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Why is love with viral marketing

on the promotion of Internet, almost all the virus promotion, however, the real success of viral marketing is less and less, and, as the Internet environment becomes more and more purification, strengthen the immune ability of Internet marketing, recalling the 2015 memorable viral marketing events, that only the "Japanese toilet", "UNIQLO room" and "Qingdao prawn" more influential, in addition to the "UNIQLO room", some people may think of two other events is not marketing, however, we understand the characteristics of viral marketing, may be able to have a correct understanding of the new virus marketing. read more

Indonesian beauty electronic business platform Sociolla B round of financing

Sociolla is a Jakarta Indonesia e-commerce sites to provide all kinds of cosmetics and beauty products, just because of a new round of B round of financing and renewal.

round of financing by the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company Istyle investment, which is a big player in the field of beauty, operating a popular beauty site in Japan @cosme. In addition, Singapore East Ventures also participated in the financing, but the amount of the current round of financing has not yet been disclosed.

Sociolla intends to expand its business scope to Indonesia through cooperation with Istyle. Sociolla said in a statement that this year will continue to carry out operations in Taiwan, Hongkong and Thailand. read more

Soft Wen promotion quality is the promotion of the first key

now the soft Wen promotion for everyone is not strange, write soft Wen is the webmaster will things, but write soft Wen is not easy, will spread out the soft text should pay attention to the promotion of quality.

in the process of the promotion soft, the webmaster don’t do arithmetic, don’t think of 1+1=2, this algorithm is not correct, the quality may be soft is not very good, just a soft release has been deleted, so soft paper is invalid for soft, not a little. So in the soft Wen promotion, the webmaster must pay attention to the quality of soft Wen, write soft Wen, with high standards to strict yourself. read more

A5 financing briefing fun to learn to drive, baby tree, Hui I was driving maintenance billion yuan f

1 hope Loan Network

Investor: U.S. China Economic Cooperation Group

investment amount:

July 18th news, looking forward to the official website of the loan network announcement, announced the completion of the A round of financing, investors in the u.s.. To support a variety of net loan lending and investment products, such as micro credit, consumer loans, mortgage loans, secured loans and non-performing loans from the XinDa asset management guarantee.

2 wisdom business

Investment: "praise", Anhui Nanxiang group read more

Multi wrestling takeaway O2O logistics and to push the team into the competition focus

Jingdong, Alibaba have been listed, which means that China’s Internet shopping in the field of the entrance of the end of the war, a record, the two sides turned to look for the next big entrance.

China there is an old saying: hunger breeds discontentment. With a huge amount of food to naturally become the eyes of the Internet hunters prey. April foreign online takeaway company GrubHub, JustEat and other high premium IPO, so that the market saw the value of the industry. This boost, giant Alibaba, Baidu, the U.S. group, public comment and other disputes have increased, the online takeaway market rapidly. read more

The news that PPTV CEO appointed meters Xin Suning shares has changed hands three

December 1st news, according to informed sources, PPTV employees have received a letter of appointment notice, announced the appointment of CEO PPTV as president and Xin M. However, the official PPTV has not confirmed this appointment message.

said the appointment of PPTV CEO m Xin Su Ning shares has changed hands three

data show that the former Guangdong Xin meters to join the PPTV network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. deputy general manager, responsible for market operation of CIBN Internet TV business. According to reports, m Xin will be responsible for PPTV daily operation and management, in charge of video service, copyright procurement, OTT and game business. read more

Jiang Likun how to find the best way to promote the network

often have friends to ask the author, what kind of promotion is the best? In fact, there is no such thing as the best way to promote the world, is the best. So today jianglikun will be here and we explore how, according to their actual situation, to find the most suitable way of promotion.

a, determine the target population

promotion need to think about the first question: to promote the target population is those? This is very important, if the crowd is uncertain, it is difficult to develop a suitable, targeted promotion. Future work may be one step wrong, step by step wrong. There are two ways to identify the target population: read more

VANCL suspected plagiarism products under the framework of the United States’ complaints worries

In figure

we can see that the design patterns and Shirt.Woot Eslite T-shirt exactly the same, but the color of the T-shirt and a slightly different styles.

June 17, 2010, a netizen claimed that the creative design of VANCL is suspected of plagiarism famous designer Flying Mouse and American T-shirt website Shirt.Woot.

could not withstand the pressure of Internet users broke the news, VANCL suspected plagiarism T-shirt already from the site under the frame, could not find on the website that a netizen revealed the alleged plagiarism famous American designer FlyingMouse and American Shirt.Woot website design creative T-shirt t-shirt. It is reported that Eslite this T-shirt in terms of style, color or pattern style, and the design of FlyingMouse as like as two peas. read more

The six room CEO to disclose domain name inside

      August 6th morning news, video sharing website six room CEO Liu Yan last night told Sina Technology, six rooms, a new domain name will be officially opened today, and also disclosed a tortuous course for and

at 4 p.m. on August 3rd, a piece of news broke the calm of the six rooms. A media reported that the six rooms have been the price of 5 million yuan to buy a single digital domain name At this time, the domain name has been changed to contact the six room of the company’s vice president Zhu Xiaoming, domain names for all companies "Beijing Sun Zhuang Technology Co., Ltd.", but the domain name has not yet pointed to the home of the six rooms. read more

