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ICAO/UNDP Solar-At-The-Gate Project Being Piloted in Jamaica

first_img Solar facilities designed to provide electricity for Terminal Gate Number One at the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) in Kingston were, on Tuesday (April 24), handed over to the management by representatives from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)/United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Environment Facility. Story Highlights Jamaica was selected for the pilot of a project dubbed ‘Solar-at-the-Gate’, following the country’s submission of an Environmental State Action Plan. Speaking with JIS News at the handover ceremony, Deputy Director General, Regulatory Affairs, Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), Rohan Campbell, said the project aims to reduce power usage from the public grid as well as aircraft generators to provide power while an aircraft is at the gate. Solar facilities designed to provide electricity for Terminal Gate Number One at the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) in Kingston were, on Tuesday (April 24), handed over to the management by representatives from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)/United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Environment Facility.Jamaica was selected for the pilot of a project dubbed ‘Solar-at-the-Gate’, following the country’s submission of an Environmental State Action Plan.Under the project, there has been the successful installation of gate electrification equipment at the island’s two main international airports and a solar power-generation facility at the NMIA.Speaking with JIS News at the handover ceremony, Deputy Director General, Regulatory Affairs, Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), Rohan Campbell, said the project aims to reduce power usage from the public grid as well as aircraft generators to provide power while an aircraft is at the gate.“There are two scenarios that could take place. When the aircraft is parked at the gate, an engine, which is called an Auxiliary Power Unit, would be running. It uses the fuels that are on board the aircraft to supply electrical power to the aircraft while it is there for boarding, loading of cargo, bags, passengers and if there are any maintenance activities,” he informed. Mr. Campbell noted that during these processes, the unit produces carbon emissions.He said that in the second scenario, when the aircraft arrives at the gate, it is supplied with power from the public grid through the airport power supply.“It will connect directly to the terminal, and the power is supplied from the grid to the aircraft and also will run air-conditioning units for the aircraft. So the demand of the aircraft will be pretty high at the gate to support boarding and other services,” he said.The Deputy Director General points out that the ‘Solar-at-the-Gate’ power supply facility will replace the two power sources and, therefore, reduce the carbon footprint of the aircraft while at the gate.According to Mr. Campbell, the ICAO has committed to contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, and that Jamaica, through the JCAA, remains united with the global aviation community in the thrust to ensure global environmental sustainability in relation to aviation industry emissions. The project, which is the first of its kind to offer zero carbon dioxide emissions, is expected to provide a model for all ICAO States and, in particular, Small Island Developing States.last_img read more

Guy Turcotte wont appeal earlier decision on parole eligibility lawyer says

first_imgMONTREAL – Guy Turcotte’s lawyer says his client will not pursue a bid to reduce the minimum number of years he must serve in prison for murdering his two young children.Pierre Poupart says Turcotte will not appeal a June 28 decision by Quebec’s Court of Appeal that upheld his parole eligibility.The former cardiologist was found guilty in 2015 of second-degree murder and later sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 17 years.He fatally stabbed his three-year-old daughter Anne-Sophie and five-year-old son Olivier in 2009.He was found not criminally responsible at his first trial and was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Montreal and released in December 2012.An appeals court overturned that verdict and Turcotte had to stand trial again, where he was found guilty.last_img read more

Friend of accused Stampeder shooter grilled by defence at murder trial

first_imgBill Graveland, The Canadian Press CALGARY — A friend of the man accused of killing a Calgary Stampeder player maintained Friday that the alleged shooter confessed to pulling the trigger shortly after shots rang out.  But in a lengthy cross-examination by Nelson Lugela’s defence lawyer, Darwin Concepcion acknowledged he was drunk on the night of the shooting and is still trying to piece together what happened.Lugela is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Canadian Football League player Mylan Hicks at Marquee Beer Market on Sept. 25, 2016.Concepcion testified he was drinking heavily with Lugela and another friend that night.  He said he was outside the bar at closing when he heard a gunshot.“I heard a bang in my left ear. Everybody started running and everybody was panicking. My ears were ringing,” Concepcion told defence lawyer Alain Hepner.“I just turned around and Nelson looks at me and said ‘let’s go’ or something. ‘We gotta go.’ So we all hopped in the vehicle.”Concepcion said it wasn’t until they left the scene that he noticed Lugela was holding a gun in his hand and then said “I hit two shots. I don’t think he’s going to make it.”But Hepner challenged Concepcion, pointing out the man never mentioned that Lugela admitted to shooting Hicks in his original interview with police three days after the shooting.“You didn’t tell the detective this last phrase that you told us yesterday. Am I right?,” asked Hepner.“Yes,” Concepcion responded.“That was three mornings after. What I’m suggesting to you is you only heard the phrase ‘I don’t think he’s going to make it.’ That’s all you heard. Was that true? Is that all you heard? Am I right?“I was drunk,” replied Concepcion.“Sure it was three mornings later, but I’m still trying to piece out the story.”Lugela, 21 has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. Hicks was a member of the Stampeder’s practice roster and court has already heard the team was out celebrating a win when the shooting happened.The shooter and two other young men jumped into an SUV and sped away. Police arrested three people, including Lugela and Conception, about 45 minutes later when they returned to the scene.Follow @BillGraveland on Twitterlast_img read more

