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Daily topic Alipay to stop the line POS business as everyone knows why

station network ( August 28th morning news, Alipay yesterday through the official micro-blog said, "for some reason as everyone knows, Alipay will stop all the line POS (point of sale, multifunctional payment terminal business). On the original cooperative businesses we will properly handle the business will not affect the normal business. This brings inconvenience to users and partners, we apologize. But in the exploration of payment innovation, we will never stop.

it is understood that Alipay launched last year POS logistics strategy. Including two major content, namely the logistics POS payment program and electricity supplier logistics payment system investment. The logistics POS payment scheme launched by Alipay, the Alipay POS terminal equipment into conformity with the manifest credit card information management functions, can realize the electricity supplier COD (cash on delivery), real-time funds and logistics information. The Alipay announced to stop all the line POS business actually declared the end of the strategy. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast iOS9 official version released panda TV on September 21st on line

1 mobile phone service was suspended after March is still not real name or permanently disabled  

Since September 1st,

announced the implementation of the Ministry of industry in the history of the most stringent mobile phone real name system since the implementation of the policy has been the focus of attention. Has been in the network of old customers, there are operators also issued a deadline for refusing to name the "stop" processing notice. Yesterday, the Legislative Affairs Office of Guangdong Province issued "on the implementation of Telecom user identity information registration system of the decision (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), made detailed provisions to promote the mobile phone real name system. The draft publicity period to September 30th, after the end of the public will be reported to the provincial government. read more

Chongqing introduction of new regulations on the impact of the electricity supplier industry

Chongqing recently issued the "draft" postal regulations, "draft" regulations, courier companies to provide courier services, courier services follow the national standard should be: in the nationwide city courier services should be delivered within 24 hours, domestic express services should be delivered within 72 hours. Courier companies in violation of national express service standards, will be fined 5000~30000 yuan. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification. This "draft" has aroused strong discussion in the society, many consumers are optimistic about the support, think this is the pioneer in China’s service industry, the courier industry more standardized and the system of law; but some consumers are worried about this system in the implementation process, which brings certain difficulty in the implementation of the system will or, whether by courier industry boycott read more

Who is the chance of survival in the crevice of Taobao

Who is

the next Taobao? Perhaps there is a saying The climate does not suit one..

eBay global business leader in Taobao ( did not appear before China is also a leader in.

maybe because Ma is Chinese, so a better understanding of Chinese habits, or Ma on Mao Zedong’s military theory — rural areas surrounding the city understand more thoroughly, only two strokes to beat eBay (station by station, three years free), become China e-commerce new overlord.

2007 Taobao’s parent company, Alibaba listed is detonated throughout the entire e-commerce market, North homeopathic Baidu high-profile announcement to enter the field of e-commerce C2C, southern pat ( plus a eBay (, so that the director recently extremely popular "four battle". read more

Google is eighteen years old We still love him like that

Google happy birthday!

September 27, 2016, Google updated his Doodle to celebrate his birthday.

happy birthday


18 years ago, Larry · (Larry Page); page and Sergei brin (Srgey Brin) · set up a small Internet search company in a Silicon Valley garage, and now Google is already the world’s largest search engine. Google was originally named BackRub, in 1997 changed its name to Google. The name Google from googol (100 times to 10) "word spelling errors, unlimited information on behalf of the network, Google is willing to in a constructive manner to organize the information, to help users find the answer to the question. read more

Taobao home page revision more emphasis on i

news March 31st, billion state power network that Taobao home page revision again today. It is said that the new version of Taobao resources from March 24th to access some of the traffic, the old and new resources will coexist for some time, until the old version no traffic.

billion state power network login Taobao, the Taobao home page revision large architecture has not changed, just change the page UI icon design style, the first home screen on the left side of a list of all the updates by special services before, now become the theme of the market, the commodity containing more detailed classification, push service and the entrance to the consumer, more clearly. read more

Taobao next week to open trading data to global users

March 26th news, according to foreign media reports, Taobao plans to open its trading data to global users, to help users understand the popular trend of online shopping. According to informed sources, Taobao will announce the plan next week, transaction information and statistical data to open its Web site, but does not include any personal identity information, the user can perform a variety of comparative analysis and Study on Application of these data, such as sales can compare different brands of clothes, hand machine, also can analysis the influencing factors of gender and age of buying habits. read more

WeChat marketing corporate public number how to do the content

with Tencent’s Internet resources platform, WeChat (Wechat) since its launch has been widespread concern and application of many enterprises and individuals. As a popular marketing platform, WeChat is divided into the service number and the public number, then, how to do a good job in the business of WeChat public number of content marketing it?

to do a good job in the marketing of WeChat public numbers need to proceed from the following aspects:

comprehensive collection of content required by WeChat read more

Analysis of Taobao customers make money and do not make money the real reason

today, I went to the forum, there are users to see the forum in question: in 2011 to do Taobao guest also make money? I reply to the post of the user: in 2011 to do Taobao customers can continue to do well. Each big door with us although the small station consists of a cup of soup, but after all, we can promote the goods too much, now the Internet shopping is also increasing, so Taobao customers still have a large space for development. At least the next two or three years Taobao passenger pattern is estimated that there will not be much change. So on the topic of Taobao customers to make money, Qingdao SEO talk about some of their own views. read more

A5 Taobao EXCEL Taobao guest generator high profile release

to write this post, my heart has been coming out a word: there are policies on the countermeasures.

