floatation devices. This will also make it easier for businesses and workers to use such safety items in other provinces or territories. Transportation: In 2019, Nova Scotia will align allowable weights between dual tires and wide-base tires to make it more practical for companies to use wide-base tires. These tires help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to improved fuel economy. Technical safety: Nova Scotia will mutually recognize the Canadian Registration Number for pressure equipment design to do its part in ending multiple reviews across the country, also effective next year. Government has committed to reducing the cost of regulatory burden for Nova Scotia businesses by $25 million by the end of 2018. The province is on track to meet the target with results to be publicly reported in early 2019. A detailed interim update, released in March, reported that the province had achieved 93 per cent of the target. As part of its focus on helping businesses navigate the province’s regulations, Nova Scotia also launched a business navigation service. Since 2017, 3,000 businesses have used the service, saving clients about $2.5 million.last_img read more

Exclusive Torrey DeVitto Talks Charity

first_imgTorrey DeVitto will be performing at the New Horizons Havana Nights Gala in Burbank on Saturday. She sat down with Look To The Stars prior to the show to talk about what the charity means to her.You’ll be performing for New Horizons at their Havana Nights Gala! What will you be performing?I am performing the song ‘Besame Mucho’ on my violin with piano accompaniment by Erik Nye.What motivated you to be a part of this special evening?When I heard what New Horizons was all about and learned about their goals and objectives with these incredible individuals with special needs, I was instantly in. I love what they’re all about.It seems as though life and family are important to you based on the causes you support, which include family adoption and hospice care. Explain why advocacy for people with developmental disabilities is important to you and how it fits in with your overall view on the life experience?I think every human being should be given an equal chance at a wonderful life. Everyone has something beautiful and unique to offer and nothing should ever stand in the way of that being acknowledged. I have worked with people with developmental disabilities and my sister works at a special needs school. The reward and love you receive from being around these individuals is priceless. I always walk away with a new outlook on life and a heartfelt feeling.There has been an increase in the number of actors on television with developmental disabilities. How do you think this diversity affects viewers and others with developmental disabilities?I think it’s amazing! It’s like what I said before, that everyone should be given an equal chance and everyone has something special to offer.What ignited your passion for individual life experience and the ending of life?I stumbled upon hospice randomly and dove into the training without knowing much about it. Instantly I fell in love with it. The notion that “No one dies alone” was so beautiful to me and one I knew I needed to be a part of. There is no difference to me helping those coming into this world and those going out. It is equally important and should be treated as such. End of life care is something I will always be involved with.You are also an animal lover; how does your support of animal adoption and kindness to animal advocacy fit in with your passion for life?I love all creatures with a pulse. As cheesy as that sounds! Ha! I really do. If you’re going to get a pet it is so important to adopt! There are so many precious animals that need a home, and I swear, adopted pets know it. They know you rescued them from something. My little pups are the most luscious, loyal, sweet babies ever. If I had a farm I would have a lot more! 

What inspires you and your wide ranging philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors?When something resonates with me, I have a hard time letting go of it. I am a very all-or-nothing person, so when I get involved with something I go all the way. I get inspired when I know I want to be hands on. When I know I want to be there in person and do whatever is needed of me. I get so excited when I find something I love and am passionate about. 

Congratulations on your success with Pretty Little Liars and your humanitarian/advocacy work. What’s next for you that you’d like to share with your fans?Thank you! I am currently filming a film for The Hallmark channel right now called The Prodigal Daughter and have a couple other fun things in the works that once their ready, I’m going to be excited to share! 

What advice do you have for your fans regarding how to enhance the last moments of someone’s life and the overall life experience?Just be there with them. The best things in life should be kept simple. Holding someone’s hand in those last moments and showing love are the best things you can do, in my opinion. Life is so short and so precious. Don’t ever let anything, especially anything trivial or trite get in the way of you telling or showing the people that are important to you that you love them. That’s what matters most; love and human connection. Never be stingy with love, especially to those who matter to you. 

What are your summer plans?In June my boyfriend and I are going to Rome together. I am so excited! I think we are going to try and travel around to other places as well. I could go anywhere with Rick and be happy, so I can only imagine how amazing going to Europe is going to be with him.To find out more about this weekend’s New Horizons Gala, click here
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Sausage Party Creators Say They Owe A Lot To The Animators

first_img Login/Register With: After “Sausage Party” debuted in theaters earlier this year, the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg project became the highest-grossing animated movie with an R rating of all time. Made on roughly a $19 million budget, the movie earned around $136 million internationally.In an exclusive clip below, (tied to today’s digital release of the film) Rogen and Goldberg admit that much of the credit should go to the animated team. Advertisement Twitter Facebook Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

Two arrested in Noida with Rs 137 cr in cash

first_imgNoida: Gautam Buddh Nagar police on Thursday seized around Rs 1.37 crore in cash from a van in police station Phase 3 area of Noida. Cops said that the occupants of the van failed to provide a reason for which they were carrying such a large amount of cash.According to police, two persons travelling in a van were stopped by police during routine checking near Bahlolpur village in phase-III area of Noida on Thursday morning. Cops added that while searching the vehicle, police recovered two boxes which contained cash in denominations of large currency notes. “During routine checking, police team intercepted a van and upon searching the vehicle found large quantity of cash. Upon questioning the occupants of car about where they have been taking the cash, no satisfactory answer was received. However, they neither had any documents related to the cash. Police have seized the cash while Income Tax Authorities have been informed and we are ascertaining the source and destination of the money,” said Vaibhav Krishna, Senior Superintendent of Police, Gautam Buddh Nagar. Meanwhile it is said that the van belonged to a logistics agency while the cash recovered was supposed to get filled into the ATM machines. “It has also come to light that the van belonged to a logistics agency but they were not following any guidelines issued by RBI and didn’t provide any related documents. We are investigating the matter covering all the possibilities,” added Krishna.last_img read more