Bill Nye – The Science Guy – Introduces Nintendo Labo to Kids

first_imgBill Nye the Science Guy introduces Nintendo Labo to a group of lucky schoolchildren in Toronto on April 20, 2018. Nintendo Labo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences from Nintendo, allowing kids to transform modular sheets of cardboard into interactive creations called Toy-Con – including a piano, a motorcycle, a fishing rod, and a robot. (CNW Group/Nintendo of Canada) LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Facebook Twittercenter_img Login/Register With: Advertisement TORONTO, April 20, 2018 – Bill Nye the Science Guy introduces Nintendo Labo to a group of lucky schoolchildren in Toronto on April 20, 2018. Nintendo Labo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences from Nintendo, allowing kids to transform modular sheets of cardboard into interactive creations called Toy-Con – including a piano, a motorcycle, a fishing rod, and a robot.For additional information regarding Nintendo Labo – Click Herelast_img read more

Three students feared drowned in Ganges

first_imgKolkata: Three students were feared drowned in the river Ganges while they were taking a bath at Kankinara Ghat.Till Thursday night none of them could be traced despite repeated search operations. According to sources, on Thursday afternoon, four students identified as Akash Sau, Sagar Das, Sumit Sharma and Rohit Sau went to Kankinara Ghat to take a bath in the river. At that moment water level of the Ganges was low. All four of them were having a bath near the bank. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaAfter a few minutes all of a sudden the river started getting tidal waves. Seeing high waves coming at them, all four of them tried to reach the bank of the Ganges. But only Rohit succeeded to get to a safe place. Akash, Sagar and Sumit were allegedly drowned in river during high tides. Rohit started crying when he couldn’t find his friends in the river. Seeing him crying local resident came to know about the incident. Immediately, Jagaddal police station was informed. Also, Rohit went back to his home at 20 Pally in Kankinara and informed his friend’s family members. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayLater, Disaster Management Group (DMG) of West Bengal Police was called from Barrackpore.Within an hour DMG personnel started search operations in the river but were not able to trace the three students. Search operations had to be stopped in the evening due to unavailability of sufficient daylight. Other police stations adjacent to the area has been informed to keep a vigil on the banks of the Ganges if any of them could be traced. Sources informed that Rohit is the youngest in the group. He is a student of Kankinara High School and studied in Class-VI. Others were Madhyamik candidates waiting for their results to be published soon.last_img read more