Online shopping division 10 days to let the shop closed down alleged illegal

online shop on the integrity, each get a bad review, online sellers integrity is reduced by one point, and poor division is the seller nightmare operator, they can be in 10 days to let a business a year shop closed down, as a means, of course not enough light. Therefore, the crowd was despised by many people. Recently, one of the malicious bad judge exposed the identity of the user’s posts on the Internet caused a hot debate. Although netizens have given support to the behavior of this golden hand, but some lawyers pointed out that the cumulative amount of malicious bad judgment extortion reached 4000 yuan that is a crime. read more

Suning Gome department store planning and benchmarking five years after the bloody battle again

the undercurrent of home appliance chain is brewing a new war. Yesterday, Beijing Suning announced that it will aim at Madian, central tower and other regional key layout super flagship store. The United States and Madian stores and large and medium tower shop is precisely their benchmark stores in beijing. Beijing Suning general manager Hou Enlong said, "in the two area layout is of strategic significance, the time has come to the sword". This is the end of 2008, the United States and the United States after the soul of Wong Kwong Yu five years after the accident, Suning initiative to declare war on the United states. read more

Reflections on the price of Taobao mall sellers defection

some time ago, a friend told me that I would like to take 200 thousand out of the shop in the Taobao mall, I was directly let him cancel the idea. My reasons are as follows: first of all, he did not have any network technology and network promotion experience, belongs to the head; secondly, he has no energy and manufacturers, wholesale market such as the source of competitive products; third, he put their hopes in a he cannot control a single sales channel, no retreat. My friend finally listened to my proposal did not follow the trend of the fire into the Taobao mall. read more

Yuan Yong how to innovate e-commerce from the success of QQ farms

I am a do not love people follow the trend, when the China are popular happy farm and QQ farm, I always can’t get involved in those things, always feel no real significance, and wasted life almost, but not in does not mean you do not care, especially when you are found around everyone when the "farm" obsession, you can not help but want to ask: what is the reason for the QQ farm so successful? We can learn from what some QQ farm? Yuan Yong today want to solve this problem to discuss. read more

Talking about how to make the Google free advertising account becomes available

believes that most of the friends who can come in and see this article are very familiar with and understand the Google advertising. However, in order to take care of a small number of new friends, or to do it under the popularization of knowledge. What is the Google advertising account? It has a school named Google Adwords, simply by buying some keyword advertising, users in the search for these keywords in your ad will be shown, click users interested in advertising, you consume some advertising costs for customers. Your site to get the flow of the same time, customers generate consumption, you gain. If you do not understand the Google search can be used to lose weight, the right and the top of the link is Google advertising. read more

Do not let the non moral behavior of morality also tarnished the whole market to Wangzhuan


network is infinite, the network created many popular industries, Wangzhuan industry is one of them. Compared with foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, domestic industry started late, but this year the development like a raging fire. From the day of Baidu search and index Related words such as "Wangzhuan the Internet at home can make money", "network marketing" and other words, index showed a stable and gradually rising trend. Coupled with the Internet to earn profits of the industry, the rise of the forum, your blog, to promote the further development of Yi Wangzhuan industry. In this situation, more and more people on the Internet a big dream. read more

The consumer downturn fell online advertising market in the United States

"Wall Street daily" network edition today cut the article said, according to a market research firm comScore released this week on the search advertising research report shows that the Internet advertising market by consumer spending to reduce the impact of the more serious than expected.

Google and YAHOO both fell

this research report shows that in January this year, Google search ad clicks fell, which amplifies the current recession in the United States has a negative impact on the Internet worries. But many online advertising professionals but this bearish fears, that advertising consumer spending is shifting from traditional media to the Internet, any economic recession will be offset by the transfer. Google CEO Eric – (Eric), in January 31st, the company announced in the fourth quarter of last year, when the earnings report, said the company did not see any impact on the economy of its impact on the Schmidt. But some investors and analysts have been raising concerns in recent months that the weakness in consumer spending will hurt online advertising. read more

Facebook’s successful advertising creative activities

the core of all social networks is one thing: friends. Without them there is no incentive to join, there is no interest in becoming a permanent member. Depending on the network, the users selectively add friends and collect them as well as collecting cards. "Friends" are very important to every single consumer who lands in an online community.

just because of this point in mind, the Canadian communications company Telus on Facebook, I once thought it was the best advertising campaign. This event demonstrates that social networking is a good way to inform and educate consumers. read more

As long as the product can still do the guest

today is National Day third days of holiday, although said that many people are enjoying the holidays bring atmosphere, but he did not do what, but also a long time did not write the article, the A5 came to write an article, today in the group, I made my 8 single harvest today, this just want to play you, because only 2 dollars of income.

suddenly had to know my friend asked, are you still doing Taobao off? I heard these words, there are not very nice, I think.

yes, I’m still working on Taobao. read more

What method do not regret the beautiful breast health net

beauty of the breast, perhaps can not be used to interpret the language, can only be careful to understand. From small to large, it is women’s best friends, but also witnessed from a girl to a woman, from immature to mature process.

breast changes over time. Therefore, women of different ages, the face of breast problems are also different.

you need to do is: in order to keep the S shape longer, women may wear sports underwear, to avoid sagging breasts. The latest research shows that the use of ordinary underwear, every step, the breast will move up and down 5 cm, while the use of sports underwear, the proportion of mobile will be reduced by 74%. If the above can insert some lace, is icing on the cake. White lace is a symbol of nobility and purity, which is lethal to men. read more