Trump Saudi Arabia King Might Not Survive Without US Military Support

Rabat – US President Donald Trump has said publicly that he loves King Salman, but the King might not survive two weeks without US support.“We protect Saudi Arabia. Would you say they’re rich? And I love the King, King Salman. But I said ‘King, we’re protecting you. You might not be there for two weeks without us. You have to pay for your military,” Trump said at a rally in Mississippi Tuesday, October 2.The US president did not clarify when he spoke to the Saudi King. At the UN General Assembly in September, Trump criticized the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for the high price of oil. Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter, is considered the leader of the bloc.According to Al Jazeera, the US president talked with King Salman on the phone about efforts to “maintain supplies to ensure oil market stability and global economic growth.”Read Also: Trump Offers ‘Embarrassing’ Welcome to Mohamed Bin SalmanThe Qatari news outlet also reported that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman flew to Kuwait to discuss “increasing oil production” with Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber Al Sabar.In March, Trump met the Saudi crown prince in Washington, D.C.In their press conference, Trump touted deals Saudi Arabia signed with the US on missile defense planes and tanks.Trump said one deal was worth $520 million and told the crown prince, “That is peanuts for you.”He also reaffirmed his determination to benefit from Saudi Arabia’s wealth.“Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy nation, and they’re going to give the United States some of that wealth, hopefully in the form of jobs, in the form of the purchase of the finest military equipment anywhere in the world.” read more

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

Some of the most active companies traded Tuesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (15,281.22, down 34.80 points):Cenovus Energy Inc. (TSX:CVE). Oil and gas. Up 40 cents, or 4.37 per cent, to $9.55 on 5.4 million shares.Encana Corp. (TSX:ECA). Oil and gas. Down one cent, or 0.09 per cent, to $11.16 on 5.04 million shares.Trevali Mining Corp. (TSX:TV). Miner. Up six cents, or five per cent, to $1.26 on 4.6 million shares.BlackBerry Ltd. (TSX:BB). Wireless communications. Down 45 cents, or 3.31 per cent, to $13.14 on 4.49 million shares.First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (TSX:FM). Miner. Up four cents, or 0.38 per cent, to $10.44 on 4.48 million shares.Baytex Energy Corp. (TSX:BTE). Oil and gas. Up 15 cents, or 4.95 per cent, to $3.18 on 4.01 million shares.Companies reporting major news:The U.S. Commerce Department slapped the Canadian softwood lumber industry with an additional 6.87 per cent in preliminary average anti-dumping tariffs that will raise total duties to nearly 27 per cent.Resolute Forest Products (TSX:RFP). Down 11 cents, or 1.93 per cent, to $5.59 on 18,916 shares.Canfor Corp. (TSX:CFP). Up 27 cents, or 1.41 per cent, to $19.44 on 873,459 shares.West Fraser Timber Co. (TSX:WFT). Up 75 cents, or 1.25 per cent, to $60.65 on 31,829 shares.Conifex Timber Inc. (TSX:CFF). Up 12 cents, or 3.96 per cent, to $3.15 on 34,045 shares.Western Forest Products Inc. (TSX:WEF). Unchanged at $2.20 on 590,287 shares.Interfor Corp. (TSX:IFP). Up 32 cents, or 1.80 per cent, to $18.14 on 227,253 sharesCanopy Growth Corporation (TSX:WEED). Health care. Down 47 cents, or 5.56 per cent, to $7.99 on 2.1 million shares. The medical marijuana producer saw its fourth-quarter net loss quadruple to $21.1 million as expenses rose sharply. Net loss was equal to 14 cents per share, up from a net loss of five cents per share in the fourth quarter of its 2016 financial year. Its expense items included $5.4 million of acquisition-related costs, which weren’t a factor last year, due to its purchase of Mettrum Health Corp. Revenue during the fourth-quarter rose to $14.7 million, including two months of contributions from Mettrum, up from $5 million a year earlier.Corus Entertainment Inc. (TSX: CJR.B). Specialty television, radio. Up 40 cents, or 3.01 per cent, to $13.70 on 909,806 shares. The Toronto-based company reported a $66.7-million profit in its third quarter, or 33 cents per share, compared to a net loss of $15.8 million or 10 cents per share a year earlier. Last year’s acquisition of the Global TV network and a host of specialty channels help boost third quarter revenue to $461.6 million, up from $360.8 million when Corus completed the purchase of Shaw Media through a $2.65 billion deal. read more