Boundaries of MCC

first_imgWhen Germany was divided, an East Germany citizen one day illegally crossed the border and entered West Germany in anticipation of enjoying greater freedom. Confident of getting freedom, the person swinging his hand stick started wandering in the streets at will. Incidentally, the stick hit the nose of a person who in turn complained in the police station against the East Germany citizen. The issue was taken to court where the Judge questioned him about reasons for hitting the plaintiff. His reply was that he got freedom immediately on entering West Germany and hence rotated the stick freely. The Judge observed that his “freedom starts where others’ nose ends”. This is exactly how the Election Model Code of Conduct (MCC) unfortunately is! No one has any clue where, when and how it begins and then ceases. In an unending and incessant process of Indian Electoral System that goes on for months, the question often asked is how could the democratically elected governments function with MCC? Also Read – Hijacking Bapu’s legacyIn the recent past, several political leaders as well as CMs have raised their eyebrows and objected to the continuance of MCC for long. Their objection is that in the name of MCC, the Election Commission (EC) performs the way it likes. MCC is meant for a limited period beginning with the announcement of schedule till the end of elections but certainly not far beyond that. The Indian electoral process is a long-drawn affair. The result is announced sometimes months after the elections are held. If there are restrictions on the government, CM, his cabinet colleagues and officers about what can be done and what can’t even after the elections are completed then it may be inappropriate. We often see the issuance of notices to CMs and others on alleged violations during electioneering like the one served on Telangana CM. Also Read – The future is here!It may be inappropriate on EC’s part to impose sanctions on the government and CMs for conducting official review meetings, though the elections have already been concluded. For instance, in states like Telangana, AP and Odisha, strict adherence to MCC is not conducive to democratic functioning. Is it necessary for Odisha CM to obtain permission from EC to review relief measures in the context of cyclone Fani? Is he bound by MCC to call for a cabinet meeting? In a democratic setup, it amounts to fault if reviews and cabinet meetings are not held in such a situation. As the election process is over, there is no possibility of influencing the voter and hence it is not wrong to go for routine administrative measures including reviews and cabinet meetings. Given this, the fundamental question is what an elected government can or can’t do until the entire election process is completed. In fact, until the new government is formed after the general elections, the government in office shall be vested with all powers to discharge its responsibilities and constitutional obligations. Nowhere in the Constitution has any mention been made whether an elected government could be restricted on the pretext of MCC. Then why this limitation? In a democratic polity for continuity of good governance, for the welfare of weaker sections and downtrodden, for taking timely decisions, there shall not be any unnecessary limitations. Parliamentary democracy presupposes frequent reviews by the government both at the official level and at CM level irrespective of MCC or not. It should be more of a self-discipline mode rather than imposing type. This was how originally it was conceived way back in 1960 in Kerala state, not by EC but through a consensus among political parties during Assembly Elections in the state. That was later adopted by EC and finally transformed into the present style. It appears that, while the MCC is still in execution, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu decided to convene a Cabinet meeting and the process began with a note from CMO to the Chief Secretary. He seems to have expressed the opinion that, subject to permission from EC, the meeting can take place. Whether it is right on CM’s part to have cabinet meeting while MCC is in operation is the subject of discussion among many IAS officers and others in the state. In normal circumstances, CM has every right to decide on the date and time for a Cabinet meeting and CS has no option as Secretary to Cabinet to convene the same. Contrary to this, his right to have the same while MCC is in operation has become questionable since it requires EC’s prior permission. Will it be appropriate for EC to reject the proposal of CM and CS? An interesting discussion has been going on that the decision of CM to have a cabinet meeting is leading to differences between CM and CS. In fact, it is also equally interesting as to what should be the manner of the relationship between a civil servant and minister or CM in a parliamentary democracy. CM reviewing at different levels with officers is a normal thing and implementation of decisions taken in the reviews is the sole responsibility of civil servant. In policymaking, both the official and non-official share equal responsibility and if only there is a cordial relationship between both, there is every possibility for better governance. The Armstrong Memorandum of Great Britain details the roles, responsibilities and the manner of relationship between a minister and civil servant. India has adopted the parliamentary system of the UK. Civil Servants are accountable to Ministers – democratically elected government. They should be above political considerations. They should gain the confidence of the concerned minister and also the CM. Irrespective of their personal views they should advise the minister or CM as the case may be, and their entire experience shall be, placed at their disposal. Even when they differ, they should extend their advice and allow them to take the final decision which they have to implement. Against this background and in the context of the AP developments, there exists a difference of opinion between the CM and CS at least as reported in a section of the press. CM, instead of sending a routine note through CMO to CS for convening a cabinet meeting would have spoken to him either over the phone or in person. CM should have discussed with CS about the pros and cons of convening cabinet meeting and should have sought his opinion. CM should have solicited CS’s opinion as to how they could overcome the MCC stipulations. Similarly, instead of perseverance in his own style, CS should have met the CM and discussed the issue threadbare and offered his view. Still, there is enough time for these parleys before the cabinet meets if permitted by EC. (The author is Chief PRO to Telangana CM. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Lankans escape detention

Chief of Enforcement officer at the Sub Sukabumi Immigration Office, Irfan Sapar Somantri, said that they did not know how the Sri Lankans and Iranians managed to escape undetected. “We continue to coordinate with the International Organization for Migration or the International Organization for Migration and the Directorate General of Immigration when handling illegal immigrants who are accommodated in Sukabumi, because there are some of those whose relatives died at the scene of a shipwreck,” he added. Berita Satu news reported that there were initially 66 illegal immigrants at the location at Selabintana Road, Falkirk village in Sukabumi District but now there are 60. Three Sri Lankans have escaped from a detention center in Sukabumi, Indonesia.The three Sri Lankans and three Iranians were reported missing when a head count was done on the number of immigrants at the center. read more

