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If the ancient poetry written by modern title party is what style

first, the Analects of

1, companion of life written quotations: ah, in the world of mortals who took over the unfulfilled love teacher.

2, NetEase: national teachers to die, education grant to many.

3, a circle of friends: the depth of good, why do we need to master the bowl of chicken soup.

4, QQ space: Confucius one hundred words, read what you crying? Do not turn not luguoren.

5, ‘news network body: Confucius talk about governing the country,’ a book has been sold in major bookstores, all cadres need to carry out learning. read more

Don’t touch the stone egg product marketing website


These two idioms yiluanjidan

a mantis trying to stop a chariot, the story we all know, that is more presumptuous thing, the results are often disastrous, so in absolute disadvantage, we have to get out of the way, or the other way. Product positioning is also the same site.


I have observed a website, mainly sell ink and other products, 50% products of the web site is ink, is the rest of the peripheral products, these products are key part of the product is: color card, screw, pigment, products such as keywords. These products are the main products of ink accessories, but these items are not accurate positioning, color, pigment, screws, such popular wide word in Baidu in the top 10 are paid in Google promotion, among the top 10 most top-level domain, with the single product keywords on the page to competitive ranking this is simply yiluanjishi? The consequences as can be imagined. read more

An English website promotion method

1, push the publicity to the community to

although the extraordinary English website for 3 months, but won the recognition of the surrounding community, since there is such a good reputation, of course, should make full use of it, so the webmaster may wish to take the site close to the people, into the people, it might.

2, the publicity done campus to

itself is a knowledge of the site, to promote the campus area is taken for granted! After all, the school students, or the use of word of mouth publicity, and then there is the use of people for publicity! read more

Xue Manzi released to raise funds of private equity funds, angel investment

Abstract: prior to the equity investment fund in the main investment projects in the late, or Pre-IPO stage. Because equity investment cycle is long, the risk is large, in order to be able to give investors a considerable return, we must ensure that the fund after a certain period of time a smooth exit from the premium. Xue Manzi the angel investment direction of the introduction of private equity funds so many look and guess.


first, China angel investment once micro-blog heyday — Xue Manzi, is in the public life, was arrested for prostitution scandal is divided into two sections. read more

How to improve the competitiveness of enterprise network marketing

enterprise is the most important market, and marketing is the most important information dissemination and exchange. Along with the development of Internet technology and mature low-cost networking, network marketing advantages, highlighting the super efficient, integrated, more and more enterprises pay attention to the network marketing. Although many companies also asked SEOer to do a number of aspects of the work of the auction, but the accuracy of the flow of the enterprise is not enough, a lot of time and energy are wasted on unrelated traffic, do some useless. Because in order to help enterprises to accurately grasp the flow of the site, I would like to talk about how to accurately grasp the depth of flow, do business network marketing. read more

How to make electronic business platform to maximize the effectiveness of online activities

for the operation of a website, the user is a very important job. And to retain the user in addition to their own quality of the site to be high, the organization is also a key part of the campaign, especially for the electricity supplier platform, the daily operation of the organization can not do without. Timely and appropriate activities can effectively enhance the user’s activity, enhance the viscosity of the site, improve the conversion rate of the site, etc.. Since we know that the activities of the electronic business platform is so important, then we organize activities at the time how to maximize the effectiveness of our activities?. read more

Micro purchase Tencent officially settled WeChat cloud platform

April 9, 2014, Tencent WeChat cloud platform official announcement: Wang WeChat micro purchase shopping platform Guangzhou rway Mdt InfoTech Ltd research and development ( officially arrived WeChat cloud Tencent (

WeChat cloud

Tencent as a Tencent official development public, one-stop service platform, WeChat public platform service providers hosting platform security, high efficiency and high quality, relying on Tencent of cloud security services, security information and data security of WeChat WeChat cloud is committed to public accounts, public accounts of the security use of WeChat users privacy property. read more

Briefly introduce what is the network to make money

due to the rapid changes in the Internet advertising to make money, the original fixed novice teaching materials are out of date, replaced by the webmaster to the site all the advertising resources have done a detailed registration help description. In fact, money is a very simple thing, do not think that is very difficult, as long as you have the middle level can be completely fix, practice is the best teacher, only the accumulated experience from practice, can not understand by leaps into handy, so the first thing you have to do now is to look carefully at the station and registered help for each advertisement, and choose something you are interested in advertising for advertisers registered members, really began to earn $. Expert guidance can make you less detours, is the most effective shortcut to success, so if you do not understand the practice of any place please feel free to consult this site!!! read more

Gome online Mou Guixian the current electricity supplier open platform generally charged merchants 8

Gome online chairman Mou Guixian

[TechWeb] September 4th news, the United States online chairman Mou Guixian broke the news to the media, the current electricity supplier open platform to receive the Commission settled merchants generally 8%.

it is understood that the current open platform Tmall, and other Jingdong, business source of income mainly includes three forms of commissions, promotion costs, logistics costs, commissions accounted for 1/3 of the total cost of settled merchants pay about the total cost of businesses to pay also accounting for a large proportion of total sales. read more

The emergence of e-commerce in 20 years incremental rise

1995, Chinese e-commerce started, gradually emerged in network and e-commerce platform, C2B e-commerce services, network planning, information era of commercial civilization new subject, new models, new ecology, new governance and new civilization. The rapid development of China’s online retail, e-commerce giant market is accelerating the formation of.