Tech companies continue efforts to banish extremist accounts

by Barbara Ortutay, The Associated Press Posted Aug 18, 2017 10:36 am MDT Last Updated Aug 18, 2017 at 7:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Tech companies continue efforts to banish extremist accounts NEW YORK, N.Y. – Tech companies’ efforts to banish extremist groups and individuals are continuing as a social network popular with extremists disappeared from Google’s Android app store.Gab had already been unavailable in Apple’s store, though it remains accessible on the web.The banishments come in the wake of the deadly clash at a white-nationalist rally last weekend in Virginia. Civil rights advocates welcomed the moves, but say more needs to be done — and more should have been done earlier.Here is a look at some of the technology services that have banned hate groups or have otherwise come out against white supremacists and their supporters:___AIRBNBAhead of the rally, the housing booking service Airbnb barred rentals to people it believed were travelling to participate. The company said it used its existing background checks and “input from the community” to identify users who didn’t align with its standards.___SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook removed several groups and individuals from its service and Instagram for what it calls violations of terms banning hate speech. Groups included Vanguard America, Physical Removal and Genuine Donald Trump. The company uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human moderators to weed out groups, posts and people that violate its policies. Spokeswoman Ruchika Budhraja acknowledges this is a difficult task, as determining what is hate speech is more difficult than something like a beheading video or child pornography.Twitter, meanwhile, appears to have suspended the account for neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer, though the company doesn’t comment on individual accounts.___APP STORESGoogle has removed Gab, a social network that extremists flocked to, for “hate speech,” Gab tweeted. Gab’s logo is a green cartoon frog, reminiscent of “Pepe the Frog,” the internet meme that’s become a symbol of the “alt-right,” a fringe movement that’s known for its racist, anti-Semitic and sexist views.___SERVICE PROVIDERSThe Daily Stormer’s publisher said he has been effectively “banned from the internet” after mocking the victim of a deadly car attack during the protests in Charlottesville. Andrew Anglin said by email he is “figuring out the next step” after four domain registration companies refused to service his site. GoDaddy and Google said earlier that the site violated their terms of service. After briefly reappearing under a Russian domain name, the site was again offline Wednesday after the security company Cloudflare Inc. dropped him as a customer, leaving the site vulnerable to hacking attacks.Email marketing firm MailChimp said some groups had their accounts terminated after it changed its terms of service on Monday to exclude customers whose primary purpose was “inciting harm” or promoting “discriminatory, hateful, or harassing content.” Squarespace, a website service company, said it banished some sites out of concern they “could be used to facilitate or promote behaviour that gives rise to violence.” Identity Evropa, a northern California hate group that helped organize participants in Charlottesville, tweeted that it had lost service from MailChimp, Squarespace and PayPal.___ONLINE PAYMENTSPayPal has been removing payment accounts linked to known hate groups in the months leading up to Charlottesville, according to the company and a civil rights organization it was working with. For example, the account for the Daily Stormer was banned several months ago. In a blog post, the company said it “strives to navigate the balance between freedom of expression and open dialogue — and the limiting and closing of sites that accept payments or raise funds to promote hate, violence and intolerance.”Online fundraising sites GoFundMe and Patreon also banned people and cancelled fundraisers associated with right-wing hate groups. GoFundMe confirmed that it removed “multiple campaigns” for James Fields, the driver accused of driving his car into protesters and killing a woman.___SPOTIFYThe music streaming service banned music it said “favours hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality or the like” after it was alerted to white supremacist bands on its service by the music blog Digital Music News . The blog found bands identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as white power music streaming on Spotify.___FINDING LOVEDating site OKCupid tweeted that it had banned white nationalist Christopher Cantwell, saying “There is no room for hate in a place where you’re looking for love.”___OUTSIDE THE TECH WORLDDiscover said Thursday that it is “in the process” of terminating the accounts of hate groups. The racial justice group Color of Change had called on the credit card company, along with American Express, Mastercard and Visa, to stop processing funds for hate groups.Amex said most of the websites it was alerted to by activists already do not accept its credit cards. The company said it is “currently reviewing the other sites and will take the appropriate actions. We maintain the right to terminate any relationship that is harmful to our brand.”Mastercard said in a statement that it reviewed the websites “provided by civic leaders and others” and shut down the use of cards on sites it saw as inciting violence. At the same time, the company said it generally doesn’t block cards “based on our disagreement with specific views espoused or promoted.”Visa issued a similar statement, saying that while it bans illegal transactions, it does not restrict “lawful expression of views, even if we may find the organization or its positions to be offensive.”___DONATIONSApple is donating $2 million to two human rights groups as part of CEO Tim Cook’s pledge to help lead the fight against the hate that fueled the violence in Charlottesville. Apple is giving $1 million apiece to Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. The iPhone maker also will match employee donations to those two groups and other human rights organizations on a two-for-one basis.21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch told friends in a personal email that he and his wife, Kathryn, will donate $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League.American Airlines said it will donate $150,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville.___Associated Press Writers Ryan Nakashima in San Francisco, Ken Sweet in New York and Matt O’Brien in Providence, Rhode Island, contributed to this story. read more

Dysfunctional Haitian Parliament deplored by UN and partners

Additionally, the extraordinary session of the National Assembly, which was convened to vote on the amendments to the Electoral Law, has also not taken place, said a statement issued by Sandra Honoré, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Haiti, and other members of the international community represented in the “Core Group” (Ambassadors of Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, the United States and the European Union, and the Special Representative of the Organization of American States). “The ‘Core Group’ is gravely concerned that the Haitian Parliament has become dysfunctional due to the fact that elections have not been held within the constitutional timeframe,” a statement released by the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) said. In this context, the “Core Group” expressed its support to Haiti’s President in the exercise of his constitutional duty to ensure the regular functioning of institutions. The “Core Group” said it trusted that the Executive and all the political actors will act with “responsibility and restraint.”The “Core Group” welcomed the Political Accord recently concluded between President Michel Martelly and several opposition parties and called on all parties to join in on consensus in the “best interest” of the nation. “Recognizing the recent efforts made by the President and other actors to rebuild confidence in the political process, the Core Group further calls on all stakeholders to continue negotiations with the objective of forming, as a matter of urgency, a consensus Government,” the Group said. Haiti must also form a Provisional Electoral Council in the spirit of Article 289 of its national Constitution, and organise, as soon as technically feasible, inclusive, fair, and transparent elections in 2015, in order to consolidate democracy and stability. Five years ago this week, on 12 January 2010 a devastating earthquake struck Haiti killing more than more than 220,000 people as well as 102 UN staff, delivering a major blow to country’s already shaky economy, infrastructure and political landscape. Originally established on 1 June 2004 by a Security Council resolution, MINUSTAH’s mandate was increased after the earthquake to help the immediate recovery, reconstruction and stability efforts. The Council then requested MINUSTAH to further provide logistical support and technical expertise to assist Haiti’s Government to continue operations to build the capacity of its rule of law institutions at the national and local level. read more