Government claims money from MiG deal stored in Hong Kong

However he claims the delay to expedite some cases was as a result of the interference by former Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.Senaratne accused Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe of having secret dealings with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa when Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe was the Justice Minister.He says now that there is a new Justice Minister the cases will be expedited and the permanent address of the Rajapaksa family in 2020 will be Welikada. (Colombo Gazette) The Government claims money allegedly obtained fraudulently by the former regime through the MiG aircraft deal is stored at a bank in Hong Kong.Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said that the former Government purchased a MiG aircraft from Ukraine for USD 7.2 million yet the official documents show the aircraft had been purchased for USD 14.7 million. Speaking at a United National Party election rally in Beruwala today, Senaratne said that slain journalist Lasantha Wickremetunga had exposed details related to the controversial MiG aircraft deal. Senaratne claimed that former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa had taken USD 7.5 million and it was now stored at a bank in Hong Kong. He said that details on the deal were in the hands of the Attorney General.The Health Minister also said that the Government has been urged to expedite the cases related to the family of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. read more

Newfoundland celebrates as Hibernia produces onebillionth barrel of oil

by The Canadian Press Posted Dec 22, 2016 1:01 pm MDT Last Updated Dec 22, 2016 at 1:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Newfoundland and Labrador is celebrating its one-billionth barrel of oil at the Hibernia offshore oil field.Premier Dwight Ball says the province has come a long way since Hibernia began producing oil in November of 1997.The Hibernia Management and Development Company says the life of the project is now projected to last beyond 2040.The province currently has three producing offshore projects and it says the Hebron development is expected to begin oil production late next year.Offshore oil royalties that once provided 30 per cent of provincial revenues have plunged to an estimated seven per cent at $502.1 million. A global supply glut has helped drive prices down from US$115 a barrel since mid-2014.Newfoundland is now bearing the brunt of tax cuts and spending increases approved in fleeting boom times over the last decade. Newfoundland celebrates as Hibernia produces one-billionth barrel of oil read more

Millions of childrens lives at stake as El Niño strengthens UNICEF wakeup

While El Niños are not caused by climate change, scientists believe they are becoming more intense as a result of it. A number of the countries experiencing El Niño are those facing the gravest threat from climate change – many also have high poverty levels.The weather phenomenon, among the strongest on record, is likely to cause more floods and droughts, fuel Pacific typhoons and cyclones and, if it continues strengthening as forecast over the coming months, affect more areas.According to UNICEF, some of the countries most affected by El Niño includeSomalia, where more than 3 million people need support amid crop failures and food shortages; Ethiopia, which experiencing its worst drought in 30 years, has left 8.2 million people food insecure and 350,000 children in need of nutrition support; Peru, where the Government reports an estimated 1.1 million people – including 400,000 children – could be affected; and Ecuador, where authorities believe 1.5 million people are at risk, about half of whom are children. In Indonesia, an exacerbated impact of peat and forest fires has caused 272,000 people to suffer from acute respiratory infections in August and September alone. El Niño threatens to leave more than 4 million people in Pacific nations without food or drinking water, while causing one of the most severe droughts on record Central America, affecting some 3.5 million people in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.El Niño is a climate pattern linked to the warming of surface waters in the Pacific Ocean, which can have a profound effect on weather patterns around the world. El Niño events tend to happen every two to seven years. “Children and their communities need our help to recover from the impact of El Niño and to prepare for the further damage it could unleash,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake a press release .Besides the immediate risks of death and injury, El Niño can lead to significant increases in diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, diarrhoea and cholera – major killers of children. When extreme weather deprives communities of their livelihoods, young children often suffer from undernutrition that puts them at greater risk for illness, delayed mental development and premature death.“The consequences could ripple through generations unless affected communities receive support amid crop failures and lack of access to drinking water that are leaving children malnourished and at risk of killer diseases,” said UNICEF in a new report, A Wake UP Call: El Niño’s Impact on Children.World leaders will head to Paris for the 21st Meeting of States Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, known as COP21, from 30 November to 11 December. The goal is to reach a universal, binding agreement aimed at limiting global warming by cutting greenhouse emissions.Mr. Lake underscored that the intensity and potential destructiveness of El Niño “should be a wake-up call” as world leaders gather in Paris. “As they debate an agreement on limiting global warming, they should recall that the future of today’s children and of planet they will inherit is at stake.” read more