1995, Chinese e-commerce started, gradually emerged in network, e-commerce platform, e-commerce service providers and other new subjects, new species. A China retail network of rapid development, a breakthrough in 2008 three "one", namely the network retail consumers exceeded 100 million total turnover exceeded 100 billion, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 1%, as a sign of e-commerce giant to accelerate the formation of market ". From 2006 to 2013, the online retail sales compound growth rate reached 90%, accounting for the total retail sales of social consumer goods in 2013 accounted for 7.8%. In the booming market, e-commerce service industry is booming, with the main body to evolve a new business ecosystem. read more

Do you want to use the car in the end

March 14th news, according to a second-hand car group, said the car dealer, melon used car has begun to transform the C2B model, to provide the source of the car to the car, and said to provide the appropriate discount.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the second-hand car direct selling net seeds up to now still advertising propaganda "individuals directly sold to individuals, no brokers make a difference C2C model is the ultimate model once declared that the second-hand car in public is C2C, so at the end of 2015 by the car easy to shoot CEO Yang Xuejian publicly questioned. read more

Weight loss products in Taobao monthly sales of thousands of pieces of B2C marketing

the development of the Internet, especially the development of B2C, will be marketing into a deeper definition, will also create more personal history of the Internet hero. Some time ago, I found a weight loss products in acupuncture weight loss network rankings, careful observation and analysis of the. Nearly 10000 pieces have reached in a lot of weight loss products sales, is sales hot products, in the realistic market, even local TV advertising, sales is not so hot, but there is still a risk of television speculation. Years of distribution let me understand the Internet can create marketing the myth than reality. The following is my analysis on last month sold tens of thousands of pieces of slimming products, if not do, I hope a lot of criticism… read more

The importance of PPG failure warning marketing cost control

December 2009, the batch of Kyrgyzstan clothing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (ie PPG) closed completely, the assets used to repay the arrears of advertising costs. It is reported that, PPG was founded in 2005, through the B2C website and call center sales of men’s shirts, early rapid growth in sales. In early 2008, is PPG traced to the operating conditions, and the frequency of advertisers, debt disputes between suppliers reported.


as the forerunner of Chinese clothing B2C industry, the development process of PPG, the operation of the market operators and the development of China’s apparel industry B2C has implications. read more

Micro entrepreneurship season Shandong summit successfully opened a new wave of entrepreneurial boom


China start on the road has a lot of business out of tight encirclement dark horse, so that some young people are always questioned: now there is no


in April is all the opportunity to flourish, located in the Yellow Sea coast of Yantai city college students entrepreneurship garden two days ago ushered in a number of mysterious guests, all the people have voted to surprised eyes, that so many professional investment advisor, outstanding entrepreneurial projects, well-known entrepreneurs and government leaders are all at the same time come to the. read more

English station combat operations (1) notes rational money

how to do a lot of English friends recently came to ask me how to make money through English stand skills and experience. In fact, I do not have to stand in the English language station has no experience and skills to do English stand on their own imitation and pondering, innovation. If the new train of thought about English station operation even if the broken thing, but in some of the experience of others on the upgrade, because people can get their successful experience, it may not be able to stand on the success, so it must be to paraphrase English station using the ideas, can not completely imitate, without their own characteristics. So Deng Gong in socialism before adding a "feature", China’s 30 years is so rapid. It is obvious that the experience of learning English can be done, but not all of them should be used flexibly. (Note: do not copy, self defeating, learning ideas is the first read more

Data + picture = show VODone alliance, good or bad self debate

things about first league and day ip4w multi. This flow do VODone, about 120 per day – the actual input, statistics about ten days. (if the actual flow similar website probably can do about 200 every day, there are pictures and data shows that the deduction amount behind


12.21, received the following message:

webmaster Hello: your website is not in accordance with the first video network for placement, but will the player in the only promotion code without other content pages, such as Please modify before December 23, 2007, otherwise it will stop the current settlement commission. read more

Several steps to do a single page Taobao guest


do Taobao off, the flow does not mean income, only high-quality traffic, also known as directional traffic is the real traffic.

With the departure of Google

, the small owners to the survival of Adsense alliance income decline, while Ma timely launch of Taobao alliance, has attracted a large number of small owners in the eye, but how many people really make? For incomplete statistics, in the higher industry, only 2% of the profits, the rest of the loss is not guaranteed. I then go to their own site experience, share a little of their own Taobao promotion experience. PS: if you need to see my income, you can give me a message. read more