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The highest level of forest fire warning sounded

red is the highest level of forest fire warning signal. March 2nd 10, the Qinghai Provincial Office of forest fire prevention and the Qinghai meteorological station jointly change the forest fire warning orange warning signal for forest fire red. Xining, Haidong, Haixi, rambling, Hainan, Huangnan region has 30 consecutive days appeared more than 5 forest fire weather rating, extremely dangerous, caused by the possibility of forest fire is very large. At present, Xining has launched emergency plans, forest fire departments at all levels to enter a high alert.

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The province’s ecological environment of the state’s key ecological function of the county environme

7 late last month, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau China environmental monitoring station invited relevant experts verification group, national key ecological function areas of ecological environment quality assessment on-site verification of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Xining City, Ledu City, East Sea area and Haidong residents and Hui and Tu Autonomous county.

The verification of

group to 3 counties (districts) and the problems of the government informed the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of Finance on the 2015 annual national key ecological function areas of ecological environmental quality assessment results, the common problems of the 3 counties is the natural economic and social situation of reporting is not complete, environmental quality monitoring data of the missing part and the monitoring frequency does not meet the requirements, the construction of farmland, woodland and grassland, wetland area, the land and unused land area and the county area is inconsistent, and lack of information causes, changes in environmental quality County centralized disposal facility acceptance materials sewage treatment facilities and garbage etc.. read more

Do not Xianpinaifu shop

in our daily life often encounter such a person, really is "snobbish", with a very obvious. However, a man like this, the big side of the rest are relatively wealthy friends. To do business or so, is justified. So, the shop to do business really can not xianpinaifu.

not long ago, and friends go shopping, see the street corner there is a bright and spacious tea cigarette and liquor vendor of goods neatly, friends to enter buying two cigarettes. Initiative to inform the cigarette to buy, the boss casually responded to a sentence, "Oh, there are". Then, slowly to the shelf and smoke. And the boss is probably in a mood, he whispered about tidying up the counter boss, to put the cigarette into the side of the container, waiting for money. Seeing this, the friend shrugged makes a helpless expression to me. read more

The Arleigh ketchup face brand development process

, tomato, to tell the truth as southerners Xiaobian I was the first time I heard that, at first glance is a foreign brand that is China pasta, Zhengzhou unique pasta brand, are small with very limited knowledge and scanty information I. So let us work together to learn more about Ali ketchup face brand development process.

, tomato brand was born in 2005, the first home is located in the east of Denis Ali ketchup face department. At the same time also marks the birth of the Zhengzhou tomato industry, beginning with the occupation of Zhengzhou and Zhengzhou noodle pasta market. After 2006-2008 years, the urban development of Zhengzhou, Rice noodles shop 3, shop 12, ketchup face. In April 28, 2008, the flagship store opened in Dehua. So far, more than 50 brands bloom in Zhengzhou business district, more than 60 national franchise stores. The formation of the Central Plains fast food chain. read more

Small business coup to save money

small business, the most important thing is to learn how to save money, so that it can ensure the success of the group, the following Xiaobian to introduce several businesses save more money.

group traveling is also one of the coup, reunion travel was so happy thing, if someone has daoyouzheng can fill more than 15 people out of the team. Enjoy a lower discount on the ticket, but also can save students at least 20% of the cost of tickets, the "wholesale" brand is very attractive. The premise of

assembled computers and computer is completely is the difference between the brand sacrifice for comfort. At the same time, the high price of the brand computer provides the "fool service", the computer can be sent to the home for routine operation, especially for children read more

What are the conditions for joining Tiemuzhen barbecue

is a brand Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet barbecue grill house break the normal procedure management mode, to consumers on the tall dining environment, selected high quality ingredients and ingredients, only for consumers to create the most comfortable dining experience, to join the Tiemuzhen barbecue, first to find out what are the conditions for joining.

is what

Tiemuzhen barbecue franchise

Tiemuzhen join conditions as follows:

1. identity "Tiemuzhen barbecue" corporate culture, business philosophy, business model and service system, and jointly safeguard the "Tiemuzhen barbecue" quality brand image, accept the headquarters of the unified management; read more

How to attract customers in the chain catering business

a lot of investment franchisees in the choice of food and beverage projects, will consider the consumption objectives? So are you going to do or are already doing a chain of food and beverage items you, whether it is worth how to attract customers? First of all, need to give their products to locate, and then from the opening to the business to do every detail, how to open a chain restaurant brand is the most important to attract customers. Now look at the chain of food and beverage brands to make money five principles. read more

A good project to get rich at home

can also get rich at home, at home can do business, at home can really make money! Many people do not believe that homes will be able to profit, in fact, as long as you are good at innovation, good at home, really can get rich, the following small for you to take a few rich in good project!

Good project

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Two guy did not succeed in the market survey goose can not sell

in the current success of numerous cases of publicity, you also have unlimited expectations of entrepreneurship? However, if you want to really succeed in business, you still need to do market research. There are a lot of young people in rural areas are thinking of working in the city, but the two of them to give up the city’s good treatment, a stick like back to the countryside to engage in farming.