Ten things we learned from the David Beckham email leaks

first_imgCyber criminals are believed to have used Russian servers to access messages and documents from the computer system of the agency which runs David Beckham’s publicity.Leaked emails between Mr Beckham and his publicist Mr Oliveira suggested his attempts to use his charity work were part of a campaign for a knighthood.Here are 10 things we learned from the email leaks:Hackers believed to be using Russian servers accessed millions of messages and documents from the computer system of the PR agency that looks after David Beckham’s publicity. Mr Beckham’s business team refused to cooperate with the blackmailers’ demands for £1 million to avoid an email leak and called the police early last year.The leaked emails between Mr Beckham and his publicist Mr Oliveira suggested his attempts to use his charity work were part of a campaign for a knighthood. In one message the 41-year-old former England captain branded the Honours Committee “unappreciative c***s” after missing out on a knighthood in 2013 and dismissed lesser awards, ranting: “Unless it’s a knighthood f*** off”.Mr Beckham’s team say the emails had been doctored and others had been taken out of context.The blackmailer went by the fake name Artem Lovuzov, and told Doyen Sports, part of Mr Oliveira’s firm Doyen Global, chief executive Neilo Lucas: “A generous donation, and you can be sure that all the information I possess will be destroyed.” A source told the Daily Mirror the blackmailers made an approach by email and attempted to meet via another third party.Several prominent companies are thought to have been targeted during the cyber attack. The hackers are understood to have targeted a number of businesses connected to the football world.In one email Beckham appears to object to singer Katherine Jenkins being given an OBE. The email to Mr Oliveira states: “Katherine Jenkins OBE for what? Singing at the rugby and going to see the troops, plus admitting to taking coke … F***ing joke and if you get asked we should think of a cutting remark.”Katherine Jenkins hit back at Beckham over his criticism of her in the leaked emails.Mr Beckham also allegedly put off leading a group of 100 youngsters on behalf of Unicef on a visit to Downing Street amid fears of losing a tax perk. Unicef, the charity which Mr Beckham has worked closely with, came to the star’s defence. Although it would not comment on the veracity of the emails because it had not seen the originals, it described Beckham “as generously giving his time, energy and support to help raise awareness and funds for Unicef’s work for children”. Following the news, John Pugh, a Liberal Democrat MP who sits on the public accounts committee, said they should not create a “bend it for Beckham” rule. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Hexagon opens new mining HQ in Tucson Arizona

first_imgHexagon‘s Mining division has opened its new North American headquarters in the emerging technology hub of downtown Tucson, Arizona. The move from the city’s outskirts to the newly built and designed Hexagon building at City Park, 40 East Congress Street, heralds a new era for the company.“Not only does it solidify plans to add 120 jobs over the next five years, it thrusts the company into a thriving, pedestrian-friendly city centre. Bike paths, the street car, hotels and recreation are all steps away. The five-storey building is both contemporary and sleek, including open floor plans, a rooftop patio, restaurants, and coffee shop. Wi-Fi and digital signage feature throughout Hexagon‘s top three floors, which comprise private offices, workspace banks, communal areas to meet and brainstorm, a 400-person auditorium and sound-proof rooms for solo work.”“Hexagon brings the digital mine to visitors in its fifth-floor Experience Center, an interactive showcase of life-of-mine solutions. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and truck cabin simulation are just some of the Center’s features, which employ hands-on hardware and software to fully immerse visitors into the modern operation. The space includes a training center and event facility with full broadcast capabilities.”“Downtown Tucson is the ideal location for a North American headquarters of a global technology company,“ said Mining division President, Josh Weiss. “It’s highly attractive for millennial talent from universities and abroad. Better yet, as a training center for customers, this location allows us to fully expose the rich possibilities of a smarter, safer, fully connected mine.“Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, lauded Hexagon’s move: “Bringing a tech company headquarters to a new downtown building is a double win for Tucson,” said Rothschild. “Hexagon will be part of Tucson’s emerging downtown technology hub.”The move downtown coincides with the Mining division’s opening of a new state of the art production and research facility near Tucson Airport. The facility will enable Hexagon to expand production capacity, improve product quality and enhance research capabilities.last_img read more

