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The first step of the new website promotion

on the Internet just use Baidu Search, promotion articles have tens of thousands of engage rookie webmaster, is confused, the specific starting from which step, today first time in here to talk about a few words, wrong please master pointing.

since the promotion of the site, first you have to do a website, I give my own website this is not advertising, but my own experience. After doing the site, use Baidu Search not found, first confused, how would not it, hit the URL in the address bar, which is not here, he is Baidu made a mistake, then check the information. read more

E commerce entrepreneurship will solve millions of jobs

a few years ago, the real estate and stock market fiery, so that the whole people into the crazy state. No matter is the ordinary people to buy a house, or a billionaire, and the stock market, has become the first choice of investment. However, the financial crisis, the housing market and the stock market bubble burst immediately, many people will firmly die. Some people go bankrupt overnight, some people from the night between the richest change led by negative.

think about why the housing market and the stock market will be so hot, there is only one reason, that is, China’s poor investment and entrepreneurship environment. For example, the investment one million do business, may be able to recover the investment in ten years to eight years. And into the stock market and the housing market in less than a year, there may be multiple profits. Although the risk of investment in the housing market and the stock market is huge, but there is a risk of investment industry, because the entrepreneurial environment is bad. So, many people are not willing to engage in speculative business, rush into danger. read more

Taobao’s website Amoy website latest web site included rules

    the latest news, Amoy website recently finally "time and again starting out", released a series of rules included. According to Amoy website official said, the rules will be in the future development, according to user needs to improve and optimize.

will now receive the latest release of the official rules of the Amoy Amoy website excerpts are as follows:

A. application format is not correct

B. Alexa ranked 200 thousand in the world, PR> =4 (except the characteristics of the site) read more

mpact of the ten largest auto parts suppliers Panasonic B2B has accounted for revenue of 80%

Panasonic is not a simple home appliance companies, to the automotive electronics and other positive transformation of the cause of B2B, so that the short-term profitability of Panasonic, and into a new growth track.

April 22nd, Matsushita released the first vehicle electronic business development strategy in Chinese, plan the size of their income from 3 billion 760 million yuan in 2014, increased to 10 billion yuan in 2018, will grow 2.5 times in four years, and will contribute to the global automotive electronic Matsushita business income 1/10. read more

Google how many domain names need to buy back

in recent years, a large number of well-known enterprises in China, well-known trademarks and other specific names of Internet domain names have been registered by others. At present, there are still quite a number of enterprises have not yet realized the value of their own domain names, should belong to their own domain name has been registered by others do not know. But if this happens in the Internet giant Google body, we will feel not understand! Here is a piece of information about the domain name of the Google did not protect well and be registered. read more

Ministry of Commerce expects 2015 electricity supplier turnover is expected to reach 12 trillion

said the Ministry of Commerce and information technology division deputy inspector Nie Linhai 29 held in Chengdu, 2011APEC SME summit, e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development in the "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" period will usher in a faster development period.

according to the Ministry of commerce is expected, the next five years, e-commerce transactions will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, in 2015 will reach $12 trillion.

electricity supplier industry rapid growth read more

2016 maternal and child electricity supplier offensive and defensive war the pattern has set the big

calm nearly half a year of the maternal and child electricity supplier industry, recently made people smell a trace of gunpowder. At the beginning of June, the money just honey bud in cooperation with the Golden Eagle cartoon and CCTV named "61" party; foot 16, babe network invited hundreds of media held a media communication strategy conference in Beijing, announced the acquisition of D $100 million round of financing, the question to the other "property for maternal thirst" game player who. read more

How big is the domain name market bubble

CNNIC launched 1 yuan experience CN domain name from 3.7 since the beginning of today (6.1) has been estimated that the CN domain name registrations over several times, according to data released as of February low is about 1800000, and in March the registered amount actually reached about 3700000 (April data released, do not know what the reason soon delete data), increase the amount of registered a month will exceed the total registered in the past 10 years, outstanding performance, the speed is amazing, the horror behind the data means what? Here we analyze: read more

To prevent illegal websites will prosecute web hosting

purification network environment and new initiatives. Following the 2005 implementation of the network real name system, the beginning of this year, real name system for online games, deputy director of the Ministry of information industry, Telecommunication Management Bureau yesterday, Chen Jiachun said, will focus on strengthening the virtual host, hosting and other Internet service market management this year, to contain pornographic information on the Internet, the phenomenon of illegal websites emerge in an endless stream.    
  read more

Biography Chanel will continue to suppress the price of China’s purchasing market

for luxury brands, such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton handbags, is one of the important sources of income, especially considering that most of the fashion show clothing completely sold or sold only a small number of. As a result, handbags for them is the key to success, for consumers is the focus of attention.

