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Shanghai huosu Network Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai huosu) is a well-known high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, Shanghai is the largest and strongest network application service providers, the core strategy in East China is 3721, NetEase, Sohu, Sina and other leading IT business partners. Shanghai huosu adhering to the "rapid response, quick action" style, leading to the network application technology service enterprise customers, become the domestic famous brand manufacturers IT service. At present, Shanghai rushed more than and 300 employees, more than 1 thousand agents. read more

To want to join the electricity supplier entrepreneurs who advice

I myself is a 90, after graduating from college has more than 3 years, after graduation in the supermarket for a few months time. Later because of the Internet industry enthusiasm and resolutely to join IT ranks among the migrant workers, because I do not have what experience so in time to start looking for work in this area is around the wall. Until there is a small electricity supplier companies in the recruitment of new people, I have a sincere attitude to win the opportunity. The boss of this company is a southerner, the company is in a remote area far away from the center of the city. In general, small and medium-sized network companies such as this will choose the mode of home office, mainly in order to save the cost of the boss has both the company has a place to live. The structure of the company is also very simple, nothing more than a 1~2 customer service personnel responsible for consulting, a website for website construction and website maintenance program, an artist responsible for web page design and website, a number of network promotion in charge of network of products for free promotion I was one of them. In this company for more than half of the time, I became familiar with some of the mode of operation of such electricity supplier companies, have their own idea of entrepreneurship but when their own or lack of experience, coupled with the time is not mature so no action. read more

.Asia domain name into the GoLive public registration period

on the afternoon of March 26th,.Asia top-level domain name of the sponsoring organization and registration management unit DotAsia held a press conference in Beijing, officially announced the.Asia domain name began to enter the GoLive public registration period. Vice President Joe DotAsia Jing, deputy general manager of international cooperation and Minister of Propaganda Department China Internet association Li Hong, vice president of China million net anchor, 35 Internet Week Beijing company Hong Dongsheng, Zun master Wang Quanfeng, renamed Chinese m network, new network Yang Yucong Liu Chao attended the conference. read more

Traditional enterprise e-commerce direct marketing model

when the traditional sales model in contemporary progressive evolution of consumer centric marketing mode, when human become a new type of commodity sales and service channel, when the Internet e-commerce platform support is booming, in twenty-first Century Chinese commodity economy appeared a new task: to interpersonal marketing based on for Internet transactions, payment platform, electronic commerce as the tool system of "network marketing" placed in front of us.

network direct sales in the network, there are two meanings: first, refers to the Internet, two refers to the interpersonal network. Network marketing refers to the use of the Internet and the sale of goods network marketing activities. The main form of the Internet economy is e-commerce, in other words, e-commerce is the external performance of the Internet economy and substantive behavior. In the direct sales network, products from the source to the enterprise to purchase goods distribution enterprises and dealers to consumers throughout the whole process of commodity production, procurement, logistics, distribution, marketing, consumption, payment link. Therefore, we can define the network direct marketing: direct marketing model based on e-commerce marketing model. This is the essential definition of network direct selling. Through the network marketing and e-commerce marketing model is the relationship between life style, name, and practical way, mode. read more

Who gave O2O put on the emperor of the new clothes

entered in 2014, the word O2O seems to have penetrated into all walks of life. Let’s take a closer look at Qingfeng baozi news reports on various cases and mechanically emerge in an endless stream of ridicule. Even some marketing company, just a gimmick words into their own operation case, as far as the reality of the situation, I believe that people know.

has a few chat with friends, I feel very interesting. Interesting is, what is O2O? If not the electricity supplier will not be very clear. So, today we first look at, what is O2O, use Baidu Search: O2O, the full name of Online To Offline, also known as e-commerce online and offline, B2C, B2B, C2C and other electronic business model is different from the traditional. O2O is the online consumer to the reality of the store to go: online payment line of goods, services, and then go to the line to enjoy the service. By discount (buy, such as GroupOn), to provide information, services, etc., to push the message to the Internet users online stores, which will be converted to their own line of customers. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. read more

Don’t be deceived by the revenue Suning first half of the data you missed estimates

news September 1st, Su ningyun released the first half of 2016 report, a major media for its $68 billion 715 million revenue and 121 million losses reported. But Su Ningyun’s earnings billion state power network combing found that first half net profit of Su ningyun (the main business attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses) amounted to 690 million yuan, compared with last year, the main business of 749 million net losses, loss rate reduced by 7.89%. read more

Entrepreneurship, inspiration + perseverance crystallization

when the addition principle of the law of genius is widely accepted, many things are defined by the addition rule. While the business can not escape this number. So, what is the entrepreneurial and what kind of equation? Naturally, in my own entrepreneurial experience, I summed up such an equation, entrepreneurship =60% inspiration +40% perseverance.

inspiration: a lot of people will think that entrepreneurial success depends on opportunities. However, from the beginning of my business, summed up the inspiration is the most important, and the opportunity is only part of the inspiration. The main reasons are as follows: three. read more

85 after the beauty of his spare time to open shop earning 50 thousand off their wealth or inspirati