One of the most crucial air routes in the world cuts through

first_img SpaceX is trying to buy a hamlet inside its Texas rocket-launch site because it ‘did not anticipate’ there’d be any ‘significant disruption’ to residents who live there MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 17 was shot down over the volatile region of Ukraine where government forces have been battling pro-Russian separatists.Ukrainian officials have said the plane was hit by the separatists, raising the possibility commercial aircrafts flying through the area could be vulnerable to potential ground-to-air attacks.Even more worrying is that the planned path that brought MH17 near the disputed region, known as airway L980, is one of the most popular and most congested air routes in the world.L980 is a key link between major international hubs in Europe, such as London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol, and Frankfurt, and Asian megacities, like Singapore, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. The airspace over Ukraine is traveled by virtually every commercial flight from Western Europe to south Asia.Significant effectBecause of this, the crash could have a significant effect on commercial air travel with hundreds of flights expected to be affected by this incident.For example, at just one hub, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, which was the origination point of MH17, there are dozens of flights either en route or scheduled to take L980 in the next 24 hours.East Ukraine airspace has been closed until further notice.In April, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared the troubled Crimean peninsula, which is south of the crash site, a virtual no-fly zone for US air carriers and pilots.A similar no-fly order for European airlines was issued, also in April, by the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, or Eurocontrol.Yesterday, an executive at the flight tracking website FlightAware said: “We’re seeing many airlines … transiting Ukrainian airspace, but all north or west of the FAA/Eurocontrol prohibited zone.But according to a UK Civil Aviation Authority spokesman, “Eurocontrol has issued advice to airlines to plan routes that avoid the area” where the Malaysian jet crashed.- Benjamin Zhang, additional reporting by AFPRead: East Ukraine airspace has been closed until further notice > The US is building a case against Iran in the attacks on Saudi Arabia, but Trump is in no rush to act 16-year-old Greta Thunberg met with Obama and chided senators, saying they’re not trying hard enough to fight climate change center_img A car plowed through the main hall of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York Source: Flightaware last_img read more

Islamic State group defeated in Syria by Syrian Democratic Forces

first_img Share269 Tweet Email 12,209 Views Short URL THE ISLAMIC STATE group has been defeated in Syria, American-backed forces declared today. Kurdish-led forces announced the end of Islamic State’s nearly five-year-old “caliphate” after forcing “diehard” jihadists from their last stronghold in Eastern Syria.“Syrian Democratic Forces declare total elimination of [the] so-called caliphate and 100% territorial defeat of ISIS,” spokesman Mustefa Bali said in a statement.Bali said the SDF had taken full control of Baghouz, a small village on the Euphrates where diehard jihadists made a last stand. At its height, the Islamic State group ruled a third of both Syria and Iraq, holding millions of people hostage to violent interpretations of Islamic law.The group carried out large-scale massacres. During a rampage through Iraq’s Sinjar region in 2014, it captured thousands of women and girls from the Yazidi religious minority and forced them into sexual slavery. Many remain missing today. The group also used its caliphate as a launchpad for attacks around the globe – including the 2015 assaults in Paris that killed more than 130 people.Fighters from the US-backed Kurdish-Arab alliance raised their yellow flag in Baghouz early today to celebrate the landmark victory. SDF fighters fire on IS militant positions in Baghouz. Image: Maya Alleruzzo/PA Images. 38 Comments Islamic State group defeated in Syria by Syrian Democratic Forces Fighters from the US-backed Kurdish-Arab alliance raised their yellow flag in Baghouz early today.center_img Mar 23rd 2019, 7:33 AM SDF fighters fire on IS militant positions in Baghouz. Image: Maya Alleruzzo/PA Images. Saturday 23 Mar 2019, 7:33 AM By AFP Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