today A5 Taobao -EXCEL Taobao guest generator – a high-profile release, to help my dear A5 Taobao customers prepare for dual 11.

if you are excited, be sure to reply in the following shows that everyone excited mood….

generate "immediately buy" link Demo: (page add two hops, extended jump time)

software download address: read more

U S social networking site Pinterest followed by the development of electricity supplier Facebook f

American pictures social networking site Pinterest

[TechWeb] reported on February 13th, according to foreign media reports, the United States pictures social networking site Pinterest plans to start business within 3-6 months, this year, as soon as possible to add "buy" button. Twitter and Facebook are currently testing their own "buy" button, but Pinterest has been considered to be the most likely to drive users to social networking site activities.

industry insiders believe that, regardless of what kind of schedule Pinterest, the company’s plans are not surprising. Many users on the site collect recipes, clothing, furniture and other products that may be purchased. read more

The reasons for the failure of micro business

this year the Internet there is a relatively low threshold of the business model of "derivative" through the circle of friends to sell products, when people see someone doing this in the circle of friends, there are a lot of ideas on the Internet, more people are looking at the micro companies are doing, then with someone else to products to do together, to send advertising through the circle of friends, friends are the final you deleted, and I could not see the profits, then this reason in the end where read more

Royal Anber amber micro business is not to say that you can do to do to understand the micro busines

is a mobile phone, you can micro business, this is a monthly income of tens of thousands of micro business people? Is playing under the banner, the myth can be turned into MLM micro business.

era of mobile Internet, the mobile terminal is realized with the electricity supplier, is definitely a big fish any Internet entrepreneurs are reluctant to let go, and as the maximum flow and active mobile social of WeChat, has become the largest electricity supplier in the realization of the platform, people explore, in advertising, in marketing, some people make money money has changed a few luxury cars, people have tasted, feeling "dream plump, reality is always naked", some people have cheated over Ling injury, injured all over the body…… read more

Manufacturers can not afford to hurt the gun draft comments on 11 years of the most talked about the

electricity supplier software vendors to promote their products, understandable, we open the shop, but also willing to try different software services. But through the "bangdakuan" mode of their products and a high market share, and compare products has been very mature, faint praise, raise their own, some "insult" our "IQ". Originally did not want to pipe in such business, really see some content too much, so inevitably pull a few circulation of false reports.

recently came across an article entitled "11 years of the most talked about the shopping system review: Hishop and Shopex" article (hereinafter referred to as "the most talked about in the past 11 years") (). At the beginning of the title to see more admire, using analogy method, very clever to let a market share is not high software and a mainstream software has become the "most popular", ha ha. read more

Comments network business is now back to the alleged illegal

– Hou Kun

online shopping goods evaluation is an important basis for consumers to buy goods for the network business is good now, the behavior of poor behavior is also a common complaint. However, these inducements consumers praise behavior but the merchant has violated the relevant laws and regulations in china. In August 25th, the Guangdong Provincial Council according to consumer complaints, a formal letter urged to Taobao, require Alibaba to strengthen supervision, and resolutely correct these improper behavior of businesses, and improve the construction of credit evaluation system, to provide safe and secure online shopping environment for consumers (August 26th "Guangzhou daily"). read more

Direct mail Chinese wind a wave of American fashion business hit

The rapid development of

sea Amoy industry, not only reflects the strong demand for domestic consumers of foreign products, but also to the industry outside the country to see the situation of foreign retailers coveted the Chinese market. Direct mail Chinese overseas more and more electricity supplier, one can quickly occupy the pit, another convenient transport links allow consumers to avoid shopping more convenient. Light from the United States, general merchandise, fashion apparel, health care, maternal and child class, luxury goods, many businesses have started to get involved in the Chinese market, a direct mail China tide. read more

Group purchase originator Groupon officially launched food delivery service in the United States

Groupon takeaway service Groupon to go

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 31st news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported earlier this month, following the acquisition of food delivery service OrderUp, Groupon announced on Thursday that it will launch its own food delivery service Groupon To Go in the u.s..

Groupon said the company plans to launch Groupon To Go service in Chicago. Since March this year, Groupon teamed up with 500 restaurants in Chicago, has been in the region to carry out food takeaway service testing. But Groupon also said that the company plans to expand the service to other regions during the year, including this fall will be launched in Boston and Austen service. read more

Wang Yang founder of street honey the next 95% cross border electricity supplier will die

lead: he saw is the current mainstream sea Amoy B2C venture is a pseudo proposition, the next 95% cross-border electricity supplier will die. Does that sound terrible?

2014 cross-border electricity extremely hot, not only big business platform, Tmall and other Jingdong reached, startups such as ocean terminal, emerge in an endless stream, honey bud baby, honey Amoy, to get tens of millions of dollars in financing.

Wang Yang is the new game player sea Amoy entrepreneurship Army: in April 2014 6 years, leaving office will soon be listed Alibaba in advance to sell all the shares, 7 months after the launch of street honey sea purchased APP. read more

AdSense optimization of the 5 most important

      official website published an article in Speedy optimizing – a quick fix, mentioned in AdSense group recently released a Google AdSense key optimization tips, the content for all Google AdSense websites are very concerned about the best position to the best advertising format. If you are new to AdSense Google, after the AdSense optimization is the most important, there is certain benefit advertising revenue to your will, not imitation AdSense veteran to see whether those places can be in good or try to optimize the new way. read more