Global Compact on Refugees How is this different from the migrants pact

© UNHCR/Gabo MoralesBrazil. São Paulo empowers refugees with shelter, school and work © UNHCR/Aubrey WadeGermany. Iranian refugee completes internship at PorscheIt has been developed through an extensive multilateral process of consultation with Member States and other key stakeholders.On 13 November 2018, the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural (Third) Committee of the UN General Assembly approved the resolution which affirms the refugee compact with overwhelming majority and has sent the text to the General Assembly plenary for adoption, scheduled for the morning of 17 December 2018.How will the global compact on refugees work?The global compact on refugees establishes the architecture for a stronger, more predictable and more equitable international response to large refugee situations.Although not legally binding, it guides the international community in supporting refugees and countries and communities hosting large numbers through the mobilization of political will, a broadening of the base of support, and the activation of arrangements for more equitable and predictable burden- and responsibility-sharing.“Refugees are an international concern, and a shared responsibility,” the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said. “In the compact, we will for the first time have a practical workable model, a set of tools that translates this principle into action.”“Decades of keeping refugees apart, consigned to camps or on the margins of society are giving way to a fundamentally different approach – including refugees in national systems, societies and economies of their host countries for the time that it is necessary, and enabling them to contribute to their new communities and to secure their own futures, pending a solution to their plight,” Grandi explained, noting the that the global compact started with the generosity of these communities.The global compact has four objectives:1. Ease pressures on countries that host large numbers of refugees;2. Build self-reliance of refugees;3. Expand access to third-country or refugees through resettlement and other pathways of admission;4. Support conditions that enable refugees to return to their countries of originWill my country be obliged to welcome refugees? Does this mean the Refugee Convention is not fit for purpose?The compact builds upon, not replaces, the existing international legal system for refugees – including the 1951 Refugee Convention and other international legal instruments on refugee, human rights and humanitarian law.“The Refugee Convention focuses on rights of refugees and obligations of States, but it does not deal with international cooperation writ large. And that’s what the global compact seeks to address”, explained the UN refugee agency’s (UNHCR) Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Volker Türk.The 1951 Convention does not specify how you share the burden and responsibility, and that’s what the global compact does. “It responds to one of the major gaps we have faced for decades”.But why do we need a new international agreement?At the end of 2017, there were nearly 25.4 million refugees around the world, more than half of whom are under the age of 18. Today, just 10 countries host 60 per cent of the world’s refugees. Turkey alone hosts 3.5 million refugees, more than any other country. Furthermore, the vast majority of the world’s refugees (85 per cent) live in developing countries that face their own economic and development challenges. A new international agreement to forge a stronger, fairer response to large refugee movements known as the Global Compact on Refugees is expected to be endorsed by members of the UN General Assembly on Monday, 17 December to provide greater support for those fleeing their homelands, and for the countries that take them in, which are often among the poorest in the world.It’s designed to provide a robust and systematic model to improve the lives of refugees and their host communities following two years of intensive consultations – which may sound familiar to anyone who has been following the progress of the global migration pact ( formally known as the Global Compact for Safe, orderly and Regular Migration) which was formally adopted in Marrakech last Monday, 10 December 2018. Refugees are persons who are outside their country of origin for reasons of feared persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or other circumstances that have seriously disturbed public order and, as a result, require international protection.  The refugee definition can be found in the 1951 Convention and regional refugee instruments, as well as the Statute of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.While there is no formal legal definition of an international migrant, most experts agree that an international migrant is someone who changes his or her country of usual residence, irrespective of the reason for migration or legal status. Generally, a distinction is made between short-term or temporary migration, covering movements with a duration between three and 12 months, and long-term or permanent migration, referring to a change of country of residence for a duration of one year or more.“I’m a migrant but didn’t have to risk my life on a leaky boat or pay traffickers. Safe migration cannot be limited to the global elite”, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said. UN News has put together this guide to explain the key difference between migrant and refugee status, and the differences between the two UN-backed compacts that are designed to improve the lives of everybody on the move.We just heard the global compact on migration has recently been adopted. Why do we need another deal?The New York Declaration that was adopted in September 2016 gave birth to two compacts: one on refugees and one on migrants. Although both are groups of people who live outside of their countries of origin, there are crucial distinctions between the terms “refugee” and “migrant.”Both agreements are voluntary in nature, and not legally binding instruments.What’s the difference between a migrant and a refugee? Ten governmental donors (including the European Union) provide almost eighty per cent of UNHCR’s funding, for example, and more than two-thirds of UNHCR’s resettlement submissions go to just five countries. The gap between the needs of refugees and action to meet them is large and growing.Who decided to create this compact? The UN, UNHCR?No, it was decided by Member States. The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, adopted by Member States in September 2016 included two key steps in relation to refugees: · First, Member States adopted the comprehensive refugee response framework’, which sets out a wide range of measures to be taken by the international community when responding to a large-scale refugee situation. · Secondly, Member States agreed to continue to improve international responses by working towards the adoption of a ‘global compact on refugees’ in 2018. They asked the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to consult with Member States and a wide range of other stakeholders and propose such a compact. The proposed global compact on refugees was released on 20 July 2018.How was the global compact on refugees negotiated? UNHCR/Catianne TijerinaCentral African mothers and children queue for food at the Timangolo refugee centre in Cameroon.Not more than it already is. The 1951 Refugee Convention focuses on rights of refugees and obligations of states. The global compact on refugees reaffirms those standards and principles.The compact is not intended to create additional burdens or impositions on countries hosting large numbers of refugees, nor to modify UNHCR’s protection and solutions mandate. It seeks to build upon the international refugee regime that has been established over decades.My country already hosts many refugees? Are we going to get help?In specific large-scale refugee contexts, the global compact provides that a host State or country of origin, could request the activation by UNHCR of a Support Platform to assist its national response arrangements.“What we want to achieve is a very quick galvanizing of support: political, financial, and resettlement support, so that countries – when they are faced with such a situation – feel that they are not on their own, that they are not isolated, or that no one cares”, Türk said. “That the international community cares about the people, but also the country that is affected. And it stands in solidarity, and acts in solidarity with them. That is really the purpose”. What tangible difference will the compact make in the lives of refugees or the communities that host them? © UNHCR/Santiago Escobar-JaramilloPeru. Venezuelans grateful to find support in LimaUNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection explained that if the compact is implemented we would see “better education for refugee boys and girls, as well as better access to health services for all refugees, and more livelihood opportunities”.  Host communities would engage differently with refugees, moving away from the encampment policies.Host countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Iran, those in Central America, or Lebanon — with its infrastructure and health services enormously challenged by hosting a million refugees – would get the support they need not just from a humanitarian perspective but from a development cooperation perspective. “And that’s what is new”, Türk added.  Also, UNHCR aims to get more resettlement places and find more ways refugees can move to third countries – such as through family reunification, student scholarships, or humanitarian visas.But if the compact is not legally binding, can it really make a difference?It’s not binding, but the UN General Assembly will adopt the global compact. “Once that’s done, it demonstrates a very strong political commitment of all 193 Member States to implement it, even if it’s not legally binding”, Türk said, noting that “in today’s world, that’s how multilateralism is often done”.Who’s going to fund all this?The global compact embeds the response in a much broader partnerships approach. It looks at what the private sector, faith communities and international financial institution can bring to the table.The World Bank has established a specific financial instrument for low-income countries affected by forced displacement – $2 billion for a couple of years – to help address the socio-economic impact of refugee flows into a part of a country. read more