When the going gets tough

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram I know some readers breathed easy after the Reserve Bank decided to hold steady on interest rates this week. But have a look at the fine print, and you see that our central bank’s governor Glenn Stevens is expecting some interesting times for the economy over the coming 18 months.“Growth through 2011 is now unlikely to be as strong as earlier forecast. Over the medium term, overall growth is still likely to be at trend or higher, if the world economy grows as expected,” it states. In other words, the economy is in trouble for the second half of 2011, strengthening with growth again in 2012. The good news is that a weaker than expected 2011 could mean interest rates remaining steady, or it could mean a cut of a quarter or a half per cent. Where is this fear coming from? Have a look at the research from CommSec during last week, in which house and employment data is picked apart. House lending was at its lowest in 34 years and in May, house prices had fallen for five consecutive months. House prices in May were 2.3 per cent lower than they were the year before. Perth was down by 7.5 per cent and average house prices in Brisbane had dropped 5.9 per cent in the year to May. Most businesses in this country are ‘mum and dad’ firms whose business finance rides on the family home. These people are our biggest employers, so we shouldn’t be surprised that job vacancies fell 4.5 per cent in the three months to May; Victoria’s job vacancies dropped 14.5 per cent and Western Australia’s by 11.1 per cent. What does it mean? It should mean that interest rates drop before Christmas, before the economy takes off again in 2012 and interest rates have to rise to control inflation. But we’ve been seeing this two-speed economy where retail and house prices are flat while interest rates go up. So I wouldn’t place bets on interest rates: with the miners still enjoying record prices and massive orders, this sector alone might be able to keep inflation pumping. And if it does, a hold on interest rates is the best we can expect. My biggest tip right now is to get expert advice: Should you refinance? Fixed or variable? Buy property now, or wait a few months for a flat economy and weak employment to flush out some bargains? There’s a lot of barbecue experts doing the rounds right now. Avoid them – get expert advice and make a plan. Mark Bouris is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, a financial services company offering home loans, financial planning, accounting & tax and insurance. Email Mark on with any queries you may have or check for your nearest branch.last_img read more

Newly arrived Greek migrants come together

first_imgLast weekend was certainly a defining moment for Greek newcomers in Melbourne and Adelaide who, due to the ongoing financial crisis in Greece, have left their homes and migrated to Australia to seek a better future and opportunities for themselves and their families. Even with busy personal schedules, many of them attended one of the two state meetings and shared their migration stories and experiences collected along the way. “There was about 200 of us and we all met at the Cretan Brotherhood in Brunswick,” says newcomer Petros Gyftopoulos who arrived in Melbourne in September 2013 and has since founded the group ‘ΕΝΑ – Έλληνες Νεομετανάστες Αυστραλίας 2010+’ with the purpose of bringing together as many new Greek migrants as possible and creating a community which will assist members of the group to have a smooth transition into Australia.“It was a very pleasant afternoon and we ended up spending over five hours talking, sharing experiences, and exchanging valuable ideas and information,” says Petros who is due to travel to Sydney tomorrow to attend the newcomers’ meeting there this weekend.“The date of our next meeting in Melbourne is yet to be finalised and it is something I will look into upon my return from Sydney,” explains Gyftopoulos who never envisaged that in such short time his initiative would attract 1200 members on Facebook. “The group we have created stays clear of negative comments and political views and I am adamant about that,” explains Gyftopoulos who admits that there have been occasions where he has had to remove members from the ENA group, mainly because their values and opinions weren’t in accordance with the rules and spirit of the ENA cause. “We want to help in any way we can, whether this translates into assisting people with their resumes, organising English tutoring, or just getting to know one another and creating valuable relationships and friendships amongst us. “Most newcomers are young educated people that need our help to take the next step in a foreign country like Australia. By the looks of it, our idea seems to be working if one takes into consideration the overwhelming response and feedback we have been receiving from our members. “Our main focus is to connect those Greek migrants that arrived in Australia after 2010 and spread hope and positive vibes on a not-for-profit basis,” concludes Gyftopoulos. Sofie Dimitrakopoulou with ENA members at the newcomers’ meeting in Adelaide.At the same time, Sofie Dimitrakopoulou from Adelaide was nonetheless incredibly happy with the outcome of the first-ever meeting held for the Greek newcomers last Saturday 10 June at the Hellenic Macedonian Cultural Centre. “I arrived in Adelaide almost a year and a half ago and after getting in touch with Petros, we decided that it was time to set up a newcomers’ group in Adelaide: ‘ENA Αδελαΐδα – Έλληνες Νεομετανάστες 2010’ currently has 88 members and offers assistance and guidance to everyone who needs it,” says Sofie.“I was incredibly moved by everyone’s positive responses and feedback which encourages me to keep going in order to bring together and connect our own people. “My goal is to provide a platform where we all get to know each other and feel like we belong somewhere,” adds 29-year-old Sofie who was born in Australia and then moved to Greece with her family. “I have lived in Greece the majority of my life and – although I also love Australia – I feel that it is important for us newcomers to do everything in our power to form our own little community and get to know and support each other along the way. This will then help us maintain our ‘Greekness’ for as long as possible,” explains Sofie who has already scheduled the group’s new get-together which will be held next month. “Although the finer details have yet to be finalised, I am hoping to put together another event like this next month so that even more people can come and share their migration story. “I would also like to thank everyone that took time out of their busy days to come and share with us their story, their dreams and hopes, their fears and their love for our home country,” says Sofie who believes that the first step towards her dream has now been accomplished. “We did it. We all brought Greece to Australia and we couldn’t be happier about that.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Les dunes de sable sur Mars sont mouvantes