2015, Chanel was driven by its global strategy to promote global brand handbags, global market sales recorded an unusual growth. For consumers and investors, Chanel handbags prices have remained stable growth, although Chanel has not officially open its 2016 pricing plan, but according to the latest Luxury Daily media news, Chanel handbags may soon be a substantial increase, but the report did not disclose the price of the price and the countries involved. As for whether the price in the Chinese market will be like last year, there is no clear message. read more

Expose 5 common Wangzhuan scam

in any field are not quiet, Wangzhuan too, is filled with all kinds of deception, today the Chinese net Wangzhuan to introduce 5 common scam Wangzhuan:

, "part-time typist, earn * * yuan": as long as typing, you can make money, so should these advertisers to do such China finance minister, will not have the poor. Deception is often asked whether you need to give you a deposit, the general users to be safe to avoid, certainly hope that people first deposit to call us, then fooled, they will give you a call transfer, allows you to enter your bank card number and password, so your bank card money is transferred to the people’s account, and they disappeared, no matter how you contact him, but he could not find it. read more

How to use the lure of the prevailing wind of foreign space profit

as everyone knows, now Wangzhuan industry temptation in vogue, SP, CPS, CPA, the temptation to emerge in an endless stream. So for this event to enrich our pockets?

In fact, we can think of

and colleagues to do Wangzhuan temptation, then obviously not foreign space, if you don’t know why? Please use Baidu Search.

so we can check the information, and then you can know like Godaddy, LunarPages, HostMonster, and so some of the old u.s.. They provide the general capacity of the host is large flow, can be assigned to a number of FTP accounts, and generally free of charge for IP. So we can know a way to make money. Buy a whole space, and then use the allocation of multiple FTP can be divided to sell. Of course, when we want to support monthly sales. read more

am on the road am network marketing practitioners

I don’t have a college degree, no professional training, no very good family background. All my network knowledge comes from the network, all the network skills come from the network, all the jobs from the network. I am not the first person to contact the network marketing, I was in the era of network marketing competition outbreak, of course, is also in the era of network marketing knowledge outbreak.

and a lot of people, I started from the webmaster. And a lot of people are not the same, I started from the cell phone. At that time, I was a senior high school, a full-time school, few opportunities to use a computer, I often use the mobile Internet, half a day to go to the Internet bubble. 2005 QQ first heard QQ Ding Dong voice thrilled. Later know computer there is a tool called "drawing", when excited by a night bubble Internet bar, in order to use "drawing" tool to a few pictures of the background with the eraser, and then download a GIF animation software, the synthesis of a flash animation, often see a unique sense of accomplishment! "Computer", although it cannot read a lot, but still enjoy the. Because of this, know what is called the code, what is the HTML page. Often use the phone on the Internet, at that time on several large mobile portal, many of them are personal sites. read more

Why the nternet industry this year unicorn so much

text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

this year, one of the industry’s most commonly referred to as the media industry is called a unicorn, the so-called unicorn is a $1 billion valuation of the Internet start-up companies, the concept comes from the United States Silicon Valley. In recent, every other time, there will be reports related to the outgoing, XX financing $100 million or $200 million, into the unicorn company camp. So, why is this year’s Unicorn company so much? What does it mean? East may wish to interpret it: read more

The two venture out of the 10 pits in fact you died of suicide

two is not easy to start at the beginning, you have limited resources, lack of momentum, so you need to expand your output. Angel investors and consultants are often the most helpful group. It is also less expensive to expand the team’s way.

author Michael Katz is mParticle’s two entrepreneur, CEO. Through his own entrepreneurial experience, wrote the ten lessons, and to prove that venture companies often die of suicide, rather than homicide. Michael talk about start-up companies recruit, financing, outsourcing and so on. Entrepreneurship is the game of smart people, learning experience so as not to step into the same pit, is also a necessary skill for smart people. The significance of these pits, not just for start-up companies. read more

Why do you have to wear a bra ‘s health network

why do you have to wear a bra?

bra can not only reflect the unique beauty of the curve, but also good for human health. But improper use can also affect human health, therefore, it is necessary to scientifically choose to wear a bra. At present, there are many kinds of bras on the market, which can be selected according to their own shape, fat and thin, season and breast development. The length of the bra straps should be appropriate and should be wider (not narrower than 2 – 3cm).

generally speaking, women in the breast development has been basically completed when wearing a bra is more appropriate. If you just entered puberty girls wearing a bra, will affect the normal development of the breast. When should I start wearing a bra? read more