Brooke Henderson ties Canadian record for wins on LPGA or PGA Tour

Brooke Henderson has tied the Canadian record for most career victories on the LPGA or PGA Tour.The 21-year-old Henderson captured her eighth career title on Saturday by shooting a 2-under 70 to win the Lotte Championship for the second year in a row.Sandra Post had eight career victories on the LPGA Tour between 1968 and 1981, while Mike Weir and George Knudson equalled that on the PGA Tour.Henderson, from Smiths Falls, Ont., won last year’s event in Hawaii for her sixth Tour victory and followed that up in August 2018 as the first Canadian in 45 years to win the CP Women’s Open.She finished 16 under on Saturday at Ko Olina Golf Club.Henderson, ranked No. 12 in the world, has one major among her tournament victories, winning the 2016 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship after beating Lydia Ko in a playoff when she was only 18. read more

Tube strike How long will the London Underground closure last and which

first_imgThere will be no service at all on the Victoria or Waterloo & City lines, and all other lines will be severely affected, with limited services in outer London.TfL said it will try to run as many services as possible but passengers were told that most Zone 1 stations are likely to be closed throughout the action. The stations that do operate are likely only to open after 7am and close by 7pm.Normal service should be resumed by Tuesday morning. When is the tube strike?London Underground workers are striking for 24 hours from 6pm on Sunday 8 January.However, people have been warned not to rely on Tube services after 6pm on Monday, even though the strike will technically be over by that time.Which lines and stations are affected? Transport for London (TfL) advised passengers that there will be a severely reduced service across the Tube network on Sunday evening and all day on Monday because of the strike.National Rail services will not be affected by the strike but there will be no Underground services from key interchange stations such as Victoria, King’s Cross, Waterloo, Paddington, Euston, Bank and London Bridge.Piccadilly line services will run between Hammersmith and Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3, but there will be no service to Terminals 4 or 5. Mr Khan said: “This strike is going to be a huge inconvenience to commuters, tourists and TfL staff, and it is pointless.”There is a good deal sitting on the table that will ensure station safety and staffing levels across the Tube network. I am willing to carry on negotiations.”This historic dispute has nothing to do with the millions of Londoners this strike is punishing. It must be called off.” Why is the strike happening? Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association are walking out in a long-running dispute over jobs and ticket office closures.They rejected a last minute offer from Transport for London as well as a plea from Mayor Sadiq Khan to call off the action.The unions say over 800 jobs have been axed as ticket offices closed, claiming staff are being abused by passengers facing queues at ticket machines.TSSA reps rejected the latest offer, following an earlier decision by the RMT. This tube strike will cause misery to millions of Londoners. Latest @TfL travel advice here #TubeStrike— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) January 8, 2017 Journey affected by #TubeStrike? We have additional support for @SantanderCycles at Newgate St/Soho Square on Monday— Transport for London (@TfL) January 8, 2017 Victoria station – Closed – Due to strike action. All trains are not stopping.— Victoria line (@victorialine) January 8, 2017 The majority of  DLR services are expected to operate normally, although the line is likely to be busier than normal, and if Bank station is closed then trains will have to terminate before then.London Overground services will be running, but again they are expected to be very busy. National Rail and TfL Rail services are not affected by the strike.TfL also recommends walking and cycling as other ways of getting around town. What are the other options for getting around London?TfL will be deploying “travel ambassadors” in order to help people get around the city, there will be around 150 extra buses, while river services will also be enhanced. However, buses are expected to be very crowded.   What about Southern Rail?Southern Railway train drivers are set to strike too.Aslef, the drivers’ union, says there will be three 24-hour walkouts as the bitter dispute over driver-only trains rumbles on. There will be no Southern services during the strikes next Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Three further strikes are planned later in the month. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Night owls can retrain their body clocks in just three weeks study