first_imgLes dunes de sable sur Mars sont mouvantesLa partie nord de la planète Mars possède de très vastes dunes de sable. De nouvelles images de la sonde MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) montrent qu’elles sont mouvantes.Les dunes de sable situées au nord de la planète rouge sont aussi grandes que l’Etat américain du Texas. Contrairement à ce qui avait pu être observé jusqu’ici, ces dunes se sont révélées être mouvantes, indique la revue Science.À lire aussiRéchauffement climatique : les émissions de CO2 connaissent leur plus forte hausse en 7 ansC’est grâce à la caméra Hirise (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) embarquée dans la sonde MRO que cette découverte a pu se faire. L’étude qui dure depuis quatre ans (l’équivalent de deux ans martiens) a permis d’observer la fonte saisonnière des glaces de CO2 et des vent violents (composés à 97% de dioxyde de carbone) qui sont à l’origine de ce phénomène, rapporte le site Romandie.En effet, situées à proximité de la zone arctique de la planète, les dunes de sable sont recouvertes de la glace de CO2 qui apparaît en hiver. Lorsque celle-ci fond et retourne à l’état gazeux, le gaz “déstabilise le sable des dunes de Mars, provoquant des avalanches de sable qui créent de nouveaux ravins et plateaux”, explique une scientifique.Celle-ci conclut : “Le niveau d’érosion en seulement une année martienne a été vraiment étonnant avec à certains endroits des centaines de mètres cube de sable qui sont descendus en avalanche des dunes”.Le 4 février 2011 à 11:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Talinding Farokono Residents Concerned About Construction Blockage Of Waterways

first_imgBy Saikou Suwareh Jabai / Nelson MannehResidents of Talinding Farokono during the weekend, expressed serious concern on the construction of new sites along the beach and water ways. The residents fear that if new compounds are built to obstruct waterways, serious flooding can happen during rainy season.Speaking to Foroyaa, Bakary Ceesay, a resident of the area said the allocation of these lands to people for construction of residences, is a bad move and will only add to the monumental environmental challenges the areas faces. Fatou Gassama, another resident said that it is a nightmare to live around these areas during the rainy season.“This is like adding salt to injury. The area is already prone to heavy flooding and if new sites are constructed, it will only worsen the situation. Something needs to be done about this,” she complained.Alagie Manjang, a social worker, said he was surprised to learn about these activities. He joined other residents to call on the authorities to do something about it before it gets out of hand.Resident at the said area where advised by Government to vacate amid fear over mass floods during the rainy season.When contacted, the Alkalo of Tallinding Alagie Ebou Badjie, said he is not aware of any new construction taking place in the area; that he has been sick for 6 years and as a result, he did not go to the place for a long time now; that no one has ever informed him about the issue.last_img read more

Childish Gambino Rae Sremmurd To Head Out On Tour

first_imgThe GRAMMY winner will head out with the hip-hop duo on a 13-date arena tour in support of ‘”Awaken, My Love!”‘ Renée FabianGRAMMYs Mar 5, 2018 – 11:14 am While Childish Gambino is set to retire his alter ego after his upcoming fourth studio album, there’s still time to catch him in the act. The GRAMMY winner has announced an arena tour in support of his 2016 Album Of The Year-nominated LP, “Awaken, My Love!” with guest artists Rae Sremmurd.The 13-date North American trek will take Gambino through cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Houston, Philadelphia, and more. He’ll kick off the tour on Sept. 6 in Atlanta, concluding Sept. 30 in Vancouver. Twitter News Childish Gambino, Rae Sremmurd To Head Out On Tour Email center_img Childish Gambino, Rae Sremmurd Announce Joint Tour childish-gambino-rae-sremmurd-head-out-tour Facebook childish gambino 2018 tour. pre-sale tuesday. general onsale friday.— donald (@donaldglover) March 5, 2018Gambino recently earned his first career GRAMMY win at the 60th GRAMMY Awards for Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Redbone.” He also made his GRAMMY stage debut with a performance of “Terrified” with child actor JD McCrary.Hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd comprises brothers Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee. Their sophomore album, 2016’s SremmLife 2, spawned the No. 1 single “Black Beatles.”Ticket presales for the tour begin March 6.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”last_img read more

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