85 after the beauty off their wealth or inspirational

after a 85 foreign white-collar workers, some use of spare time, Taobao opened a toy shop, now a monthly income of 50 thousand, bought two luxury cars. A good photographer took the picture down onto the Internet with the beauty of tushuo, attracted hot friends: what is the shopping website to fry as its own propaganda, or really worth learning after the 85 generation of


stunning beauty shop online show

29 reporters in the CCTV forum found this is similar to the comic post. The landlord "Sun Stone" claimed to be a photographer, because of the need for regular interviews with the entrepreneurial dream, the girl’s ordinary looking, but she passed his struggle has two cars, a Audi accord, her low-key self-confident and lovely. read more

Miracle secret gray auction, reverse bidding project

yesterday to buy a project before a friend to find me, told me he wanted to buy a so-called gray auction, reverse bidding project, to help me see. The launch of the project and the project sales page here I will not disclose, to avoid unnecessary trouble. We later see a similar concept of the project to know this model can be.

first of all, I give you to explain what is the so-called reverse auction or gray bid? In fact, we are usually talking about all the people earn. Visitors to help promote the site through the promise of some benefits to visitors. We can make any search under the national people can learn about the content. This is not a bad idea, but there is a very attractive point set, enough to allow users to help you to promote. The real price is only through search engine advertising, it is called bidding. In order not to consider the premise of the promotion of direct money to buy traffic. If you really have any gray bidding or reverse bidding can achieve the effect of Baidu, GG auction, then these do not master the auction will be tens of millions of advertising. The people will think about it. I didn’t see the attraction of the project, but he was sure to exaggerate the effect of the publicity in the material. In fact, all the people are making the most difficult to operate a network promotion means. read more

Internet venture the closed loop or open

first network enterprise competition, is dependent on a single product, such as instant messaging service with the Tencent, to provide advertising services for small and medium-sized enterprises of Baidu, and communication both Alibaba, or do the game and game agency of the NetEase, such as. Today’s network bigwigs are made from a good product development, but when they become big brother, the expansion rate began to accelerate. In particular, apple, Samsung demonstration effect, one day they suddenly became aware of: they already have enough of all kinds of products and the strength, they can make a closed loop. As a result, we have seen a closed loop system, Ali department, Tencent, Baidu, 360 series. From the forefront of marketing to the final payment, each is trying to create a closed loop. read more

Sogou alliance, I take what to love you!

      and Sogou cooperation for a long time, look at my website now mostly other advertising, but Sogou advertising still occupies an important position, a position of the content page under the title. But today I looked at the background, can not help but think: Sogou, I take what to love you!
      and do not say Sogou advertising alliance business from Sohu to Sogou, I personally think is a mistake, but think that is of great benefit to improve Sogou, it can improve his ranking of the most homogeneous and let many webmaster remember Sogou name. And our website is the main value of money, and this is a very common thing. But now, a month can have 8-15 of remittances, I am depressed Sogou how so much money also to engage in remittances. I’ve been collecting it for two months. Can I bring afraid only so much, think about a month ago, there are 200-400, I still have a little, and now how so few?
        Sogou: a talk about the advertising content today is here, generous, because I saw this several days of advertising revenue was only 0.02, a look at the website advertising is mostly Sogou Sogou input method   image search, search dog products. All yes! It’s not good to get the code again. The launch of the Google and Yahoo is much richer. I do not know how the contents of the search now so little? Before most or sexual content now (but also engage in a filtering illegal advertising content, feeling… A normal website.. otherwise there are what men did not root what… Things), now those who are not, is advertising? Promotion push software you, you let me how to push open, Kaba, Jiangmin, rising, I know all the police, who would dare to use?
two or about their income, although the website is not too high, but also more specialized are engaged in education, advertising revenue of Google a day on average in the $2-3 Yahoo in the 6-12 yuan, while Sogou didn’t their change so much!
Sogou is not to think of a way. The 163 was not done, the search was not done, the next is Sogou read more

Wei Wu swing Mobile Internet users or customers first

who said that the mobile Internet business model it is because they do things away from the money.

"entrepreneurship" magazine article / Wei Wu

columnist introduction:

Wei Wu Hui College of Shanghai Jiaotong University lecturer:

media and new media observers, design

, a marketing industry referred to the two sets of data in his blog post: first, a seller with another Taobao WeChat do graphic push, click rate can reach 4%, after calculation, covering about 1 million of WeChat users to buy, 500 single; second, from a camp tourist class public account, click rate reached 11.5%. WeChat seems to do good marketing. read more

Answer the 5 sensitive issues about breast health net

breast pain is not a disease? The breast that does not ache must be healthy?

experts answer questions:

breastfeeding not only does not affect the mother’s body shape, but also consume energy accumulated during pregnancy, promote maternal postpartum body recovery. Cause changes in the breast, not breast-feeding, but pregnancy itself. Women’s hormones during pregnancy make breasts more plump than before, the skin stretched taut. Breast feeding newborns, and did not change the physiological structure of the breast tissue, but only a reflection of the role of some of the breast regulation, on the contrary, breast-feeding will make the breast more plump. read more