“We now need to understand how habitual sleep patterns are related to the brain, how this links with mental wellbeing and whether the interventions lead to long-term changes.”The 22 participants in the study were all healthy and were made to change their routine by waking up 2-3 hours before regular wake up time and maximise outdoor light during the mornings.They also had to go to bed 2-3 hours before their ‘normal’ time and limit light exposure in the evening as well as keeping fixed sleep times on work and free days,eating breakfast as soon as possible after waking up, eat lunch at the same time each day, and having dinner before 7pm.The results showed an increase in cognitive and physical performance during the morning when tiredness is often very high in ‘night owls’ as well as a shift in peak performance times from evening to afternoon. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Professor Debra Skene from the University of Surrey added: “Establishing simple routines could help ‘night owls’ adjust their body clocks and improve their overall physical and mental health.”Insufficient levels of sleep and circadian misalignment can disrupt many bodily processes putting us at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes,”The study, published in Sleep Medicine said ‘night owls’, compared to ‘morning larks’, tended to be more compromised in society due to having to fit to work/school schedules that are out of sync with their preferred patterns.The researchers said their findings might also help in industry or within sporting sectors, which have a key focus on developing strategies to maximise productivity and optimise performance at certain times and in different conditions. “Most interestingly, this was also associated with improvements in mental wellbeing and perceived sleepiness, meaning that it was a very positive outcome for the participants. Sleepless night owls can retrain their body clocks to stave off depression and stress caused by the condition, British scientists claim.Those whose body clocks dictate going to bed late are often left sleepy in the day, eating badly with depression and stress.But researchers found that bringing their sleep forward by just two hours had a lasting effect.Disturbances to the circadian rhythm are also linked to mood swings, increased morbidity and mortality rates and declines in cognitive and physical performance.But scientists from the Universities of Birmingham and Surrey found that within three weeks they could get night owls going to bed earlier without the need for medication.Along with colleagues from Monash University in Australia, their study found that on average, night owls were going to bed at 2.30am and getting up at 10.15am.Dr Andrew Bagshaw from the University of Birmingham said: “Having a late sleep pattern puts you at odds with the standard societal days, which can lead to a range of adverse outcomes – from daytime sleepiness to poorer mental wellbeing.”We wanted to see if there were simple things people could do at home to solve this issue.”This was successful, on average allowing people to get to sleep and wake up around two hours earlier than they were before. It also increased the number of days in which breakfast was consumed and led to better mental well-being, with participants reporting a decrease in feelings of stress and depression.Lead researcher Dr Elise Facer-Childs from Monash University’s Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health said: “Our research findings highlight the ability of a simple non-pharmacological intervention to phase advance ‘night owls’, reduce negative elements of mental health and sleepiness, as well as manipulate peak performance times in the real world.” read more

Allison to showcase largest ever transmission range in Europe at Hannover event

first_imgAllison Transmission is to showcase its largest range of transmissions ever in Europe at the forthcoming IAA Commercial Vehicle Exposition, being held from September 25 to October 2 in Hannover, Germany. Products will range from 1000/2000 Series models for light-duty commercial vehicles to 3000 Series and 4000 Series for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and the 6000 Series off-highway unit. Other displays on view at the two-floor Allison exhibition building will be cross-drive steering transmissions for tracked vehicles, and the highly-efficient TC10 for road tractors. Both H 40/50 EP and H 3000 parallel hybrid systems will also be featured.Allison states that it develops products “that offer a significant competitive advantage together with high efficiency and environmental benefits.” Optimised conventional propulsion units and complementing technology with natural gas and advanced hybrid systems help vehicles achieve superior efficiency and performance.At IAA: Allison products, features and programs that deliver resultsThe company also recently introduced FuelSense, a new fuel-efficiency package that can deliver even higher fuel savings for fleets – up to 20% depending on application and configuration. In combination with 5th Generation Electronic Controls, FuelSense features automatically adapt shift schedules and torque, maximising transmission efficiency based on load, grade and duty cycle. Also suitable for vehicles with natural gas engines, IAA visitors will be able to calculate potential yearly cost savings in the FuelSense training area.Allison Automatics are well suited to natural gas engines in a wide range of applications. Patented torque converter technology enhances response-time-to-throttle cycles of natural gas engines, multiplying engine torque at vehicle launch and smoothly transferring power to the drive wheels. As a result, whether using renewable bio natural gas or natural gas derived from fossil fuels, Allison transmissions deliver superior vehicle performance, while increasing fuel efficiency. In July, Allison Transmission presented a new integrated stop-start technology in conjunction with Project ETHOS. In partnership with the California Energy Commission, Cummins developed an engine that uses E85 (a high-octane blend of ethanol and gasoline) as a fuel to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Cummins ETHOS 2.8L engine is coupled with an Allison 2550 fully automatic transmission – for smooth and efficient stop-start operation. Until now the ETHOS 2.8L has proven capable of exceeding the 50% CO2 emission reductions outlined as a project goal.last_img read more

The old cowboy hat that breaks Fallout New Vegas

first_imgObsidian and Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout: New Vegas is a fun ride, but only if you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t run into one of its many, many, many game crippling bugs. One of the biggest and most mysterious bugs facing users is an inability to enter the Las Vegas Strip later on in the game… a big problem, since the Strip is New Vegas‘s central hub. The bug is so bad that it causes even the Xbox 360 version to unceremoniously crash. Bethesda, on their part, is trying to fix the mess, with a PC patch incoming, and one for consoles coming sometime in the next few weeks. However, it seems like a Bethesda forum user may have figured out what the bug is that causes the game to crash when you enter the Strip, and boy… it’s a doozy.Apparently, the problem is that when you enter the Strip, the game is looking for your character to be wearing a very specific “old cowboy hat.” Not any cowboy hat will do: it has to be taken from a specific body on a specific NPC. If you don’t have that hat, the game will crash so hard it’ll simply freeze your Xbox 360, requiring a hard reset.The solution apparently works, but despite the fact that the bug and solution were identified over three weeks ago, it still hasn’t been fixed. How can a AAA game released right before the holiday season by one of gaming’s most beloved companies be this broken? It defies belief. Read more at Fidgitlast_img read more