Cai, Tang Gongqiang Zaoliang for two young people, most of the villagers do not understand. Cai Zaoliang’s parents also very puzzled: hard for a child to college, is that he has a bright future in the future, and he had to give up a good job in the city, back to rural entrepreneurs engaged in farming. read more

If Baidu is McDonald’s, what is Hi

when I was out of town, I called my nephew and asked him what he wanted. I haven’t been to McDonald’s, in order to have his long cherished wish I take him. In the meantime, I told him a lot of junk food, and my nephew didn’t listen. It took me an hour to get a package, and my nephew had forgotten to eat at the casino. I paid for it and got a free toy. I was very surprised to say that western fast food is not good, why so many people. The following is my opinion:

McDonald’s success in China: read more

I do a few points to promote the industry station

here to most of the webmaster, I think we all know that it is not difficult to do a website, it is difficult to promote the site. I have to talk about my experience of website promotion today.

first take the industry station, I think the promotion can be carried out from the following three aspects:

a. Mass mail. This method is already someone doing it at the beginning, the effect is obvious, but now because we are bombarded many users have formed immunity, has no effect before the substantial. But I think that in our brains, or can be used as the. We can first analyze why people now no longer click on the URL of the e-mail I think this is mainly because we did not choose the 1 target customers. 2 we do not give the target customers to provide useful things for them. First of all we should first select our potential customers, such as someone is a log network, then we can go to the wood sites for our potential customers by e-mail address, then put him down as a collector for collection, sending e-mail address. The second step we need to edit the useful information to potential customers, the industry website we can extract the quotes from the site or supply and demand information as the content of the message, sent to potential customers. Hair may not be able to get a very good effect, then we can insist on hair, every day to send them the price quotes. For a long time, they will naturally find the value of our website, thus changing the natural flow of the site. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast YAHOO a year 19 acquisitions in Shanghai and a disinformation case 380

1.Google’s "20% innovation time" policy has been in

‘s so-called "20% innovation time" refers to the Google allows employees to work out a day of work each week, to do their own work outside of the project. An unnamed former Google engineer to Quartz website revealed that the policy has been in. The news was also mentioned on the Quora.

for many Google employees, from the daily work time to do independent projects have been too difficult. In the end what happened, so that the Google had let other companies to emulate the famous policy changes? read more

The boiling point of Internet Marketing

      along with aQuantive to $6 billion acquisition of Microsoft news once again to refresh the record DOUBLE-CLICK was GOOGLE huge acquisitions, network marketing has once again become a hot industry! This at least shows the following:

1, the use of the Internet more urgent demand for profit.

2, the Internet can have a lot of potential profit space.

3, acquisition, for giant companies, is to obtain experience, channels, teams, etc. the fastest way to save the province, but also the company’s mutual confrontation, the inevitable result of market share. read more

Hilary to buy the domain name 2012.Com Hilary after 4 years to comeback

according to U.S. insiders revealed that Hilary is plotting a comeback in 2012, again running for president of the United states.

According to

reports, "the White House said to his battles" determination, Hilary has been in June 8th to buy the domain name "Hilary 2012.Com" (HRC2012.Com, HRC is short for Hilary).

U.S. media speculated that the purchase of the domain name "Hilary 2012.Com" may be a company for the work of the Markham group of the company of the. Buy the domain name "Hilary 2012.Com" has a double meaning, one is that 4 years after the election of the president of New York ready to run for re-election in the state of, another meaning is once again to the White House sprint. read more

Short term appreciation of the limited space Chinese registered domain name may be dismal

January 13th, the first Hercynian Chinese domain name auction will fall in Fuzhou. Nearly a hundred domain name investors to carry 341 Chinese domain names to participate in the desire to be able to auction more gold. However, the results of the auction but let the enthusiasm of investors fell to the valley.

7% of the auction rate

is just beyond all expectations, activities began to hit the ice. "Clothing city", "channel" and "commercial housing" 3 Chinese domain name, although the auctioneer has many quotations, but No one shows any interest in. This embarrassing scene until the domain name three square Lane seven cited only to ease. Perhaps the culture is relatively strong, the domain name is just a name, won the great interest of bidders, the auction site for a round of 16. Finally, from Macao buyers with a starting price of 5000 yuan price (closing price of 8000 yuan) won the competition domain. Domain name investors Sun Zhuping has become the only laugh at the auction last investor.

Compared with

because the field is too bleak atmosphere, this auction only lasted more than 1 hours hastily, results only 25 domain name auction success, trading volume is only about 7%.

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Taobao double 12 gameplay exposure to double than 11 also cheap


] November 18th news billion state power network, double 11 after the double 12 is coming. Alibaba has announced this year’s 12 double specific gameplay. The 1212 universal Festival, Taobao has added the number of settings, and from the external, internal and wireless three aspects for huge traffic, the play is also the pursuit of a more simple and practical.

continues the full range of horse racing

According to

billion state power network to understand, this year 12, a total of 153 PC end is arranged the venue, including 1 main venue, 22 venues, 130 industry venue. Comparison of 11 sets of the venue, the total field increased by 58, the industry sector increased by more than 2, the industry sub venue increased by more than 56, showing a strong intensity of two of the 12. read more

Alibaba reported B2B e-commerce market continues to improve

Abstract: B2B is a leading global e-commerce company — Alibaba limited company of network 6 announced the first quarter earnings growth in the 19% quarter of Alibaba company revenue, according to the B2B e-commerce market under the background of international financial crisis continues to improve. B2B is a leading global e-commerce company — Alibaba limited company of network 6 announced the first quarter earnings growth in the 19% quarter of Alibaba company revenue, according to the B2B e-commerce market under the background of international financial crisis continues to improve. read more

Jingdong announced the 6.18 Lao special buy raiders! Climax

today is the twelfth anniversary of the Jingdong, "618" promotion has entered the climax stage last – Lao special has been extended from June 17th to June 20th.

promotion this year continues the theme of "PARTY ON" last year, bringing the six themes of "global direct supply, intelligent life, financial networks, mobile social networking, popular entertainment and convenient" Carnival Party for users to create a shopping, social networking and entertainment in one of the carnival shopping festival. read more