La Peste de Justinien était bien une peste bubonique

first_imgLa Peste de Justinien était bien une peste buboniqueIl était jusqu’alors difficile de savoir si les textes anciens désignaient la même maladie que nous sous le nom de peste. Des analyses menées à partir de restes retrouvés dans un cimetière allemand accrédite la thèse que la Peste de Justinien était bien due au bacille yersinia pestis. L’épidémie avait ravagé l’Europe et l’Asie entre les VIe et VIIIe siècles. Une peste est bien la peste ? L’annonce peut sembler saugrenue, pourtant des chercheurs viennent de prouver que la Peste de Justinien, qui a frappé l’Europe et l’Orient aux VIe et VIIIe siècles, était bien la peste bubonique. Il faut bien dire que l’emploi des termes peste ou pestilence dans les textes anciens n’est pas suffisant pour prouver qu’une épidémie était bien due au bacille de la peste : yersinia pestis.L’équipe germano-américaine a étudié des squelettes de l’époque afin d’y trouver des traces d’ADN de yersinia pestis. Leurs résultats ont été publiés en ligne dans la revue PLOS Pathogens. Les corps utilisés provenaient du cimetière d’Aschheim, en Bavière, où 438 dépouilles ont été retrouvées. Nombre d’entre elles sont des victimes de la peste du VIe siècle et beaucoup de tombes contiennent plusieurs squelettes, ce qui accrédite la thèse d’un enterrement hâtif lors d’une grave épidémie.L’analyse des dentsDes prélèvements ont été effectués sur les dents de dix-neuf individus en provenance de douze sépultures différentes. Les chercheurs se sont ensuite mis en quête d’y détecter un gène spécifique au bacille. Et là bingo ! Des traces d’ADN de yersinia pestis sont bien présentes dans ces ossements.L’ADN de cette souche de la peste se révèle aussi être plus simple que celui des grandes pandémies suivantes : la Peste Noire du XIVe au XVIIe siècle et la Peste de Chine des XIXe et XXe siècles. Il était déjà connu que la Peste Noire était due à yersinia pestis, tandis que la Peste de Chine est l’épidémie qui a permis l’identification du bacille par Alexandre Yersin en 1894.Les estimations du nombre de victimes de la Peste de Justinien varient entre 25 et 100 millions tandis que les textes parlent de jusqu’à 5000 morts par jour dans la seule Constantinople. Pour de nombreux historiens la peste a terriblement affaibli l’Empire Byzantin et les Sassanides d’Iran, ce qui a grandement facilité la vague de conquêtes arabo-musulmanes qui a débuté peu de temps après la fin de l’épidémie. Le 11 mai 2013 à 20:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Star Trek Discovery Pulls Off a Big Reveal in the Mirror Universe

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target At this point the crew of the Discovery has now spent more time in the Mirror Universe than any past/future Star Trek crew. Deep Space Nine still has more Mirror-related episodes, but none of the characters who crossed over on that show had quite as long a stay. It’s one the the benefits of having a serialized Star Trek show. It doesn’t have to wrap things up in an episode or two. It can really explore this other universe and how our mostly peaceful crew acts within it. The show can also use the time to organically build up to a completely unexpected, but earned twist.The series’s first episode back from its winter break was a bit of a slog. It spent too much time bringing the characters to the same conclusions the audience had made at minute one. The two since then got the show back on track. Once the work of establishing the Mirror Universe and bringing the Discovery crew up to speed was done, the show could focus on the story at hand. And it’s turning out to be a pretty great story. Even the Voq/Tyler reveal, which everyone saw coming, was handled effectively. But it looks like that telegraphed twist was only a smoke screen for the real reveal at the end of last night’s episode: That the Lorca we’ve known all season isn’t from our universe at all. It’s one of those rare moments on TV that’s equally shocking and satisfying. It didn’t just come out of nowhere, and it makes a ton of sense when you look back at how Lorca’s acted all series. He doesn’t act like a typical Starfleet captain. Sure, we’ve seen war hawks in Star Trek before, but none as violent as Lorca. It’s been a major source of debate among fans whether or not he aligns with Starfleet ideals, even in a time of war. It turns out no, he doesn’t, and there’s a reason.Jason Isaacs (Photo via CBS)This is one of those episodes that grabs you and refuses to let go until the end credits. Much of that is thanks to Michelle Yeoh. Having her back in a commanding role does this episode so many favors. She is relishing the chance to play a ruthless tyrant, and every scene she’s in is so much fun. Her performance is so good, it really drives home how much we’re missing out on by not having her as captain. I understand why the show killed her off so early. It’s given Burnham a clear character arc and a lot of interesting dilemmas to wrestle with. Even now, Burnham being responsible for her mentor’s death makes this interaction with Mirror-Georgiou so much more fraught and captivating. Ultimately, it made for a great story. Man, though. Yeoh is so good in this episode, all I want is more of her in the captain’s chair, Mirror version or not.If this Mirror Universe arc found its rhythm in the last episode, this is where it really started to pick up speed. Burnham and Lorca head over to Empress Georgiou’s ship, and Burnham tells herself that this Gerogiou is not the same one she knew. It quickly becomes clear that things are not that simple. She can tell herself it’s a different person all she wants, but she clearly still feels something when Mirror Georgiou treats her like a daughter. She misses that relationship and almost ends up getting executed because of it. Though the moment when Burnham realizes she’s eating Kelpian soup is a nice bit of horror. It’s too bad reports of what happened to Mirror-Burnham were kept secret though. It turns out Lorca seduced her and the two were planning on killing Georgiou. Burnham almost gets executed for her Mirror counterpart’s treason, but she’s able to prove that she’s actually from another universe. It’s a risky play, but it pays off. Georgiou wants to keep the existence of a universe where species are seen as equals a secret. She and Burnham now have the same goal: To get the Discovery back to its home universe. But they can’t take the same route as the Defiant. As we learned back in Star Trek: Enterprise, their trip across universes caused the crew to go insane and slaughter each other.Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman (Photo via CBS)Stamets’ story was also cool and interesting, even if it wasn’t quite as exciting as Burnham’s adventure. We got to see the inside of the mycelial network, and got some answers as to how this all happened. It turns out Mirror-Stamets is also in a coma on his own ship, and began reaching out to Stamets through the network once he started personally navigating the Discovery. That’s why Stamets kept seeing glimpses of the Mirror Universe, like Tilly as the captain. Now that the two are both in the network together, Mirror-Stamets wants Stamets to help him finds a way out. But Dr. Culber is in here too… somehow. He leads Stamets off, warning him that Mirror-Stamets’s is vaguely evil. I mean, of course, he is. He doesn’t even know who Culber is. We get a very sweet scene between the two as they tell each other about their days for what feels like one last time. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, and I really hope this isn’t the last they see of each other. Culber is dead, no question about that, but maybe they can be together inside the mycelial network after this? We’ll have to wait for an answer though, as Culber helps Stamets find his way out of the network. There’s just one problem. He and Mirror-Stamets woke up in the wrong bodies. Now the Mirror version is on the Discovery, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what comes of that.Michelle Yeoh, Sonequa Martin-Green (Photo via CBS)After a particularly strong episode of Star Trek: Discovery, I’m hooked all over again. The twist was smartly set up, the story charged forward at a determined pace, and every scene was packed with fascinating character interactions. Even the Tyler storyline, which only moved forward a little this episode, got an interesting wrinkle. L’Rell was convinced to undo the Tyler-Voq procedure when she realized that the conflicting personalities were causing the body to destroy itself. I still have questions. Did Lorca know that forcing Stamets to jump so many times would put them in the Mirror Universe? Did he sabotage the coordinates to make sure they did? How did he cross over in the first place? I’m sure we’ll learn the answers next week though. Hopefully in a slightly longer episode. I guess it’s a testament to how good it is that I really didn’t want it to end. After the Lorca twist was revealed and the credits rolled, I audibly yelled, “Noo!” 36 minutes of Star Trek is just not enough. Especially when there are only three episodes left in the season.center_img ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Teases Troubled Patrick StewartHow Designers Achieved the Sci-Fi Sound Magic of ‘The Orville’ last_img read more

Federal Judge In Anchorage Says Groups Can Sue To Keep Arctic Atlantic

first_imgTrump in April ordered an Interior Department review of the ban with the goal of exploration in the offshore areas. Some Environmental groups say presidents can permanently withdraw areas but the law makes no provision to reopen areas. Former President Barack Obama withdrew Arctic waters under provisions of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act. Obama also banned exploration in 5,937 square miles (15,377 square kilometers) of Atlantic Ocean canyon complexes. Judge Gleason ruled the plaintiffs have standing in the case and it can move forward. Federal court Judge Sharon Gleason ruled that environmental groups can sue to keep the ban in place. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享A Federal Judge in Anchorage ruled on Monday, in Anchorage, that a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s reversal of a ban on petroleum drilling in most of the Arctic Ocean and Atlantic underwater canyons can move forward.last_img read more

Adobe envisions an AR shopping future

first_img E-commerce Augmented reality (AR) Adobe 0 Internet Post a comment Share your voice A look at Adobe’s early work creating virtual models for AR shopping. Adobe/Volumetric models by Visual Media Lab at the University of Surrey’s Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing Someday you may be able to make a 3D scan of your body using your phone, then get the virtual you to try on new clothes and walk around your living room wearing them.That concept is the guiding star for Adobe’s early work to meld augmented reality and shopping. To help kick off its Adobe Summit conference, the software company showed me a prototype demo of an AR male model walking across a real-life conference room, as well as virtual spaces like a hotel lobby and a wooded hiking path.The idea was to show online shoppers the actual fit, look and movement of clothing, and also let them see pieces in more backgrounds.There’s still plenty more work to do, such as improving the lighting and shading of the models and movement of the clothing. But Adobe is hoping this project will bring online clothing shopping a little closer to the real thing in stores, giving customers more information on the pieces they’re interested in.For retailers, this effort could cut down on online returns by helping buyers make better purchasing decisions and also boost retailers’ sales by getting people to mix and match looks online, said Roger Woods, director of mobile product and strategy for Adobe Experience Cloud.Adobe isn’t the only company adding AR to shopping. Last month, Warby Parker introduced Virtual Try-On, which uses an iPhone’s augmented-reality capabilities and selfie camera to put a digital pair of glasses on your face. Wayfair and Amazon already use AR in their apps to help people test out the look and size of furniture in their homes before buying.Adobe said it’s still testing its work with some retailers (it wouldn’t say who) and it’s a long way away from letting folks create their own personalized virtual models. But it’s hoping this early work gets it one step closer to an AR shopping future.adobe-ar-shopping-3Adobe’s project currently includes one male and one female virtual model. Adobe/Volumetric models by Visual Media Lab at the University of Surrey’s Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing Tagslast_img read more

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